My Dark Hunter

Chapter 15


Rookwood Manor

Hadrian was beyond curious about who was down there in the dungeons, his parents! Boy that was still weird to say, were being extremely secretive. He could barely believe they both just gave him a warning then left him and Harmony alone, his father he could understand not knowing him, but his dad did. Could they just be testing him? He probably should listen to them, but he really wanted to know who was down there. He had his suspicions but surely he was wrong? Dumbledore was in Azkaban, they wouldn't bring Voldemort here, the only other alternative was the Dursley's but the report said they died…he was honestly unsure of who it could be…it had to be important they were leaving and whoever it was - was probably being left down there.

"Don't even think about it Harry," Harmony warned him, resorting to his old name out of habit especially seeing Hadrian was about to do something stupid. "You'll just end up in deep trouble, you won't get away with things like that now." she added, guiding him away from the dungeons. "Plus I have no doubt dad warded it up tighter than Gringotts knowing your curiosity."

"Why does everyone say that? I mean Gringotts has been broken into its not all that safe," Hadrian commented, allowing Harmony to move him, if he had wanted to he had no doubt he could stop her, although not completely, it depended on who was stronger than whom. He was dying to properly test his strength out; I mean he could run faster than his broom could go as testament to how fast he'd ran when he'd heard about his father being alive again.

"It's just a saying," Harmony laughed, "Just like the Muggles say locked up tighter than Fort Knox,"

"Has that not been broken into?" Hadrian idly asked as they stopped moving.

"Probably, I don't really know," Harmony shrugged, and then both of them froze when they heard a strangled yelp from their dad, and an even quieter hiss from their father who immediately called out to his husband in concern.

Both of then ran towards their parents bedroom, where their smell was currently the strongest. It took them all of a few seconds, a new record for them. "What's wrong?" they called out before opening the door to see their dad kneeling on the floor clutching his arm where the Dark Mark was hidden under his clothes.

"He's calling," Hadrian said somewhat baffled, "But I didn't feel anything…it makes no sense!" he always felt something.

"You can feel when the Dark Lord calls us?" Hayden looked shocked by the admission. He was still learning more and more shocking information about his own kids. He glanced at Severus trying to gauge whether he knew this information, but he looked more resigned than anything, perhaps he had suspected it? "Did you know, Severus?" he really needed to sit down and talk with his husband about everything. He'd been back days but they'd been so busy that they truly hadn't sat down as a family yet.

"I knew he was connected to him, but I didn't realize the extent of it." Severus replied, gritting his teeth through the pain of being called.

"And that just slipped your mind?" Hayden argued, damn it this was his son he should have been informed.

"You missed sixteen years, five of it chaotic at best, it isn't as simple as just sitting down and telling you everything," Severus said glaring holes in Hayden, quite frankly irritated that Hayden was blaming him when he had yet to ask more than a few questions. Oh he knew he was being petulant, Hayden was still getting used to sixteen years having gone by, he'd gone into denial, anger and now he was in full wrath mode. Sooner or later he's going to realize he didn't know the first thing about them, and then he would annoy the hell out of him with his million questions. The worst part, he knew he probably wouldn't know them all either, he knew his kids, but only from an observational standpoint, the quicker they got out of here the better. "It would take weeks to tell you every little detail."

Hadrian and Harmony fidgeted at the doorway, not sure whether they should leave or not, Hadrian especially.

Hayden's face took on a slightly pained look before he nodded grimly, that was probably true from what he'd actually gleaned so far.

"So why wouldn't he feel anything this time? Did this bond deteriorate after he had the potion to undo the adoption?" Hayden queried leaving that subject be for the moment, focusing on something else his academic mind could use to fill the void.

"That's assuming its gone," Severus said pensively, his son surely didn't feel it every time the Dark Lord called, otherwise he would be feeling it during classes, and he hadn't heard of anything that suggested he was connected in that manner. He only knew of the deliberate implanted memory the Dark Lord sent his son during the last school year, because the idiotic boy refused to learn Occlumency, it didn't help that he'd been a bastard during it either. Learning Occlumency required trust, something of which neither he nor Harry had at that point in time. No they were both to blame, he would learn though, this time it would be better.

"Is the pain gone?" Harmony asked, seeing that her dad wasn't clutching his arm quite so much, perhaps it was time to search for a way to remove the mark. Her eyes gleamed with passion, the sudden desire to rush to the library was stalled with the knowledge that it was empty, everything was packed up. She couldn't wait to get to their new house; it was the first new project in her new life. She would do this, she'd done a lot, she knew it would be difficult but she'd be damned if she would let it hurt her parents.

