Starfox: LCEF

Chapter 1

"Put a charge there!" ordered Coyote. Coyote, Mark, Steven, and Rick were on a mission assigned to them by General Pepper for a handsome payment. Coyote, a born genius, has been a mercenary ever since his home planet, Cerina, was destroyed. He is also the brother of Krystal, and when he heard that she was a member of Starfox, he was insanely jealous. He tried his best to get himself recognized, but to no avail. In fact, when he DID become known, the Starfox team had already disbanded because, from what he knows, Fox told Krystal to leave and then disbanded the team. He hasn't heard anything else about her since. Mark was a very brawn raccoon with a ton of military background; he served as a Cornerian pilot and now a mercenary for the LCEF (Lylat Crime Eradication Federation). Steve was a scrawny gecko but one of the smartest animals in the world. Finally, Rick was a relatively strong raven with craving for action.

"Placing charge!" replied Rick as he strapped the charge of C4 to a door. Rick then detonated the explosives.

"Put your hands in the air or I'll shoot!" ordered Coyote to the people behind the door in a more or less robotic tone of voice. The four were wearing their trademark suits. All black but strips of red light ran down the suits. They were made of solid plasma, which was the strongest solid in the universe; they were outfitted with black gloves and a helmet covering their entire head. The helmets also projected their voice in a deep robotic tone. Their guns were the same coloration as well.

The people in the room were highly dangerous drug dealers only the LCEF could take down. They immediately put their hands up.

"You are under arrest for smuggling drugs to Cornerian soil," said Coyote. "Mark, Steven, cuff these fools."

"It would be our pleasure," they replied. They pulled out blue cuffs and cuffed the three law breakers. They walked out of the building and out to the Cornerian metropolis. The felons were thrown into a truck. The four then pulled their helmets off.

"Another successful arrest," stated Rick.

"This is getting a little TOO easy," replied Steven.

"I can already smell those credits," said Mark.

"I am going to use them to remake that bad boy on your wrist Coyote!" exclaimed Steven. Coyote looked at his wrist and realized what he was talking about. He invented a device that turns nothing into something. It sucks matter out of empty space to form basically anything from guns to a TV, you name it. He created it to try to get Starfox's recognition.

"Good luck, it took me months to create," he replied. "And no I can't create another one using my own."

The four talked then boarded the truck and raced to the General's office.

"Good work you four, I will reward you extremely well for this," said General Pepper. They were excited to hear this, and left the office.

"Coyote hold on," ordered Pepper.

"What is it?"

"Well, I have a favor to ask of you,"


"As you know, the Starfox team disbanded about a year ago and your squad has been our new source for mercenaries but, I feel like you need some help."

"General I don't thin-,"

"Wait, hear me out. I know that your sister, Krystal, was once part of the team, and I know how jealous you were."

"Speaking of Krystal, what happened to her?"

Pepper explained how Krystal had changed her name to Kursed and is now a bounty hunter. He was utterly shocked.

"Wha-why didn't you tell me?" he asked.

"Some things are better left unsaid. Anyway about my favor, I would like you to seek out Falco, Slippy, Fox, and yes, Kursed. Bring them together and reform the Starfox team," replied Pepper.

"Well, I have been good friends with Falco so I'll bet he can tell me where Slippy and Fox are, the only hard one will be Kryst- I mean Kursed," Coyote was still in shock from Kursed's actions. "I'll do it."

"Thanks Coyote, and good luck," replied Pepper.