My Dark Hunter

Chapter 15

The Difference

"Harry come out, you can't stay in there forever," said Harmony, sitting on the floor beside the door. She and their father had been trying to convince him to come out for nearing an hour already. It was a good job she didn't need a lot of sleep otherwise she would have been exhausted by now. She'd gone over the conversation, again and again trying to figure out what had been said to make Harry panic. Nothing was coming to mind, unless he'd seen something through his connection with Voldemort. Usually he screamed before feeling anything, and never panicked about them, other than the one that led to Sirius Black dying. They'd done so much talking the first few nights, lately though they'd been off doing their own things. Maybe that was a bad idea, closing her eyes she vowed that Harry would come first. Her father was just standing there like a statue, with a look of deep contemplation on his face. It was rather freaky, did they do that? Stand so still as if nothing could budge them?

"Maybe dad will have better luck," suggested Harmony, he always had in the past, even if it was…short tempered about it? Sarcastic? Caustic? Yeah those things but that was just how he was. She would always remember how nasty he was to her, but she could brush it off, she was used to it. Most teachers did like her, but there had always been a few who hated her attitude, both in Muggle and Magic schools. She'd always felt the need to defend him, mostly because she'd been raised believing teachers were right, thanks to her kidnapper so called parents.

"I don't want to wake him up unless we have to," said Hayden shaking his head, "Hadrian? Please come out?" he'd tried using magic to get into the room but all had failed. His son was one powerful little mite, he shouldn't have been surprised since both he and Sev were powerful. The new blood, Sev's blood added into the long pureblood line of the Rookwood power, well it stood to reason. If he was already more powerful than him, at the age of sixteen before his additional powers came in, he would be amazing.

"If he hasn't already he wont now," sighed Harmony, she knew her twin well, he was stubborn to the core and didn't listen well to others. He'd always been that way, even with her; Harry hadn't listened to her when she told him it might be a trap. Something he did regret now, especially not knowing if he was aware of whom he really was, who his fathers were. She'd said to him, that he probably didn't, Sirius Black was more like Ron; he couldn't keep his trap shut.

"I see," said Hayden, Merlin he wished he knew his own kids, Sev knew them but not as father to son/daughter. At least not a great deal, since he'd only had them for a while. He hated the fact he'd missed out on his kids lives, it fuelled his need for revenge. If it was the last thing he did, he would rid the world of those who stood back and watched him die. Starting with the Unspeakables, as one himself, he would be able to get them.

"What is going on?" asked Severus, standing at the door of his children's room, eyeing them suspiciously; arms crossed with a look that said don't piss me off. Something was up, he could sense it, he wasn't sure what, but something had woken him up. A churning feeling in his stomach, had led him right here. They spoke about bearers and mothers having connections with their children, but he had never had the chance to feel that.

"Harry's in the bathroom, he won't come out." said Harmony reluctantly.

"Why?" demanded Severus, his suspicion deepening.

"We were talking one moment, the next he locked himself in there, I have no idea why." said Hayden but his suspicion was beginning to take a turn for the worst.

"What did you say to him before he went in?" asked Severus, pinching the bridge of his nose as he sighed in exasperation.

"I said it was a good job you were only their teacher back then at the troll incident, because he wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week or two if you had known they were ours." said Hayden, arching a curious eyebrow, looking at his husband as if to say 'Did you forget to tell me something?'. Which was becoming glaringly obvious that it was the case, the way Sev's face closed off indicating he was extremely angry and irritated.

"Go down the stairs, the pair of you, introduce him to our…guests if you will," said Severus, "Do not do anything to them that cannot be reversed, there is something I need to see." he didn't know how bad the abuse was, but if comments like that terrify Harry into hiding into a bathroom, when he was always so brave and stubborn…then it was bad, very bad.

"Guests?" asked Hayden curiously, and why was Severus saying he could do anything to them other than kill them? Hmm curious, very curious.

"Come on, I'll show you," said Harmony, she didn't feel comfortable calling him father yet, it was so strange. Surely it should be easier with Hayden since they didn't have a somewhat bitter history? Yet she'd been able to call Sev dad within a day or two? It must be because Hayden was a complete stranger; Severus had been a constant in their lives for years.

"Alright," said Hayden, giving Severus another look, it seemed as if they had a lot more to talk about than he originally thought.

