My Dark Hunter

Chapter 9

Concerns & Gringotts

Albus made his way down to Severus' classroom; more often than not he got caught up in a potion. He would forget to come out for days at a time. Opening the door, still puzzled by the attack on Minerva, why just petrify her? Not that he had wanted anything worse, but it was rather disconcerting really. Looking around he noticed that Severus wasn't in the classroom, not that he thought he would be. He was most likely in his personal lab. Making his way through, not really paying much attention, his thoughts still on Minerva and her attack he was truly perplexed about it.

What did bring him out was the lack of things in the personal lab once he reached it. The cauldrons and other implements he used for brewing. Severus didn't usually leave for the holidays without telling him, he had admittedly been busy. If he had looked, he would have seen both the school cupboard and his personal cupboards were empty of potions as well, something that never got moved.

The urge to cast a message Patronus was strong, but he dared not, especially in case

Severus was at a Death Eater meeting. Stalking through the halls, he veered off towards the closest Floo network he had and shouted in his destination. Not three minutes later, he stepped foot out at Spinners End, he hadn't been here for a long time. He wasn't sure how it was meant to look, but he was pretty sure it shouldn't be this empty. There wasn't even a bite to eat in the house, evidently Severus hadn't left Hogwarts and came here. The only other conclusion was he was attending a Death Eater meeting. He'd given him a few days, and if he didn't get in touch he would send a Patronus message.

The suspicion continued to churn in his gut, but since he was always suspicious of everything, he didn't think much of it.

With no Floo powder he had no other choice but to Apparate from Spinners End to Hogwarts.

"Hadrian! Hadrian!" Harmony said shaking at her brother, needlessly since he stirred and sat up ramrod straight before she said his name a second time. Harmony observed that he was picking up non human traits; they would need to watch themselves. They were stiller than normal people, didn't have to breathe as often she'd tried holding her breath to see how long, it had been that long that she had actually gotten bored.

"What's wrong?" Hadrian mumbled flipping the covers off, not feeling a chill like he normally would.

"It's passed ten o'clock," Harmony told him.

"Mione…is it wrong to not care what happens to everyone now?" Hadrian pondered thoughtfully.

Harmony sat down on the bed next to Hadrian, she'd known this would happen sooner or later. Hadrian was one of the most selfless people she knew; even turning into his true form hadn't changed that. "Harry you heard…dad." she said, Merlin she would never get used to that, but he was her father so she had better get used to it. If for no other reason than for Harry, who was so desperate for a family of his own. "They defied Voldemort more than three times, the prophecy isn't about you. So someone will destroy him, you are free to live your own life. That's if the prophecy is even true, we cannot trust anything Dumbledore has said or done."

"Maybe," Hadrian mused, it was true, out of everything he was absolutely sure about - they couldn't trust Dumbledore.

"Don't you feel any different?" Harmony wondered, she did, and she no longer had much of a conscience for people who let her down or lied to her. Look at the way she'd treated the people who had raised her, yet she felt no guilt. Why did Harry still feel that way if it was the case? Were they that different?

"Different?" Hadrian echoed staring at his twin sister, still awed that he looked so different. Just staring at Mione made him feel giddy inside. He was a new person, no longer James Potter's clone; he was free to live his life. Which of course then made him dwell on Ron and everyone else at Hogwarts.

"Emotionally, how do you feel when you think of Dumbledore?" Harmony questioned.

"I want to kill him, drain him dry then rip him to pieces." Hadrian informed her bluntly.

"Okay, so why do you feel bad about everyone else? Think about it this way Harry, remember first year when you lost all those points? Or when they thought you opened the chamber? Or better yet what happened during the tri-wizard tournament? They kept turning their back on you…does it make you feel better about leaving?" Harmony suggested.

"Actually yes," Hadrian muttered surprised. He felt as though they were having two different conversations. He wanted a family, more than he wanted to attend Hogwarts or anything like that - he would follow them everywhere even to the end of the world. "Aren't you going to miss Ron?"

