My Dark Hunter

Chapter 6


"The Dursley's," Hermione hissed her eyes flashing feeling rage burning deep in her very soul. The bond was now completely open; she could feel her twin brother a small strand she could connect to Severus. That was expected he borne them, part of them would always be connected to him. She'd gotten hints here and there things hadn't been good, but never in her wildest dreams had she thought they hurt him. He'd eluded they didn't feed him; it's why she sent food to him, but bloody hell why hadn't Hadrian told her about them hurting him? She wanted to scream against the injustice.

"Yes," Severus confirmed coldly, the Dursleys would die, just as soon as he was able to get his children and himself to safety. He had many things they had to do, and sooner the better in their case. He couldn't risk Dumbledore finding them, couldn't risk them being taken a second time.

"What colour are my eyes?" Hadrian asked opening them, staring at his dad. He could feel the pull to both Hermione and his dad, he wondered if Hermione could feel the same or if it was different for them both.

"You tell me," Severus replied wryly, conjuring a large floor mirror, allowing Hadrian to see himself properly for the first time. Gazing at him in what could only be described as parental awe and love.

Hadrian peaked into the mirror awed; he'd always viewed himself as a spectacle nest haired awkward gawky boy who was too short, to skinny and sick looking. The only part of himself, Harry had liked was his green eyes, but with this new knowledge he couldn't bring himself to think about James or Lily Potter. Touching the mirror attentively, he looked like his own man, he was free. For the second time since he learned the truth, he finally realized the gift he'd been given, this time properly; he had gained not just a family but freedom and a new life. It had been years in coming, but it had come, and that's all Hadrian cared about. Now though he was still skinny but it fitted his new body much better. He was glad to see he still had his muscles from all the years of Quidditch training. He looked like a male version of Hermione, but they were twins so it was to be expected. The only difference was the hair length, Hermione's was much longer. He had black eyes, Merlin he wished he knew if the Potters had known, removing his gaze from the mirror feeling a little helpless.

"I know," Severus murmured quietly, feeling exactly what Harry was at the moment. The why basically yelling itself from his eyes. He'd never been a good looking man, he was glad his children hadn't inherited more than his eyes. They were stunning, nothing in them that remained of Granger or Potter.

"Can we go now?" Hermione asked it wasn't even twelve hours yet since he'd picked them up. She wasn't sure what her parents would do, no they weren't her parents. She wasn't sure what the Grangers would do. What if she was risking everything by going back there? Hadrian would never forgive her if something went wrong and they lost this chance. Unfortunately the need to know answers won out, if they were lucky Hadrian might also get a few of his questions answered. She still couldn't believe they had known about the magical world all along.

"Indeed," Severus conceded, if getting them answered made them trust him that's what he would do. Trust came first, although he knew for Hadrian…it would be more difficult he had been harder on him than anyone else. "You must promise to listen to me, do as I tell you." cautioned the Potions Master, he'd just gotten his kids back, he wasn't about to lose them again.

"We will," Hermione assured him grimly, giving Hadrian a quick look, making sure that he too would do as he was told. Her brother was so used to doing everything on his own that being told what to do was probably going to be rough - or maybe he would actually do as he was told for once…she wondered which one it would be.

"If anything happens, Apparate yourselves back here, in the first bedroom to the right," Severus instructed them. He had planned for all possible outcomes; if he didn't survive he wanted to be sure that he died knowing his son and daughter got away from the magical world. At least the one in Britain at the very least, he had picked up a correspondence with a man in the states. He would do him the one favour and keep his children safe. He had explained everything in the letter; the Portkey would take them to his residence not inside though.

"Please don't," Harry muttered closing his eyes, the thought of losing him hurt more than he could bear. He hadn't even spent a day knowing he had a father and he was falling, perhaps it was the thought of a father more than anything else, but it was there, that's all that mattered. An image of Sirius falling through the veil plagued him, but twisting into the image of his dad, no, he refused to believe he'd found out only to lose him - he couldn't deal with that.

"I must," Severus told him hiding his worry, if anything happened he wanted his kids prepared, he wanted them to survive. The possibility of them all surviving this and getting away was extremely limited. Merlin help him, he'd do everything to survive, but as he'd said - they'd get his kids back over his dead cold corpse. As vampires they should have natural Occlumency barriers, with any luck they won't be susceptible to the memory charm. "There's Gringotts keys, with your birth certificates go to Gringotts and they will give you a Portkey out of the country. The property you'll be next to - go to the door there is a letter for Potion Master Baker, show him it. You will take the money and do not look back is that understood?"

