My Dark Hunter

Chapter 7


Severus regarded the area intently; removing his wand from its holster he used a spell on the area, which would detect anyone magical. He was very good at creating spells, the ones he'd created in his sixth year was only the tip of the iceberg. There were only three magical people present, which were them of course. So far there was no Order members there, surely Dumbledore had gone to Minerva's office by now? It had been approximately twelve hours since he'd stunned her. Unless he'd been called to the Ministry, but his luck usually didn't pan out that way.

"Nobody is here, yet." Severus stated cautiously, unless they were waiting to strike somewhere with the Grangers as bait. "Unless the Grangers already informed them and they are waiting to call them in a seconds notice." as always he was extremely cautious.

"Anti-Apparation wards?" Hermione suggested stepping out, ready to go straight up and demand answers.

"Hermione!" Hadrian grumbled grabbing her, stopping her from going further, deciding to let their father do the leading. After seeing his godfather killed, he didn't want that responsibility on his shoulders. Now that he wasn't the hero, he felt liberated; he no longer had to protect the magical world. It wasn't up to him to destroy Voldemort, no all he had to do was live his life, and he was fine with that. All he had to do was protect his family; he now understood Hermione's frustration when he used to go half cocked and not think things through.

"It's Harmony, Hadrian, now let me go, I'll be fine." 'Harmony' told him, soothing her brother. It was ironic; it had been her that tried to stop Harry the last time. She was still getting used to his name, which was evident by her own thoughts.

"Let's go." Severus muttered abruptly easing out of his crouch and walking across to the Grangers. Both of them were giving up their previous lives, they wanted to be his children. It meant more than anything in the entire world to hear it. He'd feared they'd never accept him, especially when he thought on everything he'd done. Merlin the way he'd treated both his kids was despicable, but they'd forgiven him or at least forgotten for now. Shaking of his thoughts, he had more pressing matters, ones he couldn't be afford to dismiss right now. The Grangers had their curtains drawn; the only light they could see looked to be from a fire. As he walked across he did indeed put wards up, and close proximity warnings. They'd know if they were coming, and it gave them the advantage of leaving. Severus tried the door only to find it was locked.

Harmony smirked, plucking the pot from the floor only to find the key absent. Surely they weren't stupid enough to think the lack of key would deter them? Shaking her head, she didn't bother using magic, just her new strength and opened the door forcefully. The wood was nothing on a girl who'd just gained her vampire inheritance. Something she should have had all her life, but thanks to those people in there she hadn't been able. She had thought the Grangers were smart, why did they think the lack of key would matter? Even if she had been human, it made no sense to her whatsoever.

Severus entered right behind his daughter, his senses top notch as he observed everything. Ready to blast anything they went for into smithereens, but he found them sleeping on the sofa. Their guard was down, given what they knew about magical people - it was such a stupid move to make. Unless they had gotten in touch with Dumbledore - this felt like a trap. Then he saw the male Muggles reaction and realized this was far from a trap his terror was too real to be feigned.

"Wake up!" Mr. Granger squeaked, staring in mute horror at the three magical people before him. Shaking his wife, trying to rouse her, but too terrified of what might be coming his way to even think of moving. His breathing was ragged, his eyes huge as he urgently shook his wife some more. Dumbledore should have been here by now, they'd sent that letter hours ago.

"What is it? Has Albus replied?" Mrs. Granger murmured, wakening up blinking sleepily. Shooting up, biting her lip, showing her perfectly white straight teeth; when she saw who was in front of them, she should have guessed by the squeaky quality in her husband's voice.

"Oh so he's Albus is he?" Harmony hissed furiously; she'd never once mentioned his first name to them. She'd always been respectful to her teachers, calling them only by their title and last name. Her parents should only know him by Professor Dumbledore, the fact they knew his first name was extremely telling. They knew who he was - well enough to call him by his first name.

"What do you want?" Mrs. Granger whimpered terrified of them. They were vampires; she knew just how soulless they were. Her Hermione was gone; this disgusting thing was in her place. She had tried to save her, but she had failed Albus was going to be so disappointed. Praying that the owl would reach him soon, that he would save them from these monsters. This should never have happened; he'd reassured them it wouldn't four years ago when nothing other than friendship sprung up between them. She'd been worried especially with who her little girl had befriended - her brother, Harry Potter.

"Answers!" Hadrian snapped furious on his sister's behalf, plus being here might just get him the answers he wanted as well. He wanted to know if the Potters had known, if his godfather had…or if this was just some sort of macabre life where they all willingly slaughtered themselves for the 'greater good'.

