My Dark Hunter

Chapter 15


Severus' feelings for Dumbledore was leaving a festering wound in his heart, filling it with hatred, disgust, pure unadulterated rage with the likes he'd never felt before. He'd been through a lot in his life, hated many people, his parents, the Dark Lord, even himself, but boy, this was a whole new level that was just unnamed, and completely indescribable. There was no word in any spoken language that existed even to this day that could help Severus express his feelings. Each moment he spent with his children caused it to get worse; all the love in the world didn't quench his thirst for revenge. The only reason he'd stopped himself was for them, he could never be confident he'd win against Dumbledore. He was a powerful wizard in his own right, but against Dumbledore, with what he now knew, no, he'd had to put all revenge from his mind to live for his children's sake. A few days ago, he was all his children had in the world, other than a Death Eater Uncle who would try all he could to kill them if he found out. Now though they had Hayden as well, he wasn't sure what to do or what Hadrian had done either come to that. There was still so much he didn't know about his own kids, and wondered with despondency if he ever would.

"What have you done to him?" Hayden wondered suspiciously, staring at Severus, he knew his husband; he wouldn't let anything like this go unpunished.

"Nothing," Severus replied grimly, not a damn thing had been done to the old fool.

"Nothing?" Hayden blinked confused as hell, this wasn't the Severus he knew, his heart sank, sixteen years he had to remember, Severus had changed. He looked so old, so tired, dispirited yet hopeful at the same time. Their revenge would have to wait for another day; he had to take care of his husband first and foremost. He had sworn a vow to do so, in sickness and in health, good times and bad, till death do part them. He had sixteen years to make up for, Merlin he must hold so much hate and sadness within him.

"Hadrian's been the one with the desire for revenge; I'm not sure what he's up to." Severus muttered exhaustedly. His children were so used to hiding, scheming and doing things on their own that it was second nature to them now. They never went to adults, he didn't know why, but they didn't. It's as if what happened to them as babies had remained implanted upon their mind never to be removed, even if they didn't understand it at the time.

"They sleep?" Hayden was surprised, that's one thing he hadn't assumed when he wrote the list of how his kids could turn out. Merlin he'd never thought he'd be a father. Being a vampire kind of put a damper on it, when he'd heard, oh how happy he'd been. Worried too, after all his kids were half-vampire, half-human, and a hybrid of both species with both their weaknesses and maybe strengths. He'd seen a lot as an Unspeakable, but all this had been new to him. As his husbands pregnancy continued, he had began to write down everything his best educated guess on what they would be like/turn out.

"Yes, but I don't think they need to or for long periods of time, they do it because it's what they are used to." Severus guessed quietly. It's exactly what he wanted to do right now, sleep. Yet another part of him feared what Hayden would do, he couldn't lose him again it would kill him. Kill them all, Hadrian would be devastated, he knew how much his son wanted a family, a real family. He knew him better than he liked to think, it was little wonder after all the years of protecting him even if it was with reluctance and spite. Such an utter fool he had been, but thankfully he hadn't done anything unforgivable, even if he would always hold himself responsible.

"I see," Hayden mused, he so badly wanted to talk to them, especially Hadrian he screamed out to be loved and protected whether he knew it or not. Standing up, he helped his husband to his feet, resisting the urge to pick him up bridal style; he'd done it once never again. Severus had cursed him so bad, he'd had yellow hair all week - he'd had to go to work like that and to top it off he'd been unable to attain an erection for a fortnight. Severus could be truly vicious, when he wanted to be.

He led them to their usual room, noticing that Severus hesitated briefly both at the corridor and at the door. Severus obvious hadn't gone near the room in sixteen years, judging by the fact he hadn't found his book - which had been in plain view. On his nightstand, where he kept it close at hand. He waited on Severus regaining his composure, before opening the door and leading them both in. The bedding had been changed recently; he could smell the comfort the House-elf's used on it strongly. Other than that, everything was the same as before.

"Get some rest, Severus." Hayden soothed, his voice soft and alluring, adding to Severus' already sleepy state. He reached for his wand, only to realize he didn't have one. The one he used for work was in the drawer, hopefully, opening it he closed his eyes and basked in the magic that flowed through him. Oh that felt so good, despite him not being aware of how long he'd been 'dead' his magic did and it rejoiced at being whole with its host once more. Swishing his wand, he undressed Severus, leaving only his underwear on.

"Don't do anything stupid," Severus murmured, unable to keep his eyes open, he hadn't gotten much sleep since his kids returned to his life. Enough to get by, but his body was now telling him it needed proper rest. Even if he took a Pepper-Up Potion, he knew it wouldn't take affect; his body was just so drained it had no remaining energy hidden away.

