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Chapter 3 – Taurus

Morning came a lot faster than expected.

I was shaken awake by Oscar, who had thankfully fully healed over the night, and told me of his plans.

"I will set off for the Undead Burg this morning, in hopes to ring the first bell." He said, and I nodded in agreement.

"I agree." I said. "I've heard bad things about Blightown."

The Crestfallen Warrior had informed us of the multiple Bells of Awakening, and thankfully, Oscar has made the right choice.

We wouldn't last two seconds against Quelaag, not out our skill level.

We set off for the Undead Burg, but it wasn't long before we encountered hollows.

They were a lot more... well, hollow than the ones in the Asylum, who still had some remaining humanity, but these...

These were monsters.

Oscar drew his sword, and mercilessly cut down the hollows, before I could even summon a spark.

"Save your energy." He said, sheathing his blade. "There will no doubt be far harder enemies then a few dreglings."

I nodded, letting him have his way, and we cut our way through the undead.

I picked up a short sword from one of the fallen hollows, and carefully tested its weight.

It wasn't what I was used to, back home I only ever practiced with kendo practice blades, but I had to get used to it.

I tried to help Oscar, but the hollows simply shrugged off my weak attacks, and he had to save me on more than one occasion.

I rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding an axe-wielding hollow, and Oscar quickly finished it off.

"Orpheus, stay back." He said. "You have not the skill to fight these hollows."

I scowled.

"Then I need to practice, don't I?" I snapped, standing back up and reading my weapon.

He sighed, but nodded.

"Very well." He said, and we continued through the Burg, Oscar letting me attack first, and stepping in if I needed help.

I quickly adapted to the weight and reach of the weapon, and while my attacks were still weak, I landed more of them, and hollows began to fall beneath my blade.

We approached the courtyard, and I heard the flapping of large wings.

"Watch out!" I yelled, pulling the knight back as the Hellkite Wyvern landed on the bridge.

It glanced at us, before hissing and flying off.

I sighed, climbing to my feet.

"That was close." I said, offering a hand to Oscar.

He glanced up at me, before grabbing my hand and pulling himself up.

"My thanks, Orpheus." He said.

I rolled my eyes, grinning at him.

"I told you before, call me Orph." I said.

He didn't respond, but drew his blade and yelled a warning.

I turned, just in time to see a hollow jump at me. His jagged blade sliced deep into my arm, and I hissed in pain as I rolled backward, drawing my blade with my bad hand, but Oscar had already sliced the hollow in half.

I cringed, kneeling.

"Are you well?" He asked, and I glared slightly.

"Does it look like it?" I snapped, and winced as my arm twitched.

He pulled the bright orange flask from his belt, and handed it to me.

I nodded, bringing the Estus to my mouth, but I instantly spat it out, disgusted.

"That tastes like..." I choked. "Tastes like... death!"

Oscar simply picked up the flask from where I had thrown it, and looked at me, his expression veiled by his helm.

"Orpheus... how did you die?" He asked.

I frowned.

"I... I don't remember..." I said, uncertainty filling my tone.

He nodded.

"Then, I think you are still alive." He said, and my eyes went wide.

"H-Huh?" I asked.

He motioned toward the flask.

"Humans who still live cannot drink estus, they're body would reject it, in taste, in smell, in everything." He explained, kneeling next to me. "So... It stands to reason you are still among the living. You are not Undead."

I closed my eyes.

What he said... made sense. But... If I am human... If I AM alive... then that means...

"This journey... will kill me..." I muttered, and Oscar nodded his head.

"Most likely." He said.

I chuckled, standing up, ignoring the pain in my arm.

"Then..." I said, opening my eyes. "Then I have extra incentive to give it everything I have."

Oscar stood, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"You can't possibly still want to go on." He said, and I shrugged his arm off, meeting his eyes.

"I want to go home. And this is the way to do it." I said, and he sighed.

"How?" He asked. "How is fulfilling the quest of the undead the way to you getting home?"

I scowled.

"Look..." I said. "Just... Trust me, okay?"

He stared at me, and I could just see his eyes behind his visor, before he sighed, and nodded.

"You saved my life twice. I am indebted to you." He told me. "I will trust you. And I will protect you."

I snorted.

"I don't need you-"

"Yes you do." He told me firmly. "I don't know if your marked with the Dark-sign or not, but if you aren't... you will die. And you will not come back."

I sigh, but nod.

"All right then." I said, wincing. "But first... I need to fix this arm."

Oscar examined the wound.

"The warrior back at the shrine said you use miracles to summon lightning." He said. "Surly you could heal as well?"

I scowled.

"I don't know what this is." I said, a small ball of energy gathering in my hand. "But I know it is NOT a miracle."

He fell silent, and began binding my arm, and I chuckled dryly.

I... have to do a no-death run of Dark Souls?

God... I might be doomed...

I scowled, frustration coiling inside me. Why? Why do I have to do the one thing I have never been able to do in Dark Souls?

Level 1 run? Sure.

New Game + 7, no armour? Done.

Only bow run? Pfft, no problem.

No shields? I never use shields.

No dying, though?

"Damn it..." I muttered, not loud enough for Oscar to hear me.

"As much as you might think you can handle yourself..." Oscar said patiently. "You are not a fighter. I've seen your attempts at fighting, and trust me, they were abysmal."

I nodded slowly, closing my eyes.

"I'm done for, huh...?" I muttered, and he placed an armoured hand on my shoulder, lifting his visor.