"It is," Severus nodded in confirmation.

"Do you think he will know you're back with the mark activating?" Hadrian pointed out cautiously.

"I…don't know," Hayden mused surprised by the question yet curious himself.

"It's time to go, we will all meet in front of the entrance hall in twenty minutes, try to remember everything I don't want to have to return - it is not safe." Severus warned them, they would just have to deal with Dumbledore in that allotted time. "Bring your wands with you." he added absently just in case they didn't, but he had a feeling they probably did. "Yours as well." he pointed to his husband.

Hayden grimaced, realizing what he was going to do, not liking it one bit but acknowledging it had to be done.

Malfoy Manor

The entire horde of Death Eaters sat trembling in their allotted seats in the once grand dining room of Malfoy Manor, praying they weren't going to be the one to absorb the Dark Lord's current mood, which they weren't afraid to say was absolutely terrifying, some would go so far as to say they had never seen him quite so enraged before. They'd all seen the newspaper, and weren't surprised when they were called, and weren't surprised by the Dark Lord's mood. In fact a few of them had been very tempted to stay away, but they knew the punishment for not attending would be ten times worse. They didn't dare look up from the table, or at each other.

Lord Voldemort was beyond any word that could describe his current mood, he was seething, and he had been played by Dumbledore. He'd always prided himself on seeing through the old fool, yet he'd been conned, conned into going after a child that wasn't part of a prophecy, in fact the prophecy itself didn't even exist. That con had led to his downfall fifteen years ago; he'd been ripped from his body! Nothing but a parasite trying to get his body back! He would pay for that with his life, after he'd tortured him until he was nothing but a drooling mess. He would be weak, Wandless just ripe for the killing in Azkaban Prison. He had plans to retrieve his followers from Azkaban anyway, so why not kill two birds in one stone? He would just be going sooner rather than later instead; he'd planned on making them stay a while longer as punishment for their failure.

He had called everyone, and Snape hadn't shown up (along with a few others who worked at the Ministry), although he couldn't say he was completely surprised. The dark wizard would know him well enough to realize that neither he nor his offspring were safe. Prophecy or no, Harry Potter had defied him too many times, made a mockery of him and his power too many times. He had to set an example somehow with the boy, otherwise people would continue to rebel against him. He couldn't have that; he would crush the opposition and rule over his world as he should have done fifteen years ago if he hadn't been duped by Dumbledore. Snape would pay for abandoning the cause; the entire family would be taken care off. He would ensure they were at his feet, dead or alive he didn't care just as long as they were dealt with.

"BRING ME SNAPE, GRANGER AND POTTER ALIVE OR DEAD!" Voldemort hissed out his red eyes flashing ominously. "Or it will be you who die in their place!" he glanced at each and every Death Eater, making sure they knew he was being one hundred percent serious, that they would die if they failed in this mission. He had allowed many failures from them, but no more, he had to kill them, they had to be dealt with. With Potter and Dumbledore out of the way he knew it would be the easiest way to have the magical world bowing before him.

"Yes, My Lord," was quietly murmured around the room, there was a time they would have been fine with going after Potter, but after he'd beaten the best of the Dark Lord's inner circle and put them in Azkaban they weren't so sure. Now though? Now, it was a suicide mission, none of the current Death Eaters would wish to go against Snape, he was downright vicious, lethal really with a wand with more spells up his sleeve (that had been his own creation) they were screwed. It would take a miracle for them to pull this off.

They were deeply conflicted, many were purebloods, and they were being asked to take out a teenager of sudden very high standing. This was Rookwoods children, a man who had his soul sucked out for the cause; surely his children shouldn't be hunted down and killed? They should be given the choice all pureblood children got when they became a certain age…a chance to join. Nobody had declined so they truly weren't sure what would happen if one did. They were obviously powerful and smart, if they'd taken on the likes of the Malfoy and won hands down. Then again Potter did always seem to be extraordinary lucky.

Their loyalty to Hayden who they'd grown up with was being put to the test.

"GO! You better have news upon your return!" Voldemort spat angrily.

A sudden creak of the door opening started them all, the wizard quickly stalked over to the Dark Lord, "My Lord," bowing low, his mask obscuring his face. "I bring grave news."

