My Dark Hunter

Chapter 7

Moment Of Truth

Severus and Harmony walked through the grounds of Rookwood Manor; it didn't take long for them to get to the graveyard. Which was just as creepy as all other graveyards, far too quiet devoid of life and even the air seemed to quiet down near these parts. It was difficult for Harmony to process that these people were her relatives, her flesh and blood family. She had an uncle that was a Death Eater, and he'd tried to kill her, both her parents were Death Eaters, but thankfully they were spies. She didn't know what she would have done otherwise, having spent her life thinking she was Muggle born, and being called a 'Mudblood' by the entire pureblood society she knew how it felt to be excluded. She didn't think it mattered, blood was blood at the end of the day, and they were all magical and deserved to thrive in this world. She didn't have the outlook of a Death Eater and never would, she didn't know what she would have done if they had been, but at least she didn't have to wonder or worry. Well not about that, she prayed it worked because she knew it would devastate her father if it didn't. She'd be devastated; Harmony didn't deal well with being wrong it happened so rarely that it stunned her when it did occur.

Severus stopped at a specific headstone, and Harmony didn't have to read it to know who it was. Hayden Rookwood, her father, and a vampire to boot.

"Why didn't father turn you?" Harmony flicking her wand and clearing up the headstone for something to do as she waited on her answer.

"We had planned it, fortunately I found out I was pregnant before that happened." Severus informed her gravely. If they had gone through with it, both his children would have been forever frozen in their state. Inevitably they would have had to get rid of them, and that thought left him cold. Despite their plans being ruined, both of them had been overwhelmed and happy. Hayden had been ecstatic, he had been the one to show how happy he was, but he'd always been more reserved. He'd ended up twice as worse when he lost his reasons for living.

"Oh," she said stepping aside, away from the grave when Severus waved his wand. Loud rumbling could be heard, as the coffin began to ascend from its resting place. The ground continued to shake until the grass parted forcefully until they could see the brown box, which had been Hayden's final resting place for the past nearing sixteen years. Severus continued levitating it until he could place it firmly on stable ground. Both their hearts were pounding like you wouldn't believe, terrified and hopeful in one swirling bout of emotion.

"I thought you couldn't get into coffins? Aren't they magically sealed?" Harmony questioned, butterflies were going off deep inside of her. She prayed to Merlin that it would work, that she'd get her family back, even if it was sixteen years too late.

"They are," Severus confirmed his lips twitching, "Fortunately I was the one to seal the coffin which means I can undo it."

"So it's not actually a permanent sticking charm then?" Harmony added thoughtfully.

"It's merely called as such because even after the castor has died…the charm remains, not all magic does that." Severus replied as always the educator. Removing the charm, he stared at it worried, dear Merlin where they really going to try this? If there was a chance Hayden could be brought back they had to do it. If not for himself then for his kids, if this worked…he would have to try his best to stop his husband going on a rampage. Taking a deep breath, he unlocked the coffin and it opened slowly until they could see him.

"Wow, we do look a bit like him don't we?" Harmony whispered, of course as a 'vampire' he didn't look a day over twenty even in his un-dead state.

"You do," Severus agreed his voice pained as he stared at his husband. Taking the potion from his pocket, he uncorked it; swallowing once again he grimaced as he opened Hayden's mouth and poured the potion into it. Grabbing the hand written note, he memorised the spell once again, before raising his wand in his trembling hand, for moments he stood there mouth unable to articulate what he wanted to say.

"Reditio Anima Lamia," Severus chanted five times, pouring as much of his magic into it as he could, Severus fell to his knees temporarily weakened. The spell blasted out of the wand, and hit his husband in the chest.

"It's working," Harmony gasped, exactly as he'd described it in the notes.

Hayden's body began to shake, for five minutes they waited and watched and began to lose hope. He hadn't said this would happen, that there would be any delay in it working, Harmony's heart sank, and it obviously hadn't worked.

"Look," Harmony shouted, seeing the light in the distance, it reminded her of the Patronus charm; it raced towards them against the wind. Then blasted into Hayden, knocking Harmony and Severus off their feet and ten feet from the coffin. Harmony was able to go with the flow and remain standing. Her father however, fell with an undignified thud, Harmony ran to him helping him up as he groaned. "Are you okay?" she asked her eyes filled with worry.

