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~I'm Just Your Problem, Baby~

"Shut up, you're such a dork." I said to my brother. I rolled my eyes, as he grinned a toothy grin at me. I blew a stray black strand of hair from my face. I glared at my twin brother, who just smiled back at me. His black hair was messy as his dark eyes shined with humor.

"Oh, it'll be fun." Marshall Lee said, chuckling. "We'll get to meet all sorts of new people. And best yet, no one will know who we are."

"I guess that would be nice," I said, with a small sigh. My whole life I had always gotten special treatment because of who I was. Or, at the very least, who I was born as.

"Yeah, and we won't have to listen to Dad while we're here." Marshall Lee said, spreading his arms and spinning in a slow circle. "We have this place all to ourselves. We're free spirits!"

"Try not to bring too many girls home," I snickered, walking past him to survey the new house. There was still no actual furniture, just a whole lot of boxes. There was a large open space, presumably the dining room/living room area. There was a ladder to the side of the room, leading to a platform that looked onto the room. The whole backside wall was glass, with one large door smack dab in the middle. There was a pool outside, in the middle of a large square of smooth-looking stone. There was a small group of stairs that led to platform about six feet above the pool. The platform had a small rectangle cut into, creating a waterfall.

"That must be the hot tub, up there," I muttered, to myself. I turned to look at the kitchen.

The kitchen was only seperated by a small half-wall, and was also pretty large. The counter and islands were made of black marble or granite. I could never tell the difference. There was a huge stainless steal fridge in the middle of the counters, and an equally as huge freezer next to it. The oven was ontop of the counters, to the right, next to the stove. The cabinets were made of hickory.

"We can throw some killer parties here," Marshall said, wearing his huge boyish grin. I returned it with my own sly smirk.

"We're going to throw some killer parties here," I corrected, nodding to him. I turned to walk down a short hallway. I did some more inspection before returning to where Marshall stood.

"Looks like we've got five bedrooms, three bathrooms." I said as I returned. "I say we turn one into a den, the other into a music room. Lord knows we don't have any reason to have three guest rooms."

"We don't even need one guest room, with all this space!" Marshall said, waving his hands over his head. He looked back at me, with his grin still on his face. "You know, it's been a long time since it's just been you and me."

"I'm pretty sure this is the first time since we were... born." I said, chuckling. His eyes twinkled with unspoken happiness. For a split second, I wondered how long this happiness could actually last.

"I think we're gonna like it here. I already like it here." He said to me, turning to continue examining the new house. "I hope it's a nice place here."

"Yeah, well, we'll just see how the first day of school goes," I grumbled. "Let's start unpacking."



"AT High?" I whispered to Marshall. "What the hell's AT stand for?"

"I got here at the same time as you," Marshall said back to me. "Let's go."

I sighed, and clicked open the passenger door. Marshall was already out of his side of the door. We happened to put our sunglasses on at the same time, causing Marshall to snicker.

"Shut up," I sighed, shaking my head.

"Oh come on, Marcy." Marshall said, still laughing lightly. "We're twins. Look! We even match today."

I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing a long sleeved red checkered shirt, over a white tank top. I had on several bracelets, and a ring here or there. I wore regular faded jeans, that clung to my legs only slightly. So, not skinny jeans, but close enough. I had black converses on, unlaced and dirty. I turned to my brother, who more or less had the exact same thing. His tank top was black. Big difference.

"Can we just go handle things?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "I just want to get this day over with."

"Oh, it'll be fun," Marshall said, grinning boyishly. I rolled my eyes again. "New beginnings and what not."

We walked across the parking lot, into the school. Most students were too preoccupied with reuniting with each other after the oh so long summer to even notice us, but there were a few points and whispers. I groaned inwardly.

Great, I thought. I was actually hoping I'd just go completely unnoticed.

We walked down the halls, following the signs to the admissions office. Marshall would say something to me every now and then, to which I'd just grunt.

"These people look pretty chill." "Mmph." "Whoa, she's hot!" "Mmmph." "What about him? Does he look your type?" "Mmph."

"Oh Marcy, you're no fun," Marshall pouted.

"Don't call me Marcy," I growled, earning myself a grin. A mentally slapped myself for giving into him.

"I was beginning to think you went brain dead on me," Marshall teased, as I glared at him. "Oh look, we're here."

"Greeeat," I said, sarcastically. I walked in behind my taller brother, relunctantly.

"Excuse me," Marshall spoke to a lady sitting at a desk, looking at her desk.

"If you already want to change your schedule, you'll need to fill out a paper first." She said, without looking up.

"Oh, well, we don't even have schedules yet." Marshall, laughing awkwardly. "So, that'd be an issue."

"Oh!" She said, and looked up at us through her tiny glasses. "You would be...?"

"Marcline and Marshall Lee Abadeer." Marshall said, pointing to me and then himself. "We just moved here, actually."

