In a matter of minutes, I'm awake.

Is it Wednesday? Tuesday? I look over at my small calendar I keep hung in the closet. Its Wednesday.

I crawl my way out of my small space and instantly feel dizzy when I stand up. How long has it been since I've eaten? It's nine in the morning, Ciel is at school. I'm incredibly bored.

I let myself walk downstairs. This house is so empty. No wonder I'm so fucking freezing all the time, it's too airy in here.

I walk around the large family room, exploring. I've been in here before, when young master first saved me. He sat me on this exact white couch, and dabbed my wounds with a small cloth. I was belligerently high at the time. I had though he were a girl at first, he had such big, pretty eyes. He almost looked compassionate that day. He told me he would take care of me. That he was lonely, too.

"I always wanted a dog. Your name is Sebastian, after the dog Daddy made me give away. You are Sebastian" He had never even bothered to ask me my first name. I still don't think he knows it.

I remember getting blood on the white couch, and Ciel told his mother it was raspberry chocolate sauce. He got grounded for it. He was sent to his room, and in that moment, he told me about himself. Little did I know at the time, he was telling me barley anything at all.

"Daddy got sent away a month ago. The cops told me he hurt me. Sometimes I was hurt, but I still love him. He barley ever hurt me, but when he did, it was bad, I suppose."

"Daddy used to put me to bed at night. He used to kiss me, and tell me about when he was a little boy. We would play cards, and Daddy would teach me so many things. At first it was just long words, and new kinds of math. But later, he taught me about the body, and how it works and functions. I thought that was cool. It was good, Daddy made me feel important. He told me I was his angel. I loved all the special times I had with Daddy."

"After a while, Daddy started to tell me strange things, like that he liked me better than Rachel, and that I made him feel better than Rachel did. I thought it was mean, but after a while, I liked when he told me those things, I liked being better than her. I liked making Daddy happy like this, he loved my body, and he loved my voice. He said that those things were better than Rachel, too."

"Soon, everything began to change, once I let him take control of me, he started telling me I was nasty, and dirty. He was always saying that I needed to be punished. I was trying to be the best son I could be, hell, I was the best son, especially doing what I did for him. He always was telling me I was a dirty boy. It got worse when he started choking me, and scratching me. I felt dirty after a while. I still am dirty. I miss him."

"I'm very lonely, Sebastian."

I remember this conversation. I remember it so clearly, but what I remember most is; I felt nothing. When he told me all this, when he spilled out his entire heart to me, I felt nothing. I remember thinking "wow this kid is fucked up," and "his dad is a pervert," but I never felt compassion.

I don't know why I feel compassion now, though. I do the same things to him that his old Daddy used to do.

I remember after he told me all this, I fell asleep. I rested my head on Ciel's shoulder and slept. He told me that I smelled bad, but I slept. He was warm, even that night, when he convinced me he was cold. He could never be as cold as I am everyday.

That's the night he told me the closet would be my doghouse. My home.

I never thought I would feel so at home being a trespasser and all.

I'm on the clean white couch taking in as much as I possibly can. Ciel lives here, he breathes here. He's abused here. I look to my right, and see a wall of pictures. Each picture is of the sapphire boy that I call Master. Ciel's grin is so fake.

His real smile belongs to me. That smile is so phony, I've seen him smile, and that's not it, at all.

I get up off the sofa and make my way to the kitchen. I fix a simple bowl of noddles, and head back up the stairs.

When I'm back in the bedroom, I don't go right back into the closet. I sit right in front of the mirror and eat.

I watch my jaws hinge and unhinge as I chew my noodles. These lips have touched Ciel. My mouth and tongue tingle at the thought. I miss Ciel, I want him home. I stand up and lay in the queen bed, I've had sex in this bed, I've been fucked in this bed. This bed is what has been keeping me sane. Actually, it's probably made me more insane than I've ever been in my life.

I like little boys. I like putting my dick in little boys. Little boys with sexy little bodies. Little boys who will let you fuck their face, and come all over them after. I like dirty little boys who call me Daddy. I'm a pedophile, and for some reason, I'm ok with this. At least for now. I giggle. I'm so fucking funny.

I'm so lost.

I wish Ciel were home. I'd have him spread out all over my face. I'd lick his little ass, and put his cock in my mouth. I want to come on his ass, I want to fuck him so bad. I feel my cock bulging in my tight black jeans.

Not now, I'm too tired.

I let myself doze off in the bed. Just this once, I can sleep. Ciel will be home soon. I can sleep.