"Hadrian Severus Snape-Rookwood get your self out here now!" demanded Severus, after placing a silencing spell around the room. "I do not want to repeat myself or you'll find yourself cleaning out all my cauldrons without magic!" he added waiting impatiently for the door to open. It was obvious just asking him to come out wouldn't do the trick, so it was a matter of 'cruel to be kind' trick.

The door shimmered before clicking open on its own, but Harry didn't come out.

"I am far too old to sit on tiled floors," warned Severus, but inevitably he walked into the bathroom, too worried about his son to really care about the aches and pains of his own old body. Sighing softly, he gathered a few towels and placed them on the floor before sitting beside his son. Who wouldn't meet his eyes, he was just sitting there looking a cross between worried and impassive. Hadrian obviously couldn't keep himself from showing how he was really feeling. His emotions had always been a problem; he let them lead him instead of controlling them and thinking rationally. Although he rarely showed any negative emotions around the other students, he should know the students had been bad. They went from loving and revering him to hating him so many times, it was difficult to keep up with them. "Do you want to talk about it?" asked Severus, after what felt like half an hour of silence.

"No," replied Hadrian, shaking his head. He hated himself right now, he didn't know why but he felt weak for reacting as he had. He usually had good control over his emotions, unless something extreme happened, like someone he cared about being in potential danger or someone he liked being bullied.

"I can guess what's bothering you," replied Severus. "Harmony explained what happened, I guess you don't know the difference between being spanked and abuse." a smirk appeared on his face when Hadrian flushed at the word, honestly he was too innocent for words but he was rather glad for that. It meant not all was lost, he could still see Hadrian flourish into all he was meant to be. He wouldn't let his son be the hero Dumbledore had wanted him to become, no not hero, sacrificial lamb more like.

"Hadrian, how did your…Petunia," said Severus his lip curling in disgust, "How did she punish her son while he grew up for any wrongdoings he did?"

"Dudley was never punished, if he screamed, cried or pleaded for something he got it, they excused everything he did, as if they couldn't see any of his faults." said Hadrian. "Most of the time I was blamed for anything he did, as if I'd forced him."

Well so much for that theory, thought Severus scowling inwardly. He should have guessed, the boy was so spoiled and utterly disgusting. He'd had no idea just how far that so called bloody abuse went, freely letting one get away with murder and abusing his son. He'd thought he had an idea, overfeeding the brat and spoiling him but this…letting him away with everything just to crush Hadrian's spirit further. He couldn't have been more wrong, and he didn't do well acknowledging he was wrong.

"Tell me about your life with them, what they would do to you if you did anything they believed was wrong." said Severus, grasping Hadrian's arm, and pulling him closer. For him to get over what happened to him at the Dursley's he would need to talk about it, understand it was wrong and learn to fight back against anyone that might hurt him. It would take a while, but Severus was patient when he needed to be. They would get through this, and Hadrian would become who he should have been all along.

"I'd rather not talk about them," said Hadrian, shaking his head, but not resisting when he was pulled into his dads arms.

"It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Tell me, trust me Hadrian, it helps." said Severus, taking a deep breath before continuing on. "I went through something similar, I told your father, and in fact he was the only one revealed everything to. He had a normal upbringing, sure it was a Pureblood upbringing, but they weren't spoiled. He couldn't conceive that any parent would treat a child the way I was. It was a rather big eye opener for him, but I on the other hand understand, Hayden didn't mean anything by what he said. It was an innocent albeit quite accurate remark, but son…there is a difference between being spanked and being abused."

"What difference?" asked Hadrian shaking his head, it was still lifting a hand to hurt you, he'd always been hurt and he'd hoped he wouldn't be here.

"Let me put it this way, what's worse, smacking someone on their backside, say five times or kicking them five times in their stomach? Potentially causing massive internal bleeding and cracked or broken ribs?" asked Severus, leaning his head against his sons, how bad was the abuse? He had to know even if it killed him to watch his son's life flashing like a film reel. Only then would he be well equipped in helping his son heal from all that happened to him. Hayden would have to as well, so he didn't end up doing something like this again. "Smacking someone is just a way for a parent to get through to their child that they've done wrong. Letting them know it wasn't okay to continue acting or doing whatever it is that they've done. Stopping them from continuing on in the same manner, it isn't about pain, humiliation or hurting them because they are weaker than you. It's just to stop them becoming spoiled, like Dudley Dursley's."