Unbeknown to them miles away a Dementor had screamed in agony as a soul they'd devoured escaped from them. The one who had taken Hayden's soul continued to scream until eventually it lay still, completely destroyed by the spell. The guards in Azkaban panicked, and quickly got in touch with the Ministry - they had to know what happened.

"I'll be fine," Severus managed to reassure her, his pride wounded, it should be the other way around yet his children continued to look after him. Wincing in pain, he wasn't young anymore and couldn't take being flung around like a rag doll.

Looking over at Hayden, they saw he was still once more, walking over wondering what would happen now. How do they tell if it worked? Vampires didn't need to breathe so they wouldn't be able to be sure if they had succeeded. Those thoughts left them immediately when Hayden leapt from the coffin straight into the air before falling with a thud two feet from them, he was growling and seemed to be unable to recognize friend from foe.

Severus pushed Harmony behind him, his heart pounding wildly in his ribcage; it looked as though Hayden was in a blood rage. Since they were only half vampire, he didn't want to risk their health, their life meant more to him than his own, like all parents, and Severus would die for his kids.

"Hayden?" Severus stated curtly, "Hayden look at me."

Intense crazed black eyes focused on his, it was almost as scary as facing Lupin, since right now Hayden had no control over himself. It certainly hadn't dawned on him when started this, he needed to feed, and the amount he would require would drain him dry, who knows who else he'd go for after he attacked him? All he could do was try and bring Hayden back long enough for him to concentrate.

"DANE!" Harmony urged violently, "We need fresh blood now! Lots of it." she felt bad for using them but she didn't want anything to happen to her father or worse herself. Considering he hadn't attacked yet, some part of him must be fighting to prevent him from hurting his husband.

The dark eyes locked on hers, gulping loudly, it was almost as scary as the time Lupin transformed into a werewolf and nearly being attacked when they'd gone back in time. Biting her lip, she didn't want to have to attack her father, but she would to save her dad. She may not have known he was her dad long, but he was her dad, and she'd only been with him a few days and the praise she'd received had made her realize what she was missing out on. She wanted it to continue, and since she was a half vampire, she had more hope than her dad of surviving any attack.

"DON'T," Severus snarled, not liking the way he was staring at their daughter, he would never forgive himself if he did anything to hurt them. Turning Hayden's attention from his daughter to him once again.

Harmony stepped aside, watching her father cautiously, ready to spring into action should he move. It would be great to be able to use her new strength properly for once. She'd only used it once to get into her adopted/kidnapper's house. She wondered where the House-elf was, if she'd been purely human she'd have said she was waiting on pins and needles.

Hayden sprung at them, apparently losing the battle with himself.

Harmony snarled jumping in the air she kicked Hayden in the chest, flinging him back away from Severus. Standing in front of her dad, the very picture of a shield maiden warrior of days of old. Her black eyes very much like Severus' own filled with determination and possessiveness.

"Harmony step back," Severus urged cautiously, he didn't want to see her hurt.

"Blood for Master Hayden," Dane said loudly, handing over five medical bags full of blood.

Harmony inhaled the scent; the urge to grab the bags from the Dane was very strong, her dad hadn't been wrong they did have the urges associated with a vampire. Hayden didn't have such restraint; he grabbed them and practically inhaled three bags before he slowed down, and savoured the rest of them. Was it wrong of her to be curious about what it would taste like? Probably but Harmony couldn't bring herself to care.

"Hayden?" Severus whispered painfully; this was all so surreal to him.

Hayden's head jerked up, it took a few seconds for him to focus, "Severus," he said his voice filled with love. Dropping the last empty packet, he walked over to his husband and hugged him, bringing him into a violent kiss, as if his life depended on it.

Harmony swallowed thickly, the urge to cry was overwhelming. Hadrian was going to be so happy! He wouldn't have to just own Hayden's things to be close to him, he no...They would have both his parents back, so would she come to that. Would he realize who she was? How would he cope with knowing he'd been 'dead' for fifteen nearing sixteen years? That was going to be one difficult conversation to have. Looking away a blush staining her cheeks, she didn't want to see her parents doing THAT thank you very much.

"How long has it been?" Hayden whispered breathlessly feeling more and more himself as he quenched the blood lust/rage that had consumed him. His husband looked years older, gaunt and haunted, in ways that being a spy had not made him.