"Oh yes! The twins!" She said. "If you'll go through those doors, Mr. Petrikov has been expecting you. He'll have your schedules."

"Thank you ma'am," Marshall said, smiling brightly. He turned to enter the room.

"Have a good day," I mumbled, as I walked past her.

It was an incredibly unremarkable room. It was a simple square, with a brown desk in the middle. There were two bookshelves on either side of the room, both filled with books. There were three chairs placed in front of the desk. A man with white hair, and a long white beard, sat at the desk. He wore a light blue suit, and round dark blue sunglasses.

"Sunglasses indoors?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Watch out, Simon, people will begin to think you're a rebel."

"Not with you two around," Simon teased back, smiling lightly. "Marceline, Marshall Lee! I haven't seen you two since you were only up to my knees. And now look at this! You're both taller than me."

"I've been taller than you since I was ten, Simon. And we both know how long ago that was." Marshall laughed. "Dad talks about how you should visit all the time. Never did work up the nerve to invite you himself, did he?"

"He's a prideful one, that man," Simon said, chuckling. "I truly should have visited more, I have missed you three. It's been decades since I've been able to hang out with you. All of you."

"We've missed you too," I said, smiling at him. "We've missed your magic tricks."

"Ha! Like this?" As he said it, he pulled a quarter out of thin air.

"Where? When? What?" Marshall stuttered, in complete awe. Simon and I both roared with laughter.

"It's nice to know there are some who will always be amused by my little tricks," Simon said, chuckling heartily.

"Little tricks for little minds," I teased. Marshall pouted at me, which only caused me to howl louder.

"Hey!" Marshall argued. "It's cool, alright! It's not like I could do it if I tried."

"Do what? This?" I said, and "magically" made a tooth pick appear in my hand.

"What?!" Marshall Lee shouted. "When did you learn to do it?"

"I don't know," I said, shrugging. I smirked at him and put the tooth pick inbetween my teeth. "It must be natural."

He frowned at me as I snickered. There was a knock on the door, causing both Marshall and I to turn around. No one opened the door.

"Ah, this must be your guides." Simon said, nodding at the door. "Come in you two!"

A boy and a girl walked in. They looked astonishingly similar, with the exact same strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The girl wore her straight hair all the way down to her ankles. She had on a light, pink dress that stopped just under her knees. She had white socks and pink wedges. The boy's hair was slightly curlier and fell to just under his ears. He had on a white t-shirt and khaki pants. He wore pink shoes. They were both fairly evenly tanned, suggesting that it wasn't just sitting out in the sun. They both had the same intensely blue eyes, that sparkled with... with something.

"Good morning, Mr. Petrikov." The girl said politely, her voice high and sugary. It almost felt as if it would give a person cavities and stomach aches just to listen to it.

Ah, I thought. She's one of these types.

There was something about this girl... it made my body tingle in the most pleasant and yet uncomfortable way. I could already tell it wasn't good.

"Good morning, Mr. Petrikov." The boy said, in much a lower voice. "Are these the two students?"

"Marshall, Marceline," Simon said, nodding. "This is Bonnibel Bubblegum and Gilroy Gumball."

"Weird names," I stated, bluntly. Simon spluttered a little, and Marshall snickered. The two siblings merely sighed.

"Our mother was... well she was eccentric." Bubblegum said, shaking her head. "Not that she isn't still eccentric but... you get the idea. She's a bit of a nut job sometimes."

"Very," Gumball agreed, scrunching his eyebrows.

"Well, Bubblegum and Gumball are in your gra-" Simon started.

"You two are twins? No wonder you look so alike." I said, looking at the two of them.

"Yes, we are," Bubblegum answered, smiling sweetly. It took everything I had not to wince at her bright smile. I squinted my eyes at her. Her smile wavered, confused, but she managed to keep it on her cream face.

"So, what I'm guessing is going to happen is that Gumball will be taking me and Princess will be taking Marcy over there." Marshall said, sticking a thumb at each of us as he addressed us.

"My names not Marcy," I growled, glaring at Marshall. He just grinned his grin at me, causing me to sigh. There was no winning with this boy.

"Well, yes, that's how I assumed things would work out." Simon said. "That's okay with you all?"

"Of course, sir," Gumball said, smiling sweetly. Bubblegum mirrored his smile, and I almost felt as if I would melt from the brightness these two were giving off. If they were cartoon characters, they'd probably have those stars and yellow lines coming out of them right then.

Jesus Christ I thought to myself, squinting slightly. Turn it down just a little, why dontcha?

"Good luck, Princess," Marshall said to Bubblegum. "She's a tough nut to crack."

"Shut up, Marshall." I grumbled unhappily. "Just go away."

"I haven't even gotten my schedule yet," Marshall argued, pouting. Simon reached into his desk and produced two sheets of paper. He handed one to both of us.

"May I... May I have a look at that?" Bubblegum said, unsure of how to approach me. I just grinned and handed it to her.

