Author's notes: Here's a little story idea I had. A crime fic. hope you like it. Feel free to review or not, but it's always great to hear from you.

Lisbon closes another file. It's been a quiet week. They've been without a case for a couple days and she's taken the opportunity to get on top of her paperwork. She's been able to get through most of it without Jane around, who seems to make it his mission to keep her from her desk. She's lucky if she gets a couple of hours done before he comes to 'rescue' her from the 'drudgery'. Although she doesn't mind a day or two doing paperwork she's ready now for Jane to come and 'take her away from all this' with lunch or even a monologue on some interesting fact he wants to share with her. But Jane isn't around. She received a text from him at the weekend saying he was taking time away as Pete from the carnival needed his help. She'd text him back telling him that he'd better stay out of trouble but take as long as he needs. She hasn't heard anything else from him.

She gets up from her desk and goes into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. She hears the distant sound of the elevator and a moment later Van Pelt enters the kitchen.

"There's been a robbery at the California Standard bank on Carver St. There are police all over the place. It seems like they got away."

"That's my bank. Was anyone hurt?"

Van Pelt shrugs,

"I don't know boss. There were a couple of ambulances there but it looked like they were treating people at the scene."

"I know someone in robbery. I'll see what I can find out."

Lisbon rushes back to her office and gets on the phone. Van Pelt carries on in to the bullpen. Putting away her purse she relates her news to her colleagues. They crowd in to Lisbon's office to find out more, eager for a little excitement. Lisbon is putting down the phone.

"My friend couldn't tell me much, as it's pretty new, happened in the last hour. It doesn't appear anyone was hurt but the thieves got away with a lot of money. Very professional, in and out in just a few minutes. Roadblocks have been set up, looking for a black SUV."

"Good that no one was hurt boss."

Excitement over the agents return to their desks wishing that at that moment they were working robbery rather than homicide. Lisbon's mind was only half on her work as she thought about the bank robbery. It sounded like a professional hit, organized and efficient. It's been along time since such a brazen robbery's taken place. Chances are there was inside help, there usually is. The phone rings making her jump a little, it's Bertram secretary informing her that she's been ordered to his office immediately. As she hangs up, she sighs. As much as she wants to be away from her desk, a trip to Betram's office is not what she had in mind. She gathers up her purse and jacket and enters the bullpen.

"I have to see Bertram. Cho hold the fort. Call if you need me."

Cho nods,

"Sure boss."

Lisbon is shown in to Bertram's office. She's surprised to see Tom Needham there, the head of the robbery division.

"Hello Tom, I thought you would be pretty busy with the bank robbery."

"That's why I'm here. There some evidence I thought you had better look at."

She is offered a chair and she sits down puzzled.

"I though there weren't any injuries, so why are we being called in?"

"There is security tape of the robbery we want you to look at."

"They didn't take out the camera's, that's pretty bold."

"It was an unusual robbery."

Tom Needham picks up the remote control and starts the tape. The camera angle is aimed at the counters and from her knowledge of the bank, it looks like it's situated near the entrance. It gives a good view of most of the bank. It starts as just a normal day. Customers and staff going about their every day business. Lisbon scans the customers. There are only three of them and no children, which is a relief. She can tell the moment the robbers enter the building, it's obvious it wasn't done quietly as customers spin around in surprise and cashiers look up in unison. The shock on their faces is quickly changed to terror and Lisbon's attention 's drawn away by the robbers coming in to frame. They're dressed in black, with hoods and guns. They move quickly, herding the people in to a group and down on the floor. Then her eyes widen and her stomach tightens as a familiar sight comes in to view. Although she can't see his face, she would recognise the blond curls and suit anywhere. She shifts in her chair, moving to the edge. Her consultant has his hands raised and a gun at his back, being urged forward. When he's reached the center of the frame, he slowly turns around and looks up at the camera. Lisbon's stomach tightens even more when she sees the terror in his eyes, she notices something unusual and leans in to have a closer look.

"What's that under his jacket?"

Bertram speaks for the first time since she entered the room.

"It's a bomb Agent Lisbon."