My Dark Hunter

Chapter 9

Hayden Rookwood

The manor was completely silent; all that could be heard was his husbands breathing in their bedroom. So much for not going anywhere, he mused silently to himself. He had put Severus back to bed despite his protests as soon as they Apparated back. Severus was exhausted, the magic and mind reading he'd done hadn't helped any. He still didn't know everything and it was beginning to annoy him. Then he remembered someone who could enlighten least he hoped so even if it was just certain things. Silently getting up, leaving the bedroom so he didn't disturb his husband. In just a few seconds he was in the living room.

"Dane?" Hayden whispered, running his hands through his hair in general annoyance.

"Yes sir?" House-elf immediately coming to his Master's call. Dane as happy as he was to have his Master back was extremely angry. He would never show it of course, but he was, if Master Hayden had trusted them, just let them know he could come back - they would have done it. Master Severus wouldn't have lost his children and he wouldn't have lost his brothers.

"What has happened the past sixteen years?" Hayden demanded his face set in a grim determined way as he sat down on the couch.

"What kind of information sir?" Dane asked subdued.

"What happened to my brother?" Hayden decided on that first and he wasn't concerned and definitely wasn't going to pretend to be.

"He was found out as a Death Eater sir, a year and a half after you died, he was sentenced to life in Azkaban. The Dark Lord Voldemort recently broke into Azkaban and released all his followers." Dane informed him, he hated Augustus the bad wizard had treated them like dirt.

"No surprise there, I'm surprised he didn't try and get out of it, claim he'd been under the Imperius Curse, he often spoke about doing just that." Hayden mused thoughtfully. "Do you know where he is?" asked Hayden after a few minutes of silence.

"He was imprisoned again after the battle of the Department of Mysteries." Dane explained.

"What happened in the Department of Mysteries?" Hayden gaped alarmed, how the hell had Voldemort managed to get in there? What had he wanted?

"They attacked Master Hadrian and Lady Harmony as well as their friends," Dane revealed.

"WHAT?!" Hayden shouted alarmed, his brother had dared harm his children? Oh he was dead; brother or not he was going down. "Find out where he is, right now." he said coldly. He knew Dane still had a connection to his brother; they were after all his Master's. He would be able to find them no matter where they were on earth. With the possible exception of being under the Fidelius Charm.

"He's in Azkaban sir," Dane told his Master not frightened of his temper. Hayden could get angry at people but he never lashed out.

Hayden grunted in frustration, he knew that, the House-Elf had told him. He meant where in Azkaban, Merlin that would be slightly tricky, but he'd been before, he knew the layout. Azkaban that would need to be the last thing on his list. Croaker, Monkstanley, Augustus and Bode were all going to die by his hands. His brother hadn't done anything to him admittedly, but he'd touched his children, nobody and nothing gets away with it. He'd allowed his soul to be sucked out for them for Merlin's sake; there was nothing he wouldn't do for them.

"That is all, thank you Dane." Hayden waved him away tiredly, not physically but mentally.

Dane popped away without another word.

Merlin he felt hungry again, and it's as if his body was making up for sixteen years without sustenance. How long would it last? How long was he going to have to endure this sickening hunger every hour? Was it always going to be this way? A price he would have to pay for coming back? He hadn't thought about consequences. He'd just been thinking about the possibility of coming back to his husband and then unborn children. Still consuming this much food…in what six maybe seven hours or so?

He would avenge his family no matter what it took. They would all pay for their actions over the years, and if it helped him feel better about the fact he hadn't been there for sixteen years…good.

"How are you feeling today?" Hayden asked as soon as he saw his son, who was passing through the library door. He'd been in there since four o'clock in the morning, going over his plans. He had plans for them all, none more than Albus Dumbledore. He'd told the old fool not to reveal who he was, but he had thought at least his friends, co-workers and fellow Unspeakables would do what they could to help him. He was first and foremost a spy for the Unspeakables, and fine they bloody well knew. He would tell Severus all information he garnered and Dumbledore would know it all, both departments knew what he was and they'd abandoned him. They'd abandoned his husband and his then unborn children, no he would ensure nobody ever went though such a thing again.

"Fine," Hadrian replied almost defensively as he stood in the doorway looking extremely awkward, his black eyes filled with something Hayden couldn't identify.

"Come in, please." Hayden asked, desperate to know his children better.

Hadrian looked down the corridor as if he wanted to bolt, but reluctantly entered the room, taking a seat next to his father. Why did he feel so awkward beside him? Was it because he was a full vampire? Or because he was a stranger? He wasn't a stranger though was he? This man was his father…he didn't feel this awkward beside his dad.