"Why not?" I asked, smiling at her. She smiled back at me and took the paper. Our hands touched very slightly, and she winced at my ridiculously cold hands.

"Here ya go," Marshall said, handing his paper to Gumball. "Lead the way, cap'n."

"Alright, you've got Chem first with me." Gumball said, already beginning to walk. "Shall we?"

"We shall," Marshall said, as he followed.

"Uhm... you've got English first. I've got English too, but we've got different teachers." Bubblegum said, her eyebrows furrowing. She turned to me to give me another cautious smile. "I'll take you there, let's go."



It was finally lunch time. I suffered through three hours of constant questioning.

Where're you from? I'm from a place that's none of your fucking business.

How'd you get that accent? What accent? I don't have an accent.

When did you get here? Why does it matter?

Are you getting used to the school yet? It's been three fucking hours. How would I be used to it already, espcially with you all bombarding me with questions?

I had my second and third class with Bubblegum, so it wasn't as bad. She was pretty popular, it seemed, so most of our classmates flocked to her. Unfortunately for me, she had insisted that I sit next to her, so when someone strayed from their conversation with her, they'd try to talk to me. A couple of glares and grunts later, most of it had stopped.

I had learned a couple of things in my short three hours.

It turns out Bubblegum was the freaking student council president, her brother being the vice president. She was also the head cheerleading captain. Her brother was the quarterback for the football team.

"So, no dating the quarter back then?" I had asked, teasingly. She just turned to look at me with horror, before quickly saying no.

"Are you going to try out for any teams or clubs?" She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. Her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"Well, back at home, I played a lot of soccer. Maybe I'll try out for the team." I said, with a small shrug. "Marshall probably will."

"Are you two good?" Bubblegum asked, as she led me to the cafeteria.

"Good? We're great?" I snorted, unnattractively. "We were the best players in the whole damn coun... county. The whole county, that we lived in."

"Ah... I see." Bubblegum said, suspiciously. She waved politely to a small group of girls that greeted her. They glanced at me as they began walking away. I gave them my best intimdating glare and they scurried away like mice.

"So, is the lunch here any good?" I asked, eager to change the subject.

"It's... not terrible," She offered, with a weak smile.

"Great," I grumbled, as we walked into the cafeteria. "Nothing better than bad lunch, right?"

"Here, we can leave our stuff at my table." Bubblegum said, leading me to a table smack dab in the center. "I have a couple friends that I usually sit with, so I can introduce you when they get here."

"No need," I said, beginning to turn to a small table in the corner. I felt a sharp tug on my arm and I was being pulled in the opposite direction. "Hey!"

"I can't just let you sit by yourself!" Bubblegum said, as if the idea completely horrified her. The look on her face told me that it did horrify her. I frowned at her.

"And why is that, princess?" I said, roughly. She grunted at me, which caused me to raise my eyebrows.

"Don't call me that," She said, shortly.

"Why not?" I asked, beginning to smirk. "You let Marshall call you princess."

"I just don't like it coming out of your mouth," Bubblegum said, still dragging me. I wasn't about to go down with a fight.

"My mouth? What's wrong with my mouth?" I asked, feigning hurt. "I thought I had a pretty mouth."

"I, what? No, your mouth is fine." She stopped for a second to look at me, almost angrily.

"You think my mouth is pretty?" I asked, batting my eyelashes

"That's not what I said!" Bubblegum almost shouted.

"My, my, are you losing your temper? Over my mouth?" I said, innocently. She gave out a few exasperated angry breaths.

"I am not!" She growled, forcibly removing my back pack and placing it at a table.

"You know what else my mouth is pretty good at?" I asked, lowly. "I'll let you guess."

"NO!" Bubblegum shouted. The whole cafeteria turned to look to her, causing her to blush deep red. She turned back to me, hissing. "Stop it!"

"Am I frustrating you, princess?" I asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"I've known you for all of three hours." She said, pressing a finger into her temple. "How are you managing to annoy me so much already."

"Oh come on, it's all fair in love and war. And you know, other stuff." I said, shrugging with a grin. "You're interesting."

"I, wha, ugh, I, GAH!" She said, losing her patience temporarily. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths.

"Causing trouble already, Marceline?" Marshall, walking up to where I was seated. "Naughty, naughty."

"Oh you know me, Marshall." I said, slowly, twirling the ends of my hair around a finger. "Just. Always. So. Naughty."

"Stop it!" Bubblegum said, turning to her brother with an angry breath. "This is going to be a long year."

"You're telling me," Gumball said, with a small sigh. His eyes told me Marshall was stressing him beyond belief, but he masked it better than his younger sister.

"And I thought we were already best friends," Marshall said, with a small pout. Gumball just shook his head.

"You've no sense of gentlemanly-ness." Gumball said.

"Is that a word?" Marshall said, grinning boyishly. Gumball turned pink, and spluttered.

