My Dark Hunter

Chapter 16

Dealing With Last Minute Interruptions

"You stay here, I'll get the owls since they're already in the Manor," Hayden stated, he no longer trusted anyone in the Dark Lord's circle, inner or otherwise. He might have been a servant of the Dark Lord but that was a very long time ago, like Severus he had been young and so very foolish - determined that it was their calling, that they could somehow make a difference. They unlike the others, who realized their stupidity, strove to make a difference and they had until it all went pear shaped. He didn't even care that it was only Narcissa and Draco (he was assuming it was her son, Lucius Malfoy's son) he didn't know them well, or in this time, so he wouldn't trust them. No if they wanted his trust they would need to earn it, he had been betrayed too much to ever trust easily again.

Severus nodded in acceptance realizing his husband wanted to at least be there for this meeting, even if only in the background without Narcissa or Draco realizing or knowing who he was. He was back with a large stack of mail before he knew it, sliding them as instructed into Severus' trunk, the only one that had not been shrunk due to the fact it was mostly filled with Potion ingredients/and vials filled with actual potions - one of the many trunks they had lying around the manor and had used for packing things up for their trip.

"Take the Portkey, we will catch up with both of you soon, just stay inside until we get there and secure the area," Severus told the twins, handing over one of the Portkey's Gringotts had given him. They would be fine themselves for twenty minutes at most, they were teenagers, reasonably reasonable, smart if they didn't get their curiosity get the better of them.

"I'm not going if Malfoy's coming," Hadrian snapped, his green eyes filled with anger as he thought on boy who had made his life a living hell at Hogwarts. He was angry enough to get his magic worked up, as it blew an invisible air around the room causing it to sizzle just slightly. Then another thought had his magic receding pretty quickly. What if his dad chose Malfoy over him? He knew he couldn't live with Malfoy, there was no way, he wasn't trying to give his dad an ultimatum he just didn't want to put up with him when he'd just about to leave absolutely everyone from his old life behind. To start afresh, to be happy, to have a family.

Severus gripped his son's shoulders, staring him straight in the eye, and unashamedly using Legilimency to glean what the hell his son was thinking. His mood had shifted from one end of the spectrum to another in the space of a few seconds. It was quite alarming to see, added to that Harry should have full control of his magic, and so called 'accidental magic' stopped the moment you got a wand. With the occasional slip up from more powerful wizards or witches if the situation was dire usually in life or death situations. This wasn't the first instance he'd heard of either, something had happened during Hadrian's summer holidays, just before his third year, something about an exploding aunt. Albus had mentioned it not being the first time Hadrian (calling him Harry of course) had used magic outside of school while having to deal with the aftermath. What the other instances were he had no clue, but he intended to find out, this just wasn't normal behaviour, even powerful wizards shouldn't be causing disturbances like that without consciously wishing to use magic. Or better yet without actually using their wands. It hurt him more than he could fathom however, when he realized his son's thoughts, he truly thought for a moment he would chose Draco over him? He loved Draco, had seen him grow up but dear Merlin, Hadrian was his son, Harmony was his daughter, he'd loved them from conception, adored the time he had with them and mourned them for so long, how could he think he would walk away from him now?

"They are not coming with us," Severus said firmly, immediately reassuring Hadrian, how is it he could be so stubborn yet so terrified at the same time? Not that he showed any negative emotions he felt.

"They're not?" Hadrian blinked in rapid surprise three times, as if suspecting he had misheard.

"No, but I cannot go without finding out what they want, he is my godson, and I know you'll never get on, I accept that…" Severus trailed off, giving his shoulders a firm squeeze. "You can go, or wait here, it's entirely up to you, both of you." although this conversation he was having with them would definitely be private.

"We might as well wait," Harmony shrugged, claiming a seat on the stairs; well at least Harry hadn't inflated their dad or father as he had Marge back before third year. She'd always been curious about that, he was the only one in the year she'd ever heard of having so many accidental magic usages. In fact other than Harry she hadn't heard of any bouts of accidental magic…she wondered why that is.

Hadrian sat down next to his twin staring at her, Harmony cocked her head to the side, Hadrian shrugged, and then Harmony shook her head. Silently communicating with each other without the need of any words. There was no way their dad would tell them he wasn't coming then having him come. Out of all the things they knew, their dad was a man of his word. Hadrian nodded as if he came to the same conclusion and relaxed. He hated Malfoy, nothing would change that. In fact he was probably the thing he'd miss the least out of all things, including Voldemort.

The three vampires heard the two Malfoy's approaching, Draco's annoying voice demanding where they were and why they were coming here grated on their nerves. Severus opened the door just before they reached to knock, neither were surprised by the fact he knew, what wasn't missed was the relieved look on their faces, more so on Narcissa's. Harmony and Hadrian noticed that their father had placed his cloak on fully so he couldn't be identified presumably. He was meant to be dead after all, and obviously they didn't trust the Malfoy's with the information and that pleased Hadrian greatly.

