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This is my first Supernatural fan-fic and I'm really excited.

You guys are probably thinking I'm obessed with alpha and omega verse but I think it's pretty cool and funny.

Plus smut. (not ashamed)

Anyways, I swear there is plot to this, it's coming more and more into later chapters alongside several other things.

I may take a while updating consider I now have school and writing's a bitch.

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Castiel held onto his bag as he walked into Richmoore.

It was his first day here.
Castiel was a beta, going into his university for the first time ever. He had his backpack slung over his shoulder, his right hand clutching the fabric between his fingers in nervousness. Castiel was a little worried, and had a right to be. Richmoore was full of alphas and very few omegas. He was lucky enough to get in as a beta, working hard on a scholarship.

Richmoore was actually a very prestigious school. However, most alphas got in for sports or their abilities to boss people around (business and such), and very few omegas were willing to attend due to that. Richmoore was happy to take Castiel, helping lower the stereotype that it had become an alpha only school. He wasn't too excited to be around a bunch of over-prided alphas, if he were to be honest.

Castiel opened the door to his dorm room, stepping in cautiously and eyeing the furniture before him. There was only one bed, the mattress lying alongside the wall and the covers tucked neatly in the sides. Castiel sighed.

He had been worrying he'd have to share a dorm with an alpha or something, and he just wasn't comfortable enough for that. He began unpacking, putting his belongings away and throwing himself onto the bed when he was done. Castiel took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
Then, there was a knock on his door.

"Hello?" Castiel said, the door opening to a tall, brown-haired guy.

"Hi, my name is Sam Winchester, I'm in the dorm next to yours- I understand you're a beta?"

Castiel held and internal grimace, of course people would bother him with his gender, "Yes, I am. My name is Castiel Novak."

Sam smiled, "Nice to meet you Castiel. I just wanted to tell you that you don't have to feel really off put here- I'm a beta too."

"Really?" Castiel said, his interest peaking, "I thought you were an alpha."

"Fair assumption to be honest." Sam just shrugged and grinned.

They talked for a little while, Cas feeling the knots in his stomach unwinding as Sam continued discussing what being a beta at Richmoore was like. He understood Castiel's worries and fears, and even answered a few of the other betas questions.

"Well, it was nice talking to you Castiel, I'm off to see my brother."


Sam nodded, "Yeah, older. His name's Dean. You might like him if you meet him- which more than likely might happen considering we visit each other everyday practically."

Castiel understood, "I can't wait to meet him."

Castiel's new beta friend said goodbye, leaving Castiel to shut his door and finally get a moments peace. He was happy, at least, to know someone else was understanding what he was going through. It was nice, knowing that beside him, Sam was feeling the same doubt and fear that plagued Castiel. He thought about the tall beta, and then started to wonder about Dean.

Was Dean a beta too? Surely Sam would have mentioned that, seeming his whole reason for showing at Castiel's doorstep was to comfort him in the knowledge he too, was a beta. Maybe Dean was an omega, then. Castiel thought of a much shorter, leaner version of Sam. Probably shy, didn't like talking much. Most omegas were introverted and quiet- but for good reason. Dean would probably only talk to Sam and hang around as the betas just chatted.

He'd have to meet this Dean Winchester. Just to satisfy his curiosity.

Dean was underneath his favorite school assignment ever- the Impala.

He was in auto right now, and would be the whole day. Dean liked it that way. His baby was above him, the loose bolts on her underside screaming at Dean to fix them. The Impala was Dean's pride, buying the actual frame and parts himself- and he was putting the darling back together.

What would make the situation better would either be having Sam to chat with, or apple pie.

"Hey, Dean!"

Speak of the devil.

Dean pulled himself from under his baby, smiling at his younger brother, "Sup bitch."


Dean smiled as he stood up, wiping the grease and oil on his old jeans, "What are you doing here? I didn't think you'd be out of law by ten."

Sam shrugged, holding out a bag, "I get out at nine, dude, catch up. I brought you a small pie."

Dean smiled, his brother always knew him best.

"So, it seems I'm not the only beta at Richmoore now."

Dean took a bite of the small pie. Apple, perfect, "Really? You're not the only regular around anymore?"

"Nope! Guy, next door to mine. I said hi to him before I came over here."

"Aww, little Sammy's making friends!" Dean cooed.

Sam punched him in the shoulder, "Shut up! I just wanted to let him know that I was the same as him. No offense, but you guys can sometimes be daunting."

Dean set his pie down, wiping the crumbs on his jeans alongside the car gunk, "Sorry, can't help my gender as much as you can."

"You know that's not what I meant..." Sam rolled his eyes, throwing his famous bitch face at his brother, "Anyways, his name is Castiel."

"Castiel, what kind of name is that?"

Sam took a sip of the beer he had brought along in the bag, "I think it has to do with angels or something like... Thursday."

Dean swigged some of his beer beside Sam, washing down the rest of his pie, "Angels? Seems a little invested to name your kid after one..."

"We're named after our grandparents."

