My Dark Hunter

Chapter 9


Severus had his entire fortune shrunk and in the breast pocket of his shirt, occasionally without thought checking to see if it was still there subconsciously. Despite the fact they were now back in Rookwood manor, his daughter was checking out her father's office and bedroom. Of course he had asked the house elf's to make sure there wasn't anything impropriate lying around. Thankfully there wasn't anything there and Harmony was free to go and look around. He'd given her directions, he didn't want to see the room, and it would just remind him of the last few days in there before his life was shot to hell. He knew he had to get over it, if not for his own sake then that of his children. They deserved to know about their father, especially Hadrian who'd had three parents dead to him before he could know them. He could see how desperate his son was to know everything about his new family. Harmony wasn't as desperate since she'd had a normal life.

Speaking of Hadrian, he went off to find him, but he was unable to find him so used the wards to pinpoint where his wayward son was. Opening the door he observed his son, staring out at the manor grounds looking extremely pensive. Which meant Hadrian was worried, watching over him all these years hadn't been for naught. The vow he'd sworn was also for naught, since there wasn't a boy who lived or Harry Potter, the vow was null and void. It had been a year exactly since losing his kids that he'd sworn that vow, he had still been in a dark place. "What is wrong?" enquired Severus finally making his presence known, but if his son paid any attention to his vampire abilities he probably already knew.

"Just thinking," murmured Hadrian, unused to people caring when he felt this way, well other than Mione. She could read him almost like a book, except when he hadn't wanted her to. There were only a few things he hadn't wanted her to know, mostly about the Dursley's and their treatment of him. He'd alluded to it, such as when they went home after their first year. He'd meant what he said, he wasn't going home, and Hogwarts had become his true home during the course of the year.

"I realize that," replied Severus dryly, "I was asking so you would perhaps share your thoughts and come up with a solution." wandering further into the room, sitting down on the windowsill beside him, still looking graceful as he sat.

"Oh," said Hadrian.

"What are you worried about? Dumbledore?" asked Severus when it became apparent Hadrian wasn't going to speak, as the silence stretched on.

"Not just him," said Hadrian, "He destroyed so many people's lives, how many others has he done the same thing to? He put an innocent man in Azkaban prison just to have control of me. Sirius didn't deserve that, he was a good man." a lone tear dropped down Hadrian's face as he said that.

Severus bit his tongue, strongly disagreeing with Hadrian on that front, but didn't dare say it seeing how upset he was. "You loved him didn't you?" asked Severus, feeling the bile rising in his throat at the thought. Hadrian was his son; he wasn't supposed to love Sirius Black, who had nearly killed him.

"I think I loved the idea of him more than Sirius himself," admitted Hadrian, leaning his head against the glass. "I never really got a chance to know him, Dumbledore made sure of it." he was almost certain Sirius would have loathed him completely if he'd known. Severus and Sirius hated each other so much; just standing in a room with them was uncomfortable. If they could have killed each other by glaring it they'd both be six feet under. Sirius had been just as fooled by Dumbledore as the rest of them, although he was curious about Remus, how come he couldn't tell?

"What do you mean the idea of him?" asked Severus blankly wondering what his son meant by that. Having a parent in his life? Or did he mean someone who understood him?

"He wanted me to move in with him, I thought it would happen…such an idiot." said Hadrian, drawing invisible patterns on the glass. "Pettigrew got away and…he had to go into hiding again."

"Ah, I see." said Severus understanding it now. Sirius Black had been Harry's chance of freedom away from the Dursley's. His first real chance of a normal family, if living with Black could ever be considered normal. The idiot would have treated Hadrian like a comrade or brother…worse still like James and no it wouldn't have been normal. A child or teenager needed rules, grounding so they didn't go and make a hundred different mistakes. "I will admit I wasn't fond of Black, but I forgave him for everything for being there for you when I couldn't." the hatred was still there, it wouldn't just disappear overnight unfortunately.

"He would have hated me if he knew," said Hadrian, not bitter about it just stating a fact. "Just like I think Ron will hate me when he finds out. He's always been anti-Slytherin, and anti-Snape even before Hogwarts started…probably from hearing his brothers talk about you."

Severus didn't reply knowing very well Hadrian was more than likely right.

"Ronald Weasley isn't a good friend to have," said Severus, telling Hadrian what Harmony wouldn't.

"Because he's a Gryffindor?" asked Hadrian sarcastically.

"Because he'd a fame-seeking, inconsiderate, jealous idiot with no thought about his future or anyone else." said Severus immediately, unable to stop himself.

"He's not that bad," said Hadrian quietly, unable to truly defend him because he knew it was true.

"No? He eats more than ten Gryffindor's combined each meal, eats with his mouth full and heaven forbid if anyone disagrees with him or is in Slytherin. I do not understand it myself, since none of his bothers are like that, Molly Weasley must have dropped him on his head one to many times as a child." said Severus.

"He's my friend," said Hadrian, but his lips were drawn together trying to stop himself laughing. It seemed being turned into a vampire stopped him getting overly emotional.

"Is he?" asked Severus.

"I can't tell him anyway can I? And when word gets out he will believe Dumbledore over me." sighed Hadrian.

"If I thought for a second you could trust him, I'd say go for it Harry, believe me." replied Severus, he understood what it was like to have only a few friends. To feel the need to stick up for them and want to believe the best of them. Like he had with Lily, who had continued to hold a grudge against him no matter how hard he tried to apologize.

"I do," said Hadrian wryly.

"Do you?" enquired Severus surprised, staring at his son in a new light.

"You've never lied to me," Hadrian told Severus seriously, staring at his dad. "You've been vicious, scary, and downright nasty but no, you never lied."

Severus grimaced, he didn't need reminded of his own actions, and they plagued him constantly. "I am sorry Hadrian, for how I behaved. I had no right to treat you or any student that way."

Shrugging his shoulders Hadrian murmured a quiet "It doesn't matter now."

"But it does, how can you see me as a father after the way I ridiculed you?" asked Severus, honestly it baffled him how quickly they'd accepted him. He'd thought it was shock at first, but nothing, they'd continued on as if he hadn't made five of their years at Hogwarts a nightmare.

"It isn't just my view on you that changed," confessed Hadrian bluntly. "A man I sort of loved as a grandfather kidnapped me…" a weary laugh left Hadrian's lips. "Truth be told I'm not sure if I believe anything I've seen or heard now."

"Then maybe it's been a good decision to decide leave," said Severus.

"Yeah," mused Hadrian thoughtfully. "Where are we going anyway?" wondering if he had decided.

"America, further away the better," said Severus.

Hadrian nodded in understanding.

"Hungry?" asked Severus. Just then an alarm went off; Harmony must have just entered the dungeons. Cursing silently, he didn't want to have to explain this one; unfortunately he was going to have to.

"Not yet," replied Hadrian shaking his head.

"Very well, but lunch will be served in an hour," said Severus, standing up and leaving Hadrian hastily making his way to the dungeons.

He had some explaining to do.

Okay so there's been alot of suggestion in making this a Draco/Harmony story instead of having her with a cullen many of you want to see that happen? i never thought about it but its been mentioned alot! so Harmony/Draco or Harmony/vampire? as in one of the cullen vampires Jasper or Edward as per usual...once thats decided i'll be able to concentrate on harry's partner :) R&R PLEASE!