Author's Note/Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia; what a shock. It belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

It was one of those rare, quiet days when he had nothing to do. Not even his brothers had come along to pester him. For once, England had the house to himself. He could sit down and read a book, or possibly work on his needlework, without any disturbances. The Englishman knew days like this were vanishingly rare, and he intended to take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a brief period of peace and quiet. He spent a few moments perusing the books on his shelf, selected one, then sat down in the recliner and began to read.

He was not two chapters in when his phone rang.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation, England slammed the book shut and reached for the phone. He was slightly taken aback at the name showing on the caller ID.

"Why is Germany of all people calling?" England wondered aloud. He grabbed the phone and answered. "Hello, Germany?"

"Hello, is this England speaking?" came the reply.

"Yes, this is he. What is it?" England said.

"There is an urgent matter that has come up in my country, and I need your help."

England arched an eyebrow. "Urgent matter?" he repeated. And why would it involve me? he thought.

"Yes. I'm investigating a suspicious group operating near Brandenburg. I'm told you're the best nation at spying, so I could really use your help."

"Suspicious group?" England asked. "What, exactly, are they doing?"

America looked at his watch and groaned. Canada was late again. Maybe it would have been a better idea for America to have picked up his brother at his house, rather than wait for Canada to drive himself. They both needed to catch the same flight, and since Canada had missed the flight last time, America had offered to drive them both. Canada then suggested driving to America's house, and then the two would carpool to the airport. However, this was proving to be a less than brilliant strategy. Now both of them would miss the flight. And if America was late to the world meeting, either England or Germany would probably strangle him.

"Come on, dude…" America grumbled, glaring at his watch again.

Fortunately, it was at that moment that Canada finally drove up in a battered and snow-covered pickup truck. Canada hurriedly parked the truck and clambered out. America walked over, and before he could begin berating his twin, Canada was already apologizing profusely over being late.

"Dude, seriously, calm down," America said, after Canada's fifth apology. The American stole one more glance at his watch. "I think we can still make it to the airport in time, but we'll have to hurry."

With that, America spun around to fetch his suitcase and car keys, leaving his flustered twin to wait. Canada went back to his truck and retrieved his suitcase, just in time for America to come bounding over, suitcase in hand. America quickly led them into the garage, where his cars were parked. He went over to a bright red Mercedes-Benz, practically flinging open the door. He and Canada placed their suitcases in the trunk, then America jumped into the drivers' seat, whilst Canada much more calmly climbed into the passenger side.

Canada barely had enough time to put his seat belt on before America revved the engine and was backing out of the driveway. The car jerked violently as America shifted it from reverse to drive, and pressed hard on the gas. He nearly hit the fence on his way off the property. Canada, meanwhile, clung to his seatbelt for dear life.

"Um, America? Could you not drive so recklessly? I mean, if we wreck on the way to the airport…"


"Oh, nothing…"

Canada shuddered. America's driving habits were one reason he was hesitant to carpool with him. But, America had insisted, and Canada knew that once America got an idea in his head, it was nigh impossible to get him to change his mind. Maybe next time I'll pretend to be sick, Canada thought, as America sped them through the city streets.

At some point, America had turned on the radio to some rock station. While Canada didn't mind the music, America had a tendency to play it a little too loud. After being ignored three times when he asked that the volume be turned down a little, Canada gave up, and reached in his pockets for some earphones. He had brought them, intending to use them on the plane, but now seemed as good a time as any to use them. America wouldn't mind; he probably didn't even notice.

With the help of the earphones, Canada's journey in America's car was made much more bearable, and before he knew it, America was pulling the car into a parking slot in the airport parking lot. America set the parking brake, then climbed out, fetching the suitcases out of the trunk. He then set a brisk pace towards the entrance, Canada following close behind.

While they were checking in, America glanced at his watch again. He swore under his breath, and muttered something about airport security. Fortunately, they both went through security a lot faster than either one expected. They got through security, and were headed toward their gate when someone bumped into America.

"Oh! Excuse me! I am so sorry," the stranger said. The man straightened himself up, and seemed to do a double take on looking America in the face. "Um, pardon me, but what's your name?" the stranger asked.

"My name's Alfred," America replied.

"Oh. I'm sorry, Alfred; you looked like someone I know," the stranger said. "I'm Charles, by the way."

America shrugged. "I get that a lot. So does my twin here, Matthew," he said, wrapping his arm around Canada in a brotherly gesture.

"Gee thanks," Canada muttered. He bit his lip; he'd lost count of the number of times other nations had mistaken him for America, and had taken their anger at America out on him by accident. But he knew better than to mention that in public, in front of people who didn't know about the nations.

"Oh, you're twins?" Charles said. He took a moment to glance back and forth between America and Canada. "Yes, I see it now. Identical?"

Canada threw a questioning glance at America. Even they weren't fully sure.

"Yeah," America said, releasing his brother.

Charles nodded, then turned sharply when someone behind him called his name. He waved at the individual. "I'll be right there!" he said. He turned back to the twins. "Got to go, sorry. My flight's boarding."

"All right. Bye." America and Canada waved. When Charles disappeared from view, they exchanged glances. America shrugged.

"Let's go, Mattie. I think our flight is boarding too."