"Follow me," Severus replied curtly, allowing them entrance before closing the door swiftly behind them and stalking towards the living room, so they were forced to follow.

Draco gazed at the pair of them, his grey eyes icy, showing nothing but contempt for both of them. His pale pointed face took on an indignant look at the sneer that twisted Hadrian's face, the last thing he saw was a smirk on both their faces before the door closed and his godfather invited them to sit down. "We are in the process of leaving, so please forgive the abrupt manner, what do you want?" Severus asked curtly but politely enough.

Draco gazed at the cloaked figure that had followed them in nervously, wondering who it was and why he was there for this conversation. He could feel his mother was just as apprehensive as him, but she wasn't outright looking at him though.

"We need your help, Severus," Narcissa begged, she knew Severus was the only way for her son to survive, he was leaving just like she knew he would be - his children were in too much danger for him to even conceive staying. After Dumbledore's betrayal there wasn't a side he could trust, so of course he would run.

"My help?" Severus echoed, barely twitching when Hayden stood directly behind where he sat on the sofa, his hand on his shoulder in silent support just like he always did when he sensed his unrest.

"I realize this might be a bit much, but Severus…this war…it's only going to get worse, I want my son out of it." Narcissa explained, her tone pleading.

Severus' heart sank, she wanted him to take Draco, he couldn't do that to his children, he couldn't take the boy they hated and disrupt their lives. Things were just beginning to look up, if he even contemplated taking Draco things would go south really quickly. His budding relationship with his kids would crumble. This conversation wasn't going to end well, Merlin this war had screwed over three generations already…why did it have to sully a forth generation? It would probably do a lot more than sully it by the time all was said and done. It wasn't his problem anymore, hadn't he sacrificed enough to help this damned world that had screwed with him every turn? Didn't he deserve to put himself and his family first? He had been there for Draco his entire life, it was time his parents did what was best for him not their social status.

"Meaning?" Severus' tone quietened deceptively.

"I know you're running, Severus, I…understand why, but I beg of you, take my son, keep him safe." Narcissa pleaded with Severus, her blue eyes scorching into Severus' conveying her desperation.

"What? Mother!" Draco cried out angrily, "I'm not leaving."

"Enough, Draco!" Narcissa snapped, giving her son a disproving look, arguing in front of people she was trying to ask for aid, honestly, it was as if he had no manners whatsoever.

"Am I to understand that you intend to stay?" Severus enquired, temporarily ignoring his godson's outburst. Severus gave a little startle of surprise to see Dane appear in the living room, handing out the refreshments he definitely hadn't ordered. He couldn't deny that he felt rather relieved to see it. Giving him a small nod of thanks, he began to pour out three cups, leaving them dark so Draco and Narcissa could have it how they liked by completing it themselves. He silently gestured for them to do so, Narcissa certainly wouldn't without prompting and Draco well he shouldn't but he would help himself.

"I have to," Narcissa said resignedly, and it would be her life when the Dark Lord realized Draco was gone never to return. She grasped a hold of the cup and added some milk and a cube of sugar and stirred it absently she had a feeling this wouldn't go the way she hoped.

"So you expect someone else to take your son and keep him safe?" Severus' voice was coated with disproval. He would never pawn his kids off on someone else; he wouldn't trust anyone else other than himself to keep them safe, well other than Hayden. Lucius he could see doing it but Narcissa? He had thought he knew her better.

"What I need is him out of this war," Narcissa insisted. "Surely you understand?"

"If you want what is best for your son, you'll take him yourself and run, not rely on others." Hayden stated smoothly.

"I can't leave Lucius behind, he will be killed if we do not return, at least if go back I can give the appearance that Draco is merely at a friends." Narcissa argued, "It will ensure he's safer for longer."

"You are only deluding yourself, Narcissa, Lucius has chosen his path, I doubt he would come with you even if you asked, he stood by knowing his own son would be marked and tortured like he himself had been enduring and he still did nothing." Severus said quietly, a sad glimmer in his eyes. "My suggestion, run fast, run far, settle down and actually enjoy life Narcissa there are many places you can go. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your son."

"You of all people know I'd do anything for my son!" Narcissa said crossly, why wasn't he taking his godson like she asked? Why wasn't he keeping him safe? "You promised to do all in your power when you became his godfather to protect him!"

"I CANNOT PROTECT HIM WHEN HIS OWN PARENTS HAVE DOOMED HIM!" Severus roared at her letting out the anger he'd been holding in since he saw his godson marked. "YOU KNEW WHAT THE DARK LORD WAS LIKE, YOU KNEW YET YOU STILL LET IT HAPPEN."

