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A couple of things should be known before I continue:

One: As you may have guessed, Orpheus is my character in Dark Souls/Demon's Souls, so his equipment, magic, attitude towards NPCs and enemies all relate to myself.

It's kind of a self insert, but in a different way.

Another thing is: This is not your standard Dark Souls.

As with all of my stories, there's gonna be some over the top moments, like using multiple magic at once.

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Welcome, to Born Anew!

Chapter 1 – Where Am I?

My eyes slowly drifted open, and I felt my head groan with pain.

I clutched my head, groaning alone with it, and snapped my eyes closed.

It hurts...

And, just as fast as it came, the pain went.

I slowly opened my eyes, preparing for the pain again, but instead, I didn't see anything.

It was dark, so dark I could only make out shapes. Nothing too clear, maybe a bucket, or a bowl.

Panic began to overtake me, but I managed to quell it. Claustrophobia isn't the easiest thing in the world to deal with, but after years of practice, calm came quickly to me.

My eyes seemed to refuse to adjust to the dark, and I sighed, closing my eyes again. I was too tired to even think about where I was, and how I got here.

And then, from behind my closed eyes, I heard a door open.

"Please, come quickly!" A voice called, and I opened my eyes again.

The figure that stood in the sudden light was a man, or at least I thought it was. His face was obscured by a metal helmet, and I nearly scoffed when I saw that he had a full set of armour in to complement it.

"What's the occasion?" I tried to say, but my voice was coarse, and rough.

He walked over to me, pulling me to my feet.

"You're a sane one, right?" He asked, and I nodded. "Good, follow me."

I can't help but follow along, walking out of my room.


A cell?

I looked back into my room, and it consisted of a few torn sacks for a bed, and some mouldy food abandoned in a corner.

"I was... in jail?" I croaked out, and my rescuer stopped in his tracks.

"You didn't know?" He turned and asked, and I shook my head, not wanting to use my throat too excessively.

He looked me over, observing me entire body. I looked down as well, and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I was wearing my favourite set of black t-shirt, black jeans and my black arm wraps, made out of bandages I custom cut one day. My black leather, fingerless gloves covered my hands, and I saw my crescent moon pendant hanging around my neck.

But my saviour pointed at my t-shirt.

"What manor of cloth is this?" He asked. "I have never seen cotton woven together so tightly before."

I smiled slightly. This guy is really into this role.

I was about to laugh at him, calling him an idiot, when we both heard a roar.

I turned sharply, and gasped, jumping back.

Behind the window, bard with rusted poles, was a monster.

It glared at us with hate filled, beady eyes, and it swung its staff threateningly.

I whimpered at the sight of the beast, sliding to the floor in an attempt to get away.

How does this thing... exist?

Monsters aren't real, why is there one here?

"This is a dream..." I muttered, clutching my head. "It's a dream, it has to be..."

Then I felt a strong hand grip my arm, pulling me to my feet.

"Don't sit around; the demon cannot reach us here." He said, his voice confident.

I stare at the monst-demon, which glared back at me with soulless eyes.

"Come, quickly!" The knight said, pulling me along the corridor. As we ran, I noticed dead bodies littered the floor, there bodies rotten and sunken. I felt my stomach rise, and I gagged on the bile.

We reached a ladder, and the knight motioned for me to go first. I nodded, hoping my legs and my stomach would hold out until we got to fresh air, which I could see just ahead of the ladder.

I reached the top, and I sprinted out into the courtyard, collapsing into the snow covered grass.

I sighed in relief, happy to be out of the dark, tight cell.

"As much as I know you would be released to be free, we must make haste."

I turned my head, to see the knight holding his hand over a bronze sword, stuck in the ground.

I frowned, a tingle of recognition at the back of my mind.

Where have I seen this before...?

"I'll just light this, and then we can rest." The knight said, and a flame appeared at the base of the sword, emanating pleasant warmth.

He sighed, at sat down. He then noticed my confused face, as I desperately tried to recall whatever this was reminding me of.

"This is called a-"

"Bonfire." I said, sitting up quickly. Bonfire. He lit a bonfire.

He nodded, pulling out a green bottle, made of what seemed to be porcelain.

He held it out to the bonfire, and the flames snaked up into the bottle, changing the green to a bright gold.

An Estus Flask.

I stared at the bonfire, my eyes wide. Bonfires, estus flasks, that demon... the Stray Demon, if I remembered correctly.

This... this is...

"Dark Souls..." I whispered, and the knight raised his head again.

"What did you say?" He asked, his head slightly tilted.

"N-nothing..." I said, shaking my head.

He nodded slightly, going back to staring at the flame, deep in thought.

I lie back down of the grass, the snow feeling nice and cool against my skin. I was in Dark Souls. As hard as it was to accept, with that thought in mind, it made everything I'd seen so far make sense.

Waking up in a cell, seeing Stray Demon, being rescued by-

I stopped. I was rescued by someone. I turned looking at the knight, and I recognised his armour as the Elite Knight set from Astora.

Does that mean...?