"No." He said. "No you are not, Orph. I just said I would protect you, didn't I...?"

I smiled up at him, and climbed to my feet, ignoring the pain in my arm.

"Maybe... a merchant... has some healing items." I muttered, and Oscar nodded, putting his helm back on, and I nodded toward the Undead Merchant's place.

"Let's check over there." I said, and I stumbled over to him, and eventually collapsed against the wall, the merchant staring at me curiously.

"Hmm?" He hummed. "A human? Here?"

I snorted.

"Stop gawking..." I said, Oscar kneeling at my side and checking my wound. "Do you... have any curatives?"

He hummed, and rifled through his stuff, and pulled out a few green herbs.

"A traveller left these here with me in return for a sword." The merchant explained. "He called them 'Crescent Moon Grass'..."

My eyes went wide.

"I-I'll take it." I said. "How much?"

He hummed, thinking on it.

"...500 souls each." He decided, and I cocked an eyebrow.

" do I give him souls?" I asked Oscar, and he sighed, holding out his hand, and a white crystal appeared in his hand, and he handed it to the merchant.

"That's 5,000 souls." Oscar said, and the merchant handed me ten of the grasses, one of which I immediately put in my mouth.

It was bitter, and tasted foul, but I forced myself to chew and swallow, and I felt my wound close over in an instant.

"Wow..." I muttered, standing up effortlessly, stretching my arms, and I found that the flesh was still a bit tender, and would probably open up again if I overworked it.

"Better?" Oscar asked, and I smiled at him, nodding.

"Right..." I muttered, nodding a thanks at the merchant, and I noticed the katana at his side.

...hmm... Maybe... Maybe I could take it. I do enjoy using katanas...

I shook the thoughts away, moving away from the merchant and the temptation, and we moved into the shelter at the start of the Burg, and collapsed at the bonfire.

"Well, we made it." Oscar said, refilling his Flask. "Step one of our journey is done."

I snorted.

"And we've got a long way to go." I finished, hanging my head.

This... this is gonna be tough...

Oscar clapped me on the shoulder.

"Keep your spirits high, Orpheus." He said, smiling. "We can keep pushing as far as we need to."

I nodded, smiling slightly, and we stood up, walking out into the Burg again.

The dreglings were still gone...

"At least we made this area safe..." I muttered, and Oscar shrugged.

"Other Undead will take their place eventually..." He said quietly. "We should move on quickly."

I nodded, and we set off.

"God... damn... it..." I panted, resting against the wall.

We finally made it to the tower...

"Those dreglings were quite strong." Oscar muttered, and I could see he was panting as well. "We need... to be more careful..."

I nodded. He was down to about a third of his Estus, and I only had two grasses left. My short sword had also broken against a shield, and I had to resort to using lighting to help Oscar.

But now... we finally made it to Taurus.

"Come, Orpheus." He said, climbing the tower stairs. "We need to keep moving."

I nodded, and followed after him.

Taurus should be no problem... Yeah, none at all. He's weak to lightning, I can just through spears at him until he drops, it'll be fine...

I felt fear coil in my stomach, and I tried to force it down.

We stopped in front of the fog gate, and we locked eyes.

"...good luck." I muttered, and he nodded.

"To you as well." He said, and we stepped through.

Taurus leapt down from the other tower, not waiting like he did in the game, and roared in anger as he ran at us, and I was frozen.

He was... terrifying...

In the game, behind that screen, it was never to frightening, being a weak, early boss, but here... with those glowing red, terrifying eyes...

Oscar pulled me off the stairs as the demon's great-axe landed where I was standing a second ago, and I shook myself free of my thoughts, and I ran around the back of the demon, channelling lighting into my hands.

"Keep him off me!" I cried at Oscar, who nodded and tried to distract the great demon, and I through spear after spear at the monster, but they didn't seem to do much.

"Why isn't it working?!" I hissed, rolling backward as I dodged another attack. "He's weak to lighting!"

Oscar slashed at the back of the demon, and it whirled, growling, and swiped his hammer, knocking the knight back into the tower wall.

"Oscar!" I cried out, and I threw a ball of lighting straight at the back of the demons head, and it flinched, turning to look for the attacker, and I leapt back as he tried to flatten me.

"Oscar, get up!" I shouted as I sent another few spears at the demon, and I cursed as he seemed to brush them off.

"Why... why isn't it working?!" I hissed, and a warm laugh emanated from behind me, and a large, powerful lightning spear shot past me, and tore a large hole in the demon's side, and it roared out in pain.

I turned, and my eyes widened as I saw Solaire, the warrior of the Sun, lighting crackling over his arm.

He jogged forward up to me, drawing his sword.

"Looks like my timing is impeccable." He said, tone warm. "I take it you wouldn't say no to some help?"

I shook my head, and summoned another bolt of lightning, only for Solaire to grab my arm.

"Not like that." He said. "Make it thicker, sturdier. It needs to pierce the tough hide of the beast, lad."

I nodded, and concentrated in making it larger, and thicker, and I hurled it, and it sailed through the demon's shoulder, separating the demon from its axe.

It roared, the sound a little weaker than before, and Solaire dashed forward, and drove his blade, wrapped in lighting, through the demons head.

It whimpered weakly, and it suddenly exploded into white souls, and they all separated and flew into all three of us, reinvigorating me.

I sighed in relief, collapsing onto the bridge.

"Thank Christ..." I muttered, eyes drooping.

Maybe... Maybe I can do this... Maybe...

Maybe I can survive.

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