"I-i think it is." Gumball, scrunching his eyebrows togther. "T-that's not the point!"

"You're a little bit dumber than you look, aren't you?" I asked, teasingly. The other set of twins turned to glare at me. "No hate on the dumb, I'm one too."

"He is not!"

"I am not!"

Marshall and I both snickered, fully amusing ourselves as the twins turned red from anger. Marshall was in the middle of laughing, when a boy bumped into his shoulder. He got some of his drink on Marshall, which my brother just casually wiped off his arm and ignored. Marshall and I weren't the type to care about that, but the boy turned around angrily.

"Hey, watch where I'm going, why don't ya?" He snarled. He had white hair, and was paler than even me and Marshall. He gave Marshall a look up and down, and snorted. "New kid."

"What?" Marshall growled back. "I was just standing here. Why don't you do us all a favor, and watch where you're going, yourself."

"Pfft, some dumb transfer can't tell me what to do." He snorted, and rolled his eyes. He glared back at Marshall. "You looking for a fight, numbnuts?"

"Hey!" I snapped at him. "Don't talk to my brother that way."

"And who's gonna stop me?" He sniggered. "You, girly?"

"Troy, stop it," Gumball said, authoritatively.

"Or who's gonna stop me?" Troy growled back, angrily. "Mister student-council-quarterback?"

"I... well yes." Gumball said, unsure.

"Fine," Troy said, holding up both his hands. "Just get ugly here to apologize, and we'll be done."

"He did nothing wrong," Bubblegum chimed in. "You were the one who bumped into him."

"And who asked you?" He replied, glaring at her. She squeaked and sank back behind her brother.

"No one asked you what you had to say in the first place," I said.

"Shut up, slut." He growled. My eyes flashed with anger, hiding the hurt behind it. Sure, I can get hurt. I'm just a person. Well, I've got feelings at least. I made to go slap him, but was pushed back by a strong arm. And in an instance, he was on the ground with a bloody nose. Bubblegum gasped, and Gumball looked between Troy and Marshall in horror.

"Don't you dare call her that!" Marshall howled, furiously.

"Hey dude, what the fuck are you doing!?" Troy shouted at him, holding a hand to his nose. He winced and cursed. The whole cafeteria had turned to look at us, silent. "Shit, I think you broke my nose!"

"You're lucky that's all I broke!" Marshall snarled back at him, his eyes animalistic with anger.

"Marshall..." Gumball said, trying to grab one of his arms. He yanked his arm from him. He grabbed my backpack, and his own.

"You better remember this, you little shit." He growled, looking as if he might hit him again. Troy slank back in fear. "C'mon Marcy. We don't need to deal with this. Let's go get lunch."

"Ah!" Bubblegum gasped, as we began to walk away. "B-b-but, you were supposed to eat with us..."

"Sorry, princess," I said, actually apologetically. I offered her a smile in offering, hurrying away after my brother. "Maybe another time?"

"Fine!" She stomped, defeated. "You better make sure you eat with us tomorrow!"

"Yeah, sure thing, sweet thing," I said, with a quick wink. I followed after Marshall, grabbing my backpack from him.

"What an asshole," I murmured. Marshall still had a scary look on his face. I pat him on the back. He looked at me with a start, his eyes softening. He ran a tongue over his teeth, a clear sign of his agitation.

"I'm... I'm sorry Marcy," Marshall said, his anger disappearing. It was quickly replaced with embarassment and disappointment. "I know I promised you and Dad that I would try not to get into any fights, but..."

"Hey," I said, consoling my twin. "I said try not to start any fights. That bastard deserved it."

"I just... it happened before I could even think about." Marshall said, apologetically.

"Don't worry about it," I said, patting him on the back once more, before walking ahead of him. "Let's just get something to eat, and eat outside. It's a nice day out, anywhoozle."

"Sounds good to me," Marshall said, giving me his boyish grin.

We quickly recieved our "food" (if the cafeteria was even offering that) and went to outside to find a comfortable spot to sit down on. We put our back packs down, and laid our trays, haphazardly, on our laps. We both began to dig into our lunch, as we realized we were famished.

"We really need to work out a breakfast plan," I said, through a mouthful of food. "I've never been so hungry."

"Yeah," Marshall agreed, nodding as small dribbles of food slipped out of his mouth. "We're definitely getting a waffle maker today."

"And maybe a toaster would be good," I said, wiping my wife with the back of my hand. Marshall loudly swallowed his food, and grinned at me.

"Why didn't we think of any of this before we moved in?" Marshall asked, before stuffing a spoonful of something in his mouth.

"It's not like we really ever had to make our own food," I said with a small shrug. I saw him grinning widely at me, and I couldn't help but return it. And so, there we were, two mirror images of each other, just grinning like idiots. It was a feeling the two of us we used to, being trapped in our own little world. Back where we were from, most kids didn't really want to "hang out" with us because of who we were. We were our own real friends. Not that we really minded, we had similar personalities. Of course, we bicker all the time, but we're siblings. That's only natural. In the end, the two of us know that all we really have is each other. And we like it that way. Well, at least I like it that way.

