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"They say the world is a wonderful place full of love, happiness, and joy. Until recently I believed that. But the time has changed. What 'they' don't tell you is there are people in our world who are more like monsters; people who dedicate their lives trying to cast the world into the fires of hell. How should that effect you? Perhaps it doesn't. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to be born in a time when Dark Magic is scarce; when you don't fear evil knocking on your front door; when you can watch your children play, and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren grow old. Perhaps you have been lucky and were born after a gift to the world was given.

The world has changed over the past five years. People are out celebrating the prosperous time. The exploding fireworks, shooting stars, and the documenting of history are now only pastimes. Most people of the wizarding world are happier than they can ever remember in this age, all due to one event. Do they care how it happened, or that it happened? Do they care who was involved in the story, or the end result? The answers vary. But I can tell you this: he did not expect it.

Lord Voldemort, the only known heir of Salazar Slytherin, began his great journey and quest for immortality and world domination many years ago. In his reign of power he and his followers killed more than one hundred, all of whom were guilty of being good, of being kind, of being right. Everyone wondered if he could be stopped, or if there was ever a person who could defeat him.

Auror after Auror died trying to slay him, but he was too fast and powerful. He laughed coldly as he watched their lifeless bodies drop to the ground, then stepped over his victims to kill another. He seemed unstoppable. The world waited, hoped, and prayed for someone to disrupt his growing shadow. And they got it much sooner than expected.

But all of this you already know. There is not a witch or wizard who doesn't know the story of Voldemort's overthrow; it was too profound to be forgotten. All in all lives improved across Europe as the word "Voldemort," was scarcely uttered. But I know of at least three lives which changed for the worst the day he fell. No one seemed to care about their lives, the ones who shaped the story, and I don't blame them for that. After all, it is only three. What of it?

But what is life? What is love? What is sadness? I have come to tell you that I know all three. Life is more than breathing air and squinting into the sun. It is precious and should be lived with no regrets. But there are few of us who can achieve that. Love is life. Once you have found it you will never be able to let go. It gives you air and hope when all else is lost; transforms doubt into faith, and darkness to light. And sadness? Well, there is nothing more devastating than staring into the lifeless eyes of your two best friends, as I have done. It is a moment I will never forget; it haunts me at night and in the light of day. It is something I wish upon no one.

I want to tell you a story, the story that started it all. The story of six wizards who changed the wizarding world for all time. A story of friendship, rivalry, jealousy, betrayal, comedy, and of course love, the greatest magic of all. You all know how it ends and what happens afterward, but this is the story that shaped history, for every legend has a beginning...."

The Marauder Chronicles

Part one: Potter vs. Snape

"Trickery and Sorcery; the difference is not always clear."

The class bell sounded loudly throughout the corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The end of a long week had finally arrived and students of all years were thrilled to be done with the first week of the school year. Door after door swung open wide to allow the endless flow of students to spill out into the hallways. It was the weekend; it was a time to relax, to have fun, or a time to contemplate nothingness. But for others it was the ideal time for a nasty attack.

Our first story begins down the charms corridor where Professor Flitwick's class had just been released, and four Gryffindor sixth years exited the class to start their way down the corridor. On the far other end of the building, another class had been released, and two Slytherin sixth years shuffled out of their classroom. These six young students, oblivious to the world outside of their conversation net, had no idea that they were on a collision course. Not paying attention to exactly where they were going, the Gryffindors and the Slytherins collided in the middle of the corridor. Books and papers that a Gryffindor student had been carrying were now littering the floor and feet of Severus Snape.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, you ugly git?" said James Potter as he bent down to pick up his books and other paraphernalia. Once he collected everything, he raised himself up slowly and stared into Snape's cold black eyes. The once noisy and busy hallway suddenly fell desperately silent, as all of the Hogwarts students were watching the scene with rapt attention. It was, after all, well known that Severus Snape and James Potter hated each other like poison, so naturally whenever the two bumped into one another, there was plenty of entertainment.

"You ran into me, Potter. I suggest you keep out of my way," said Snape with a curled lip. His black eyes narrowed as he stared ceaselessly into James's blue eyes. Sirius edged nearer to James, if his aid was required. Following the act, the blonde Slytherin standing next to Snape did the same. James opened his mouth wryly to say something insulting, when Professor McGonagall entered the scene.

"What is going on here? What are the six of you up to now?" she asked.

There was a long pause which added to the tension filled silence, then James turned to look at the professor and gave her a charming smile.

"Nothing Professor. Mr. Snape just ran into me, that's all. We were just leaving." And with that, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter filed out of the way and made their way down the hall.

The excitement was over and the students resumed their normal routine.

But Snape knew something that everyone else did not. He watched James and his followers depart, then slowly he smirked, gazed down at the ground, and moved his foot to reveal folded parchment. It appeared to be some kind of letter. Snape bent down to snatch it. He looked at it longingly with vicious eyes. "James" was handwritten on the front in green with a small was a wax seal on the back keeping it closed.

"Well, well, well," said Snape with a sinister grin. "What do we have here? I wonder who this could be from." Slowly, Snape turned the other direction and began to open the letter. Once the wax seal was broken, he began to unfold it. What happened next was a complete shock.

Written in the center of the paper in loopy writing was "Naughty, naughty! You should never read mail which does not belong to you, Severus." Snape turned to look at his friend, who had a bewildered expression upon his face. It took a while for Snape to register this thought, perhaps too long, for just then a huge fireball erupted from inside the letter and singed Snape's greasy hair. Scared, Snape cast down the parchment and began smacking his head attempting to rid the burning sensation from his scalp. But then the fire mutated into a flaming, roaring lion which lunged for him again.

Snape fell hard on his bottom and scrambled backwards on his hands and feet while keeping his eyes focused on the lion of flame. He was so surprised that he didn't notice the entire hallway, full of people, was trembling with shrieks of laughter all aimed for him. Once Snape was flat against the castle wall, the lion ceased to roar and instead it smirked. Seconds later it was gone in a pungent poof of black smoke.

He was breathing very fast; he could hear his heart beating rapidly in his eardrums, while the laughter of the school was beginning to leak in. Snape looked for the letter, but it was gone. Then he gazed at the large bunch of students of all years rolling with mirth at him. He could not feel more humiliated. Then his friend gave his hand to help him up, only to rise him to a much more horrible sight.

Not more than 25 feet away from him were the four people he hated most. Remus and Peter were buckled over with laughter; Sirius gave a huge grin, and James, the person he hated detested more than any other, gave a satisfied smile. Then he turned to Sirius, laughed, and slapped his hand in the most congratulatory "high five" in history. With that, they ogled Snape one last time, turned, and walked off. Nearly every student shook James's hand as he sauntered down the corridor.