Severus closed his eyes, pressing his forehead against his husbands knowing that things were going to get ugly and fast.

"Sev?" Hayden cautioned taking another good look at his husband.

"Nearly sixteen years," Harmony answering when her dad couldn't.

Hayden snapped back to her, looking at her properly for the first time, realizing it was her that stopped him harming his husband. She was a unique mixture of himself and Severus, oh no, how much had he lost out on? This was his daughter…where was his son? Had he not survived? Why had it taken so long for Severus to do the ritual to bring him back? Sixteen years! Sixteen bloody years! "What happened to our son?" Hayden rasped out, still drinking up the sight of his daughter, she was beautiful just as beautiful as he imagined her. He dreaded the answer though, had their son not survived his birth?

"He's in the manor, I have so much I need to tell you," Severus reassured him hoarsely.

Hayden felt elated; the knowledge that both his children were alive was a balm to his soul. Anything else he could take, even the amount of time he'd been 'dead'. Of course that's what he thought, since he had no idea what had been happening these past sixteen years. "What do I need to know?" Hayden asked confused, both his husband and daughter were tense, not exactly the welcome back he would have liked but considering the alternative he'd take it.

"I'm going to tell Harry," Harmony told them excitedly, with that only Hayden saw her disappear since she was going to fast for Severus to have a hope in hell of glimpsing her.

"Severus? What is going on? Is the Dark Lord still alive?" Hayden asked worriedly. It's the only conclusion he could draw for their secret nature and odd behaviour. He'd at least hoped for a hug from his daughter! A little excitement maybe, not just her disappearing and what was this about telling Harry? "She has a boyfriend?" the thought made him viciously think of all the ways he could warn the little snot off.

"No," Severus choked out in amusement, "Harry is our son, short for Hadrian."

"You are avoiding most of my questions and your heartbeat is through the roof," Hayden said to his husband eyeing him suspiciously.

"Come to the Manor, I'll explain everything there, you might be comfortable standing all day, however I am not." Severus muttered sardonically, he was sixteen years older than the last time he'd seen his husband for Merlin's sake and it was hitting home how old he was.

Their progress into the manor was halted, when Hadrian appeared out of nowhere quite literally. "It's really you," said Harry, staring at his father unable to believe it, when Harmony had told him he'd entered denial mode for a few seconds. Then bolted out of the manor, just to see what was going on. Being able to run free like that…it was like riding his broom and he hoped to do it again - and soon.

Albus Dumbledore wasn't impressed; he hadn't been able to get in touch with Severus Snape for a whole twenty-four hours now. Not only that but he hadn't figured out who had hexed his Deputy Headmistress, the wards hadn't been disturbed at all. What if Voldemort was up to something big and his spy couldn't let him know? It was extremely daunting to say the least. Hopefully if there was a raid planned Severus could get word to him and warn him. Just then his Floo network activated letting him know he was getting a Floo call.

"Albus?" Cornelius Fudge called his voice sounded extremely frazzled and frightened.

"Yes?" Albus answered, perhaps the raid had already taken place, he wasn't happy with his spy at all. He should have let him know, he couldn't save people if his spy didn't inform him of any action on Voldemort's part.

"Full Wizengamot meeting is taking place right now," Cornelius demanded before he was gone, not even attempting pleasantries.

Extremely concerned Albus stood up and made his way directly to the Ministry without missing a beat. Coming through the Atrium he noticed everyone was in a panic. Cornelius Fudge had never used that tone of voice with him before; he had a sinking feeling in his gut that this was going to be bad.

"What is going on?" Albus asked the closest Auror who also happened to be an Order member.

"Are you here for the Wizengamot meeting? It's in courtroom one." Shacklebolt replied bluntly, before moving on not daring to say anything after all he wasn't supposed to be fond of anyone associated with the order. Which included Arthur Weasley, everyone knew Arthur was closely allied with Dumbledore. He had heard what was happening and was just as confounded as everyone else. Would it happen to the others? Had someone created a spell to do it? The guards were in a blind panic nothing and he meant nothing, usually were able to harm the creatures.

