Chapter 5

….or so Fox thought. Coyote activated a blue laser on his wrist and shot the engines, cutting them in two. The bomber started spinning out of control into the gorge below them. Fox was relieved, and beat. His right leg was in a large amount of pain. His visor turned back on and he saw the helmet of Coyote looking down at him.

"You good?" he asked.

"No, I think my….. Augh!…leg is broken," Fox said back to him. Coyote looked at his leg and knelt down. He pulled out a key looking device out of one of his pockets. He pushed it into a groove on Fox's leg armor. Then, the armor on that part opened up. Coyote looked at it.

"Yeah, you did, but there is a device in you suit that allows you to move your leg armor while it keeps your broken leg in place, but it isn't painless," he said.

"Hey, whatever works," Fox replied reluctantly. Coyote looked at him for a bit more before he shut his leg armor. At that moment Steven landed next to them with a jet pack. He asked what happened and Coyote explained. Then Coyote pressed a button on Fox's leg.

"Alright you should be able to walk now, sort of," he said. Fox stood up. He soon realized that he was moving his leg armor with his mind.

"What? How did you.." Fox said confused.

"I'm Cerinian, I know a thing or two about the brain," Coyote replied. "But I am nowhere near the telepath that my sister is."

Fox nodded and took his first steps. He then realized that Coyote was right, it WASN'T completely painless. He had to deal with a small sting every step he took. The three did continue on with relatively the same strategy.

After about 15 minutes of more fighting, they had finally reached the center. It was quiet, shockingly, filled with bodies and guns laying everywhere. They then saw that Mark and Rick had already met up with Slippy and Bill. They ran over.

" Slippy! Bill! It's been like forever!" exclaimed Fox.

"You're late Coyote, it's unlike you," commented Rick.

He explained how Fox had broken his leg and slowed them down. Slippy and Bill had already seemed to realize though. They then grouped back up. Coyote explained his mission and how his was almost complete. Falco then came in from his ship and joined them.

"So that just leaves Krystal, or Kursed, I don't care," finished Coyote. "On that note, let's get out of here, but I'll stay back for a bit just to look around," The others cleared out.

Just as they left, he turned and started walking. Then, he felt a presence; a familiar one.

No, it can't be!

Coyote looked up and generated his blue sword from his wrist and blocked an incoming attack. He forced his attacker off of him and stood in a fighting stance. He shuffled his helmet back on to conceal his identity. Then he got a look on his attacker: Kursed. But she was already making her way back up to the ceiling.

Damn! She is quick!

For the next three days, he never forgot his encounter with her, nor did he tell Fox. He was still in recovery from his broken leg.

On the fourth day it hit him: they needed help and they needed it soon.