"This is where you two were!" A sweet, yet agitated, voice said from behind us. I turned around to see Bubblegum and Gumball walking towards us, with a small group of friends. A short blonde haired boy, who wore a white cap, a blue t-shirt and white shorts. Another boy, with dark brown hair and a couple inches taller than his friend, chatting away with the blonde boy. Attached to his arm was an asian girl who had dyed her hair several different colors. It strangely seemed to work well for her, whereas it'd probably just look like a bad picasso on me.

"I thought we were gonna do this another day, princess." I said, raising an eyebrow as she sat herself right next to me. She tucked her legs underneath her, and put down her tray next to her.

"Well, I can't just let new students eat by themselves!" Bubblegum said, with a smile. She looked at my face and frowned, before handing me a napkin. "Clean up your face, that's distateful."

"Okay, mom." I said, scowling. I took the napkin and wiped the food off my face. I saw Marshall and Gumball going through a similar process next to us. I attempted to throw the napkin onto my tray, but she took it from me, not without a look of disgust, and put it into a plastic bag

"Let me introduce our friends!" She clapped her hands together, and turned to her friends, who were now sitting in a circle with us.

"This is Finn," Bubblegum said, pointing to the blonde boy.

"Hey there!" Finn said, smiling. He looked like he belonged in middle school. "I'm a sophmore, and on the soccer and basketball team."

"Soccer!" Marshall said, excited. "Is the soccer team here any good?"

"Well... we're not bad," Finn offered, shrugging apologetically. Marshall just grinned.

"Not for long," He stated, confidently. "You see, I'm a soccer player myself."

"You are?! Cool beans bro!" Finn shouted, genuinely excited. "You any good?"

"Pfft, good is an understatement, my brotha." Marshall said, wearing his trademark grin. "I just hope you're prepared to win every single game this season."

"I like him," Finn said, turning to Bubblegum. He turned back to my brother, wearing a friendly smile. "I like you."

"Are... are you coming onto me?" Marshall asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Aaaaand this is his brother, Jake." Bubblegum said, quickly, as the brown haired boy nodded. He looked at the two of us suspiciously.

"Uh, hey," Jake said, unsure of how to address us. "I'm a senior too."

"You two don't really look like brothers," I said, bluntly.

"Marceline!" Bubblegum hissed.

"Naw, it's fine," Jake said, chuckling a bit. "We're not blood. Finn's adopted."

"That explains it," I said, grinning at me. He returned the smile, hesitantly. His chocolate brown eyes still looked untrusting, which was natural. We were total strangers invading his close group of friends. He'd get used to us if we stuck around, I suppose.

"And, uh, this is my girlfriend, Rainicorn." Jake said, nodding to the asian girl sitting next to him. "She's a senior as well."

"안녕하세요. 어떻게 당신은?" She said, smiling politely. I blinked at her. "만나서 반가워요."

"Excuse me?" Marshall said, shaking his head. "I have no idea what you just said."

"Oh, sorry. She said, "Hello, how are you? Pleased to meet you."." Jake translated. He turned to Rainicorn to whisper something in her ear, which made her giggle. "She speaks Korean, her English isn't very good."

"Oh uh... I'm good... thanks." Marshall, still somewhat confused. His eyebrows were scrunched as he wore a small frown. I chuckled.

"당신이 새로운 사람에 대해 어떻게 생각하십니까?" Jake said, turning to his girlfriend.

"그들은 약간 초초 것 ... 그들이 재미있을 것처럼 있지만보세요." Rainicorn responded. "그들에게 기회를 제공합니다."

"Fine," Jake said, with a small sigh. Rainicorn smiled and snuggled into his side. Jake smiled at her and put an arm around her shoulder, hugging her to him.

"Blegh," I said, pretending to vomit.

"I know right?" Finn said to me, rolling his eyes. "They're always like that."

"How cute~" Marshall teased. Jake turned bright red. Rainicorn just giggled.

"그것은 훨 있습니다." Rainicorn said, with a smile.

"I... uh. Okay." I responded, scratching the back of my head. "Totally... yeah."

We all chatted for a while, while we ate our lunch. Jake and Rainicorn had been dating since 8th grade. I guess they were one of those types, meet, fall in love, get married, happy ending, blahblahblah. Finn was an energetic guy, and he got along with Marshall and I. We talked about sports, video games, and movies. Turns out the three of us liked a lot of the same things. He was a pretty cool dude, even if he did seem a bit like a goodie two shoes. Every now and then, Gumball or Bubblegum would jump in to add to our conversation, which would usually earn them some laughter. They'd turn red and go back to looking at some textbooks. They'd mostly try to chat with Lady and Jake, but they were having some sort of "Lovey Dovey" moment, which made it hard for them to jump in, Soon, the bell rang and we all got up to get ready to go to our next class.