"Speak," Voldemort stated sharply, gesturing for the wizard to rise, his slit where his nostrils should be flaring, and he just knew it wouldn't be good news. Why would it start now? No when it involved Potter it always went from bad to worse.

"Dumbledore's missing," said the Auror, hiding his anxiety. "Word has reached the Ministry that the two wardens were stunned when they came around he was gone. Warrants for his arrest have been posted everywhere, with warning that if anyone is caught helping him they will be sentenced to fifteen years in Azkaban prison." they've retracted his sentence as well, when he was caught it was straight to the Dementors kiss for the old fool.

"Find a way to alert the Minister who is in the Order with arousing suspicion." Voldemort demanded reclaiming his seat, his fingers stroking down Nagini who was wrapped around his chair like an unattractive ornament. The order were obviously still helping him, and with attention on them it would only be a matter of time before they found Dumbledore with them and more Order members would end up imprisoned making it far easier for him to take over. Prophecy or not, he realized it was shaping up to be the best thing that had happened in a long time. The old fool had done it this time; he should be thanking him really.

"I will see it done," the Auror swore solemnly, bowing low once more.

"Bring them to me or on your heads be it!" Voldemort reminded them, "What are you waiting for fools! Go!"

Everyone immediately started making for the door, unable to Apparate or Disapparate. The Dark Lord wouldn't make his hideout easily accessible by ether his Death Eaters or anyone trying to find them. Draco was the first to get to the doors, opening them and sliding out, desperate to be anywhere but here, there was truly no reprieve for him though, the Dark Lord was staying in his manor. His mother was waiting outside; she quickly embraced him looking terrified as she led him away from the hoard - away from the Dark Lord's vicinity. His godfather, he'd heard rumours about his children being kidnapped, but he hadn't put any credence in the rumours. His godfather had never mentioned them to him, and he wasn't particularly fond of kids, with the obvious exception being him.

Now Granger and Potter turned out to be his godfather's kids? They took everything from him, now he couldn't even go to his godfather. In fact they would be dead by the New Year at Hogwarts started; closing his eyes, feeling so conflicted. He couldn't care less about Granger or Potter, but he loved his godfather, but was it worth the risk of getting in touch with him? It could be found and he would be in deep trouble. The Dark Lord would kill him, of that he had no doubt. They quickly entered Narcissa's the sitting room, a silencing spell was swiftly put up.

"Are you okay?" Narcissa, asked her son, inspecting him, relief flowing through her when she saw that he was perfectly fine, no shakes, no tremors that indicated he'd been tortured. She suppressed her tears, she'd seen her husband coming home from meetings with the Dark Lord, and sometimes it was so bad the others had to actually bring him back. Now she was going to have to endure her son going through the same thing? No, no she couldn't do it, she had to get him out of here, away from this mess, and Severus would be able to help her. If he had his children back, he would go to the only place that was safe for them, and that was Rookwood manor, she knew the location, she'd been once when she was younger with her parents. She had to get them out of there, as she thought this she strengthened her occlumency barriers, she couldn't let him know. Neither she nor Lucius mattered, all that mattered was getting her son out of there.

"I'm fine," Draco said his tone subdued.

"Wait here, I'll be back in a few moments," Narcissa said, guiding her son to the sofa before she backed out of the room, her impenetrable mask back in place she lifted her cloak and dress slightly so she could run up the stairs unhindered. Praying inwardly to whatever god that would take mercy on her that she could do this without interruption. Making it into her sons' room, she opened his trunk and everything of value in his room began to pack into it. She knew her son well and knew what he would want to take with him. She stroked the stuffed dragon she'd got when she was pregnant suppressing tears, flicking her wand shrinking it she slid it into her pocket and exited it his bedroom.

Her next destination was Lucius' office; she made a beeline for the safe in the wall hidden behind the books. She knew the combination off by heart, and quickly put it in. Yanking it open the moment the click signalled it was unlocked, she removed the large satchel that was bottomless and had thousands upon thousands of galleons. Moving over to the desk, she quickly grabbed some parchment and began writing, everything she wanted her son to know, especially that she loved him and that she didn't want him to have any part in this mess. For his own good to stay away, no matter what happened, it was her greatest wish for him to live his life. Obviously the Dark Mark couldn't force you to come otherwise the Dark Lord would have just had it happen when Regulus and a few others went missing. It was nothing like her usual writing since it was done so hastily, but she didn't care as long as Draco could read it and get some comfort from it.

