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Code Lyoko: Generation X Chapter 8

Legends and Myths – Lyoko's Dark Guardians

{Scene changes to within the Central Citidel, where Jeremie has the strange crystal still hovering in his palm as it radiates and glows with pure energy and power as he and Tek The Overseer examines it after Tek kicked everyone out (as kindly as possible) as they would be distractions}

Tek: Let's begin.

Jeremie: {nods bringing in a large sort of laser} That's some mystifying gem we've got here.

Tek: {nods in agreement before glaring at Jeremie and the big laser} Do you want to destroy the gem or something?!

Jeremie: {confused} What? Why?

Tek: We're not using that, there should be some smaller hand laser somewhere back there. We don't even know what it'll do.

Jeremie: {glares at Tek} Whadaya mean you don't know what it'll do? It's a laser, either you shoot and blow up stuff with it or cut stuff with it!

Tek: {glares back at the blonde} Well, we might cut some stuff, but we don't need EXPLOSIONS!

{Jeremie scowls and drags the big laser away, soon to return with two small handheld lasers, as the two, each with a laser in hand ready to get the examination underway, as light flash from inside the lab, the guard who couldn't help but peek before stepping slightly aside from the door as sparks begin to fly, he chooses to still guard the door, but stay very clearly away from it as he brushes back his dark blonde hair, showing blue eyes and slight resemblance to a 20-something year old Naruto Uzumaki, minus the feral markings on his cheeks}

The others were enjoying what little down-time they had and split up into smaller groups – Max, Elyon and Dante were on the western end of the sector under the shadow of the Lyoko Warriors' statue, Yumi was on the Southern edge of the City with Delia and Jacob looking at one of the many lyoko warrior monuments, this in particular was one of Yumi herself, Ulrich, Jake and Andrew were on the northern side and Odd, Koichi and Aelita were on the eastern side, feeling worried about William who was supposed to be with them, while William on the other hand just wanted to be alone as he sat alone surrounded by a gorgeous garden as he sat on a bench which surrounded a large life-like statue of his svelt feline friend, Odd and looking suspiciously at some black objects he couldn't see properly flying overhead when the unthinkable happens…


{Screen splits showing the horror on each warrior's face as some large warriors stand at the site, not caring that William was staring dead at them, though he was sure he had seen them before in Tek's archives, but he was more worried, actually horrified as he heard the sound of his least favorite of all XANA's monstrosities, the Scyphozoa slinking behind the warriors who stood there like a brick wall, William then psychically calls out to the others}

William: Everyone, come to the center of the City now, you're not gonna believe what you see.

Max: Finally, thought I'd die of boredom.

Dante: {smirks} well, what're we waiting for, let's go.

Elyon: {nods in agreement as she floats them up on an energy spell} the faster the better.

Max: Nice.

Ulrich: {runs off with a burst of speed} Super Sprint!

Jake: {shoots past Ulrich with an even bigger burst of speed smirking} Light Sprint! Not the fastest on lyoko anymore, dad!

{Ulrich scowls and they all make it to William's location to find him, frozen with a fear that Jacob had never seen before as the 7 strangers (5 male, 2 female) were now curiously and cautiously approaching them, while the Scyphozoa remained still and stayed clear of the Warriors, William on the other hand growls as one of the warriors, the tallest and largest one in fact steps up to him}

…: {with a raised eyebrow even though he doesn't have any} These are oh so 'powerful' lyoko warriors XANA told us to be wary of?

{A shorter one with spikes on his back and a Russian accent steps up and nods in agreement while glaring at the warriors}

…: That fool, XANA must be crazy to send elite warriors like us to fight mere {scoffs} children, but no matter, they are still no match for us. Oh, where are my manners, I am Strafe and this is my boss {he gestures to the one who spoke before him} Marcus and we'd advise you to stay out of our way.

{This makes the Della-Robbia brothers kinda angry being called weak children}

Max: Why, you…

Andrew: Now that is just taking it too far, XANA (he was hoping XANA was listening, which he usually was doing anytime but now)

{Andrew's eyes turn feral as the two disappear, Max appears and tries to slash Marcus' head off from behind, only to miss and Marcus quickly rebounds punching him in the stomach mid-air, devirtualizing him as Andrew appears before Strafe, who easily evades every attack thrown his way, before he goes on the offensive punching and kicking the green, purple and Yellow Dragon like he was a punching bag until he was devirtualized as well, the girls now attack only for Sakai to parry Delia's attacks and defeat her while Menardi counters Elyon's magic spells with her own, also defeating the lyoko warrior, Dante and Koichi attempts to blast them away with a sonic blast, only to get blasted by a sonic blast themselves, by a cybernetic warrior who calls himself Jak as Jake and Jacob are taken out by Orion and Orimoto respectively, the original Team Lyoko evades them during the fight, returning to Jeremie and Tek with the news}

A/N – Who are these strange warriors with a grudge against humanity and Team Lyoko and will they ever be defeated…more on the way

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