My Dark Hunter

Chapter 16

Hayden Rookwood

The manor was completely silent; all that could be heard was his husbands breathing in their bedroom. Nothing could be heard from his children's room. It had been one hell of a night, he was still having difficulty realizing sixteen years had gone by in he blink of an eye. To make matters worse, his son was scared to death of him, for one off handed bloody comment. There was a lot he didn't know, but there was someone who would at least know the basic information.

"Dane?" called Hayden, sitting down running his hands through his hair finding himself utterly impatient and irritated.

"Yes sir?" answered the House-Elf coming to his Master's call. Dane as happy as he was to have his Master back was extremely angry. He would never show it of course, but he was, if Master Hayden had trusted them, just let them know he could come back - they would have done it. Master Severus wouldn't have lost his children and he wouldn't have lost his brothers. Two brothers who he'd loved and shared everything with for the past forty years; all he had left was his mate, and his brother's children.

"What has happened the past sixteen years?" asked Hayden, his face set in a grim determined way.

"What kind of information sir?" asked Dane subdued.

"What happened to my brother?" asked Hayden, and he wasn't concerned and definitely wasn't going to pretend to be.

"He was found out as a Death Eater sir, a year and a half after you died, he was sentenced to life in Azkaban. The Dark Lord Voldemort recently broke into Azkaban and released all his followers." said Dane, he hated Augustus the bad wizard had treated them like dirt. He'd also killed his brother's mates, leaving them to raise their children alone…until the attack then they too were killed by Dumbledore.

"No surprise there, I'm surprised he didn't try and get out of it, claim he'd been under the Imperious curse, he often spoke about doing just that." said Hayden thoughtfully.

"Do you know where he is?" asked Hayden after a few minutes of silence.

"He was imprisoned after the battle of the Department of Mysteries." said Dane.

"What happened in the Department of Mysteries?" asked Hayden alarmed, how the hell had Voldemort managed to get in there? What had he wanted?

"They attacked Master Hadrian and five of his friends," said Dane.

"WHAT?!" demanded Hayden, his brother had dare harm his children? Yes children, he may not know them very well but he was sure Harmony would have followed Hadrian to the end of the earth and back. Oh he was dead; brother or not he was going down. "Find out where he is, right now." he said coldly. He knew Dane still had a connection to his brother; they were after all his Master's. He would be able to find them no matter where they were on earth.

"He's in Azkaban sir," said Dane.

Hayden grunted in frustration, he knew that, the House-Elf had told him. He meant where in Azkaban, Merlin that would be slightly tricky, but he'd been before, he knew the layout. Azkaban that would need to be the last thing on his list. Croaker, Monkstanley, Augustus and Bode were all going to die by his hands. His brother hadn't done anything to him admittedly, but he'd touched his children, nobody and nothing gets away with it. He'd allowed his soul to be sucked out for them for Merlin's sake; there was nothing he wouldn't do for them. No, he had promised his husband he wouldn't leave the house, so he wouldn't but that only went for tonight.

"That is all, thank you Dane." said Hayden tiredly, not physically but mentally yes.

"What will I do with the body in the dungeons Master Hayden?" asked Dane, enquiringly.

"Remove it, so with it what you wish," said Hayden he couldn't care less what they did if he was honest. Severus was causing her excruciating pain for a reason; the woman had obviously done something to their son that had caused Severus' lapse in composure. If you could call killing someone a lapse in composure.

Dane popped away.

Merlin he was so hungry, he needed to feed again, and it's as if his body was making up for sixteen years without sustenance. How long would it last? How long was he going to have to endure this sickening hunger every hour? Was it always going to be this way? A price he would have to pay for coming back? He hadn't thought about consequences. He'd just been thinking about the possibility of coming back to his husband and then unborn children. Still consuming this much food…in merely twenty four hours how long would it be before his sources ran dry completely?

The knowledge that there was human down in the cells who wouldn't last the night…practically full of blood was extremely enticing. He was off the couch before he knew it.

Marge watched Petunia sobbing her heart out over her son, now she wasn't the smartest person in the world but she knew they were well and truly fucked. She'd never believed in the existence of the supernatural, she's rationally rationalised everything that happened around her. The breaking glass, she'd put down to her having a firm grip, and god help her, the bloating and flying over the town. They'd treated her like she didn't matter, getting her back to normal and doing something to her so she forgot. While that happened they'd been talking about things, wizards, witches and all sorts of creepy sounding names she couldn't put an image to.