"Severus does Dumbledore know you've found out?" Hayden enquired, quite naturally alarmed, the old fool was powerful and had allies and people in positions of power to blackmail. Money to make people do whatever they wanted, he didn't underestimate the old fool but if it was the last thing he did he would make sure he paid though.

"Not yet," Severus but doubt coated his voice, he was barely coherent, grateful when his body sank into the mattress. It was so odd being in this room again, in this bed, with his husband. His life had taken a complete turn, and his mind was simply put trying to process everything. "Don't go anywhere." he added, grabbing his husband, he knew he was up to something. Even as exhausted as he was, he knew it; otherwise they wouldn't even be half way through the questions by this.

"Don't worry; I'm not going anywhere tonight I promise. I'm only going to strengthen the wards and maybe talk to the kids." Hayden promised; it felt so odd saying that. Just yesterday to him anyway, they had been babies, unborn babies at that, and still within his husband safe and sound. Now they were nearly fully grown adults, and utterly stunning hybrids with the best of both himself and Sev. Pulling the covers over them both, wrapping his arms around his husband and just held him, his poor Severus, he'd been through hell and he hated the fact he hadn't been there for him. The Unspeakables would pay for what they did, they had so many resources at their disposal, they could have helped him find a way to protect his family and make him seem dead. It didn't take long for Severus' breathing to even out, and his body go lax completely in his hold. He would keep his word, he wouldn't go anywhere tonight, but tomorrow was another thing altogether. He would enact vengeance on those who had hurt his family, Dumbledore wouldn't know what hit him…but first he had to find out what his son had done so far.

Staring at Severus, he'd changed so much, was there even anything left in the man he'd married? Or had he been beaten down by tragedy and pain? No, he couldn't believe that, didn't want to either, he could bring him back, someway somehow he would accomplish it. He and their kids, even if he had to move them away somewhere else. His part in this war was done, if it had ever been a part. He should have done it in the first place, but he hadn't known the affects the Dark Mark could have on them both. At least he wouldn't have to convince Severus, he had nothing holding him back. They should have run and never looked back - now look what had become of them.

He hoped that Severus would agree with it.

After Hayden was sure Severus was in a deep enough sleep, as not to be woken by him, he slowly unwound himself from his husband's sleeping form. Once he was out, he put the duvet around his cold husband, and he was cold or rather not as warm as usual. Closing the door to his room, he wondered what else he was wrong about when it came to his children. Did they even drink blood? Or were they able to survive on human food? They wouldn't surely, if they knew how fantastic blood tasted. There was nothing like it, ironically enough, he'd missed human food when he'd first been turned. Shaking off his thoughts, he ducked under the hatch and into the warding hub. Staring at it amazed, as he always was, the colours were breathtaking, magic in its true form, pure and untainted. It was stronger than he'd ever seen it, Severus must have upgraded them, stalking over, he pressed his wand delicately into the sphere of magic. Only then did he guide his magic into it, the reason it was pure, was because no spell was being uttered, just pure magic being drained from the core and into the very foundation of the house. If anyone had been outside the wards, they would have seen them flash blue like a snow globe before it disappeared stronger than ever. Normally the magic of two people weren't added to it. They were arrogant, believed their own magic was enough, but Hayden knew better. The more individual magic that was added to it, the stronger it was Unspeakables knew more about magic than anyone else.

Closing his eyes, as the magic glowed dark gold almost going black before Hayden stopped channelling his magic into it. Once the sphere stopped glowing so brightly, and seemed to relax into a swirl of magic, he removed his wand and backed away from the hub. No magic was ever allowed done near the foundations, otherwise the explosion caused by ricocheting magic would be explosive to say the least. It's probably why no child ever knew about their existence, he'd only found out when he was nineteen years old. His father had been dying, and he knew he needed someone else to take over the handling of the wards.

Jumping back through the hatch, he closed it magically replacing the large rug across the wood. Concealing its existence, as his family had done for generations. His children were old enough to see the warding hub; perhaps he should do it, before they leave. Its not as if they could return to Hogwarts, he wouldn't allow it; they could educate their children better than Hogwarts anyway. His eyes were drawn to the family portrait of them all, hanging on the wall, it was still, his family didn't believe in putting magic into portraits, death they believed was final, and no portrait, imitating them would help them grieve. He agreed with them there, his brother had different ideals altogether, a sigh left Hayden's lips. As children they had gotten on so well, happy, even if he was ten years older than him…or had been until he was bitten then Augustus aged and he didn't. He didn't even know what had become of him, there was little doubt he was still a Death Eater, he'd always been too dark, too into kissing the ass of anyone more powerful. It was a shame, he would have greatly liked to share the news that he was alright with him, and he would have to ask Severus when he woke up.

