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Author's Notes: This one shot is a response to a one word challenge from the group FanFiction .net Writers Unite on Facebook.

Story Notes: While his family sleeps Tramp looks out at the night sky and the stars and thinks back to that night when he and Lady shared their first kiss.

Lucky Stars: By islashlove

Chapter 1: Stars

A shadowy figure quietly moves across the floor of the Dear house. It was Tramp, the new dog of the household and he was trying his best not to wake anyone up. Tramp had only been living with the Dear's and Lady for two days and he was still getting used to being a house dog.

He was yearning to see the stars again, so he quickly made his way into the kitchen to the only window in the house where he can see them from.

As he sat there bathing in the pale moonlight, Tramp looked up at the night sky and watched the stars twinkle away. As he watched them, Tramp starts to think back to the evening, not so long ago, that changed his life.

He had just rescued Lady from the streets and decided to show her that life on the streets wasn't all that bad. He had taken Lady to Tony's Restaurant for a feed and ended up, not only having a candlelit Italian dinner, but also falling in love with her.

He couldn't believe it when Tony set down the table with table cloth for them, or the fact that he had a go at Joe for bringing them just bones. Instead, Tony ordered Joe to bring them a great big plate of spaghetti and meatballs, heavy on the meaty sauce.

The meal was wonderful, the company even more wonderful. As Tony and Joe sang a song about the stars and falling in love, they somehow pick up the same strand of spaghetti and without know it, they ended up kissing.

Tramp smiled as he remembered the way Lady shied away from him, but when she looked back at him stars were sparkling in her eyes. It was now that Tramp knew he could never find anyone else like Lady and he didn't want to. Not wanting to break the mood, they both looked up at the stars above and without a word they headed off to the park.

They ran and jumped through the park and when they crossed over the bridge that was over the small river, they stopped and watched as the stars and moon rippled beneath them. Finally, they reached the top of a hill and they sat there, leaning against each other, watching the stars and moon move across the night sky until they fell asleep, curled up together.

Yes, that night was a magical one and it was made even more special by the stars. They were lucky stars. They shone everywhere that night, in the song, in Lady's eyes, in the sky and in Tramp's heart.

As Tramp gets up to return to Lady he looks out at the stars once again and thanks them for being his lucky stars.

The End

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