"Shut up, bitch."

Sam chuckled, "Jerk."

The two continued to lean on the unfinished Impala, slowly working away at their beers. Dean enjoyed that Sam shared the need to have a quiet moment within the day. No talking, just listening and maybe thinking about the massive world they were standing on. It was nice, and Dean wished he could spend his whole life sharing these kind of moments with his brother- however chick flick that might be.

The rest of the bottle ran down Dean's throat, earning a satisfied breath. If Dean could afford it, he'd have beer every day for the rest of his life. He just stood silently on his baby waiting for Sam to finish his bottle.

"How's your classes going?"

Sam swallowed, setting his empty glass aside next to Dean's, "Alright I suppose. It's not too hard- just a little confusing right now. There's so many charges with murder- did you know that?"

"Well," Dean chuckled, "I guess it's in the details."

Sam muttered something, Dean smiling at the fact his brother was beginning to get cold feet in his "dream job".

"Who's that?"

Dean's attention moved to Sam, pointing towards someone walking off in the distance, "Uhh, I don't know. If you're so interested why don't you ask?"

"Dean, shut up. The reason why I'm asking is because he's in my class. He never speaks, just sits there the whole time- doing nothing."

"From seven to nine?"

Sam nodded, "From seven to nine."

Dean watched as the unknown classmate of Sam's walked along the sidewalk. His hands were in his pockets, and he seemed to be whistling. His hair was around Sam's length, except slicked back and more of an amber color. Even from this distance Dean could tell the dude was an alpha.

Just by the way he walked he could tell. The straight spine, shoulders set in a certain way. The man's hip movements as he walked- subconsciously alpha. Dean would know, because he did it. He seemed a little familiar to Dean.

"I think I've seen him. He's an alpha so, there's a chance."

Sam tilted his head, brows raising in confusion, "Really?"

"I think he was in auto with me. I remember someone pissing off the teacher really bad. They got moved out of it. Besides, all alphas just know each other-" Dean taking in Sam's doubting look, "we just do, okay!?"

Sam smirked, chuckling lightly, "Mhmm, sure Dean. You go with that."

Dean just glared at his brother. He could sometimes be a little ass about some things- but Dean somehow still loved the sasquatch.

Castiel stepped out of the shower, rubbing the towel over his dripping hair and setting his feet on the floor. Steam bellowed out around him, clinging to his skin and making droplets than ran down to his legs. Castiel quickly dried off, feeling as though he was swimming through a cloud.

Even though Sam's little introduction was at least a few hours ago by now, Castiel still had it fresh on his mind. By that really, it was Dean. Castiel was really looking forward to meeting him, his anticipation building up as he just kept thinking about it. He pictured Dean with maybe dark hair like his- black and maybe a little longer, shaggier. Grey eyes, more than likely wearing a t-shirt making a reference to some TV show Castiel never cared to watch. Just a tiny, omega version of Dean.

After all, most families who produced betas gave out omegas. Alphas rarely ever conceived in those kind of situations. Castiel was in a family like that- in a way. His parents producing many alphas and several betas. Including Castiel. The chances of him being an omega were slim to none in his genetics case. Dean was positively an omega- or beta. If he wasn't, then Castiel would be surprised, a random gender like that was never really seen. Only several a couple of decades.

Castiel threw on his favorite t-shirt to sleep in. A faded Batman symbol on it, worn away by so many washes and being in his possessions for years. Castiel settled into his bed, drained from having drove several hours to Richmoore on the highway. He let his eyes drift shut softly, his breaths evening.


When Castiel awoke, it was to a knocking at his door. He looked towards his clock, reading three in the morning. The beta groaned, pulling his still sleepy body off of his mattress and shuffling to the door. When he opened it, Sam and someone else was standing outside.

The man next to Sam was literally almost the same height as him- Sam exceeding by a few more inches. He was taught, his muscles showing underneath his black shirt and green jacket. His hair was around Sam's color, just a little lighter and whole lot shorter. He smiled, his white teeth greeting Castiel who probably looked like hell right now. The green eyes connected with Castiel's.

"Sorry for the late call Castiel, we're just locked out of my room right now."

"Locked?" Castiel said, his voice rough and still coated with drowsiness.

Sam nodded, the man just staying silent beside him, "My key broke off in the lock and the guy says he's going to be here in an hour. It's pouring rain outside and it's freezing."

Castiel nodded, hearing the droplets past his doorway. He stood back a little bit, the two hurrying inside.

"So," the other man said, "you must be Castiel."

He nodded, "Yeah, you are..."

"Dean Winchester."

Castiel took a few seconds in his head to process this new information. This was Dean. Dean, the one he'd been drawing out in his mind like a fine toothed comb. Dean, who looked and sounded nothing like he'd pictured him to be. Not one bit. His stature didn't fit the omega- which Castiel's mind was prominent on- criteria. In fact, he seemed to be screaming alpha at Castiel.

"You're an alpha?"

Dean nodded, "Yep! Sammy here told me you were a beta like him too."