"Oscar?" I muttered, to quiet for him to hear me.

He freed me from my cell... He didn't drop a key, he actually freed me. This was different; this was a change from the game.

I couldn't help but grin at the thought of being in my favourite game, despite it being quite possibly the hardest game I had ever game.

I stood up, feeling slightly more confident about my scenario now that I knew where I was.

"Hey, knight-guy." I said, collapsing beside him at the bonfire.

"Hm?" He hummed, looking toward me.

"Might as well get acquainted, huh?" I said, holding out my hand.

He looked at it for a second, then gripped it in his own.

"Very well then." He said. "I am Oscar of Astora. A pleasure to meet you."

I smiled, but a thought crossed my mind. Should I use my real name...?

Not wanting to arouse suspicion, I decided to go with my name in the Souls games.

"Names Orpheus, call me Orph." I said, grinned ear to ear.

He chuckled slightly.

"Hey, mind taking your helmet off, Oscar?" I asked, curios to know what he looked like behind that visor.

He nodded slightly, reaching up and taking his helm off.

He was... surprisingly young. He looked maybe a few years older than me, his jet black hair reaching down slightly below his ears, and his blue eyes, strikingly similar to mine, shone with confidence and purpose.

He had slight stubble, and his mouth was set in an amused smirk.

"Satisfied?" He asked, putting his helmet back on.

Not realising I had been staring; I quickly nodded, getting to my feet.

"Well, let's go." I said. "As much as I love to free of that cage, I somewhat doubt this is the free world."

Oscar climbed to his feet, nodding.

"We have to find a way to leave, and I think that the Demons that guard this place hold the key." He explained, stretching his arms.

I cringed slightly, thinking about how terrifying the Stray Demon had looked.

Oscar seemed to notice, and gripped my shoulder.

"Do not fear." He said, his tone gentle. "There is an old saying in my family."

And the words I had come to hear over and over again rolled off of his tongue, and I felt my mind follow along with him.

Thou who art undead art chosen...

In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum...

Maketh pilgrimage to the land of ancient lords...

When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening...

The fate of the undead thou shalt know...

I looked into his visor, hoping to see a glimpse of his eyes, and nodded.

"I've heard it." I said, and he patted my shoulder.

"You may not know it, but you are undead, like me." Oscar said, and I felt my heart nearly stop. "A purpose is needed for any Undead, and this is mine."

Undead? Yeah, I suppose that makes sense, seeing as I'm in the Undead Asylum. Is that why I'm here...

Is it because I died?

A tear rolled down my face, and I wiped it away, steeling my resolve.

"Fine." I said, my tone dark. "Let's go find you fucking demon."

It turns out, the door leading to the Asylum Demon was locked, and we needed to find the key.

Again, another difference between the game and this world.

The few Hollows we had seen had easily been slain by Oscar, who wielded an Astora Straight Sword and a Dragon Crest Shield.

"I need a weapon." I said, after noticing the lack of any weapons like in the game.

"I know." Oscar said, wiping his blade. "But I do not have any spare. My apologies."

I shrugged, walking past him toward the fog door.

"No problem, Oscar." I said, waving his apologies off.

This fog door lead to the ledge overlooking the Asylum Demon, assuming he was there.

"Allow me to go first, Orpheus." Oscar said, taking the lead once more. "You would not last long with any weaponry."

I scowled, crossing my arms.

Oscar walked through the fog wall, but unlike the others, it didn't dissipate when he did. I heard a roar behind me, and I turned to see the Asylum Demon flying up over me...

And over the wall.

I quickly ran up to the fog wall, trying to pass through it, but I didn't know how.

I banged my first against it, but it refused to break apart.

"Oscar! Above you!" I yelled, trying to warn him of the demon.

I heard the roar again, then I heard the sickening squelch of flesh being broken.

My eyes widened, and fear raced through my heart.

"Oscar!" I yelled, pushing the fog door once more.

And it opened.

I moved on instinct. I dove through the fog wall, knowing the drop that awaited me, and I saw the demon standing with his back to me, probably facing Oscar. I landed on his sweaty, flabby, disgusting head, and pure hate flowed through me veins.

"Bastard!" I yelled, and I felt something gather in my hand.

I looked down, and my left hand felt numb, and it tingled.

Then, something incredible happened.

Electricity covered my hand.

I stared at the lighting in my hand, awestruck, when the demon roared, trying to shake me off.

I shook myself out of my trance, and I locked eyes with the demon below me.

"Die." I hissed, and I willed the lighting in my hand to extend, into a spear of energy.

I jumped up off the demon, and hurled the bolt straight at his face.

The lighting tore through its face, and it roared weakly, losing its strength rapidly. I stumbled on its feet, its face now completely torn to shreds by the lightning, and fell to the ground.

Its body disintegrated, and the energy that it became flew toward me, and I felt it flow into me.

Power flood through me veins, and my injuries healed over, my bruises faded, even my bad eye, which I had had since birth, was cured.

I rose to my feet, breathing in a victory breath, and grinned.

"Guess I'm not so useless without a weapon, after all."

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