Albus completely perturbed, hastily made his way down to the courtroom, not bothering to wait for a free elevator just jumping onto the first available one despite nearly being squashed within it. Once down in the bowls of the Ministry he exited and entered the courtroom to the havoc within. Everyone was indeed there and panicked, what on earth had Voldemort done? Perhaps his spy was useless; he had been since Voldemort's return really.

"What is going on?" Albus shouted over the noise, speaking to Cornelius, briefly wondering where Amelia was, she was always the first one to attend any meeting. He couldn't see her ginger hair anywhere in the courtroom, perhaps she was sitting down?

"A Dementor was destroyed," Cornelius shouted grimly over the racket answering Dumbledore's question. The very one that had been tasked to going after 'Harry Potter' actually by none other than his own undersecretary last year ironically enough.

"What do you mean destroyed?" Albus gaped blankly, not believing his ears.

"According the guard it began screeching in agony, clutching its head before it just collapsed." Cornelius continued. "Go and retrieve Amelia Bones quickly, we cannot start this without her." He added speaking to Weasley.

"Yes sir," Percy agreed jumping up and scampering off to find the woman.

"Collapsed, could it recover?" Dumbledore questioned, although how, was anyone's guess.

"We do not know," Cornelius shrugged helplessly; they'd never dealt with anything of this nature before. It had been their understanding that the Dementors were indestructible, to find out otherwise especially amidst war was extremely terrifying. They were the only things keeping the prisoners of Azkaban too weak to escape the fortress. If it happened to any more of them, they would have to put Auror's in the fortress, which meant less protection for all the wizards and witches on the outside. "From what we could piece together its dead."

"Who was nearby? Could it have been a spell?" Umbridge wondered, she had just come back to work after being in St. Mungo's recovering from her stint in the forbidden forest, she refused to say why she'd been in there in the first place.

"We saw the memory, nothing was cast on it." Cornelius denied grimly. "I have it here, we will all get to see it just as soon as Amelia is here." showing the vial containing the memory for Umbridge and Dumbledore to see.

"She's here," Percy informed him entering the courtroom again out of breath, clutching at his side.

"I apologize for my tardiness," Amelia spoke in her normal no nonsense tone.

"Now that everyone is here, we can view the memory." the Minister shouted making everyone quiet down, pouring the memory into the bowl and casting the spell to project it against the far wall, so they could all see what happened together. Which they did in a horrified fascination, they'd never seen anything quite like it before.




Dozens of Wizengamot members cried out shocked to the core. Barely able to understand what they'd seen.

"Is Azkaban in jeopardy?" Doge was pale as he asked.

"You know what we do," Cornelius shrugged helplessly.

"I suggest keeping this quiet, the last thing we need is more panic in the streets. There's been enough damage with the return of Lord Voldemort to last a lifetime." Albus suggested firmly.

"They have a right to know, plus we have no idea if this will happen again or not, they must be forewarned…" Amelia strongly disagreeing with Dumbledore.

"I agree with Albus, but if this happens again, we may well just have to inform the public," Cornelius conceded wearily.

"Do we put a few Auror's in Azkaban to keep an eye out?" another Wizengamot member suggested.

"No, I'll increase the number of guards," Cornelius stated, only as a last resort would he begin stationing Auror's in Azkaban. After what they had seen…if more began to die off, he honestly didn't know what to do. They couldn't have the Auror's in Azkaban; they needed them out on the street keeping the pubic safe.

Hayden began following his husband into the manor, guilt churning inside of him; he'd lost control and attacked both his husband and daughter. He'd sworn never to hurt any family he had, especially Severus who had already been hurt enough in his life. He could remember when Severus found out he was pregnant; he'd been equally ecstatic and terrified. So much so he had made him swear that if he ever raised a hand to his child that he would take the baby (or as they found out later babies) and run. That he'd never give him a second chance, no matter how much he begged and pleaded he'd change. He understood why Severus had said it though; his own parents had abused him. He'd sworn their children would have a better life, he'd never once worried about him! He had nearly hurt his little girl, well, she had hurt him in the end, and his chest ached. It seemed he'd been correct his children did have the strength of a full vampire despite the fact they were half human. Not that he thought it was a bad thing; it would have left them vulnerable especially considering he'd planned on turning his husband after the kids were born. Severus had given them the names they'd come up with. Actually they hadn't decided on Hadrian being the first name, but rather his middle before all hell broke loose. He wasn't annoyed about it of course; it was just so Severus, to do something like that. They had decided on Tiberius, he wondered briefly if it was now his son's middle name.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the rushing of footsteps, Severus probably couldn't hear it but he could as if it were a freight train heading his way. Then he saw him, a stunning mixture of Severus and himself, how could two plain men such as themselves have had children so utterly gorgeous? Stunning mesmerising black eyes just like his husbands and his hair, well both their hairs really just more straight like his. Severus when he wasn't hanging around potions and getting his hair full of fumes and steam was slightly wavy.