"I am... But how- I thought it was damn near impossible for a family who produced betas to make alphas."

"Should be-" Dean said, starting to laugh a little, "I just tend to beat the norms a lot. That bother you or somethin'?"

Castiel smiled, "It's okay. I was just a little surprised is all."

Sam walked over to Castiel's bathroom, "Mind if I use a towel, my hair's dripping."

"Sure go ahead, clean ones are under the sink to the left."

Sam left, leaving Dean and Castiel in the room by themselves. For a few fleeting moments, Castiel took a moment to think. Dean was an alpha apparently. Something in Castiel just found that a little odd, a feeling growing in him. He suspected it was maybe thinking Dean was something he was the complete opposite of- even if Castiel thought he was a beta. Everything about him was alpha, and Castiel remembered the vague creation of Dean Winchester before he met the actual thing. He was so off.

"Cas," Dean said, the beta snapping to attention, "is that a Batman t-shirt?"

Cas nodded, "Yea umm... It's been my favorite as a kid. He's my favorite out of any comic book character."

Dean nodded, smiling wider, "Awesome dude! I love Batman! What isn't cool about owning lots of money and getting to blow shit up?"

"I can't argue with that..." Cas chuckled, "But that's not really the reason why he's my favorite."

"It isn't?" Dean raised a brow.

Castiel shrugged, "He became something people never expected him to be. Besides, I think grappling around a city during the night wearing a cape is pretty cool."

Dean smiled, Cas returning the facial expression in a genuine moment.

Sam came back in, his hands rubbing the towel over his head and collecting the worst of the rainwater.

"You guys have a fun chat?" He asked, and the two nodded.

They talked for a while longer, Sam asking Cas what classes he was taking. It was art and a free-lance writing course, something Castiel was really looking forward to. He talked about his love to write random tid-bits of stories, to take his pencil and sketch out the nearest person. Castiel even pulled his sketchbook out and handed it over to Dean and Sam. The brothers seemed impressed with even the scribbles.

"Wow Cas," Dean said, staring at the pages before him, "this is really good!"

Cas just smiled slightly, "It was a past time in classes. I'd get bored, so I'd draw."

"You must have been bored quite often then..." Sam said, his eyes still drifting over the pencil marks on the pages.

"I never said I liked all classes did I?"

The brothers chuckled, flipping a few more times through the book before returning it to Castiel who spoke up, "So, what classes are you guys taking?"

Sam went first, "I'm taking classes on being a lawyer and then some on chemistry and such. I have variations sometimes."

"You see, Sammy here like to get his brain even fuller than meant to be."

Dean got a punch in the shoulder from Sam, his body not even moving at the blow.

Dean just rolled his eyes playfully, "Anyways, I take auto and culinary. I don't do sports- too much for me to deal with."

"How so?" Castiel asked.

"Alphas are very competitive. Lose one game and they'll be in you face about it, win one and they'll be in your face. Games get pretty intense sometimes- and there can be fights."

Castiel nodded, "That's understandable. I just don't like sports in general. I find them confusing and pointless."

Dean chuckled and Sam smiled.

The conversation ensued. Castiel was pretty happy, even though woken up at such a god awful hour, but he didn't have classes till tomorrow so it was fine. Dean was going on about culinary, joking about how the teacher always looked forward to pie day. Apparently, Dean made kick-ass pies.

"What's your favorite pie flavor, Cas?" Dean asked, a smile wide on his face.

Castiel thought for a moment, "Uhh- apple, I think."

Dean's face lit up even more, "Really!? That's awesome dude- that's my favorite flavor!"

"Yeah," Cas laughed, "I remember having it a few times when I was a kid."

Other than that, Sam and Dean did most of the talking. Castiel was happy to just snuggle in his blankets. A few short minutes later, the locksmith showed up and the brothers took their leave. Cas held the door open to Dean and Sam, saying goodbye and shut his door. The beta smiled to himself.

Dean was actually surprised with Cas. He wasn't what he pictured at all. When he opened the door, he was sure that it was an alpha opening the door. Castiel just seemed to radiate confidence and intelligence- only to surprise Dean even more when he took in his scent. Beta.

Cas was a little shorter than him, his raven black hair swooped and messy from just being in bed. His voice as soon as he talked to him was rough with sleep. Dean thought it suited him. The alpha seemed to really enjoy the beta, sharing a common interest in Batman and pies. This for Dean, was the sign of a very promising friendship.

"Thank god there's a twenty-four hour locksmith here in town or we'd have to spend the night at your place."

"My place isn't bad!"

Sammy rolled his eyes, "You still have the pizza boxes from last month in there."

Dean punched his young brother in the shoulder, "Dude- shut up!"

They walked inside Sam's dorm, Dean throwing himself on the couch and Sam going to his room. It was a late night, but Dean was used to getting little to no sleep and Sam should be if he were to become a lawyer. The alpha sighed as the old leather couch let his body sink into it. Dean was asleep immediately.