This book takes place 2 years after (Re)Setting the Stage. Also just a warning, the first few chapters are pretty rushed and my ideas were kind of jumbled. I plan on rewriting them at some point. When that will happen is anyone's guess.


The sound echoed through the office and into the halls outside. The sun shined through the window to heat up a blonde haired man who was currently resting his forehead against the wooden desk.

"...OWWW! Mahogany hurts damn it!" His blue eyes gazed downwards at all of the paperwork on said desk. "God damn paperwork and its..." His complaining quieted down into the occasional grumble or two. He cast a longing gaze outside towards the training fields. He knew his son was hard at work there and sighed. He missed the training and the carefree days of his childhood.

The sound of his office door being opened forced him out of his daydreaming and back to the task at hand. He casually glanced up towards the door and seen his beautiful wife step in...carrying more paperwork.

"You know, just because I'm the Hokage doesn't mean my wife turned assistant has to make my job more difficult." The pinkette just laughed at her husband's growls and complaints.

"Naruto you always wanted to be the Hokage and now ever since you got the job you've done nothing but complain about paperwork." She shook her head in mock agitation and tried to hide the growing smile when he started up again.

"But Sakuraaa! It's so BORING!" Whined Naruto. He was about to start grumbling when he remembered a technique that he knew. He almost slapped himself, embarrassed that he forgot this. 5 Narutos appeared right before Sakura's eyes while the real one grinned and stood up, circling the desk before he stretched his stiff legs. Sakura turned to leave when her husband's hand shot out and grabbed hers. He pulled the pinkette into his arms and trapped her lips with his own.

"Where do you think you're going?" Naruto finally asked when he broke the kiss.

"To see my other blonde idiot." Sakura stated as she practically melted in Naruto's arms. She could never get over how warm Naruto was. She would sometimes compare him to a heater.

"Well I think my clones can handle things here right guys?"

"You can count on us boss!" His 5 doppelgangers chanted while writing. Naruto knew he was in for one killer headache when they dispelled.

Naruto held out his hand and turned to Sakura. "Shall we go see our son? Maybe I can help out there." Sakura smiled and nodded while he took her hand in his. An orange flash momentarily illuminated the room as they vanished.

A team of 12 year olds sat in the grass, panting. They had celebrated their birthdays a few days ago but this wasn't the present they had in mind. In front of the stood Itachi, Kakashi, and Sasuke. They all looked fairly bored as Kakashi sat reading his book, Itachi just gazed at nothing, and Sasuke was leaning up against one of the three poles in the field with his eyes closed and arms crossed. No one even flinched when an orange flash nearly blinded everyone looking at it. Just as soon as it was there, the flash disappeared revealing Naruto with Sakura in tow.

Naruto glanced at the three children in the grass and shook his head. "What have I told you three about beating on children?" Naruto grinned as they all just shook their heads at the Hokage's remark. He grinned at their reactions and spoke up, this time to Sakura.

"Hey Sakura, what do you say we teach the teachers?" Sakura smiled a little too innocently as she fixed her gaze on Kakashi. Or to be more exact, she focused her gaze on his book. Seeing this, Kakashi quickly snapped the book shut and turned to face her with a nervous eye smile. She just smiled and smashed her fist into her open palm.

"Oh Kakashi," her voice was singsong when she said his name, "what have I told you about reading that around my son? Also that same warning applied to my son's teammates." Her innocent act dropped as she looked at a grinning Naruto. Kakashi sweat dropped seeing his grin.

'Great I'm going to die because of a book!' Kakashi watched Sakura pull on her two gloves and watched Naruto hand his hat over to his son. Naruto dropped into his stance and glanced at Sakura.

"I'm guessing that you've got dibs on Kakashi?" She nodded and he just pivoted to face the now ready Uchiha brothers. Kakashi just sat thinking about how they had talked like he was a trading card. He wanted to make sure that he fought hard to make them think twice about doing it again.

"Ok Sakura, let's go!"

Three voices rang out in response. "Don't underestimate us!"

Kakashi's face, what little of it you could see, was red from embarrassment. He looked over to see Itachi and Sasuke in the same boat as him. They were all tied to the three training posts with chakra suppressing rope. Naruto had promised that he might come and get them after some ramen. If he remembered.

The fight, if that's what you wanted to call it, had consisted of Kakashi being a punching bag and Itachi and Sasuke getting tossed around like ragdolls. Kakashi was always surprised by Naruto's growth but this?! This gave the phrase ridiculously powerful a whole new meaning. Naruto had just teleported around the two and delivered the beat down of a lifetime.

Now they were forced to sit and wait while Naruto went to eat.

'Deja vu' Kakashi thought, only this time the roles were reversed.

Sakaru sat in the darkened room of the cave while contemplating their next move. He scratched at the robe he was wearing, cursing whoever put the itchy red clouds into the design. He was the leader of the recently reformed Akatsuki. Although he had to laugh at that. His Akatsuki was pathetic compared to the previous one. However, unlike the previous Akatsuki, his was gathering an army of mercenaries and training them, somewhat, to fight shinobi. He was currently looking through files for more recruits when he heard a peculiar sound. He stepped out into the hallway and was shocked to see the halls were closing in. He began to sprint for the exit, not even stopping to help people he easily could have saved. He launched himself through the rapidly closing entrance.

He was momentarily blinded by the bright sun as he hit open air.

"Tsk tsk tsk. The brave leader of the Akatsuki valiantly left them all behind. Your a fucking joke!" Sakaru glared up at the man that had just made a mountain collapse in on itself. The man wore a black shirt with a line of green running up the center of each sleeve and a green trim. He wore black pants the faded into green falmes at the bottom fourth of the pant legs. He also wore a green cloak that had black flames along the edges. His hands were covered by fingerless black gloves. At his waist was a pair of katana on the right and what looked like a sealing scroll on his left. Sakaru just barely caught a glimpse of seals on his wrist. The man looked at Sakaru with hatred written on his face. His one white and one black eye locked with Sakaru's teal eyes before he spoke.

"Anyone who would leave behind his comrades with no reason-" he appeared in behind Sakaru, back turned to him with his shorter katana re-entering the sheath, "deserves nothing better than death."

Sakaru felt a sharp pain and felt himself falling, only something was different. He felt...shorter. He glanced backwards and gasped as he watched his lower body fall backwards. He hit the ground with a thud, starting to go into shock, and looked around with panicked eyes before his gaze settled on the man who did this to him. Said man approached him and placed his foot on his skull.


He applied a massive amount of pressure as he pushed down. He heard the crunching of the skull as it caved in. He felt the brain being crushed beneath his combat boot as the skull gave way to the pressure. He smiled as the torso under him stopped struggling.

'Now no one can stand between me and Naruto. My destiny is one step closer.' He smiled and shrugged before he made a hand sign that caused the mountain to sink into the earth.

He casually whistled a tune as he walked away from the massacre.

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