Hadrian felt something inside of him tug when he was called son, no matter how often it was said it still felt like the first time. Like his heart was about to yank itself out of his chest and do a happy dance. If anyone asked him how he could forgive this man for everything he'd done, he wouldn't really be able to articulate an answer. He honestly didn't know why he was forgiving and forgetting, other than the fact his greatest desire overcame his past. Family, he wasn't about to let it go, not for anything in the world. His dad hadn't known who he was; if he had he wouldn't have treated him that way that much was obvious by his actions this far. He had been nasty right back, calling him names, being cheeky and disobedient really. Frowning slightly, was there really that big a difference between both things? The way his dad put it, well it would seem to be the case. He knew it was, he'd been kicked by Vernon often enough. If he ever had kids though, he'd never hit them in any way shape or form. If he ever had children, he'd been kissed twice and hadn't liked it the slightest. He still didn't want to talk about the Dursley's; he was physically incapable of it.

"Sooner or later you will need to talk about it, Hadrian. Keeping it locked inside isn't healthy, I should know…and the last thing I want is for either of you to end up like me." said Severus seriously.

Hadrian nodded, not really meaning it; he couldn't imagine ever talking about what he'd gone through, not even to his dad who seemingly understood.

"Now come on, up you get, back to bed." said Severus, "We all need sleep, but you don't have to worry…your father will keep watch over us. He will never hurt you Hadrian, not only couldn't he imagine doing anything to hurt us, he knows I would never allow it." once Hadrian was on his feet, he guided his son through to his bedroom, summoning a dreamless sleeping potion.

"Drink," said Severus, "No arguments, you need it."

"Alright," grouched Hadrian, sounding more like his old self. Accepting the potion, he inhaled sharply before drinking it. The last time he'd had any of this was after the Tri-Wizard tournament…when Cedric died. He should have jumped in front of him…he would have lived both of them would have lived. Foreknowledge was a blessing he hadn't been gifted with. Lately he hadn't had nightmares, probably because he didn't need to sleep as long. It always took a few hours for the nightmares to hit him but that had been when he was 'fully human'. As soon as he drank the potion he was out like a light.

Severus sighed as he walked over; covering him with the duvet despite the fact he probably didn't need it. Well that was one thing dealt with; he just had to get down to the dungeons before his husband did something he wouldn't regret. He wanted his answers before that happened. So he hastily made his way out of Hadrian's room and down the stairs, it took him all of five minutes to get to the dungeons and open the door. He didn't need to worry about Hadrian hearing anything since he was deeply asleep. How long was anyone's guess, since he was half vampire the potion could disappear from his system within a few hours maybe less. It just depended on how quickly his venom worked if it did at all.

"Go back to bed," said Severus, speaking to his daughter. "Go on, Hadrian is fine. He's sleeping and will remain so for a few hours, I gave him a dreamless sleeping potion."

Harmony stared at the Dursley's then her dad before sighing in defeat, shrugging her shoulders she just left deciding there was no point in fighting him. When he made up his mind, I was well and truly made up, kind of like how Hadrian was. She mused to herself as she made her way back to her bed, not able to hear anything thanks to the damn silencing spells in the lab. After everything the Dursley's had done she hoped they suffered the tortures of the damned.

Severus stalked forward, staring at them all impassively, they were no longer yelling and screaming. If anything they just sat there defeated, their stomachs grumbling in complaint, having not eaten anything for days. Especially the three Dursley's, Petunia's was less evident, since she was so thin anyway. Vernon wasn't moving; evidently he had been hurt quite badly.

"He's not going to last the night…all that delicious blood going to waste…" said Hayden, looking heartbroken at the thought, unconscious licking his lips at the thought of tasting it. So much blood, even if it was from a mere Muggle, would be better than his normal animal blood. "I don't suppose I could get rid of at least one for you?"

Severus smirked in amusement at the naked terror on his…rather unwilling guest's faces.

"Alohomora!" muttered Severus, opening the door to their cell, stepping in, watching the obese boy clutch his big fat bottom squeaking in a manner that reminded Severus strongly of a rat about to be eaten by a cat. Unfortunately he wasn't there for the disgusting weasel, not this time. Now the husband had probably worked, so Petunia would have spent the most amount of time with him.