"Hey Marshall, do we have to stay for the rest of the day?" I asked as we began to walk away. I tilted my neck to both sides, a loud crack singing into my ears.

"I was actually thinking of heading ho-" Marshall started, before Gumball let out an angry sigh.

"You guys can't just leave." Bubble squealed beside me. She stared up at me, her eyes fiery with anger. "Espcially when it's the first day."

"Why not?" I whined, adjusting my backpack on my shoulder. "I'm bored already."

"You need to recieve an education! That's why you go to school." Bubblegum said, putting her hands on her hips.

"No we don't." Marshall said, indignatly. I turned to give him a "what the hell are you doing" look, which he returned with a "meh" look.

"What do you mean, 'no we don't'?" Bubblegum screeched, her voice getting higher and higher.

"Make her any angrier and only dogs'll be able to hear her." I said to Marshall, earning myself one of his boyish grins.

"Would you two please just stay, for today?" Gumball pleaded. He seemed to be using a more diplomatic approach than his shorter, angrier sister. "It is the first day and all. You should meet all your teachers at the very least."

I turned to Marshall, who gave me a small shrug. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Fine," I grumbled, walking past our little group. "What've you got now, Marsh?"

"Sociology," He responded, following me, leaving our two guides behind.

"Cool, so do I." I said, grinning at him. He looked down at me, returning my grin.

"Oh goodie!" Bubblegum said, with a delighted giggle. "We do too."

"We've already got three classes together," I responded, looking at her from over my shoulder. "Looks like we'll be getting well acquainted. Take care of me, Bubblegum."

With a wink and a smirk, Marshall Lee and I were down the hall. I heard Bubblegum grumble to her brother, who chuckled. That only earned him an angry squeal and a sharp nudge to his stomach.



It had been a week since Marshall and I had started school. We had met all our teachers, hated all of them too. We hung out with Bubblegums group of friends a lot. Marshall and I had tried out for the soccer teams, and we both made them. It was now friday afternoon, almost the end of school. Bubblegum and Gumball had somehow gotten us to stay in school, all day, all week. I was already getting real tired of it.

Even though they were complete opposites, Gumball and Marshall got along pretty well. They joked and horsed around, like boys do. Sure, they bickered and bantered, but that just seemed to make the two boys closer. Gumball had already started developing his own "panty-dropping" smile, with the help of my brother. Bubblegum and I, however, were not having such success. She hated my guts. She hated the way I acted, she hated the way I dressed. She disapproved of my laziness and she held great disdain for my sense of humor. She constantly scolded me about my behavior, which, I noted with amusement, meant she was spending a lot of time watching me. We shared the same last class today, US Gov. The teacher was talking, but I had no idea what about. I was busy doodling away in my notebook. Bubblegum was sitting next to me, diligently taking notes. Every once in a while, she'd raise her hand and ask a question, or answer one. Then she'd go back to furiously writing down notes.

She looked over at my desk, and frowned.

"Would it kill you to pay a little attention?" She whispered to me, still taking notes.

"It actually might," I replied, as I began to doodle a picture of Bubblegum getting hit by lightening. Her face turned red with anger. "What's wrong, princess?"

"Don't call me that," She whispered/growled at me.

"Well then, what am I supposed to call you?" I asked, turning to face her. "Bubblegum's a bit of a mouthful."

"I don't care," She huffed.

"If you didn't care, you'd just let me call you princess." I pointed out. She gave me a dirty look. I tapped my chin thoughfully. Bubblegum... bubblebutt...bubblegum... Bonnibel Bubblegum... Bonnibel... Bonni- Then an idea struck me. "Bonnie!"

"Wha-what?" Bubblegum said, stopping her notes for a second to stare at me.

"I like it," I said, smiling at her. She stared at me confused for a moment, before embarassment hit her features like a frieght train. "Bonnie."

"That's fine," she mumbled, blushing bright red. I grinned at her embarassment. She glanced at me, before returning my wide grin with a small smile. "Has anyone told you, that you and Marshall have the same smile?"

"No way! The panty-dropping, boyish grin?" I asked, grinning even wider, chuckling. "I must be killing you right now."

"What? No!" Bubblegum said, surprised at my outburst. She turned back to her notes and scribbled away, her cheeks glowing bright red. I couldn't help but lick my lips, amused by my new friend. "Let me pay attention."

"But Bonnie..." I started, looking at the clock. I offered her yet another grin, which made her look away. "Class is over."

"Oh... so it is." Bubblegum said, scowling. "I better not have missed anything important."

"Then you shouldn't be in school," I said, standing up and haphazardly shoving my books into it.

"...I think you're a fool." Bubblegum said, frowning at me. We gathered our things and began walking out of the classroom.