"We understand, but it won't be necessary." Hermione replied; she wouldn't let anything happen to her family, her real family. It didn't matter what the Grangers said at this meeting. Whether they knew or not, she would remain with them as long as she was alive. "Do you have Veritaserum on you?"

Severus arched an eyebrow in surprise, "You wish to drowse them with truth potion?" it was illegal to use it on Muggles, in fact it was actually illegal to use it anywhere other than in a courtroom or without the wizard/witches consent. Perhaps she wasn't the goody two shoes teachers pet he had assumed she was.

"I want answers, truthful answers." Hermione revealed; she was passed caring about right or wrong. Nobody else had given a shit when she was taken.

Harry smirked; he knew what his dad was thinking. Everyone thought Hermione stuck to the rules, that she would never ever break them. Truth was she had been doing it ever since first years, worse than he and Ron had that's for sure. Just thinking of the Poly-Juice potion made him grin despite the grim conversation.

"Indeed," said Severus, well he'd never been a law abiding citizen, why bother starting now? A smirk once again graced his features, especially with what he had planned for the Dursley's, they certainly wouldn't die easily. He would need to get them tonight. In fact…he decided to get them here and now, all wrapped up in the dungeons for when they got back. If he didn't come…well they could just starve to death. It was the least they deserved after what they'd done to his son.

"I'll be right back," Severus stated sharply disappearing through the room and down into his lab.

He grabbed the potion his daughter required actually feeling very proud at the moment. She wasn't the same girl who had been Apparated here earlier that day anyway. Perhaps it was the vampire in her, or the betrayal of the authority figure she'd adored, either way he wasn't too upset. Then another thought hit him, perhaps he just didn't know the real her like he had only seen James Potter in his son.

"Dane?" Severus called quietly.

"Yes sir?" Dane said popping in, a little less apprehensive each time he was called.

Severus cast a silencing charm around the room stopping Hadrian or Harmony from hearing anything. She might not have said anything, but he'd always think of her as his little Harmony, just as she had always been in his thoughts for the past fifteen years.

"I have a mission for you and a few other elves if you are up for it," Severus queried authority deep in his voice eyeing him, wondering if he should just get Dobby to do it. For some strange reason the elf was insanely loyal to his son, reasons he didn't know yet but would find out. Hopefully he would get a chance to know his children.

"Yes sir," Dane chimed eagerly; it had been years since they'd actually been given anything to do. He had of course looked after the manor, each year that passed growing more despondent, remembering his brothers and his Masters. Thinking the line would die out, that the manor would be left for ruins in a few centuries.

"Dobby?" Severus snapped waiting impatiently for the elf to show itself. He didn't have to wait long, since he was still technically a teacher, the elf responded to him as it did to every teacher. It wasn't bound to Hogwarts; Dobby was a free House-elf, perhaps waiting for his son to leave school?

"Yes sir?" Dobby squeaked wide eyed, appearing with a loud pop. He had never been called by Professor Snape before - so this was definitely a surprise.

"You know where the Dursley's are, correct?" Severus commanded.

"Yes sir," Dobby replied his eyes darkening, he'd watched them be nasty to his Harry Potter all summer when he'd been watching him, trying to stop him going back to Hogwarts and could do nothing. Not without revealing himself, which he couldn't do, not while he was employed at the Malfoys. Which meant he couldn't harm the Dursleys, they weren't meant to hurt or interact with Muggles but it didn't stop him wanting to stop them.

"I want you to take Dane and a few other elves and pay them a visit, bring them back here and place them in the dungeons. Silence the area and keep it secure so the Muggles cannot get out. They will pay for harming my son." Severus hissed vindictively.

"Dobby will be doing that Master Snape," Dobby said bowing low, and initiating the bond - Dobby finally wanted to have a Master and it was Snape of all people. He had said his Master Harry was his son; he was family so he proudly bound to the family, and he was finally Harry Potter's now.

"I accept your services Dobby son of Dongle, now get to work feel free to bring them back in whatever condition you need, as long as they are alive." Severus stated amused, once both elves left he removed the silencing spell.

Severus quickly exited the dungeons, and back up the stairs to the lobby where his son and daughter were waiting. Both of his children looked at him in curiosity, obviously aware he was up to something. They weren't the only ones who could keep something to themselves.

"Yes," Hermione replied eager to get this over with - eager for answers.

"Then let's go." Severus said, walking towards the door the teenagers following him, grasping a hold of their arms he Apparated them to a secluded area next to the Grangers. He hadn't thought he would be back here so soon, taking a deep breath he gazed at the property. Where he had Apparated gave them a good view of the house, and its surroundings, Snape was good at what he did, spying, for a reason. He wasn't reckless or stupid; he knew to take the appropriate precautions.

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