The Prince returns

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'I feel like I'm floating in a sea of darkness it's cold, and I feel nothing' Ciel thought as death grabbed him and he waits for the demon to eat his soul.

But then warmth pulled him from this darkness then nothing. Sebastian looked at the small child wondering to himself why. No matter how much he thought about it he couldn't bring himself to eat the child's soul. So what to do with Ciel then.

"What am I to do with you bocchan?" Sebastian questioned looking at the former earl.

Then it hit him bocchan, it was the perfect. The child never did seem all that human and now he'd no longer be. Just then Sebastian sends a wave of demonic energy through the child's body and vanishes.

When Ciel wakes up to he finds himself in large bedroom he's never seen before, and his eye patch was gone. It was all black with violet rug on the floor, as he looks around the room he sees a window. He hops shakily to his feet and tries to walk over to it only to hear the doors open.

"Hello little one I see that you're finally awake." Sebastian said to the shocked child smirking away at Ciel's face.

"Sebastian what's going on here? I thought you were going to eat my soul where are we?" Ciel demands heatedly.

"Yes, but I'd thought you'd be happy to not end up inside the belly of a demon," he said to the boy casually. "as for where, we are in the demon world young lord."

"So then what do you do intend to with me?" Ciel asked trying keep up his composure.

"You see as I was about to eat your soul when I had a better thought turning you." Sebastian said.

"What do you mean turning me?"

"It's simple really you're now a demon. Now come along someone would like to see you." the older man said exiting the room.

"So now am I a demon like you," the child asked walking down the halls and observing his surroundings as they went, "what do you plan on doing with me now."

"Well not exactly do to you're age you're only a fledgling, and as for my plan it it to keep you. Now then here we're just stand next to okay." Sebastian answers stopping at two large blood-red doors.

"Enter." came a booming command from the other side of the door.

Sebastian then opens the door to what appeared to be a throne room. The room gave Ciel an uneasy feeling like he was being watched. They walked along until the raven stopped Ciel looked and saw a man sitting in a throne.

"My king." Sebastian stated bow his head.

Ciel looked up at the demon unsure of what he could possibly want from him. This demon was different from Sebastian he was at least two feet taller with red and yellow eyes. The demon king's frame was well-built and he wore a long black jacket with a blue trim it was open showing his abdomen and all black pants covered.

"Now now why so formal my son, so then is this the child?" his majesty asked looking down at Ciel as he garbed Sebastian's arm.

"Yes this is Ciel and he is my now fledgling father." Sebastian said looking at Ciel.

"Hmm come closer Ciel and let me see you." the demon king said crooking his clawed finger to come closer.

Sebastian gently nudged him to stand before the demon king. Once he does the demon slowly stand and walks over to him bending down and locking eyes with him. Ciel does his best to not show fear as he glares back at the demon. But what happen next completely through him.

"Ha you have sprite for so small and cute," he said rubbing Ciel's hair. "you young can call me Okami."

The cute statement causing Ciel to puff his cheeks in anger. Making both demons laugh.

"So you're Sebastian's father then?" Ciel asked still unhappy about being cute.

"Yes. Sebastian as you call him is the youngest child I've sired, but that is for another day. You both may go now and get settled." King Okami said sitting back down in his throne.

With that they both left the throne room. Ciel was now asking Sebastian question after question as they walked along maybe this won't be so bad Ciel thought as he kept up the Q&A.


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