"Leave us alone." Mr. Granger demanded trying to shield his wife, with false bravado he glared at them defensively. His chin jutting out proudly, he refused to be terrified just because they had magic or that they were vampires.

Severus' eyes darkened further, his lip curling in disgust; his face may as well have been made of stone. He glared at the Muggle, if that's what he was, until he began to tremble and look away. There wasn't many who could stare Severus in the eye and continue to do so, he'd stared everyone down apart from the Dark Lord. He gripped at his wand, desperately wanting to use the Cruciatus curse on him. Something on his face must have given him away since his daughter spoke.

"I want answers first," said Harmony, lowering her dads arm. Staring at him pleadingly, begging him to just let it go for now, "You can do what you want after, please."

Severus nodded curtly, passing over the tiny bottle of Veritaserum wordlessly.

Breathing in relief, part of her felt awful at how she was treating those who'd raised her. Yet she snuffed it out, the last conscious part of Hermione Granger was wiped out. In place stood a half vampire young woman who had dark parents, and was a pureblood to boot. Which reminded her, she had been cursed by her own uncle in the

Department of Mysteries and it had been Rookwood who hit her with that spell. Was it an uncle? Or just someone with the same name? Different family?

"We'll tell you what you want," Mrs. Granger squeaked, "Just please don't hurt us." Trying to buy themselves some time, just until Albus got here - he would get there she didn't even want to think of the alternative.

"It's too late for that." Severus stated calmly and coolly. As if he wasn't planning every aspect of their deaths. Although he didn't think he'd actually kill them, he couldn't really, especially not in front of his kids. They may be old and filled with vengeance, but he couldn't let them see such a dark side to life. They'd already been exposed to too much, he was a father first and foremost, and it was standing here that he remembered that.

In a fit of pure insanity, or perhaps idiocy they'd never quite figure out which, Mr. Granger took a swing at the closest person to him. Which happened to be Hadrian, with both so protective of him accidents happen. They'd never quite be sure which one did it, but magic blasted out of and flung the Muggle into the wall with such force his body bounced on and off it before he fell. He was dead before he touched the ground, a small pool of blood sluggishly oozing from the back of his head.

"NOOOO!" Mrs. Granger shrieked scrambling off the couch, crawling towards her husband. "Come back! Don't be dead please, come back!" choked the woman, hugging her dead husband close. What had they done taking in that girl? How could she do this to them? They had raised her - tried to save her from this dark part - a life with disgusting vampires.

Harmony quickly went into action, grabbing her one time mother; slightly shaken by the fact the man who raised her was dead. Yet he shouldn't have raised his hand, especially not at Hadrian who hadn't done anything. Hadrian had been harmed too much in his life already; she'd kill anyone who hurt him simply put.

"Get off me!" Mrs. Granger shrieked struggling in her adopted daughter's arms, yet the grip was bruising and vice like, she couldn't get any leeway whatsoever. "Let me go! We raised you! Tried to keep you from this life…this dark path! Please I'm your mother."

"Shut up," Harmony hissed, her shouting was hurting her ears so much she could hear ringing in them. Normally they were soft spoken, never had they, and in her entire life raised their voice - not even once. Sitting her firmly on the couch, able to keep track of the conversation her father and brother were having despite concentrating on her 'mother'. Oh, that would have come in handy at Hogwarts, although you'd never once known Harmony NOT to pay attention. Uncorking the potion, she pried open her jaw and placed the three droplets in despite the trouble she was giving her. "I have parents; you took me away from them."

"Are you okay son?" Severus enquired concerned, his hands landing on Hadrian's shoulders comforting him.

Hadrian nodded; he was used to it as he'd told his father earlier. Everyone he met seemed intending on hitting him or using him. It never changed and Hadrian was weary, emotionally drained. He wanted them all safely away from Dumbledore and the Order. He wanted them to survive and live, be the family he'd never had. The comforting feeling of his father's warm hands on his shoulders strengthened his thoughts.

Severus stared down at his son, surprise written across his face, when Hadrian leaned against him. His hand began carding through his son's hair, basking in the knowledge he had him back, he was home, they were home, where they should be. His lips twitched when Hadrian leaned into the comforting caress, how he longed for affection. He wasn't a man who gave it easily. Severus thought he'd forgotten how to care, yet it was all coming back. He realized he'd never stopped loving, just suppressed it in aid to survive the terrible thing that happened.

