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"Are you sure?"

Tom Needham answers.

"That's what the eye witnesses say. They threatened to explode it, if they didn't co-operate."

"Bertram interjects:

" And Jane's terror would seem to corroberate that it's a bomb and that it's live.

The video was stilled on Jane. Lisbon just stares at her consultant, bewildered by this turn of events. What happened? What's Jane doing there? What has he got himself in to?

Tom Needham interrupts her musings.

"When did you last see or hear from Jane?"

Lisbon steadies her whirling mind to answer the question.

"Er.. at the weekend. He sent me a text saying he wouldn't be in this week, as he was going to help Pete with a problem."

"Whose Pete?"

"A friend from the Carnival when he was growing up."

"Could it have been a ruse to get Jane."

Lisbon shakes her head.

"No, Pete is not the most honest of people, but he cares for Jane, he wouldn't put Jane in this kind of danger."

"It's a place to start."

Lisbon stands up.

"Your busy with the robbery, let us track Jane. There's a better chance of Pete talking to me than you.

"Okay, but it's a joint investigation. You keep us up to date and if it turns out that Jane is involved in this, in more than a 'victim' kind of way, the book will be thrown at him.

Lisbon stands up.

"I'm sure he's not involved sir, I'm sure he's innocent."

She closes the door behind her.

"Jane you better not have anything to do with this, or I will kill you!"

Rigsby. Cho and Van Pelt can tell something is up by the purposeful way that Lisbon enters the bullpen.

"Grace put a trace on Jane's phone now!"

"What's up boss?"

Lisbon tosses Risgby a copy of the security footage that Needham had given her.

"Watch this."

Each of the agents gasp as Jane appears on-screen.

"Push pause."

Lisbon points to the spot where Jane's vest and trousers meet.

"That is a bomb."

Van Pelt speaks up.

"Jane's phone is at his motel room."

"They must have taken him from there. Let's go."

Jane is back in his cell. He's relieved that the bomb has been removed. He remembers when Lisbon had worn a bomb, he had remained calm despite the danger, he knew he had to help her. Wearing the bomb himself was a whole different ballgame. The weight of it, a constant reminder of its existence. He lays down on the floor, as his legs are still feeling wobbly, and closes his eyes, concentrating on slowing his heart rate. Today has just added to the puzzle as to why he's been kidnapped, and what was today all about. He'd answered a knock at his motel room door, to find two men and a gun staring back at him. They backed him into the room and closed the door. They indicated for him to sit on the bed, ignoring all questions as to who they were and what they wanted. The one without the gun took a small rectangular box out of his pocket. Opening it revealed a syringe. The gun was placed on the side of his temple and he was instructed to roll up his sleeve. He obeyed, his questions still being ignored. The syringe pierced his arm and as the plunger was pushed a warm liquid filled his veins and he woke up in this cell. Three of the walls are brick, but the fourth has bars that allow him to see in to a large room. That, like now was empty. All that is in his room is a bucket and toilet paper, no bed or chair. When they come, they come with guns. They bring food, a new bucket, then today they brought a bomb. The only words spoken have been instructions. He's tried every trick in the book to get some reaction, but it's like they're can't even hear him. Heh as no idea who they are, or what they want, except to rob banks and use him as a lethal weapon of destruction and some how he's certain there's more to it than that. He only thing he's sure about, is they have no intention of releasing him, they've taken no precautions for their protection from him. His guess is that this is not the only time he will wear that bomb, and one time it will go off.

They found Jane's phone on the bed, when they turn it on, the screen, showing Lisbon's reply to Jane's final text, stares back at them. It's put inside an evidence bag. Otherwise there is no sign of a break in, or of a struggle. There's nothing for them to find there so they leave forensic's sweeping the place, and start interviewing the employees and guests. They catch a break, one guest, who was just arriving, remembers seeing two men climb the stairs. They only saw the back of them before he entered his own room, but he does remember a tatoo on one guys hand. He thinks it was a small eagle, just below his thumb. They take him back to headquarters for more questioning. Rigsby and Van Pelt interview the witness, trying to get as much of a description as they can. Cho and Lisbon review the security tape, looking for the tatoo. The film is not clear enough. Cho has a thought.

"Boss I think we should go to the Bank. We need to question the witnesses and search the place."

"What's your thinking Cho?"

"If there was a way, Jane would have left us a clue somewhere, in what he did, or what he said. We're the only ones who know Jane well enough to be able to recognise it."

"Watching the tape, it doesn't look like he had any opportunity, but your right he would if he could. Tell Rigsby and Van Pelt to join us when they're finished with the witness."