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The Beach

Neji stood their patiently with Shikamaru and Sasuke as the other males of the group were restlessly waiting for the girls to finally finish changing into their bathing suits for the beach. Each of the boys wore their swim trunks of their own respective colors. The ever stoic Hyuuga brought the back of his hand up to his forehead wiping away the light sheen of sweat that had begun to form. Unfortunately he couldn't stop the sweat that decided to drip down his abs down to his black swim trunks that hung low on his pale hips, this caused unwanted attention by females that he found quite annoying. He looked up and squinted at the blistering sun 'exhibit a as to why I hate the beach.' He mentally sighed. Suddenly Lee bounded over to him

"Neji, I am so excited!" One elegant brow raised

"and why's that Lee?" His friends smile grew even wider, he didn't think that was possible.

"I will finally be able to see Sakura in her bathing suit!" cried Lee happily, Neji only shook his head. " The bathing suit i've only heard her talk about, and have dreamt of her wearing!" Neji groaned as people began to stare.

Another five minutes and Naruto began to groan

"Where are they! I wanna see Sakura chan!" He began to tantrum to Sasuke who was trying to control his urge to beat the living hell out of the blonde. They all then heard a familiar feminine voice

"where were you guys?" All the males turned to see Ino wearing a purple bandeau top and a normal bikini bottom. Her fist was on her hip as she held the beach ball in her other hand. Naruto starred at her in shock as he turned from the changing rooms, and back to her.

"Wait! How did you-?!" Ino blinked at Naruto

"how did I what?"

"How did you get from the dressing rooms to over here without us noticing!?" With pointed gestures he showed her what he meant. She looked at the dressing rooms before sighing,

"that's the mens baka." All the boys were taken aback as they turned around to see a man walk out in a tight red speedo, Naruto sweat dropped

"o- oh...that explains a lot" she grimaced as she took the beach ball and pegged him in the face with it


"oops, it slipped"

"Ino pig quit picking on Naruto thats my job."Sakura then came along with her pink hair up in a messy pony tail wearing a simple white bikini. "Where'd you guys go? We waited for ten minutes! We thought you idiots had gotten lost or something..." She shook her head.

"SAKURA!" her head snapped to Lee.

"Shit." She quickly ran behind Sasuke; she held tightly to his broad shoulders as she peeked over them. "Boundaries Lee! I have boundaries!" Lee took a stance,

"I will fight you for the lovely blossom!" Sasuke sighed as he crossed his arms,

"not now Lee."

"But we must! You!" he dramatically pointed a finger at the Uchiha "are one of my many eternal rivals!" He groaned while rolling his eyes riling Lee up even more. The argument between the two was enough of a distraction for Sakura to slip away, and to take her place next to Ino once again. Neji watched the two dolts continue to bicker, he pinched the bridge of his nose ' Just where is Te-' He was interrupted from his thoughts when he heard someone whisper from behind him

"nii san..." He turned around to see his younger cousin Hinata wearing a simple lavender one piece, she had a light pink blush on her cheeks as she fiddled with her thumbs. "Do I look okay?" A small smile came to his lips; this definitely wasn't her environment, but considering Naruto was here, she'd do anything for him. He didn't like the idiot, but if it made his cousin happy...

"you look great." She gave him a beaming smile as her eyes brightened.

"a-arigatou nii san!" It was then a blonde head of hair came in between them.

"WOW HINATA CHAN YOU LOOK AMAZING!" The loud blonde suddenly closer to her causing her cheeks to turn scarlet as she stuttered out words, her face was quite literally steaming.

"Naruto.." Neji growled as he felt a vein pop; the blonde nervously turned around to face the younger Hyuuga's cousin

"heh, hey there * gulp * Neji, ol pal." Hinata knew this wouldn't end well; Naruto being as dense as he was and her nii san being as over protective as he was, it could never end well. She decided to escape from the heated tension between them and scurried over to the other two females. Ino sighed

"come on, lets go play some volleyball." Sakura and Hinata nodded and followed the blonde to another part of the beach.

Shikamaru watched the three girls walked away, 'three?' he looked around and notice they were missing a female.

"Oi." all the males, forgetting their quarrels turned to look at him "where's Tenten?" at the mention of his female teammates name Neji's anger for Naruto had completely melted away, he had been dying to see her in a swim suit for the past week ever since they made these plans, and now she was no where to be seen; he looked around and then grimaced 'well damn..' Suddenly, Kiba whistled,

"well, while we look, I'd like to get to know that fine piece of ass over there" all the males looked to wear he was starring and all of their throats even Hyuugs Neji's went dry at the sight before them. A short tan girl stood near the shore so the water would tickle her toes but go no further, her long tan shapely legs lead to a toned voluptuous butt that was simply covered by a turquoise bikini bottom that was held on the sides by two tied strings, it appeared purple though due to the sheer pink piece of cloth that was knotted on her left hip and that came down mid thigh on her right leg, her hour glass figure surpassed Ino's as her small waist showed perfect definition, even from behind. Her long brown hair fell in waves to her lower back, but the rest of her was covered by a large wide brimmed hat that was a sandy color, and slightly flimsy as it blew in the wind. Somehow, Neji didn't understand how, he found himself following all the males as they made their way over to the attractive gir.