Hayden wandered through the manor, until he found himself back on the first floor, or more precisely outside his children's room. He couldn't tell if they were asleep or awake, there was nothing that gave them away, and it was like being faced with a new species. His lips twitched when he heard his daughter talking, she knew he was here; she had a strong sense of smell that was good. If they hadn't been together long, then the news that they were vampires must have been frightening. Just like it had been for him when he was first turned. They should have grown up knowing what they were, Merlin someone was going to pay for this.

His hand went to open the door before he thought better of it, they were teenagers, unused to him, so he was probably better off knocking. Which he did, just twice and low as not to disturb anyone, he was immediately told to 'come in' by a curious son. No doubt Severus had his full with this one for the past…five years, he thought after mentally calculating their age.

"Hello," said Hayden, standing at the door feeling awkward, these were his kids! He shouldn't feel like this it wasn't fair. "How are you feeling? About everything I mean."

"Come in and sit down," invited Harmony, sliding out her bed and moving over to Hadrian's, so they could sit together. Hayden was very smart; she finally understood where she got hers from. Hadrian was too, when he applied himself, but admittedly it wasn't often. Probably because of Ron, and his constant nagging that he was acting like a girl because he wanted to actually learn something.

"So?" Hayden enquired; sitting himself down, smiling at them they were just stunning. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined what they looked like.

"I don't really know," Harmony confessed, "I'm still getting used to it, I had so many plans but it's all gone now."

"What were they?" Hayden asked genuinely curious.

"My classes, my N.E.W.T's, my career choice, after everything that's happened I just don't want anything to do with the Ministry, Hogwarts or Dumbledore." Harmony told her father.

"To be fair, it wasn't the Ministry's fault," Hayden grudgingly said, but his defence was half-heartedly. They hadn't looked for his kids much, especially if Gringotts had found them within a year. The Auror's, Unspeakables and Merlin knows who else had let his family down. He owed the goblins a great deal, if not for them finding his kids, he would never have been brought back and his husband would still be alone.

Hadrian snorted bitterly; he hated everything about the magical world now, absolutely everything. There was nothing he wanted here anymore, well other than his magic, that hadn't let him down, in fact it saved him more times than he could remember. He was glad he was leaving; he wouldn't have to look over his shoulder, worry that Dumbledore was going to get into the manor and take away his family again. He'd rather die than let that happen, his dad might have been horrible to him, but he was used to it, everyone had been horrible to him. He'd forgiven and forgotten too many times to count, but this was the last forgiving he was doing. He'd wanted a family, yes, but he never quite imagined it would happen this way…but it didn't matter to him, he had gotten his wish. Dumbledore's betrayal had completely destroyed him, and his faith in others. Other than Harmony, she was his rock, his sister, his twin. He was beginning to trust his dad, everything he did just added to it, he wasn't quite sure what love was…but if it was anything like he felt now, then he loved his family. He just wanted to get his revenge, stop Dumbledore from hurting anyone else, like he had been and leave. It was already happening; he'd sent the memory to Madam Bones and written a letter of what occurred afterwards. Without leaving his adopted name of course, he didn't want anyone to know.

"Did either of you know about magic before you got your letters?" Hayden changed the subject to something less negative - or at least he'd assumed so. The Dursley's were Lily's relatives, and they had known about her being magical, so Harry could know. He, however, wasn't aware of any wizarding family called the Grangers, but the mother might be magical.

Twin shakes of the head were his answer.

"Why not?" Hayden demanded indignantly, it was bad enough his kids had been stolen and his son raised by Muggles but to be ignorant of their bloody magic? Not knowing their heritage so infuriated him.

"I thought they were Muggles that I was the magical child in the family…but I was wrong." Harmony continued, "They knew who I was, what I was and kept it secret."

"And you? They knew about magic…Lily was magical." Hayden was dismayed.

Hadrian shifted uncomfortably; obviously his dad hadn't told him about the Dursley's. He knew about them, not only had he seen they lock him up, his horrid room but he'd promised to kill them for what they did. It must mean he knew he didn't want to be the one to have to tell his…father. Just in case he got angry and went after them, he wanted both his dads in his life.

"They didn't like magic," Hadrian finally settled on saying, determined not to say any more.

"They punished him for accidental magic; something they knew was beyond his control. Don't look at me like that Hadrian, he has to know. He didn't know about his magic until he came to Hogwarts the same as me." Harmony revealed.

"What houses did you get sorted into?" Hayden once again changing the subject, trying to stay positive, his nostrils flaring, oh the Dursley's were so dead when he got his hands on them. They would be punished with magic, and have a real reason to be afraid of it, as they die.

"Gryffindor but it wanted to put me in Ravenclaw," Harmony told him proudly, and she couldn't regret it; since she and Hadrian had gotten so close…it's probably what was making this situation bearable. They'd both been through terrible betrayals, they understood each other in a way they hadn't before. It drew them closer, as close as they should have been growing up.

