Here for you

"Gentlemen we're about to test your immortality." Karasu said his form was now different.

However before Karasu can do any damage Undertaker stop him.

"My my I haven't seen you like this in quite some time." Undertaker said.

"Where this guy come from?" Grell said looking at the Undertaker.

"Thank you for the generous offer but it's unnecessary you can get back to your work." William told him but Undertaker turned and grinned at them.

"Heheā€¦ Now who said anything about helping you lot." Undertaker said then threw a ball on the ground and a golden dust filled the air.

Karasu saw this and flew above them just as the ball hit the ground.

"He's crazy but that may have been for the best last thing we need is a war breaking out over two dead reapers." the former butler said as he left the area as he went through the skies his more demonic features disappearing.

Eventually he saw Claude below with Alois in hand and landed with them.

"I see you found your wayward child as well." Karasu said as his wings faded.

"Indeed Undertaker distraction helped with, now then care to explain why you thought this was a good idea?" Claude asked the fledgling squirmed in place.

"Yes I'd like to know why as well." Karasu asked.

"Now now let's talk about this back at the castle they won't be far behind." Undertaker reminded them.

The two demon brothers agreed once there Karasu takes his unconscious child to their room. He carefully placed Ciel on the bed and checks him over any injuries the raven's slightly relieved when he doesn't find anything.

Karasu is seething with anger that this happened to his child but for now he'd just make sure Ciel was okay. He laid in the bed with Ceil next to him.

It was dark when Ciel woke up in a panicked state. Where was he, where were the reapers Ciel began to shake when he feels a hand gently rub his head. The fledgling demon looks and see it was his former butler there just as he had been every time he fear and darkness came for him.

"Patrem." Ciel said looking at him.

"It's alright nothing will harm you I won't let it." Karasu told him then places his wrist near Ciel's mouth.

"What?" Ciel asked but for some reason his latched on and felt warmth and comfort fill slowly he started drift into a peaceful rest.

They next day Ciel woke up from extremely comfortable sleep but his sire was nowhere in sight however Ciel felt like something was off. His body was different so he went to look at the mirror when look in Ciel screamed.

"CIEL WHAT'S WRONG? Karaus asked as he came rushing from the bathroom and what he saw made his jaw drop.

"What happened?" Ciel asked looking him.