" Well hey there beautiful," Kiba started ,"never seen you around here before, what's your name?" he gave a flirtatious smirk waiting for a response when suddenly the girl turned to face all the males, and all of them practically fell over from the shock.

"TENTEN?!" They all yelled simultaneously; she starred at them with wide eyes and blinked a few times before bursting out into giggles

"well who else would it be?" Kiba sputtered out words as he began to straighten up.

"It's just-i mean- you look...well..." He didn't know how to continue. She raised a brow and was thoroughly curious as to what he would say. He never finished, and she immediately felt self concious.

"What? Do I look bad?" she pouted as she glanced down at her self, Neji watched the uncertainty and insecurity immediately take home in her eyes. He elbowed Kiba in the gut as he quickly walked towards her

"no." She looked up, and was shocked to see the handsome Hyuuga standing so close to her. "You look amazing." His whispered words fanned hot breath over her lips causing a bright red blush to bloom over her cheeks, she looked down with an embarrassed smile as she pushed some hair behind her ear

"oh, well.. thank you." he smirked at her adorable reaction. All the boys were shocked, they weren't able to hear the prodigy's whispered words, but they knew that it had to have been something good to get a reaction like that. Kiba smirked

"Neji! Did you just flirt!?" Naruto clapped him on the back eliciting a growl.

"Atta boy Nej!" He glared at the two imbeciles hoping they'd stop but no such luck.

"Come on Tenten" he grabbed the still red faced girls hand and began to lead her away ,"let's go for a walk." For a moment she was taken aback by his words before stuttering out

"o-okay." She heard Kiba yeli,

"careful you crazy kids! make sure you use a condom!" Her face darkened by his coment. Neji cursed under his breath 'idiot.'

The pair continued walking for a good distance; they were in a comfortable silence as their hands continued to be intertwined. A harsh breeze suddenly blew, and Tenten felt the wight of the hat lift itself from her head. Before she could react a pale hand had already caught it for her. She looked into pearl eyes and smiled as she took the accessory back.

"Thanks Neji." She quickly looked down not being able to meet his eyes any longer; shes stifled a gasp as finally noticed their still intertwined hands. He smirked as he saw a pretty blush spread over her beautiful face. She pulled on her hand a little "y-you don't have to hold my hand if you don't want to Ne-" She felt his grip tighten as he pulled her a bit closer to his body.

"I want to." her gaze locked with his in disbelief at his words, and she quietly gasped at the heated look in them. They were so intense, and with the orangish glow from the quickly setting sun, it was literally taking her breath away. They glimmered like the ocean itself, and their burning intensity was starting to make her feel like she was being burnt alive, but she never thought it'd feel so good. Without either of them noticing they began to slowly lean in to one another, gazes flickering between their lips and eyes. She once again felt his hot breath hit her quivering lips. His steady eyes watched their pink fullness like sweet candy. He just wanted to eat her alive. His pale lips barely touched hers before a voice cut through.

"Come on already Neji!"

"Andale andale! We ain't got all day!" Neji growled as he turned to see all of his "friends" watching with smug looks on their faces. Tenten squeaked a bit when she suddenly noticed they had an audience, Neji looked down to her and noticed her sudden embarrassment. He gritted his teeth in irritation at the fools he called 'friends' ' so fucking close!' He looked down at her wide brimmed hat she was still holding, and then he had an idea, but should he really do it? He looked at Tenten's embarassed face again, and couldn't help but actually feel turned on by it, he growled

"fuck it." He then grabbed her large hat and brought it up next to their faces. Tenten was only given time to look at him for a brief second before he bruisingly crushed his lips against hers. The 'eep' that had escaped her was swallowed by his mouth as he began to ravage hers. She whimpered in want as wrapped her arms around him. She had never kissed anyone and was completely inexperienced, but he was more than willing to lead. he deepened the kiss as he shoved his tongue into her mouth she squeaked as her head was pushed back with the amount of force he used. He began to dominate her mouth, and she had never felt so turned on by it. Her virgin lips tried their best to keep up with his expert kisses, but it was becoming too much. She felt a need for air, and she was able to push herself away for short minute before he brutally shoved her swollen lips back to his. She moaned in approval.

Once he was done ravaging her lips a second time they pulled away, breathlessly with a light pink on Neji's cheeks while Tenten's were bright red, his arm dropped releasing their shield. She wasn't able to concentrate on anything except for the handsome Hyuuga that had just kissed the hell out of her, she only heard Kiba say one thing

"so, whens the wedding?"

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