"He'll survive, I'm sure Neville and Dean will befriend him." Harmony answered hastily.

Hadrian stared at her baffled, yes; he was truly beginning to think they were having different conversations. "Huh?"

"Hadrian, the only reason I put up with him was because he was your best friend." Harmony confessed.

"What?!" Hadrian shouted in surprise his eyes wide.

"We argued more than we were friends Hadrian." Harmony told him feeling guilty. Maybe she shouldn't have said anything, but nothing could be done now. She and Ron were just so different; most of the times she thought he only used her for his homework. He was just so lazy, and encouraged everyone around him to be the same, and the way he ate, oh it was awful - he ate like a pig. The only thing keeping the trio together had been Harry, and she was half convinced Ron was only friends with Harry because he was the 'Boy who lived'. Of course she'd never dare say it, not back then and certainly not now. She'd always been protective of him; this knew knowledge made her even more protective.

"Me and Ron argue too," Harry pointed out still confused by the fact Harmony was quick to denounce Ron as a friend. Sure they had argued, how had he failed to see this? They'd been friends for so long…or so he thought. Had she truly only put up with Ron for him? If that was the case why did she stay out of it when their friendship had broken down in fourth year?

"I know you did, every time you needed him the most. It was always jealousy on his part that caused it." Harmony stated. Harry deserved better, but again she wouldn't say anything, just let Harry come to the conclusion himself.

"I know, I never understood his jealousy, I'd have given up everything just to be him for a year." Hadrian admitted. Not anymore, although Severus Snape was no Molly Weasley, but it was a good thing really, Molly was very overbearing. Just a few weeks of her company was a lot to take - and he was only a guest.

"I know Harry; you were so different I'm surprised you both remained friends so long." Harmony said in understanding. "You both have such different dreams, and wishes. Look at the mirror incident, he saw himself as Gryffindor Quidditch captain, head boy. You on the other hand saw your adopted parents."

Hadrian nodded, "Yeah." he admitted that was true.

"Come on I'm starving," Harmony urged she hadn't eaten properly since coming here.

"Where do you think we are moving?" Hadrian wondered he was under no illusions he'd be returning to Hogwarts. So it meant he'd either be home schooled, or teaching himself somewhere. At least he was legally a wizard since he'd taken his O.W.L's. They couldn't take away his wand and snap it.

"That's something you'll have to ask…dad." Harmony admitted, oh boy, would it get any easier to say? She sort of wished this had happened earlier, it would have been much easier to deal with.

"You are happy aren't you?" Hadrian asked sliding off the bed still dressed in his clothes from yesterday.

"At what happened? No. But I will be everything's changed so quickly. People I cared about hurt me deeply, and a man I respected and even used against you is nothing but a rotten disgusting kidnapper." Harmony admitted bitterly, she'd always stuck up for teachers, even her own father much to her consternation. The times she'd through Dumbledore had been doing the right thing made her want to be sick. Defended him against her brother! Even if she didn't know it at the time.

"Do you really think dad will let it go?" Hadrian questioned closing the door when Harmony left the room. They wandered down the corridor and stairs trying to find the living room or kitchen.

"If he didn't have us then he wouldn't have let it go, but having children does change people," Harmony replied thoughtfully, which was evident, they hadn't seen Severus, their dad, sneer once at them since they came here. It could come, but it would only be when he was exasperated she'd bet. "We don't know him well enough to say for sure though."

"Not everyone," Hadrian muttered, thinking about the Dursley's, they'd loved Dudley but him, they'd despised for fourteen years.

"No, not everyone." Harmony said in agreement, thinking of her adopted parents. Opening the door to the living room, they walked through and into the dining room where the smell was coming from. Their dad was already there sitting at the table she noticed.

"Good, you're up. Did you sleep well?" Severus asked them, rolling up his newspaper gazing at them. He felt a little awkward, but he had every right to be. They may be his children, but they were grown up, had grown up without him. It would take a while for them to be truly comfortable together. Sleep well, he'd only ever said that to them a dozen times, mostly when they were just born and slept the majority of the time.