"And I think, you're a tool." I said, smiling. We walked down the halls together, before a body flung itself onto my back.

"Gah!" I screamed, girlishly. I was forced down to the ground, with a hard uumph. "Who the hell...?"

"Marcy!" Marshall Lee said, practically bouncing with excitement. "Can we throw a party?"

"What?" I said, blinking at him in surprise. "A party? We've only been here for a week. And we're already throwing a party."

"Well, you can invite the girls soccer team. I told the guys that our place is killer, and they all wanted to come over. And then, when me and Gumball met up, the football guys heard about the soccer guys all coming over and they wanted in too. And then when I was inviting Jake over, all of his friends wanted to come." Marshall explained. He put on his best puppy dog eyes while he pleaded with me. "Please, please, please."



"Tonight?!" I shouted at him. "How the hell are we going to prepare for a party in a few hours? Not to mention we both have practice!"

"Well, what if we have the party at nine. That'll give us about three hours to set up and wash off, right?" Marshall said, grinning at me. "Pleeeease?"

"Fucking hell," I grumbled, annoyed. I rolled my eyes before giving in. "Fine."

"Yes!" Marshall shouted, jumping with glee. "By the way, I'm going to need drive some of the guys home. Do you mind?"

"...Is there going to be room for me in the car?" I hissed. He laughed nervously and shook his head. "MARSHALL LEE ABADEER!"

"Hey, relax sis," Marshall said, as if trying to calm a lion. "Can't you get a ride home from someone on the soccer team."

"I'll drive you home," Bubblegum offered. I whipped my head around to turn to her. She raised an eyebrow at me, wearing a grin. "I mean, if you have no other options."

"I have other options!" I growled, marching right up to her. I didn't like when other people had the upperhand on me, which she clearly did at this moment. She was a couple inches shorter than me, but I got the feeling I wasn't intimidating her as much as I wanted to. A looked down at her, and threw on the "panty-dropper". She turned a little red. "But I'll take your kind offer. Thanks, doll."

"I-I-I... you're welcome." She mumbled, looking away from me. Marshall snickered behind me, earning a small slap on the back of the head from Gumball.

"So now both of you do it," Gumball said, sighing. "Fantastic."

"Oh you know you love it," Marshall said, turning to throw a grin at him. Gumball blushed slightly and tried to look away.

"Oh, he does! How cute!" I commented, throwing him another grin. He blushed harder. Unsure of where to look, he chose up at the ceiling. Marshall and I both slowly inched closer to him, trying not to laugh as he sweated under pressure.

Suddenly, the bell indicating the end of the school day rang, and we all jumped. It also made the grins jump right off our face, into surprised frowns.

"I gotta jet," Marshall said, turning away from us. "I'll see you guys later tonight."

"Later tonight?" Bubblegum asked.

"Did you think you weren't invited?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at my sugary aquantince.

"I...I didn't realize that you were going to invite me." Bubblegum said, honestly. She blushed red a bit.

"Why wouldn't we?" I questioned, as I began to walk in the direction of the locker room. "You're our friend, aren't you? Besides, you're driving me home, sweatheart."

"...Are we? Friends, I mean?" Bubblegum asked me, searching my eyes for an answer as her cheeks blushed apple red.

"Sure," I said, grinning back at her. "If you want."

"I think I do," Bubblegum said, returning with her own sweet smile. She nodded to herself. "Very much so."

"Cool," I replied, a sincere smile spreading across my face. "I'd like to be friends too."

"Then it's settled."

"I guess so. Friend."

"Shouldn't you go to practice?"

"Oh they wont mind if I'm a couple minutes late or not. I think I like chatting with you, anyways."

"Just go."

"Yes, mom."

Bubblegum rolled her eyes at me as I walked down the hall.



"Party at Marceline's!" A girl on my team shouted, slinging an arm around my neck. "It's gonna be off the hook!"

"Do people still say that?" I said, grinning as I tried to push her off me. "Get off me, you oaf."

"Do people call other people oafs?" She replied, before sticking her tongue out at me. "When should we be over?"

"Uh... any time after nine is fine." I said, removing my sweaty shorts. I just put on another pair of athletic shorts, but they were better than the uncomfortably moist ones I was wearing before. I scratched my leg before slinging my school bag and my soccer back over my shoulders.

"Alright kids, I'm gonna head out." I said, waving over my shoulder. They all shouted their goodbyes, and I exitted the room. As I left I saw Marshall and a group of boys rough housing.

"Hey! Ouch!" Finn shouted, as Marshall gave him a nuggie. "That hurts dude!"

"No pain, no gain." Marshall replied, wearing an evil smile. His group of friends laughed, Finn included.

"Think fast!" A voice shouted, from a little further down the hall. Suddenly, a football smacked Marshall right in the face.

"Gumball!" Marshall shouted, as he fell to the ground with a uumpf.

