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"Do me a favor, pat Zack on the back with an open hand," Bones told him, her own hand on him to demonstrate.

This was a much different touch than the hug she'd given him in her apartment, it was a much different touch than the one he'd given her a few moments ago with his fingers taking her chin.

"Why? Does that mean something?" Booth asked, unable to not laugh at the bizarre conversations he found having with this woman constantly. And her squints, his squints.

"Just please do it," she told him, demonstrating once more.

He gave her an odd look as she walked a few steps ahead of him now, going to the group. Booth shook his head and followed. He gave a nod or a wave to each of the team then went over to Zack. He smiled at the young boy, told him congratulations and then did the pat to the shoulder.

He looked over at Brennan, who smiled and nodded from behind when he questioned her with his eyes if he had done it right.

Next, he looked to Zack who looked so happy but more so he looked proud in that moment. And so then, he did as well. Going a little crazy, he pulled Zack into a quick hug and told him good job quickly before saying he was going to go get something to order.