"Yes," Harmony and Hadrian replied in unison, sitting down almost as one much to Severus' amusement.

"Good, eat up, we are going to Gringotts after," Severus revealed, plating up breakfast for all three of them before digging in.

"Why are we going to Gringotts?" Hadrian asked curiously, his stomach grumbled at the sight of the food in front of him.

"We cannot stay here," Severus told him immediately, still unsure how his kids felt about being uprooted, but it was better than the alternative. If Dumbledore found them then that was it, he'd probably be killed and his kids would forget what they found out. "I'm taking our money out and converting it Muggle money."

"Where are we going?" Harmony then asked curiously.

"I am not one hundred percent certain," Severus confessed, but one thing was for certain, it would be an English speaking country. "Eat." He added.

Hadrian ate everything on his plate, much to his surprise. He usually took ages to begin eating a full meal after being with the Dursley's. Harmony knew that his stomach had expanded to a normal size, the beauty of turning into a half vampire. Vampires were considered 'perfect' creatures, anything broken or not quite right were fixed. Although it wasn't a miracle worker, it couldn't turn the most disadvantaged looking person into a complete sweetheart though.

"Had enough?" Severus said.

Both nodded that they had.

"Alright, stand up, come here." Severus asked of them, flicking his wand and changing their looks, before doing the same to himself. "Hold on, we are going to Apparate to Gringotts." it got them further than going by Portkey or Floo. He wanted to get as close as possible, the less time they spent in the open the better. Nothing was in the newspaper, but then again, he didn't expect anything to be. Dumbledore would simply call the Order and manipulate them into believing he was really working for the Dark Lord. That he had kidnapped them and holding them against their will.

Severus wrapped his magic around them, then Apparated to the steps of Gringotts. Nobody spared them a second glance, and that's what Severus had planned. Looking around the alley, looking at the spots he knew the Order frequently choose to stand. Nothing was out of the ordinary, ushering them in, keeping them safe in front, if anything should happen. They waited five minutes in the line to see a goblin and that was with all their counters open.

"Can I help you?" Griphook grumbled from the counter.

"I'd like to speak to my account manager," Severus demanded curtly, aware that the goblin knew exactly who they were.

Shouting in Gobbledegook to a guard, "Took will show you the way," said Griphook; it was far too busy for him to leave.

"Come," Severus urged his children, following the Goblin who knocked on the door again speaking in Gobbledygook; honestly it was at the height of ignorance to speak another language they didn't understand.

"How can I help you today, Mr. Snape?" Rooknik

"Did dad take on the Snape name?" Harmony questioned finding it difficult to believe. Purebloods were so proud of their names, to choose a Muggle name over his line would result in immediately being disowned unless the parents had been dead before the wedding.

"No, we hyphenated our names. We became Rookwood-Snape." Severus revealed quietly, unable to hide his anguish at just talking about his husband.

"I'd like to withdraw all my money, and convert it to Muggle notes." Severus ordered, once he got himself under control. He could see his children were awkward, not sure what to do and he hated himself for putting them in that situation. He was the adult damn it, it was his purpose in life to help and comfort them, not the other way around. He vowed there and then to stop being emotional, if only it was that simple. He'd avoided thinking on his husband for years, because it led to thoughts about his children. Ironically when Harry came to Hogwarts he'd thought more on then than ever, hating them for their names and the fact they were alive and had families where he couldn't have his.

"Pounds, it's pounds," Harmony corrected.

"Indeed," Severus replied wryly, sarcasm bleeding through.

Harmony glared but inevitably just rolled her eyes, she had admittedly brought that on herself. The Snape name was a Muggle name admittedly, but there was no saying that her dad had been brought up in the Muggle world.

"I see what about the properties?" Rooknik enquired, saddened that they would lose the Rookwood-Snape account but there was little they could do about it.

"They remain as they are," Severus replied curtly, it would continue a steady income even if they weren't in the magical world. There was a chance they may come back one day, or at least his children.