He advanced on Petunia causing her to back away from where she'd been sitting beside Vernon. "Let us go, please." she whispered, tears entering her eyes, broken down by fear and pain and the worry that her husband wouldn't survive. She was beginning to realize that this wizard wasn't going to let them just go.

"Legilimens!" snapped Severus, not replying to her words, he'd heard them a lot as a Death Eater, families begging for mercy that would never come. Normally he couldn't stand it, but this was a family that abused his son, nothing they could do or say would change his feelings.

"Easy!" said Hayden, as Severus was driven to his knees by whatever he was seeing. Holding onto Severus, keeping him upright, as Petunia screamed and writhed in agony as her mind was raped violently. Sixteen years of memories coming to the forefront with no stopping it, unable to prevent it. What had their son told him to make him do this? Or was it the lack of talking that had forced Severus to resort to this?

Then just as quickly as it started, Severus' hand dropped uselessly to his side, as Petunia finally stopped screaming.

"Mummy!" cried Dudley, concerned about her, but not enough to move from his corner.

"You are too exhausted for this, Severus." said Hayden concerned, helping Severus stand up, but he needed have worried since he seemed perfectly fine.

"Avada Kedavra!" snapped Severus, pointing his wand the thing Petunia loved more than anything else in the world. With two words he ended the life of her son, without feeling guilty; she deserved everything that was about to happen for what they did to his son.

Hayden stared down at his husband quite frankly alarmed and astonished. Never in all his years of knowing him, had he willing cast that curse, even as a Death Eater he hadn't participated very often in the 'raids' as the Dark Lord liked to call them. Taking a deep, he guided Severus out of the cell sharply using a spell to lock them behind him. Not stopping once, against him Severus wouldn't stand a chance anyway, he was a vampire, so much stronger than him. Not that Severus resisted anyway, in fact if he didn't know any better he would have said Severus was in shock. His husband didn't shock easily, so he could only imagine what the bloody hell he'd seen.

"Minerva, how are you?" asked Albus wandering into his Deputy Headmistress' office without permission.

"I'm fine, Albus, there's no need to worry." said Minerva, she wasn't about to let that happened again, she would keep her guard up even at Hogwarts.

"Do you remember anything?" asked Albus playing the concerned Headmaster. He needed to know who had gotten into his school and attacked one of his teachers. He'd made sure it wasn't spread around, the last thing he needed was his employees panicking or heaven forbid resigning.

"I'm afraid not, it all happened so fast, I only heard a deafening boom then everything went blank." said Minerva, it was extremely difficult to admit she was a very proud witch.

"I see," said Albus perturbed, he didn't like this at all, and it didn't help matters that Severus hadn't been in touch. He was beginning to think his spy had been caught. Which irritated him, he needed a spy, and Severus was very good at that. It's why he'd made the choices he had all those years ago, and because he was the only one to have a child truly as the seventh month died. He'd known it would take a half blood like Voldemort to bring him down. His lips twitched just thinking about the hell Snape had put his own children through, even if they did find out they would want nothing to do with him. He'd brought his own destruction, as it stood, they would never know.

Hogwarts wasn't helping either, usually Hogwarts itself or the Portraits helped him, but they seemed unwilling or maybe they truly had no idea. Which didn't help his sense of foreboding at all something was going on, and he didn't like it.

"Hello Tom is it?" asked Elizabeth going to the counter, she'd had to wait until someone magical had opened the gateway, which had taken all night she wasn't overly impressed.

"Yes? Can I help you?" asked Tom, stopping in his aid to clean the bar, his wet rag hovering as he stared at the newcomer curiously. She looked vaguely familiar, but so many people came through here every day, he only truly knew his regulars. She didn't look magical, at all; her attire screamed very Muggle to him. Usually Muggles only came with their families; they couldn't get into the Leaky Cauldron without them, very curious.

"Can you get in touch with the Headmaster of Hogwarts please? Tell Albus its Elizabeth Granger asking for him…its imperative I speak to him." said Elizabeth, she'd sent the letter days ago and he still hadn't responded. She'd had to call the police about her husband's death. A sob nearly left her throat, but she couldn't allow herself to break down, not yet, she would grieve for her husband later…tonight when she was alone. She'd been forced to tell the police her husband had been alone, she'd found him that way. She couldn't tell them it was wizards after all; she'd just end up being committed into a hospital for the insane. Possibly criminally insane if they thought she had actually been responsible. She wasn't supposed to leave, but since her great grandfather had never responded, she'd had to go herself to get him.