His eyes snapped back to his daughter, finding her looking at them a small grin playing on her face. He'd thought it would be difficult for them to see him anything other than a professor, yet his expectations were being shot to hell. Twelve hours and they were accepting him, he felt as if it was going to fast. Yet he couldn't care less, his kids were back and he had a sudden desire to hurry things along. "Be quick, I think she's written to Dumbledore." Severus warned his head jerking towards her; the potion was fully in her system now.

Harmony nodded grimy, turning back to find her sitting there quite docile. Her eyes were glazed over; another sign the potion was working to its full capacity. Having never used it on a Muggle before, she was surprised to see the results were exactly as described in the books - for wizards and witches.

"Who are you?" Harmony asked her grimly.

"Elizabeth Granger."

"How did you get custody of Hermione Granger?" Harmony then enquired.

"Albus gave us her to raise,"

"Why?" Harmony demanded, anticipation rushing through her. Finally she was going to get her answers.

"He needed her out of the way, but didn't want to kill her just in case she was needed as leverage."

Severus was seeing red, furious beyond belief at what he was hearing; nothing was stopping him from throttling the woman to death, yet he wasn't doing it - he was frozen on the spot.

"You knew who she was? That she was kidnapped?" Harmony asked hollowly, any notion she had of them being innocents in this was blown to smithereens. She felt defeated and slightly glad that her so called 'father' was already dead.

"We knew she was better of with us than two Death Eater fathers."

"How do you know Dumbledore?" Severus hissed out, his teeth clenched in agony.

"We've been his informants for years, we weren't properly introduced to the order but we kept a look out."

"Why did he want me…Hermione Granger out of the way?" Harmony wondered.

"He was aware the bond twins share, he couldn't allow neither of you remain in your true forms. He knew the adoption potions would null any bond completely." said Elizabeth. "We had never had children, so Albus asked us."

"Of course," Severus sighed closing his eyes tiredly, if they'd just taken Hadrian, there was a chance his daughter could have found him again. It would have only been Hadrian's half of the bond shut down; it would have been enough for Harmony to find him regardless. Then there was the fact when Harmony was old enough to speak, she'd have blown the lid of the entire scheme and told him who it was that took her brother.

Hadrian was stiff at his side, listening intently to what was being said. His hands were balled into fists, as he listened wishing that he could let off steam somehow. He was so angry, angrier than the time where Marge had said those awful things about Lily Potter when he had been under the impression that she was his mother.

"Does anyone else know about what Dumbledore done?" Hadrian, joining in, not really having much hope that the answer would be good.

"Nobody else, just Albus, myself and Evan," Elizabeth told him blankly.

"What about the Potters?" Severus demanded a glint of relief in his eyes; Lily had been his best friend during their childhood. Yes he'd screwed it up, moved on, as had Lily, there had come a time where they could speak without hurt tinting their voice. They'd been in the process of going from acquaintances to friends again when they'd gone into hiding. James Potter he couldn't care less about, but if Lily was innocent it was one less betrayal on his hands.

"Idiots, the stupid girl had a still born son, after Albus' hard work to ensure she was pregnant at the right time. He even induced her labour but the boy was born dead. Albus used the imperious curse on James, ensuring the adoption process went through then Obliviated them." Elizabeth said her voice impassive.

"Why did he want her pregnant?" Harmony cried out.

"He came upon an ancient prophecy, one written by Ravenclaw in the Headmaster's office when he took over. He unravelled it and made sure it transpired." Elizabeth informed them unwillingly. "He was surprised when another one came to pass just as he set his plans in motion."

"How do you know so much?" Harmony asked wearily and suspiciously, she'd never seen Dumbledore once before Hogwarts. Unless of course she had been Obliviated but surely that wasn't the case?

"I am Albus Dumbledore's great granddaughter," Elizabeth replied much to their surprise.

"WHAT?!" Harmony shrieked shocked to the core.

"A bastard child, Dumbledore was on the rise, he wouldn't have want it known…how did he convince the woman to keep silent?" Severus asked, the most likely scenario being he had killed her, or threatened her and the child with harm. Of course, he wouldn't have thought such things of Dumbledore until he realized what happened to him.

"He needed it quiet, Ariana was born a squib, as were my mother and I," Elizabeth confessed. From what she knew her great granddad had been so happy, to finally have a child, a family. When he found out it was a girl, he wanted her named after his sister. Then tragedy struck after the baby was born… He'd been so embarrassed to have a squib, a man as a powerful as he. Yet he'd come to see her! She was special, better than anyone else in her family. She'd married a fellow squib; they'd refused to have a child, not wanting to risk it being a magical child. They were envious of the world they couldn't be part of, but Albus had been trying to convince her, to keep the Dumbledore line going. Then one day he came to her home with a child in his arms. She had been unable to refuse him; she never had been able to. He always made her feel so capable; he'd paid for her college and university tuition and helped her open her own dentist.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Harmony uttered, the adoption, she'd always have part of the Dumbledore line in her. The man who'd taken her from her real family, part of her wanted to kill him for his actions.