"It's really you!" Hadrian said his eyes wide, full of disbelief, hope and a touch of scepticism. He could barely believe he had both his fathers back; he greedily looked at him, drinking up the sight of him. Finding pieces of himself and Harmony in him, he really did look like both of them. How had Harmony managed it? How could she have brought him back? He had been killed or rather kissed by a Dementor! He was confused; maybe he should have actually listened to his sister before running out.

Hayden moved forward with every intention of at least getting a hug from one of his children, what happened instead made him freeze in confusion. His son flinched back from him, actually flinched back! His heart broke, it reminded him of Severus when they first met. Not quite so badly of course, but if he moved too fast or snuck up behind him he would stiffen or sometimes flinch. All of those reactions had stopped when Sev began serving the Dark Lord, he'd had to suppress all natural reactions when near him…and he'd continued doing it even far away from the evil wizard. Now he was getting angry, he wanted answers damn it! And he wanted them now.

"What is going on Severus?" Hayden demanded, his face smooth not a hint of anger on it despite the rage quelling in his heart. He didn't want his son getting the wrong impression of him, if he saw him angry then he'd avoid him when he possibly could. Someone was going to die tonight, when he found out who made his son flinch, he would kill them without caring of the consequences. He'd already had his soul sucked out to keep his family safe; there was nothing else they could possibly do to him. It angered him further still the look on his sons face.

Severus tiredly closed his eyes, the beginning of a headache forming, he just wanted to sleep. Knowing his husband would be here to make sure the kids were safe while he slept was a good thing. Unfortunately now he didn't think he'd be getting any sleep, his husband wouldn't stop until he was satisfied. He hadn't really thought about anything further than praying his husband would return to him. Wasn't it every persons dream? That their dead lover could be brought back to them? Although it wasn't the…reception he'd been hoping for but it was by no means the worst. "Let us get into the manor, where it is safe and warm." Severus stated calmly, well Hayden didn't have to worry, neither did his kids in likelihood, it was just him. Despite the fact it was the summer holiday's, it was wet, cold and windy, he could use a spell to keep him warm but truth be told he needed a coffee and a sit down. While he tried to come up how best to tell his husband everything.

Hayden stared closely at his husband, he looked like hell, and there was no other word to describe it. It was for that reason alone, he nodded his consent, he'd wait until they got into the manor but no more than that. As they walked, he noticed everything was exactly the same, not a single plant, flower, weed, tree was out of place it was rather daunting considering he'd been gone sixteen years. There was nothing to indicate any children had been raised here, dear Merlin the house felt hours away rather than a minute.

Even inside the house hadn't changed at all, the same couches, rugs, flooring, it's as if the manor had been placed in stasis awaiting his return.

"Vane?" Hayden called for the House-elf, the hunger was getting to him again…but he'd suspected it would happen. Hopefully not for too much longer though.

Severus winced, just remembering the state of the House-elf; he had been loyal to his dying breath. Fighting viciously to save his Master's heirs, Dumbledore hadn't just killed him he'd mutilated the poor thing. "Vane is gone, as is Fury." Severus said Hayden had been very fond of them, since they'd practically brought him up, when his parents couldn't be arsed, which was the majority of the time. Severus gratefully sank onto the couch once they got into the living room, his back was screaming in relief. He had just been thrown around like a rag doll after all only five minutes earlier.

"What happened?" Hayden asked pained.

Harmony peeked at her father curiously; he had feelings for a House-elf? He was really like Hadrian then, Hadrian adored Dobby. Everyone else she met seemed totally indifferent to them, uncaring about the fact they had the bad end of a screwed up deal. It was nice to see someone actually cared about them and if they die. She looked over at Hadrian; he looked very overwhelmed with everything. Sitting both of them down, she put her hand on his, giving him silent comfort. He'd get over the shock quickly, Hadrian was good at that. Where they finally going to find out more about what happened when they were taken?