"Oh come on now, you can't be the only bully," Gumball said, laughing. Behind him was a small group of tall, strong looking guys. His normally neat and parted hair was messy and sweaty from being in a helmet for two hours. His shirt was a bit tight, making his arms look bigger than usual. He turned to me and smiled. "Hey Marceline."

" 'Sup, Gumball?" I asked, nodding to him.

"Do you know if Bubblegum knows that I've got a ride home?" He asked, dodging a ball thrown at him by Marshall. He shot Marshall a dirty look, before turning back to me.

"I can tell her, if you want," I offered. "She's taking me home."

"Could you?" He said, sporting his own cute, boyish smile. Not quite the panty-dropper my brother could do, but it was charming in its own way. If you liked the "Prince-Charming" types, I guess.

"No problem, dude." I said. "Do you have any idea where she is?"

"She's probably still in the student council room," Gumball said, pointing down the hall. "She'd probably be there until midnight, if she didn't offer to drive you home."

"Alright, cool, thanks." I said as I began to walk in the direction of the student council room. I threw him a wave over my shoulder. "See you later tonight."

"See you later," He replied.

"See ya latez, Marcy!" Marshall shouted after me.

I walked down the creepily silent hall. It was weird to walk through the normally loud and crowded halls when no one was there. It was refreshing though, not to hear at least three different people shouting and hundreds of different kids talking at the same time. I took the time to look at some different posters on the wall, uninterested with most of them. There were posters for clubs, charity work, school opprotunities. Some were to demote drugs and alcohol, others demonizing sex and other illicit activities. Anti-bullying, "No place for hate", that kind of stuff also found it's place on the wall. Just a normal boring high school.

I had been disappointed by how bored I had found myself at this school. I was hoping that moving away from my home would be an interesting change of pace, but it was extremely unexciting. There wasn't even any huge fights or girl gossip wars going on. Everyone was just... normal. Normal and happy.

I'd give anything to be all these idiots, ignorant and clueless to the world going on around them. The world was a scary place, if you lived in it for a while. I guess, we're just kids, so we haven't really lived in that long. At least, we weren't supposed to have.

I would kill to just be a normal teenager. Filled with only worries about staying out past their curfew and who the hottest guy was. Bursting with bad intention and over loading hormones. Even the most tame were pretty bad, if you really thought about it. Who was worse, the confident guy who claimed to sleep with every girl in existance or the closeted girl who masturbated in her room every night and claimed to have no interest in anything sexual? It's hard to tell, isn't it? Maybe not. Who knows.

I arrived at the student council door, suddenly realizing how hungry I was. My vision blurred for a second and I grabbed the wall.

Shit I thought to myself. Just take a few deep breaths, you'll be fine Marcy. You can do this.

I knocked the door twice before entering. I opened the door, and saw Bubblegum sitting in the room by herself, surronded by papers. She had on pink ear buds, so she probably couldn't hear me. I could hear the music she was listening to, something composed of a calm voice and a piano. She had square pink glasses on, and was holding a pen in her mouth. She glared at a piece of paper before taking her pen and writing a huge red "X" on it.

"Ouch man," I said, leaning down next to her ear. She jumped up in surprise. "That's a bit harsh is it not?"

"Marceline," She breathed, with a small sigh of relief. My throat clenched. I licked my lips.

Keep it together... keep it together. I repeated to myself.

"Can you give me two minutes?" Bubblegum asked, beginning to organize her papers. Her face was a bit red; whether it was from embarassment or surprise I couldn't tell, but it was pleasant looking anyways. "I have to put these away before we leave."

"I...uh, yeah." I said, dazed. I stared at her face, which only caused the throbbing in my body to increase. "No... no problem."

"Are you okay, Marceline?" Bubblegum said, worriedly. She scrunched her eyebrows, and lowered her body to look into my eyes. Her sapphire blue eyes stared into mine, with concern. "You look a bit ill."

"Ah, I'm totally fine." I said shakily. "Totally fine."

"Are you sure?" She asked, leaning in. She walked away to put the stack of papers she was holding into a cabinet. She returned to my side quickly, putting a hand to my forehead. "Jesus christ Marceline. Why are you so cold?"

"I dunno," I said. The warmth from her hand was spreading across my forehead, and I could smell how sweet she was. My nostrils flared, and I had to exert physical effort not to... "crazy eyes".

"Marceline, this isn't okay, we have to get you to a hospital." Bubblegum said, taking my hand. It felt like a sudden jolt of electricity went through me. "People can't be this cold and still alive."

"Naw, naw." I objected, shaking my head. "I'm fine."

"You're not fine." Bubblegum argued.

"Why're you worried about it?" I asked, defensively.

"We're friends... aren't we?" Bubblegum said, pouting slightly.

It sent me over the edge. I stood up quickly, pushing her back against the wall behind her.

"M-Marceline!" She squealed, startled. "Hey, what's the big ide-"

And I sunk my teeth into her neck.