"I would rather mourn his innocence than bury my son," Narcissa quaked in the face of Severus' blunt truthful anger.

"This is a war, the probability of you doing both is very high," Severus told her the truth being vicious now so she would stop burying herself in the sand.

Narcissa flinched, her mouth opening and closing wordlessly, Draco too had flinched utterly terrified so much so that his usual attitude was nowhere to be seen. "How could you say that to me, Severus?" Narcissa warbled her eyes unusually big.

"You need the truth, Narcissa," Severus said softly, his tone gentle now, "Do you think I want to see Draco serving that madman and ultimately being tortured and killed after one failure too many? Surely you've noticed since he came back he's been ten times worse? His obsessions are the only thing driving him, his smarts are all but gone in his delusions of grandeur, the wizard we heard about from the older generation is gone, do you honestly think once he has control there won't be killing? He's a sadist; he needs to see people suffer."

"You've noticed the second Severus found out about his children he did the right thing, he's taking them and running, it's something you should have done before that boy got marked." Hayden murmured smoothly, his cloaked face and head making it impossible to tell whether he was even looking at either Malfoy's.

"I've known him longer!" Malfoy muttered sullenly.

Hayden stared mouth agape, what the hell? Had a sixteen year old boy seriously just said petulantly 'I've known him longer' was he actually jealous of his children? Who had been kidnapped, raised as bloody Muggles, to be treated unfairly by their dad while he was a professor then find out he was their dad after believing someone else was for sixteen years? He couldn't believe his ears; he was honestly caught between being horrified and utterly stunned.

"Draco!" Narcissa rasped out completely embarrassed.

Draco just scowled more deeply, sinking further into his seat at the look on his godfathers face. He'd seen him directing it at others for years, but he hadn't once truly had it on himself until now. He began to realize why everyone found his godfather so intimidating.

"You have money, yes?" Severus continued on deliberately ignoring Draco now.

"Of course," Narcissa nodded slightly confused, placing her half drunken cup of coffee down.

"Then do yourself a favour and get you and Draco abroad, just don't do anything as stupid as going to France, everyone knows you all go on holiday there every year. Take him as far away from here as possible, and if you want tell your husband… just remember not even he could hold out under torture forever." Severus told her, and Voldemort would torture him if he suspected, then break into his mind afterwards, he was positive the Dark Lord got off on it. "If you want your husband so badly, return for him once he's out." he very much doubted Lucius would ever have the guts to abandon the cause fearful that he would be hunted down, tortured and killed. That was what happened to traitors after all.

"I…" Narcissa wrung her hands together; she honestly didn't know what to do now. She'd come here assuming that Severus would take Draco with him, she had never imagined in any detail that he would deny her this one thing.

"If it had just been myself…I would have taken Draco with me, you know that." Severus sighed softly, staring at Narcissa in sympathy. "But I'm not; I have two children to put first for the first time in my life…as they should have always been. They are my priority right now, and it's even more dangerous for them here. We are leaving, and you should take my advice and go as well." he would have offered to let them use his Portkey but he didn't want them knowing where they were going. He couldn't risk them going back or being caught and outing them.

"You've lived through two wars, don't make your son go through that," Hayden also told them. "Go to Gringotts get a Portkey, then get out of that country and stay hidden in a small community."

Narcissa's eyes softened at Severus' declaration, "I am happy for you Severus, you've been through hell but there was light at the end of the tunnel for you." she'd seen how broken he was when his children were taken. She'd just given birth herself, so she knew very intimately how it would feel to suddenly lose them. He deserved it more than anyone else she knew, maybe he was right about this, she had to put her son first, she should never have let Lucius talk her into anything short of running for the hills. Perhaps a visit to Gringotts should be on the cards next.

Severus smiled at her, "Thank you," he said honestly; "Now my House-elf can take you straight to Gringotts if you wish to go?" he didn't give his name, feeling it would be safer for him if he didn't.

Narcissa turned to her son, strengthened by the sight of him; he looked so lost he had to take this terrible burden from him. He had yet to cause anyone harm, and she truly didn't believe her son had it in him to kill another person. "I would like that." she would remove the rest of her money and they would leave for Australia, the war would never reach that far. Perhaps the Portkey could be to one of the neighbouring countries making it easier and less strenuous in Apparating to Australia?

Draco remained silent, half sulking, half hopeful, was he actually getting away from the war? He was sixteen, he didn't want to be tortured, he didn't want to hurt someone, and he most certainly didn't want to be in the same house as a raging lunatic never mind the same room.

"I'll go get him," Hayden said quietly, knowing from the get go why Severus refused to say Dane's name, there was power in a name, even House-elves.