Once it was done, she opened the drawer and removed the photo album, caressing it gently, something for him to remember them by. Closing her eyes she mentally gave herself strength for what she was about to do, nodding to herself, she opened the trunk and put both in, they were at the top he would see them soon enough. Closing it gently, glancing at the door just to make sure nobody was standing there aware of her traitorous ways. She didn't even know if this was going to work, but she had to try, without someone that could give her hope - without Harry Potter destined to defeat him, they were all going to die and she didn't want that for her son. No, this was all she could do, so she would see it through.

Shrinking the trunk, she placed it once again safely within her pocket, it was time. Calmly walking back out, she wandered down the stairs; her heartbeat was shooting through the roof as she tried to remain calm, to act normal. She saw nobody on her journey, she didn't even know where the Dark Lord was, she didn't have control of the wards, he had demanded it the second he stepped foot in her home.

"Draco? Would you like to accompany me to Diagon Alley?" she asked her son, as she made her way back into the sitting room.

"Sure," Draco replied slightly confused, she didn't normally go until after his Hogwarts letter came. Still he didn't let the confusion bother him, the prospect of getting out of the manor even for a short while filled him with such relief that he almost toppled over with it. Who would have thought he'd be so happy to get out of his own home? It should be the one true safe place, damn his father to hell. He jumped from his seat and made his way to his mother quicker than he could ever remember.

Together they promptly left the manor and the Dark Lord behind thankfully never meeting a soul. Nobody could blame them for not wishing to be near Lord Voldemort in his state, even in a good mood it was dangerous let alone bad mood.

Rookwood Manor Dungeon

"Dane?" Hayden curtly called, his eyes gleaming in the darkness watching Dumbledore squirm, the smell of the terror wafting from the wizard was divine. He would have his retribution, he was an idiot for even daring to mess with the children of Slytherins and better still those who joined the Dark Lord, the dark magic they knew would and should make Dumbledore wary.

"Lumos!" Severus murmured and the light sprang out of his wand, lighting every crevice of the room. Severus gave his husband a curious look. Why was he calling a House-elf? Had they forgotten something or did Hayden have something else in mind?

Dumbledore watched them like hawks, his blue eyes wary and filled with a dash of fear, he refused to beg or plead for anything. He had been trying for the past hour or so in getting out of the bindings but he was having no luck whatsoever. He had always been good at Wandless wordless magic, everyone would tell you that, but they didn't know he was actually borrowing Hogwarts own ancient magic to accomplish it. Without it he had let his own magic grow weak, hence his inability to get himself out of this predicament he was in. Also the reason why so many dubious characters had gotten into the ancient castle.

"What can Dane do for Master Hayden?" the House-elf asked, appearing before them with a small pop.

"I need your blood for this potion, will you give it?" Hayden asked, and yes, he asked, it was a personal thing to ask of anyone, and he would never force him to give it over.

"Will it punish him?" Dane questioned, glaring darkly at Dumbledore, the urge to punish the bad wizard who had killed his brothers prominent on every inch of his face.

"Yes, and you'll be able to punish him too," Hayden gave a vicious grin just thinking of what was about to occur. "Did you know there were other benefits for the twelve uses of dragons blood?" he added to Dumbledore, as Dane sliced his own palm with a knife he materialized out of thin air, eager to do as he was asked knowing it would make him pay.

Dumbledore paled drastically, no, it was impossible, they wouldn't, they couldn't! Sweating viciously, he tried to will up all his magic, to get those damn bindings off and Apparate out of there as quickly as possible.

Hayden swirled Dane's blood in the vial, turning just in time to see his son standing at the door, peering through the hole left by himself when he didn't properly close the door.

Severus turned as well, letting out a groan of exasperation; he had a good idea who was there without needing any vampire strengths. "You better turn around and march back up those stairs, otherwise you'll be grounded for a month," Severus warned Hadrian. Giving his husband a glare for leaving the damn door open in a house with a very curious, fearless teenager who had been encouraged at every turn to investigate anything strange.

"It's not fair!" Hadrian protested his voice slightly muffled, still not coming in, "After everything he did to us, we deserve to see this too!"

"We?" Severus growled in annoyance, of course he should have known. They did do everything together after all, he was honestly surprised Hadrian had kept himself quiet and unseen so long, especially when he figured out it was Dumbledore. Given his anger issues he had suspected Hadrian would be trying to get at the old fools throat.