It hadn't taken her long to put the pieces of the jarring puzzles together, the boy they'd hated since he showed up at his doorstep was a magical wizard. They'd hated him for being born different, obviously Petunia's sister had been the same, and it would explain where Petunia's hatred had stemmed from. It was little wonder the boy had exploded at her, unemployed drunks her behind, she'd been lied to and quite simply she was furious with them all. Especially Vernon, she'd thought they were close, more fool her.

Now Vernon had dragged her into this…this supernatural world, one she had no chance of fighting against. Two little words like acra kadabra and her nephew was gone. She knew her own death would come on swift wings as soon as they'd gotten all revenge they could. What she didn't understand was how the child could be this man's if he was Petunia's sisters, was this... the Potter man Petunia had said died? If he was alive why had Petunia raised the boy? No Petunia stated that he was 'Potter's son' through and through so whoever it was, it wasn't Potter. So had Petunia's sister had a fling with this wizard? She don't suppose it mattered, her death was signed either way.

"What have I done? What did I do taking in that freakish whelp! What have I brought down upon us, my poor Dudders. I'm sorry, I should have listened to Vernon, drowned it when it was left on our doorstep." said Petunia through broken sobs and wails. She tried to rock her overweight son, but she was unable to move him the slightest, he was just too obese.

"Stop that caterwauling!" snapped Marge, rubbing her temples, she'd been at it for hours and she was tired of it. Her mind wanted to shut down for some sleep, but she was unable to. Between her worry and of course Petunia's yelling. Vernon had been quiet for a long time; he hadn't moved much today, just a few moans here and there. She felt guilty about hurting him so badly, but she'd been furious. She'd underestimated her own strength but she didn't regret giving him that beating.

"Shut your fat mouth!" hissed Petunia; all that was missing was the claws and hair.

Marge gaped at the woman, who had never once spoken back to her, merely accepted what she said. She'd always personally found Petunia rather without a backbone, never understood why her brother wanted her. Not a single piece of meat on her bones, she'd been thankful that her nephew was more like them than her. Now the entire family would be gone, her poor pups would be alone; she prayed someone looked after them until they were old enough. Maybe even give them to good families; her dogs had genuinely been the only thing she loved.

"Do you want a fight, Petunia? Because I'll do it." boomed Marge, cracking her fingers threateningly.

A sudden pop interrupted them, and before anyone could twitch it had taken Dudley and disappeared.

"NO! NO, NO, NO, NO." wailed Petunia sobbing into the concrete where her son had been just seconds ago.

"Silencio!" muttered Hayden; the bloody screeching harpy was getting on his nerves. Drooling, his eyes clouding he lurched for the fat male, before dragging him out. The woman tried to hold onto him, but she failed spectacularly as he just yanked the humongous body as if it weighed less than a hamster.

Vernon groaned as his body felt even more battered and bruised. He was so hot, so very tired, and in agony he didn't really understand what was happening right now. Opening his weary eyes, they widened seeing extremely elongated canine teeth - ones you only saw in vampire movies and in shops as part of Halloween costumes. His wife…his son! What would become of them, he'd do anything for them. A guttered moan left his lips as a searing pain coursed through him. Then he felt free, numb, the pain left him completely as his vision darkened on him, and unaware that his heart stopped beating after a few minutes.

Petunia watched the scene in front of her tears running unchecked down her face, for the second time that night. First her son, now her husband…that Snape boy had destroyed her family. They'd loved her, unlike her parents who'd adored the fact they had a witch in the family. Now magic had taken it away, her hatred of all things magical had heightened further. Why hadn't they killed her? Why were they taking everything away from her? A broken unheard sob left her lips as her eyes closed on her as she fell unconscious her mind not able to cope with any more shock in one night.

Vampires were real? Did that mean all those movies that had been created that she'd scoffed at were real? E.T was she'd seen the thing. Now this…vampire did that mean werewolves and all those tales were true? Humans really didn't stand a chance when it came to them. She hoped she died with the green light, it was better than this surely, god she hoped so. Shaken by what she'd seen she continued to watch the vampire, who left leaving the corpse in front of them. Turning to Petunia he noticed she was blessedly unconscious, thank god for that, she didn't know how much more she could cope with.

The Unspeakables and his brother were next…just as soon as he found out what his son was up to in regards to Dumbledore. Oh it was definitely going to be a long night…full once more, he went up to his bedroom and spent the remaining of the night curled up beside his older husband not just in looks now but in years even if only mentally.

He would avenge his family no matter what it took. They would all pay for their actions over the years, and if it helped him feel better about the fact he hadn't been there for sixteen years…good.

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