"Thank you," Severus whispered too low for Narcissa or Draco to hear. Standing up he brought his stunned godson for a hug, he hadn't done that since Draco had been a young boy. "You need to grow up Draco, you need to help your mother adjust, and it cannot just be about you. Your life as you know it is over, enjoy the freedom you're about to experience, do not let prejudice get in the way, form your own opinions. Do not listen to the part of your mind that's absorbed everything your father has said."

"I'll try," Draco said after swallowing thickly. "I'm never going to see you again, am I?"

"Who knows what the future holds Draco? I certainly don't, we might meet up again one day. Know that I am proud of you, you are powerful, smart and quite determined when you want to be and you could make your own path and one day I hope that I get to see the young man you will become." Severus answered, before stepping back. "I would have taken you Draco; you know that, but all three of you under one roof? It is not a good idea. You've never once gotten on; the hatred is too deep for that. I cannot do that to them, they've lost everything."

"No, they've gained everything," Draco said in a rare show of insight. "They might have been betrayed by Dumbledore but they've gained a family, you all have." he was jealous, bursting with it actually, because Severus had been more of a father than his own had. He'd only ever had his mother to rely on, and he was glad she was going to be coming with him. He didn't want to lose her too. "You've always been good to me, the best, really. Better than my own father, they're really lucky to have you."

Narcissa was standing with her hand pressed to her mouth, trying to stop the tears from falling.

The door was open allowing both Harmony and Hadrian to hear that statement, it washed away some of the hatred they felt for Malfoy - only a little though.

"Be well, be safe and take care of yourself, of everyone," Narcissa said honestly, and if anyone could it would be Severus. "Do you think the mark…?"

"It will hurt when he's called as it always does, but it does not double up as a transmitter of a location or force you to attend." Severus replied, "He'll be safe just as I will be."

"Thank you, Severus," Narcissa replied, clasping his arm, giving him a tremulous smile. She didn't need to tell Severus they were wanted, he wasn't a stupid man he knew his family were being hunted it was why he was taking no chances.

"Take them," Severus stated to Dane firmly, "Come straight back we are going to close down the manor."

"Goodbye…" Draco said trailing off, waving his hand straight at his godfather, wondering if he would ever see him again.

Severus nodded, and with a blink both were gone, only then did Severus let out a shaky breath, well it hadn't been a pleasant conversation it could have been a lot worse. Turning back to his family who he could still see, stalking calmly over, he picked up his trunk once more; absolutely everything else had been shrunk. Just waiting on Dane getting back so they could close down the wards and Portkey out for the time being.

"Dane is back," Dane said popping into the room, bowing low despite the sad situation a beaming smile was on his face, they were all alive, back together and going to be very happy, he would always know where they were for he was bound to them all.

"We will be back at some point, Dane," Hayden promised, closing his eyes, both he and Severus once more locked down the manor, making it utterly inaccessible. The windows were sealed, the doors banged closed, the fireplace (Floo Network) went inactive, the anti-Apparation shields went fully up. The sphere in the foundations glowed with power as it did as the Masters commanded. Even the Portraits if they had been active portraits would have stilled too.

"Hold on to the Portkey," Severus said, "It will only take us to the property," he added solely for Hadrian's benefit, "I watched the Goblins make it myself."

Hayden quirked an eyebrow in curiosity, silently demanding an answer as to why Hadrian would have a fear of Portkey's.

"Later," was mouthed, as both the twins clutched the innocuous pair of Omnioculars with them, and Severus spoke the activation word and it activated, the first indication of it working was the hooking behind the naval, and they spiralled out of the manor in what felt like a whirlwind until they landed abruptly in a new location. Surprisingly Hadrian was able to stay on his feet, perhaps something that had come with being a half-vampire? The first thing they noticed as the darkness, it peered in through the windows a large round moon could be seen further up in the sky.

They were here, a brand new start, a brand new home. Severus was determined that the family would be just that - a proper family. He just had to get everything out of the way, by everything, he meant Hadrian and Harmony's tales, and he knew Hayden was going to lose it at some of the things the twins had done over the years.

"Well, here's to our new home," Severus said quietly, the sound echoing around the room.

"It's going to be so weird using electricity again," Hayden admitted, looking for a light switch.

Hadrian and Harmony laughed at that, they were more used to electricity than spells and candles.

Well there we go, sorry for those of you that wanted Draco to come with them, but I always try to avoid really bad cliques and that one is the worst of the lot when it comes to Severus Adopts Harry or is his biological father! So Severus just told her a few home truths who knows they might appear somewhere down the line :D will the Cullens already be there or will Harmony and Hadrian actually settle into family life before they're disrupted by the appearance of a large coven? Then there is Severus being turned too will he be deaged and then turned or will he stay that age (thirty odd isn't all that old anyway) he will just look ten years older than his husband :P and just be turned? R&R please