"You don't need to be so nervous, I'm not about to bite," Hayden teased his son. Watching him grin in amusement and actually relax in the chair. Merlin he looked like Severus when he grinned, which was rare perhaps it was going to be the same with his son.

"Do you sleep?" Hadrian finally spoke.

"No, I haven't slept since I was a young teenager." Hayden admitted his lips quirking enjoyment; it was nice talking to his son no matter what the subject matter was. "You probably won't need it if you embrace your vampire form completely." well perhaps this wasn't going to be difficult after all, hopefully his son realized what he said last night…might have been true but he'd never purposely hurt him. Unfortunately no matter what they thought, Hadrian and Harmony had grown up without them - with their kidnappers.

"What does that mean?" Hadrian asked frowning; did he mean to imply he didn't embrace what he was? That he was ashamed of being a vampire? Because Hadrian knew he wasn't, he had long ago stopped giving a crap about what people thought.

"You still have…human qualities and they will remain as long as you never drink blood." Hayden explained softly, touching his son's hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. "At least that's why I think you are still sleeping, having the ability to eat and feeling things as a human does." He didn't bother explaining that his first assumption implied that they wouldn't sleep. He was learning new things, it didn't bother him as much as the fact he had been an absent parent, although not by choice, for sixteen years.

"How do you feel different?" Hadrian questioned his eyebrow quirking in slight confusion.

Hayden bit his tongue, dear Merlin it really was like spending time with Sev again when they were at Hogwarts. Although there was rarely any subjects he didn't know, there were enough for him to quirk his eyebrow like that and it had been cute. Their son and daughter should have been raised by them both, or at the very least Sev. What would his kids be like if they'd grown up with their dad? Would they be fully vampire having long ago accepted what they were? He strongly suspected when they did feed, their human qualities would recede. He wished he could know for certain, but he would never push his kids into doing something they didn't feel one hundred percent confident about. Who knows? Maybe one day he would actually get a chance to confirm or deny his suspicions.

"Vampires feel things more deeply, mostly because we cannot forget anything, human memories fade given time, and it's why you cannot remember anything from the age of one to perhaps five depending on how good your human memory is." Hayden told him in explanation. "Although we have really good control of our emotions unless it comes to family, our mates and blood lust.

The first thing Hadrian realized was that his dad was extremely smart, both of them were and Harmony had received that. He was nowhere near as academic as any of them. It would have made him feel inferior but his dad knew how he was and had accepted him, he'd taught him for years, so if anyone knew it was him. He was powerful, and he could figure stuff out when he put his mind to it, if he'd been raised like Mione he would be like her. She constantly strived for acceptance and love, with doctor (even if just dentists) adopted parents, even illegally, it would have made her more frantic to please everyone. "Oh," Hadrian uttered quietly. He wasn't sure what to say now, in fact the awkwardness was returning.

"I can give you the books if you like, they are in my room right now but once your dad has woken up I'll give you them." Hayden chuckling wryly as he added. "You'll find it much more informative than I can be."

"You did alright," Hadrian insisted. It was odd, when his dad spoke; his own mind compared himself and Mione. Harmony had a much more sophisticated manner in speaking, although it could have been a girl thing but his dad wasn't a girl so that nixed his idea. "Thank you." he added, it couldn't hurt knowing more about himself and not having to rely on Mione for information.

"For once, unlike your father, I get extremely tongue tied, or at least I used to." Hayden admitted. Being with his son was bringing the past up a lot more than he usually thought about it. When he was younger he did get tongue tied, but as a vampire it was impossible really. Your mind was so far ahead of you speech, it was next to impossible to say anything you didn't wholeheartedly mean.

Hadrian grinned he didn't think he'd ever been tongue tied.

"May I ask what you have done about Dumbledore?" Hayden hesitantly asked his voice and eyes changing just mentioning the old fool's name. Thankfully Hadrian understood that desire, and did not get worried by the change. He hated Dumbledore more than anything else in the world, even Voldemort.

"What do you mean, what I have done about him?" Hadrian enquired cautiously. Did that mean his dad and father actually had plans for the bastard who had stolen him and his sister?

"Severus implied you may have done something or had something planned." Hayden replied grimly.

"Nothing," Hadrian admitted his black eyes glinting coldly. "I wish I could do what I want to though."

"Which is what?" Hayden asked scooting his chair forward giving his son his undivided attention.

"To suffer like me made us suffer for the past sixteen years." Hadrian stated harshly, his nostrils flaring as his anger surfaced.

"Are you packing in here?" Severus asked, entering the room only to find that nothing was packed here yet, they'd been here longer than he wanted, tonight would be two whole days - he wanted them in America ASAP.

