Robin was livid when she finally located her son and the missing students. Instead of taking Eric on his offer to help her storm the place, she had a better idea.

Call in the heavy hitters for a reminder that the 'X-Men' and mutants had powerful friends in high places.

"So Robin, what exactly happened?" asked Tony a few hours after she called him.

She called in the Avengers. They adored Hermes, so it would be understandable that they would come and help.

"I'm sure you've heard of the so-called mutant attack on the president recently?"

"Teleporter right?" asked Natasha.

"He was drugged. According to Magneto, Colonel Stryker has a mutant with the ability to control other mutants under his command. He used a serum derived from it to control that mutant into attacking the president. The problem is that Stryker attacked Xavier's mansion since this one is too strongly protected," said Robin.

"Why call us?" asked Bruce.

"They kidnapped Hermes and nearly half the children at the Institute. If I went alone then Stryker could use his modified version of Cerebro to stall the mutants. You all are fairly protected by my magic, so you could still do damage. Besides, I don't tolerate kidnappers lightly."

"Where are they being held?" asked Natasha.

"Somewhere in Canada. Mystique and Tonks can get us in and lock them out long enough to keep them from flooding the place, but we'd need serious back up to get all the children out safely," said Robin.

"I'll call Fury and inform him. If he sanctions this, we'll help," said Natasha.

A few minutes later Natasha came back.

"Confirmed, he just asks that you completely destroy all evidence that the Avengers were there," she said.

"I'd love to see him explain an American lab all the way in the mountains of Canada. I doubt that would be a problem. Tony, make sure you record everything so we can blackmail him later with the evidence. He knows you're not a mutant and are rich enough to counter most of his tricks so he'll be infinitely more wary of trying anything with you. Plus there's the fact that I might just call Hermes' father down to deal with Stryker personally."

"Why have you never said who Hermes' father is anyway?" asked Tony.

"Because he recently tried to level New York with an alien army," said Robin flatly, making sure the cameras caught their looks of shock.

"Loki is your husband?" said Tony.

"I hate time sand," said Robin sourly.

Once Mystique and Tonks had the place on lockdown, Robin flew in spreading phoenix song to the terrified children. Hermes relaxed knowing his mother was there.

"Take me down to the river bend

Take me down to the fighting end

Wash the poison from off my skin

Show me how to be whole again

Fly me up on a silver wing

Past the black where the sirens sing

Warm me up in a nova's glow

And drop me down to the dream below

Cause I'm only a crack

In this castle of glass

Hardly anything there for you to see

For you to see

Bring me home in a blinding dream

Through the secrets that I have seen

Wash the sorrow from off my skin

And show me how to be whole again

Cause I'm only a crack

In this castle of glass

Hardly anything there for you to see

For you to see

Cause I'm only a crack

In this castle of glass

Hardly anything that I need to be

Cause I'm only a crack

In this castle of glass

Hardly anything that you need to see

For you to see

For you to see."

(Linkin Park, Castle of Glass)

Robin's song not only calmed the children, she also caused the men holding them captive to remain off guard while the Avengers took them out. The Hulk had great fun dealing with someone who could be Logan's double because of her powers.

Jean was very unhappy to find that she would be fighting her boyfriend Scott, while Tony and the others rescued the professor.

As she feared, Stryker tried to use Xavier and a heavily modified Cerebro to incapacitate the mutants. Apparently he had found original blue prints.

He wasn't counting on the Hulk breaking into the room itself and grabbing him. The unique nature of Banner's mind made using Cerebro against him impossible.

It wasn't until he was confronted by a very pissed off Robin Black that he knew he was utterly boned. Though not in those words.

"You, Colonel Stryker, have reached the limited amount of patience I have for your type. Not only did you kidnap innocent children, you were stupid enough to kidnap my son. Normally I would be gleefully turning you into the very thing you hate...but I have a better idea. We will hold you off world until I can get a hold of my husband so he can have his way tormenting you, all the way down the line of his other children," said Robin pleasantly, though the glint in her eyes was anything but.

"And who would marry a freak like you?"

"Loki. The same god who nearly destroyed New York. Ah, now you see where I am going with this. And after my dear husband Loki and his delightful children are done with you, I'll hand you over to Odin, and then to the more radical mutants. And best of all, you won't die until I let you die. Too bad you've pissed of Hel's avatar in the mortal realms isn't it?" she said coldly.

And then she looked past to the men that the Avengers had captured for her.

"And as for you men...well, they'll go through a trial by fire. If they're just following your orders they might live. If they are doing these despicable acts because they believe in your crap...well, you'll have some company on your way to hell," said Robin.

"Robin, we don't kill..." started Tony.

"Tony, do remember that I am married to Loki and have had an extremely abusive past. I do not tolerate someone so foul that they would use their own child in depraved experiments just because of racial bias."

Tony looked at the mutant behind her. The one who looked like he had been through several lobotomies.

"You mean that's..." he said, looking very sick at such cruelty.

"His own son? Unfortunately yes. Stryker here sent him to Charles in hopes of removing the mutation, but after the way he was treated by his own father he was left like that. Stryker's been using him to control other mutants."

"How could you possibly know all this?" snarled Stryker.

"You are dealing with someone who's a better hacker than Tony. Nex time keep your files on a closed system, idiot...if you survive what I'm about to do to you anyway," said Robin.

"Robin, you know we don't kill," said Steve.

"I never said I was going to kill him. Torture him to insanity and back yes, but not kill. I'm not that merciful to child abusers," snapped Robin.

"And the soldiers?" asked Tony.

"Depends on whether they agree with his opinion of mutants. If they're just following orders they'll be thrown out of the army but allowed to go. If not, well, he'll have company. They did help kidnap innocent children who have done nothing after all," said Robin.