"What is it regarding?" asked Tom, frowning, this was new someone asking him to Floo the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Can you please get him for me?" said Elizabeth desperately.

"Alright, alright," said Tom calming her down, "Can I get you anything while you wait?"

"Coffee please, a coffee would be good." said Elizabeth calming down.

"Alright, here you go," said Tom handing over a saucer and cup, pouring the scalding brew into it before wiping his hands and leaving the bar. A middle aged woman took his place, handing over milk without saying a word.

"Headmaster's office Hogwarts!" called Tom, sticking his head into the fire. Kneeling down to reduce the discomfort in his back. The Headmaster obviously wasn't there, but he called a few times, waiting to see if he'd respond.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Granger, he isn't in his office, but he will know I called and Floo back." said Tom comfortingly.

Biting her lip she resigned herself to have to wait. What if something had happened to him? Shuddering slightly, her daughter was so …evil now. How had she turned so quickly? All those years of raising her and she let her own father be killed. Albus had been right, she shouldn't never have found out, the question remained how had Snape found out? Hopefully not all was lost and she'd have her daughter back. He had to act quickly! Just why the hell hadn't he answered her? Maybe he was already dealing with the evil wizard, perhaps she should go back home…her daughter might be there already. Deeply conflicted, she drank her coffee wondering what to do, rubbing her temples as she tried to hold her agitation at bay. If he didn't get in touch within the next few hours then she would go home. Hopefully he would have the entire matter cleared up, although she had no idea how her daughter could be changed back…without her husbands blood.

"Ma'am?" said Tom looking worried.

"Thank you, I'll remain here for a few hours, then I'll write to him again," said Elizabeth, not wanting Tom to realize how urgent it was, Albus wouldn't like that at all.

"If you are sure, if it's urgent I can call the Auror's?" suggested Tom.

"Oh no, it's not urgent, just my daughters school work," said Elizabeth smiling, trying her best to conceal her worry.

"Alright," said Tom not believing her, unfortunately he had no choice but to back off.

Albus glared at the gargoyle, it wouldn't open for him, the password was right he had no idea why this was happening. Barking out the password for the twentieth time, he watched it actually come to life. Stepping onto it, riding it up to his office, removing his wand cautiously, moving forward. Magically opening his door, causing it to bang against the bookshelf, before stalking in, his magic flaring in warning but it was all for nothing. There was absolutely nobody in the office, he cast the spell to detect anyone's presence and it came up with only one living person in there, which was himself. Relaxing slightly, still confused by the fact it wouldn't open, something was going on and it was getting ridiculous.

First Minerva gets attacked; Severus disappears; now his office didn't admit him for ten minutes when it was obviously the correct password. His eyes narrowed, Peeves, could he be behind this? No he couldn't perform magic; Minerva had been stunned after all. He couldn't very well be behind Snape's disappearance, but there was a possibility that perhaps he was behind the statue not letting him in. perhaps it was time to have a little chat with the bloody baron just in case.

He noticed Fawkes was once again absent from his perch, it had been happening more and more often for the past four years. Checking his box for letters, finding none, he also checked the Floo and found nobody had been in touch. Nodding absently, perhaps it was time to get the order to pick up Potter; he didn't want the boy to hate him coming back to Hogwarts again this year. Letting him out early might buy him some affection again. It was so sickeningly easy to gain the boy's trust, support and loyalty, all the better for him since he would have to kill the boy once Voldemort was destroyed. And he alone knew how to do it, he had to rip him apart and burn the pieces, easy to do since he was technically human with the potion, not even the vampire in him would survive.

Heading out of his office, a plan of action in motion, not even realizing his familiar and Hogwarts was sabotaging him.

Let the sabotage begin! will he be half insane before Sev and Hayden get to him? or will he know very well who's killing him ;) and Hogwarts is all for it! who will become the Headmaster or Headmistress? Marcus Flint? Neville Longbottom?(What can I say it would be unpredictable! and fun to write about make sev even more glad he wasn't still there ;) ) Minerva McGonagall? Filius Flitwick? not that it will matter much since they wont remain there...I just gotta get the name of as many Unspeakables as possible so Hayden can make them pay ;) R&R PLEASE!