"Can we go now?" Hadrian asked getting nervous, it was too quiet, and he didn't like it. He was so used to things happening to him that he felt as if he was going to be attacked out of the blue any given moment. He'd constantly watched over his back, why would it change now? Especially with Dumbledore now after them as well as Voldemort.

Harmony nodded, backing away from the only mother she'd ever known, feeling sickened to the core. She stood next to Severus, who removed the Anti-Apparation wards and got them out of there. He couldn't find it in himself to do anything, merely just get his kids out of there, realizing they'd had enough shocks for one day.

They appeared back in Rookwood manor; silently he led them up the stairs to their own rooms. Having to give them spare rooms, since the heir room was actually still a nursery. One he'd never stepped foot in since it happened that night.

"Master Severus, we have done as you requested," Dane said appearing in front of them. "The heir room is also ready for Master Hadrian and Lady Harmony."

"Thank you Dane," Severus answered, "Keep an eye out." he told him cryptically.

"We will be doing just that, can Dane get Masters anything to eat?" Dane enquired.

"Do you want anything?" Severus enquiringly, staring at his children.

Both just shook their head tiredly.

"No thank you Dane, make breakfast ten o'clock tomorrow, I have a feeling we will all sleep in." Severus said wryly. It seemed not even the information and shock he'd

Received today could stop Severus' sarcasm.

"Very well sir," Dane replied bowing low before disappearing.

"That's not fair," Harmony told her father, shaking her head it wasn't nice to see House-elf's that way.

Hadrian laughed; he couldn't help himself, despite everything he doubled over as some sort of hilarity overcame him.

"Harry!" Harmony whined indignantly, her hands on her hips, which made Harry's laughter, become louder.

"It's nice to see not everything has changed." Hadrian chortled out between bouts of laughter.

Severus raised an eyebrow in curiosity; there was still so much he didn't know about his children. He vowed to rectify that, he'd know everything about them soon enough. Gazing at his son in silent enquiry wanting to know what they were finding so hilarious - or rather what Hadrian was finding so funny.

"Mione started campaigning for better treatment of House-elf's, when she saw how one was treated at the Quidditch match, Winky, Crouch's house elf. She was sacked and when Mione realized they didn't get paid or holiday's she invented S.P.E.W Society Protection of elfish welfare." Hadrian revealed.

"Not protection, promote," Harmony corrected rolling her eyes; she'd told them dozens of times.

"Oh yeah," Hadrian conceded, nodding thoughtfully, "She began knitting things, leaving them around the common room for some unsuspecting elf to pick up. What she doesn't know is that the House-elf's refused to go into the common room after that. Dobby had to do all the work himself, as far as I know he took everything she knitted as well."

"What?!" Harmony cried her brow puckering indignantly. She had been knitting all year! Thinking she was getting through to all the House-elves only to realize…that she'd created a lot more work for Dobby to do on his own.

Now Severus understood there elf's strange attires.

"Sorry," Harry replied wryly, he'd never had the heart to tell her before now.

"House-elf's enjoy the work, but I am sure there will come a time when they are treated better, times are moving on…with more Muggle born's coming its only a matter of time before they are given better treatment. Now come, let's get you settled for the night, we can talk more tomorrow." Severus told her in consolation. Instead of leading them to the guest room, he took them to the bedroom across from his and opened the door.

"Your room is through there," Severus said gesturing to Harmony, their room was co-joined. With only a door separating them, but considering he wasn't staying here it would be fine for tonight. "This ones yours, Hadrian,"

"Thank you," Hadrian thanked him quietly; it was huge, bigger than the dormitory he shared with five other boys. His trunk was at the bottom of the bed, Hedwig's empty cage sat open on the chest of drawers. The bed was so inviting, he murmured a quiet goodnight to both his father and sister before slipping into it, his clothes still on. He wasn't about to let them see his pyjamas which were ten sizes to big for him.

"Sleep well," Severus said to them softly before slipping out of the room and into his own, barely able to keep his eyes open. Which was surprising since he had the urge not to let his children out of his sight - but he couldn't remain awake twenty-four hours a day - he would need to get used to letting them out of his sight - but he wasn't prepared to do that here.

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