"I convinced her," Hadrian said defiantly.

"I was not under any other illusion," Severus said wryly, his son had probably convinced Harmony all the other times as well. The squealing of the door being opened had Severus returning to the task at hand. He'd wanted to protect them, yet they wouldn't let him, was this how it was always going to be? Were they just too old now to be protected? It certainly seemed to be the case alright. He had his wand pointed at Dumbledore just in case he got out of the bindings. He would never underestimate his opponent it just led to being killed or beaten.

With Hayden's strength Dumbledore was subdued too easily, it was almost anticlimactic. It wasn't Dumbledore for long though, as soon as Hayden had the potion in him, viciously rubbing his throat to make him swallow, the changes began immediately. Dumbledore began to shrink in size, but that wasn't all, he began to exhibit House-elf traits, until an actual House elf lay where Dumbledore had been just five minutes previous.

"No way!" Hadrian gaped, coming fully into the room, "How is that possible?" he'd just seen Dumbledore turned into a damn House-elf. "That isn't how all House-elves are made is it?" his black eyes wide with astonishment.

"Of course not," Harmony nudged him so she could enter too eager to see what was going on. "They can get places even Wizards can't, I don't see how this is a punishment." she admitted, hell they can even Apparate and Disapparate within Hogwarts which was an impossible feat for anything else.

"Not with these he wont," Hayden said, clipping platinum bracelets onto his wrists then muttering 'couno unesco supremo' now all of them understood Latin to know what it did. The platinum bracelets immediately dissolved into his skin, leaving nothing behind to indicate they were even there.

"What do they do?" Harmony enquired eager as always to know more.

"Forever tie him to the property, to us, to Dane, and he will also never be able to use magic again, those platinum bracelets that dissolved? They've boxed in his magical core, making it inaccessible." Severus informed them, "Your father as a lot of items like that, which is why you must never touch anything he forbids you touching." he told them seriously, giving them an example was probably the best way to go. "Unless of course you want something like that to happen to you." he pointed out. He would make sure that they were very tightly secured away, his son had a habit of getting into trouble, could cause trouble in an empty house.

"He could tell someone," Hadrian pointed out.

"The manor is getting locked down, nothing could get at it, and if they tried too much Dane can Apparate them out, which he would have to do since the explosion would destroy anything in a five to ten mile radius, the only thing getting in and out of this manor when we leave is us if we return." Severus informed them quietly.

"It's not the same in making him pay…I mean when he's a wizard," Harmony said.

"Trust me, this is far demeaning and worse than anything else he could endure, he will suffer, Dane lost his two brothers to him," Hayden informed them climbing back out of the cell, leaving it open having no fear of Dumbledore getting away now. "Now Dane, when Dumb wakens up, show him to his duties," he sneered viciously at the unconscious House-elf/Dumbledore.

"Dane will make sure Dumb does what he's told," Dane said his green eyes glowing eerily powerful.

"Good," Hayden replied, and he and Severus would be back, they would never let Dumbledore rest; he would pay for the rest of his time on this earth. He could beg them for death but they would never grant him that.

"Time to go." Hayden and Severus both said urgently and immediately, both of them grasping one of the twins before marching towards the entrance hall, Severus already had the Portkey ready to go until he realized he knew those magical signatures.

"Severus?" Hayden asked, clicking his fingers to get his attention.

"It's Narcissa and Draco," Severus said, looking conflicted.

Hadrian's lip curled at just mentioning Malfoy, both of his parents noticed it, one was confused the other resigned.

"Great now there are owls coming," Hayden sighed, all just as they were leaving?

"Have Dane retrieve them and put them in my trunk," Severus said, "I'll be back in a moment," he had to see what they wanted, Draco was the only child he had seen growing up, he owed him that much to see what they wanted and to say goodbye.

What did you think of Dumbledore's punishment? anticlimactic? probably but I wanted to do something that hadn't been done before and the kiss has and him being killed has and I've even had Severus throw him through the veil of death in Willing...this, why this hasn't been done at least I've never seen it done in a story and don't worry we'll see them return for some torture sessions ;) especially when Hayden and Severus both learn about everything that has happened between Harry and Dumbledore :P during the years...after all they don't know everything :D haha told you rewriting this had made my muse return big time :D but i'll definitely have to update something else tomorrow especially for those that don't read the twilight/harry potter crossovers :) R&R please