"I begged it to put me anywhere other than Slytherin, it said I would do well there, it chose Gryffindor in the end." Hadrian explained quietly; his choices indeed, Dumbledore had a lot to answer for.

"Only a true Slytherin could talk the hat out of putting it where you were meant to be." Hayden was impressed.

"What house were you in?" Harmony curious about their father.

"Slytherin," Hayden told his twins and not ashamed of it. "It didn't always have the reputation attached to it as it does now. It used to be a house of pride, where those who wanted real friends and had ambition went. The dissension began around fifty years ago, Slytherin house used to be the biggest, it's why it was in the dungeons, and they had the most room."

"Just after Dumbledore became Headmaster," Harmony deduced frowning; did he have something to do with it? She wouldn't put anything passed him…not know. How long had his plans been put into motion? Why was he doing it? Why had…no she knew why, he'd wanted her brother, she had just been in the way. He wanted a hero, no that's not right he wanted a scapegoat, someone to use, and he'd taken the only other child born on July 31st because he believed some stupid old prophecy. Why the solitude of the Slytherin house? Why make it seem evil? To make them want to be because nobody would believe them otherwise? He couldn't be allowed to continue this, it wasn't right or fair. She didn't care about the magical world anymore, but Dumbledore had to be stopped.

"Yes, actually, it is." Hayden agreed, "Did you enjoy being at Hogwarts?" would they miss it?

"It used to be my home," Hadrian confessed his smile bittersweet.

"I loved learning about magic," Harmony shrugged, she loved to learn always had done, unfortunately she hadn't been able to learn how to make friends. Hadrian saving her had somehow made her friends with them, and it was a strong friendship despite her constant…she had no idea what to call it…but she'd known she was bossy, getting on at them all the time for breaking the rules, despite the fact she'd gone along with them. As her dad said, she'd been unwilling to let anything happen to Harry, she'd gone to keep him safe without realizing it. The bond had been strong, from what she'd read it should have been impossible. She was glad she and Hadrian had defied others expectations. Everything her dad had said about books being wrong, she hadn't truly believed it until she read about twin bonds and then realized with one hundred percent certainty that he was right. That had been a hard thing to swallow, for sixteen years she'd believed everything she read.

"Sev told me about the troll, what actually happened?" Hayden wondered, eleven years old and facing a troll, at Hogwarts Merlin he could barely believe it. Mature adult wizards had trouble when facing a fully grown troll never mind children. How they did it he didn't know, but Sev had been proud of them. He wondered briefly if them being half vampire repressed fear humans reacted to, as well as self preservation.

"I was upset, a boy in my year said nasty things about me. I helped him with a spell because he wasn't pronouncing it right. Instead of going to Halloween feast I hid in the girl's bathroom, I didn't want the others to see me crying. So I didn't know everyone had been told to go back to their common rooms." Harmony was looking at Hadrian a wry grin on her face.

"I didn't go to the common room like we were told; Neville told me that Harmony had been in the girl's bathroom crying all afternoon. I grabbed Ron and we ran towards the girls toilets to warn her, so we could all get out of the way. It was supposed to be in the dungeons after all, but we were wrong." Hadrian continued where Harmony finished.

"Hadrian grabbed onto the Trolls club, and ended up on its back. The Troll grabbed onto his legs and swung him around, trying to beat him to pulp with its cub. Then Ron cast the spell that I had tried to get him to learn in Charms class when he was being an ungrateful prat. He used the levitation charm enough but it wasn't strong, it fell down on the trolls head and knocked him out cold." Harmony finished the tale.

"I'll bet you all got detention for the rest of the year," Hayden he certainly would have, "Although considering what could have happened…you got off pretty lightly."

"We didn't get detention," Harmony insisted, "We got points taken of us then double back for what they did."

"What could have happened? You mean if one of us got hurt?" Hadrian asked blankly.

"Oh no," Hayden replied seriously, half amused. "If you had done that growing up with us, you wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week at most fortnight at worse." Sev had always been too protective of those he cared about, bordering on possessive. He was as well, but he had an excuse, vampires had always been fiercely possessive creatures, especially when it came to their mates.

Hadrian's stomach squirmed uncomfortably at that, he felt sick actually. His mind flashed to everything the Dursley's had done to him. He'd never done anything wrong, but they'd taken their frustrations out on him. Now his father was saying his dad would have hurt him? Would that happen? Had he just gone from one bad home to another? Harry bolted from the bed unable to stay in the same room as them any longer.

"Hadrian!" cried Harmony alarmed, but the door shut with a bang magic flaring as it did.

Hayden's stomach dropped, perhaps he had gone too far but surely Hadrian understood that what he'd done was reckless? That growing up with parents he would have been punished for his recklessness to set boundaries? The abuse must be worse than he thought especially if his son had reacted so severely.

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