"Sebastian, dog, get up," What's going on, who's talking to me? "Get up dog, you can't sleep here, get UP," Oh, It's Ciel! "Hello-o..Ciiell," I say groggily, rubbing my eyes. It felt so good to sleep in a bed, holy shit. "This...bed smells...good," I flip over in my stomach and rub my face into the comforter. I'm so warm right now, it's so nice. I hear Ciel let out a sigh behind me. "Honestly, you're an idiot sometimes," I laugh, he's so cute. "Come here," I say, more awake, holding my arms open. He hesitates a minute, but lets himself climb on the bed, and into my embrace. I breathe in the boys hair, and skin. He smells like school. How is it that school makes you smell a certain way?

"You're nice and warm, aren't you?" The blue boy beneath me says. I nod. 'Yea, because I've been thinking about fucking you all day,' I think to myself. Then I remember, I have a hard on.

I take the younger boys hand and guide it to the front of my pants, and sigh. "Oh my gosh," Ciel breathes out. Maybe he's been thinking about my cock all day, too? He immediately begins rubbing the contours of my penis through the front of my jeans. I let out a breath, bucking into Ciel's hand. I'm already so turned on, I can barley help but do so. "Eager?" Ciel asks, his voice dripping with seduction. I sigh again, and nod my head yes. I bring my face down to the boys neck, nibbling and licking my way up to his ear. "Let me fuck you, babyboy," I say, doing my best to sound as seductive as I possibly can.

With that, Ciel unbuttons my pants, rolling me onto my back, straddling me, facing away from me, so all I can see is his pretty little ass grinding on my now-exposed cock. I let out a breathy moan, I'm really sensitive right now. I see the young lord turn to look at me over his shoulder. He's smirking at me. He knows exactly what he's doing, I grip the back of his thighs. "You're going to get off right now, and suck my cock," I demand. He giggles and flips around, laying on my chest, facing me. "You honestly think you're in charge here, dog?" He says, bringing his hand up to my throat, tightening his grip.

He's choking me, and stroking my cock at the same time. Fuck, this kid is showing me things even I haven't even heard of. When I feel like I'm about to pass out, he brings his mouth to my ear, and releases his grip. "Undress me," he whispers.

I go crazy, my hands fumble with his uniform, taking off his pants in the awkward position we're in. Once his pants are off, I pull him up to my face, so he's sitting on my chest. I put his dick in my mouth, and start sucking.

He's letting out these little whimpers that I've never heard before, fuck, it's making me even harder. I can feel his cock lengthening in my mouth, that's turning me on, too.

I'm letting him fuck my face at this point, his penis isn't fully grown yet, so it's not like I'm making him gag like I did to him the other night.

When he finishes, he lets out all these little coos and 'ahhs', it's so fucking hot. He sounds almost like a girl. I let him come in my mouth, doing my best to swallow all of him.

"Now that I've swallowed you up, you have to swallow me. With the other mouth, " I say, pushing his pelvis back down to meet mine. He locks eyes with me, and sits down on my dick, taking in only the head. I arch my back up to try and get more in, but when I do this, he punches me in the stomach. "Not now, dog." is all he says. He rides the tip of my head for a bit, I try my best not to buck my hips.

After while of this, Ciel speaks again. "You can move now," is all he says, and a green light turns on in my head.

I buck myself hard up into the boys tight hole, he lets out a high groan, with a few words that I can't really understand.

"Ride me, arch your back like a bitch," I can't help being this vulgar, when everything feels so good.

"D-daddy, please, daddy, h-hurt me, please? Fuck, choke me, daddy, c-c'mon," Ciel moans out, bouncing on my thick cock. I giggle, and reach up for the boys throat.

"D-don't s-stop, until I p-pa-pass out," I smirk, and tighten my grip even harder, while I let my other hand jerk my masters throbbing cock. I jerk as hard as I can, the boy still rocking his hips, causing the greatest euphoria I've ever felt.

I see Ciel's eyes roll to the back of his skull, and I feel his dick twitch in my hand, I tighten my grip around his throat. He's close, I can tell.

"Come, baby, come for your Daddy, ok? Get it on my stomach, you're so sexy," I say, encouraging him. "Young master, please come? Please? Come on," I say, he's so fucking close. "You're close. I know it...Ciel,"

Hearing his own name triggers something, because he comes right then and there, all over myself and my hands, almost immediately after he climaxes, I feel him go limp, and he falls on my chest, I let go of his throat. "Baby, Daddy isn't done yet," I whisper into his flushed face, he lifts his head, looks at me, and smirks, pulling himself off my cock, I hiss when I feel the air hit my dick.

Ciel doesn't speak, he just brings his body downward, head at my cock, when he engulfs the whole entire thing in his mouth. I feel the tip of my dick hit the back of his throat, I groan. Fuck, hes so good. He keeps his head in place, just sucking, keeping my cock in place in the far reaches of his throat. I feel myself close to climax, and I get a grip in the boys blue locks. Fuck, I'm going to come.

And when I do, it's right in the back of the kid's throat. He gags, and spits, but does his best to swallow.

He is such a good boy.

I love him. I love Ciel.

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