"Should you be up yet?" Hayden said standing up in concern; Severus had practically passed out on him for Merlin's sake. His husband brushed off his concern and took a seat beside Hadrian, obviously deeply concerned about their son.

"I'm fine," Severus murmured quietly, knowing he didn't need to shout because they were both fantastic at hearing.

"So?" Hayden asked prompting his son to talk. "How would you make him suffer?"

"Let everyone know what he's done, destroy his reputation, have his awards removed, his positions taken from him." Hadrian said, "It's not enough," Hadrian added hissing darkly shaking his head, he wanted revenge, and he wanted him to feel what he had over the past sixteen years physically he wanted him to actually feel the most agonising pain one could possibly feel.

"I know," Severus admitted he really did since all of them felt the same way. "Whatever you want to do, get it done quickly, we're leaving."

"Why are you so determined for us to leave?" Hayden asked in surprise, perhaps he wouldn't need to convince them.

"To keep us safe," Severus stated firmly.

"The manor will keep us safe," Hayden said, for now at least, however he agreed they would be leaving, he just needed time to enact his revenge on those who had harmed his family by keeping their mouths shut and betraying him.

"Yes, just like it kept our children safe sixteen years ago." Severus snarled furiously, his robes billowing around him in a reminiscent fashion of leaving the Potions classroom he was gone. He wanted away from this Manor especially before Dumbledore damn well found out they knew. Which hadn't happened yet, he would know thanks to a loyal portrait who would inform him the second he figures it out. He wasn't risking his children's life again, he absolutely refused.

Hayden swore under his breath, feeling like an utter idiot, giving Hadrian a sheepish look the father of two left the library in search for his husband and the carrier of his children. His husband had gotten the wrong end of the stick, but perhaps he should have refrained from saying the manor was safe when it was evidently not.

"Harry, what happened?" Harmony asked, peeking around the door. She'd just seen her dad stomp off, looking more furious than she'd ever seen him before. Considering the animosity between 'Harry Potter' and 'Severus Snape' she'd seen all manner of looks on his face. Never one this dark or furious, hopefully Hadrian hadn't made him too angry.

"Dad wants to leave as soon as possible," Hadrian informed her quietly, looking at the book his father had been looking at. "Then father asked why he was so determined to leave, the clincher was saying the manor was safe."

"It will take time; sixteen years haven't gone by for him." Harmony sighed sadly.

"But it isn't for dad," Hadrian nodded, understanding.

"No, no its not." Harmony conceded, and it was probably worse for their dad, he'd lived with the knowledge for sixteen years. Hayden had just come in to the picture and his children were in his life. He hadn't lived with the fear and anger their dad had. She couldn't even imagine how it felt to lose your children, but it certainly explained his sour disposition that's for sure. She wondered when they were leaving? "We are taking the books aren't we?"

Hadrian burst out laughing, chortling in amusement for a few moments afterwards.

"It's not funny," Harmony insisted hands on her hips as she stared down at her brother.

Which just caused the teenager to peel out more laughter, as he stared at her.

"Hadrian!" Harmony admonished shaking her head. "Help me start packing!"

"Do you know if we drink blood we might stop sleeping and eating?" Hadrian queried changing the subject immediately, causing Harmony to take a seat, her bid to pack all the books temporarily forgotten.

"It's in fathers notes, but he's not completely sure it's just pure speculation at this point." Harmony nodded, she had read all his notes even after finding the potion.

"Oh Severus stop being such a drama queen!" was heard by both of the twins.

Staring at each other smothering their amusement, they doubted very much many people ever spoke back to Severus…to their dad.

Harmony frowned she couldn't hear anything; one of them must have put up silencing spells.

"Are you hungry?" Harmony enquired after a few minutes.

"Yes," Hadrian nodding then asking, "You?"

"A little bit, come on lets get something to eat." Harmony insisted. "Afterwards you're helping me pack in here." she absolutely refused to leave without all these books. They were hers as well after all, and if she had to argue her point she would.

Sniggering softly, he had known she would want to pack this place up and take it with her. This brought him back to his thoughts about moving. Hadrian wondered where they'd end up; he'd said America but America was a big place. The speed was very handy to have; they must have had similar thoughts as they grinned at each other.

"I have no idea, probably somewhere secluded and quiet." Harmony suggested thoughtfully, "Like Alaska."

"I hope not, I hate snow." Hadrian shuddered, mostly because the Dursley's liked to keep him locked outside in it.

"I'm sure they'll listen to our input." Harmony insisted, at least she hoped they did at any rate. Sitting down they both thanked Dane when he brought their breakfast through.

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