"Very well," Rooknik in understanding. "Both the Snape and Rookwood vaults?"

"Yes," Severus replied a sly smirk spreading across his face, now that's how you get to Augustus Rookwood. He'd hurt his daughter last month, now he would find himself without anything. "I want the vaults inaccessible to all but myself, Hadrian Rookwood and Harmony Rookwood."

"It will be done," Rooknik stated. Hayden Rookwood had been the first born, the heir to the fortune. When he died it had gone to his husband (Severus Snape-Rookwood), but the second son (Augustus Rookwood) still had access until now that is. "Are you sure you wouldn't prefer it transferred into a bank account?"

"No," Severus denied immediately. Things like that could be tracked and it was the last thing he wanted, especially when Dumbledore found out.

"Very well, Griphook will have the money ready for you in five minutes if you'd like to wait," Rooknik replied. "Unless there is something else I can do for you?"

"What about the Potter fortune? What happens to that? It won't go to the Ministry will it?" Hadrian asked the Goblin alarmed; the thought of them getting the money turned his stomach. He held no ill will towards Lily and James; they'd been tricked just as much as him. He was grateful to that, he wouldn't have been able to stand it if he, like Harmony had parents who willingly took him from his dad.

"Albus Dumbledore is in charge of the Potter fortune as your magical guardian." Rooknik informed him.

"Didn't that fall to my godfather?" Hadrian queried.

"Let me guess, he got charge of it right after Black was put in Azkaban?" Severus uttered bluntly.

"The very same day," Rooknik admitted hiding his surprise.

"You don't think…" Harmony gaped looking infuriated. She was sick of hearing things Dumbledore had done to make everything go his way. She wanted to think surely he wouldn't put an innocent man in Azkaban, but was that any different to kidnapping two children? Kidnapping an heir, especially the only heir to a pureblood family was punishable by the Dementors kiss.

"After what I've learned it's not the worst." Severus said. No his children being taken was worse than anything Dumbledore had done to Black and only because it was his kids. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact he hated Black. Black had risked his life to save his son; perhaps it was time to let the past lie.

"He did trust him with just my word," Hadrian revealed tiredly, "He really is disgusting isn't he? We can't let him hurt anyone else."

"He is," Severus in complete agreement.

"Has he touched the money?" Hadrian questioned, speaking to the goblin again.

"Yes," Rooknik answered after a few moments of flipping through his drawer and taking one a folder and passing one piece of parchment in Hadrian's direction. As the adopted child he still had control of the vaults, they were his unless James Potter had an illegitimate heir. Which of course he didn't, no he had died without a child, so Harry was the sole heir to the Potter fortune by adoption.

"He's removed a lot more than I have!" Hadrian exclaimed furiously. "I want to take it all, bar anyone even him from getting access to my vaults! I don't need a magical guardian I have a father! My biological father…"

"I assume you wish to remove the Black money as well?" Rooknik sighed looking pained. Gringotts was loosing a lot of business, at least they weren't drained and closed that would have been a kick in the balls.

"Sirius left me money?" Hadrian whispered painfully wincing at the feeling in his chest.

"He named you heir," Rooknik informed him, surprised by the reaction. It was a new one for certain, anyone usually informed that they had a substantial fortune usually were smug and satisfied about it.

"I suggest you leave it, the Potter money is enough to live on, you never know, one day we might return." Severus suggested.

"Alright, but I don't want anyone getting access to it." Hadrian said in warning.

"It will be done," Rooknik told him immediately grateful that more heir vaults weren't going to be drained.

"Alright." Hadrian replied in agreement.

"Does that mean Dumbledore will find out?" Harmony wondered.

"When he attempts to take money he will enquire," Rooknik answered. "As the executor he has a right to know what became of the money."

"Right," Hadrian uttered in disgust. "Let me know immediately when he does."

"We will," Rooknik stated immediately.

"I'm sure the money is ready, let's go." Severus spoke loudly; he didn't want to stay out in the open to long. It was just asking for trouble in his opinion.

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