"They died," Severus informed him full of regret, if he had been there…maybe they wouldn't have, perhaps he could have defended his children and they could have grown up with him…but he knew that wasn't true. No, he would have been killed in their stead, and none of this would be possible. "Dane?" Severus called.

"Yes sir?" Dane answered making an appearance, looking even more ecstatic than anyone had ever seen him before.

"Bring me a coffee please, do you want anything?" Severus questioned exhaustedly.

Harmony and Hadrian mutely shook their head, Hadrian was hungry but he knew he wouldn't be able to eat.

"Blood please, Dane." Hayden murmured, perplexed, irritated beyond belief.

"Dane will do Masters wishes," Dane replied before he left once again.

"Severus I am losing my patience…for the love of Merlin…tell me what's happened!" Hayden demanded, gritting his teeth his fangs scraping against his lips. Hayden just licked his lips causing the wounds to heal automatically.

"Both of you go up the stairs," Severus ordered, swallowing thickly, his voice hoarse.

Hadrian opened his mouth to protest heavily, but Harmony squashed his hand, her black eyes filled with pain. When Hadrian looked at her, she gestured with her eyes, for Harry to look at them, to really look. Hadrian shot a glance at both of them, biting his lip savagely; much like his father had done just moments ago. He'd never seen his dad look like that before, sneering, snarling, regretful, sarcastic, but he'd never seen him so nervous before. Why would he be nervous? It wasn't as if it was his fault! Did he think their father would blame him for not protecting them? He hoped not. Swallowing anything he wanted to say, he nodded silently before both of them got up without saying another word.

"Go straight up, no eavesdropping!" Severus warned looking at Hadrian in particular. Yes Hadrian eavesdropped a lot; it got him into trouble more times than he could count. He also understood why he did it; it seemed to be the only way he could get information about anything. It wouldn't remain the case, all Hadrian need do, was ask, and he would do his best to answer all the questions he had about anything. A month ago, Hadrian would have flushed red in anger and embarrassment at him saying something like that to him…it was a testament to how far he was coming when he just looked slightly defeated, apologetic and slightly ashamed of his own actions. No doubt at the pensive incident, while it wasn't exactly eavesdropping it was much worse it had been his private memories.

"Severus?" Hayden moved forward, kneeling in front of his husband, cupping his face he was so old yet so familiar. He had a way to rectify that, if it was what Severus wanted of course but as long as he had his husband he didn't care. He just wished Sev could tell him whatever it was that troubled him right now.

"Silencio!" Severus chanted, silencing the room, very much aware that his children had the ears of a bat, or rather a vampire. No doubt the both of them were pouting right now, despite the severity of the situation he felt a bubble of amusement but it faded fast when faced with his husbands probing brown eyes, but unlike his, Hayden's were lighter and filled with so much worry. Would he still feel that way when Severus told him everything? Would he ever be able to forgive him for not getting to him sooner? Not protecting their kids? Dear Merlin would he ever forgive him for the way he'd treated their children for years? Despite the fact he hadn't known they were his. He hadn't been able to forgive himself, never mind the thought of Hayden doing so. All thoughts were promptly cut off, when for the first time in sixteen years he felt those lips on his own for the second time that night, a moan tore out of his throat before Hayden let go, knowing his husband unlike him needed air.

Hayden pressed his forehead against his husbands, aware of the turmoil he must be feeling. To him it felt as though a few minutes had passed since he'd been kissed. He'd never forget the sickened fear and heartbreak he'd seen on Severus' face that day. Sixteen years, Merlin his mind boggled trying to accept it and he was a vampire, usually things were easier for them since they could think and store things away in an acceptable manner. What if Severus had moved on? It was sixteen years after all, that thought tore a hole through his heart.

"I don't know where to start," Severus confessed, his lips still tingling, dear Merlin it sixteen years he'd abstained, far too long. Just a slight touch from his husband and he was reacting like an errant school boy. Thinking of his children did take care of the little problem.

"From the beginning, what happened after I was kissed?" Hayden enquired, moving to sit on the couch; his husband was rank with fear. Wrapping his arms around him, praying the House-elf would return quickly, he didn't want to risk hurting his husband.

