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It was another normal day for the decepticons, battling the autobots. Megatron was fighting and tossing insults with Prime, Shockwave was going all out with Ultra Magnus, Arcee and Bumblebee were fighting the eradicons, Smokescreen was trying to stay alive as he was being chased by Predaking, and Soundwave was fighting(more like dancing) with Wheeljack. Knockout sat on the sidelines, fixing and patching up injuries, while keeping an open comm. link. The red medic cursed as more injured cons made their way to him. Servos flying as he quickly fixed Con after Con, he didn't notice that Shockwave had been pinned, or that Predaking was going to the one opticed mech's aid, nor did he notice Smokescreen sneaking up on him, until he felt the hot nozzle of a blaster on the back of his helm. For Knockout, time seemed to slow and stop. I'm going to die. I'mgoingtodie. NONONONONONONO! No one had time to move or speak when a black blurr shot towards Knockout and Smokescreen, the sound of a charging blaster going with it. Smokescreen staggered and fell backwards as the accurate shot hit him squarely in the chest. The blurr stopped moving in front of the red medic, who just gaped up at the stunning black femme. "Knightraid?"


Knightriad watched Whiteflash land the ship with a sorrowful expression. The white and pastel blue seeker femme glanced back at her glum friend and sighed, her wings twitching. She turned her gaze back to the controls under her pastel blue servos. She hoped that the black femme's brother was with the Earth-bound Decepticons. With a jarring drop, The neutral ship landed and the hatch opened within seconds. When Whiteflash turned around, Knightraid was gone, her crew following albeit more slowly.

Knightraid ran as fast as she could, saw what was happening, and acted fast. She sshot the sniveling autobrat.


The black femme could feel the bewildered stares aimed at her, but chose to ignore them n favor of the red hellion in front of her. "so, catears, whatcha up to?" a cry of pure joy ripped itself from Knockout's voicebox whle he threw his arms around the taller medic. "Knightraid! I missed you so much so much as happened and I missed you and and and and...You're alive!" Knightrad could only laugh and shake her head. The shout of "Autobots! Retreat!" reached her audios and she grinned, disengaging from her younger brother's death hug to turn around and watch the autobrats flee. Her red opticed gaze rested on the large frame of the decepticon leader, Megatron. Who was staring right at her. She flashed him her best smile and tugged on her brother's arm, leading him to the groundbridge, her crew, consisting of Barricade, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Ravage, were already mingling with their respective 'friends'. Seeing Starscream once again with his trine, and Soundwave practically hugging Ravage, made Knightraid smile, and feel a bubbling sense of pride and joy. She had led those four here, and made five happy. She called that a good day.


Knightraid softly closed the doors to Knockout's quarters and made her way to the command station. Her brother was now resting, tired out, as was the rest of the cons aboard the nemesis. Only two were still up, herself and the mech she was meeting. The black femme entered the command bridge and walked until she was beside the hulking frame of the ex-gladiator. "Megatron..." Knightraid stared up into crimson optics, watching a smile form on his face. "Knightraid. My dear medic." hearing her name spoken in his gruff voice made her shiver. After all these years, they had become friends. And then something more. "Yes, my dear leader?" she was rewarded with a shark-like smile, and then he kissed her.

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