Tony looked distinctly uncomfortable about that idea, as did Steve. Xavier was still out of it, and the Hulk had seen enough of human cruelty to simply not care, as had Natasha and Hawkeye.

"Tony, are you aware of what Loki's status is among the Aesir?" asked Robin.

"Last I heard he was considered a criminal."

"But he's still a Prince of Asgard and therefor royalty. Now how do you think the Asgardian people will react to one of their royals being kidnapped for no other reason than being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Even if his father isn't very well liked?"

Steve winced. Mostly because he could see Sif's face the second she realized who Hermes' father was. She looked almost as pissed as Robin was when her son was captured.

"Stryker's going down one way or another. He was just stupid to mistake a godling for a mutant," said Logan.

He could see where Robin was coming from, and he approved.

Sif confronted Robin after she sent off the idiots who kidnapped her son for racial bias off to their punishment.

One thing many a magical learned was that you never pissed off a Black. It would be the last and most painful thing you could ever do.

There were much easier ways to die, like pissing off a dragon.

"Is Hermes truly Loki's son?"

"Look at him closely, and tell me he isn't. I was hit with time sand while I was pregnant with him on a visit to reset the magic of this world, and ended up five years in the past. It's almost time for me to return to Asgard so that history can repeat itself without interference."

Sif looked at Hermes, and agreed. She also wondered how Thor missed his own nephew when he had been in the same room, let alone Loki.

Robin noticed her look and snorted.

"Hermes is a shapeshifter, much as his father and my father's mother's family is. As far as Thor knew, Hermes was mimicking his maternal grandfather and inherited my eyes. I inherited my mother's hair and eyes."

Sif nodded. That would definitely explain how Thor and Loki both missed the child.

"When do you intend to introduce Hermes to Odin?"

"This weekend actually. Loki and myself will be heading to Earth soon in order to start the Purge. When that happens I'll be starting the transfer of mutants who don't want to live among humans anymore and the others picked to continue the magical communities onto the world we've already gotten started. It's time to go home or almost," said Robin fondly.

"You truly love him, don't you?" said Sif.

"Loki was the first man to ever complete me. He was able to see past my history and mend the wounds that others have caused...and he freed me from the cruelty of those I should have been able to trust. He would never use me as the humans have."

Once Robin and Loki caught up on the time she lost, they would be staying in the school so Loki could learn not to be an ass around humans. It was part of the reason Odin agreed to let Robin make the school sovereign territory...she was going to teach Loki how to behave and make him repent for what he pulled in New York. She knew he would never learn his lesson in Asgard, he was still too bitter.

"Welcome, Robin Lilysdaughter," said Odin.

"Greetings Lord Odin. I present your grandson, Hermes Lokison," said Robin formerly. Hermes bowed with his mother, and he looked at Odin curiously.

"I see in the child the innocence that Loki himself once had. And yet he possesses none of the darkness I sensed in his other children."

"I have raised him to treat all sentient creatures as equal to him. He sees no difference between mutant, magical, human or Aesir."

"Come closer child," said Odin. Hermes was quick to do so.

Odin looked at Hermes and then at Robin. It was clear she had raised him well, despite the circumstances. It would be interesting to see Loki's reaction to the fact his wife had been pregnant when she vanished.

"If I may, Lord Odin...could we introduce Hermes to Thor and Loki privately?" asked Robin.

"May I ask why?"

"Blackmail material. Knowing them they'll be shocked that they missed something so blatantly obvious right in front of them, and I want to capture it on a picture so they can never live it down," said Robin immediately.

"Only if you let me watch," said Odin. He had to admit, it would be amusing to see. Then he looked at Hermes.

"I believe my wife Frigga is eager to meet her grandson," said Odin. Hermes looked excited about that as one of the guards lead him to meet his grandmother, who looked delighted to have another child to spoil. He then looked at Robin seriously.

"About the men you sent to Hel..."

"They kidnapped Hermes and multiple other innocent children solely because of a genetic quirk. The man in charge of them abused his own son and used the boy's power to control others solely so that he could kill other mutants. I am not lightening his sentence," said Robin flatly.

"I have had one of the others check his mental state. I was just wondering why you did not send them here first as is law. He did attack a prince of Asgard after all."

"I felt it would be more logical to send him to Hermes older sister first, so as not to disrupt the time lines. No prisoners were sent to Asgard before I left, so I could not send them here first."

Odin nodded. That was something he could understand.

"How much longer until the time line returns to when you vanished?"

"By next month if I remember right. We head to Midgard to initiate the Purge early, and I will be using that time to send people to the world we terraformed. In time it might be added to the list of planets available by the bifrost," she said.

"One can only hope that this planet is able to sustain itself that long," said Odin.

They decided to introduce Thor to his nephew first, as Robin remembered him being called in by Odin for something before she left.

He took one look at Hermes and Robin and it was clear he wanted to know how they got there.

"Hello Thor. I'm not surprised you didn't make the connection back in New York, but then again I wasn't in Asgard just yet."

"Father, who is she?"

Robin didn't say a word, but she did turn into her song bird form.


"Me. But we're not here for me. Thor, meet Hermes...your nephew," said Robin. Robin had already shown Frigga how to work a camera, and the woman was already taking pictures of Thor's reaction to Loki's son.

Then came the best part. Thor realized who Hermes' father was and fainted for missing it, despite seeing the boy with Loki in his cell.

Odin chuckled.

"That was indeed most enjoyable."

"Wait till we tell Loki about the fact he now has an eight-year-old son with his new wife that can out prank him."

Odin and Frigga both chuckled at that.

Loki and Robin will be reunited next chapter! And yes, Loki will faint from the shock of his new son! *cackles*