"I came home, but the stress of it all got to me, I went into premature labour I managed to get in touch with Poppy otherwise all three of us would have died that night." Severus revealed his voice haunted, he couldn't forget that night no matter how hard he tried. It was burned into his mind, and it got through his shields when he least expected it, it was too emotional for him to keep contained. Like a nightmare come to life, if he could call it that after everything he'd seen over the years in the Dark Lord's service.

Hayden closed his eyes, he should have been there, but his concern had been for them all. He couldn't have the Dark Lord coming after them if he had been exposed as a spy. He had half hoped the guys in his unit would have spoken up, since it's them he'd been spying for. He should have known better, none of them had even bothered to turn up. Probably felt guilty, the bloody bastards that they were. He'd made contingences but its obvious Severus hadn't found them until now. Merlin he could have lost his entire family, his sacrifice had been nearly for nothing. "I should have been there, Sev. I'm so sorry, I let you all down." he admitted sadly.

"You did what you could, but I wish you had been there." Severus choked his voice haunted and hollow.

Hayden remained quiet, letting Severus think about what he wanted to say.

"I named our daughter what we decided, Harmony Saraphena Snape-Rookwood, our son I named Hadrian Severus Snape-Rookwood." Severus said, closing his eyes cleaning against Hayden's rock hard chest feeling as if he had just jumped back in time before all this madness started.

Hayden nodded, a small smile on his face, it hadn't all been for nothing, they were alive that's all that mattered. Although he wanted to know his son was scared. Perhaps he'd just been through something traumatic? But he wasn't going to hold his breath, he knew whatever it was it was going to anger him with the likes he'd never known before. It had to be, why else would his husband be so reluctant to tell him? Severus had never been one to hold back before after all, he told people how it was, without pause or concern on how they'd take it.

"I went to Hogwarts to give in my resignation and buy a couple of things…leaving Vane and Fury with the twins." said Severus his voice filled with so much pain that Hayden stiffened, his hand automatically rubbing up and down his husbands back trying to comfort him from his demons. Of course, Severus wouldn't have been able to continue being the Potions Master and look after the kids.

"When I got back it was carnage, Vane and Fury had been killed, their bodies tortured…the room was a mess and the twins were gone." Severus choked out, his mind back to that awful day. He'd wrecked everything he could get his hands on, before informing the Ministry. "I told the Ministry what happened and they sent out Auror's five hours later, two came and did a sweep of the building, looking for any magical reside. They found none, they did what they needed to do and no more, our kids were gone…nothing turned up I tried everything."

Hayden closed his eyes, dear Merlin it had been worse than he thought. "Who?" Hayden growled out seething. If Voldemort had so much as hurt a hair on their head, he would kill him he didn't care about the consequences.

"Master's coffee and blood sir," Dane quickly making a quick reappearance, his eyes slightly large, and his ears flat against his head before disappearing again.

Severus wrapped his hands around the cup, he was cold through to his very bones, and it didn't have anything to do with the nip in the air. Not that it was cold in the manor, the fire was blazing opposite them, crackling merrily unaware of the coldness surrounding the rooms two occupants.

"Who did it Severus?" Hayden demanded his teeth bared in an animalistic manner, knowing he would snap if he continued, he drank the blood as quickly as possible. Thankfully Severus couldn't see him; his head was lying across his shoulder. He had enough to feel guilt about without adding this to the mix.

"When it became obvious the Auror's didn't give a shit, and were closing the case declaring my children dead… I hired Gringotts to look into the matter for me. I didn't want to admit it, I couldn't, and I didn't want it to be true." Severus told his husband, his voice now impassive. "I only wish I had used them sooner, a year after I employed them I got news. They handed me adoption papers, without either of our signatures, the adoption potions had been used and the kidnappers signature and magic imbued in them. They identified who it was, and who my children were, they had no choice since they knew the kids had been adopted illegally."

"Who?" Hayden once again said, fury raging like lava through him, it explained so much, why the manor was the same…why his kids refused to hug him…how long had they known Severus? Dear Merlin, what had become of his family? Knowing Severus…whoever had done it was probably dead much to his consternation and amusement. Severus was more creative than him, especially with new spells.

"He separated the twins," Severus snapped, raw fury bleeding through, thank Merlin harmony and Hadrian had already been close before - otherwise the bond that had sprung up between them would have worried, confused and repulse them. They would have had a hard time suddenly accepting the feelings that's for sure. Since they already thought themselves brother and sister, it hadn't affected them at all. "I only found them a day ago; it was Harmony who found the ideas you had."

They'd been separate for sixteen years? Hayden was too stunned and horrified to even think. It was a small mercy that they'd been taken while they were days old otherwise the separation would have left them deeply disturbed. The bond cut off would have left them feeling empty no matter what happened to them. They could have had the love of a large family and felt nothing.

"They both went to Hogwarts when they were eleven, despite the potion in them they felt it without realising what was happening." Severus informed him proud of them, they were so powerful.

"For them to even feel anything…is surprising but one of them must have been in extreme danger to draw from it!" Hayden uttered genuinely taken aback.

"She was," Severus scowled remembering the event; he was so tired he wanted nothing more than to sleep, even after drinking the coffee. It's as if he'd used the dregs of energy he has to talk and had nothing left in reserve.

"What?" Hayden hissed, possessively and in that both of them were the same. What had endangered his little girl at Hogwarts of all places? Had someone dared to lift a hand to her? He would obliterate them. Then it dawned on him, Severus hadn't told him who had kidnapped their kids.

"Hogwarts is different…a lot has happened it's not safe, not any more." Severus said quietly.

Hayden just stared at the ceiling overwhelmed there was so much he didn't know. It was going to be murder trying to get Severus to tell him everything. He was being extremely cryptic only telling him half of what had happened.

"Our son was adopted by the Potters," Severus continued.

Hayden stared down at his husband, quite frankly alarmed, he said Potter without his usual hatred, and what about Lily? How was he taking the fact his best friend had betrayed him so badly?

"They were both Obliviated, their own son died, and they had no idea." Severus went on, "Soon afterwards they were targeted by Voldemort. He found them a year later, when Hadrian was fifteen months old. They died defending him, and Hadrian survived the killing curse. They thought he was a miracle; he defeated Voldemort and was hailed the Boy-Who-Lived that night. Everyone in our world was raised knowing his name and being told just how much a hero he was. Meanwhile he was raised by Muggles, unaware of whom he was."

"Being a vampire saved him." Hayden argued, "Nothing saves a human from that curse did they not investigate?"

"No, he was taken straight to his…the Dursley's, Lily's only family and nobody in our world saw him again until he was eleven and rejoined in time for Hogwarts." Severus confessed he licked his dry lips, dear Merlin he felt as though he was going to have a heart attack. He couldn't get the words out, but he had to before someone else told him. "When I lost the twins…I became determined never to feel again. I hated the fact Harry had survived something impossible and I couldn't keep our children…I took it out on innocent students. Especially my own, having no idea who they were…and their names didn't help matters. He called them Hermione and Harry, and it hurt just to think about them."

"What did you do?" Hayden groaned dismayed.

"Nothing that they couldn't forgive me for," Severus admitted, and for that he was grateful.

"What happened to Harmony? What caused her to be in mortal peril?" Hayden wanted to know, once again going back and forth.

"A Troll got loose in Hogwarts, she ended up trapped in a bathroom with one, but Harry and a friend of his saved her." said Severus, he didn't want to tell him everything…in fact he'd let Hadrian do the explaining on how Harry's school years went. Oh he'd love to see the look on Hayden's face, that's for sure. "They were first years, and had only a few months of learning magic." There was no disguising the pride in Severus' voice.

"Who took them Severus?" Hayden demanded he didn't have to ask if he knew, he'd stated his name and magical signature was on the adoption certificates that Gringotts found. The bastard better not be in Azkaban, or he would just have to get in there and kill him. No one hurt his family and got away with it.

"Please don't do anything stupid." Severus pleaded quietly, "We need you, now more than ever…Hadrian will never forgive you." using the kids against him was a dirty trick, but he didn't want Hayden doing anything that will see him kissed again.

Hayden rolled his eyes, as if he would be stupid enough to get caught! He would kill them and return before anyone realized what was happening. Of course that's what he thought, and then Severus told him the name…

"Albus Dumbledore." Severus spat, with so much disgust in his voice, much more so than he used to put into spitting Black and Potters name in the past.

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