"That sword is meant to be in my vault at Gringotts. How did you get it?!"

The demanding voice is none other then Bellatrix Lestrange's, and the sword in question to thievery is the Gryffindor sword that once was in her vault however that was before Harry, Ron, and Hermione went and took it while looking for the horcrux that was hiding. Oh Bella had thought something was fishy when the bank goblins told her that nothing appeared to be missing from her vault, she truly did but she was too busy with other precious things to investigate into her vault especially since she was assured that the bank would find out who broke in and what they were apparently after. Those lying, filthy swine! They over looked something mighty important didn't they! How do you manage to over look the likes of that sword! It was impossible to do such a thing unless…. Oh ho…. The goblin… She thought thinking of the goblin down in the cellar with the two boys.

She would deal with him in a moment, but she had to find out what else this disgusting mudblood had touched! It was disturbing enough to know that she was near her precious gems and gold, but if she and her bandit of friends had managed to take the sword… What else did they take?

"What did you and your friends steal from my vault!" She demands now even more furious then bed . She had been kind at first now she wouldn't even bother. She would yell straight down into that young girl's face if she felt the need to! It was awful nice of her not to hurt the girl as it was, that filthy excuse of a human being had had enough of polite pure blood ways. She would be treated as she should be treated.

"I didn't take anything…." Hermione sobbed pathetically, closing her eyes tightly so she wouldn't have to look up into Bellatrix's face. She knew if she did… It might be the last thing she ever saw and instead she would prefer to remember something that made her happy once in her short lived life. She had seen this coming. She really had. Her death was close no matter how she chose to look at it. The men whom had found them in the woods had confiscated there wands before bringing them to Malfoy Manor. Wordless magic wasn't going to work because of how worked up she was at the moment, the spell could backfire onto herself and or only cause Bellatrix to kill her faster. Perhaps if she appealed to her, she would live… Hermione thought for a moment and then shook her head. No.

"I didn't take anything…" She repeats. "Please…" she begs hoping that it would please Bellatrix to have her begging for her life, but it doesn't. Bellatrix isn't even fazed by her words. She's too focused about her vault.

"I don't believe it!" Bellatrix snaps moving a hand shaking with anger to the young girl's head to keep her from moving and then harshly pressed the tip of her want to the her pale skin and began to curve into her skin. The reddening of her skin tearing to the pressure of her wand pleased Bellatrix more then it would please any normal person, however it wasn't enough. It was never going to be enough, not even when blood spilled and trickled down her forearm at the "-M-" she had craved.

Hermione's eyes widen in pain, looking out to the black fireplace on the other side of the room as a high pitch shrill echoed in the room and out to the connecting rooms as well as the entry way of the Manor. The pain…. It was too much. It was… Dear Merlin there wasn't anything to compare this kind of pain to! It was a poison of it's own that Hermione was getting to taste. Her body reacted in jerky movements attempting to fight to be free of the pain she was feeling and rid the person on top of her creating the pain. Though it proved pointless as Bellatrix only fought back with her so that she could continue with her own delicious torture and she did after putting her hand to the girl's thin neck.

All movement ceased just for a second before Bellatrix continued on to create a cruel "-U-" next to the bright bloody "-M-" with the returning pain came Hermione's jerky response only this time she was scratching at Bellatrix's hand. Bellatrix hissed in pain and moved her stance to stop the girls attack on her hand reaching over to grab her hand but Hermione had managed to toss her off of her young body, although… Bellatrix had done something as well. Though she wasn't really aware of it. She quickly pointed her wand at Hermione Granger causing a bright red flash to spark from Bella's wand and Hermione's body to shake at the new pain enveloping her body as well as a sickening scream that could scare a ghost to rip away from deep within her chest.

"Welcome my friends and loyal servants. I see all of you managed to arrive on time. Lucius…. Avery… Crabbe…. Severus-" In the middle of Voldemort's greeting to the secret meeting he had called for only moment's ago, a scream interrupted him, and all of the men and women at the long oak table stood wands drawn to faced the young teenage girl that appeared in a whirl as if being apparated which didn't make any sense. Malfoy Manor was so heavily guarded that not even Voldemort himself could do that. A visitor physically had to approach the front gate be escorted inside by one of the hundred house elves that served the Malfoy family and their guests.

The girl continued to convulse for a few seconds until she gasped loudly taking in what sounded like a much needed breath before rapidly exhaling and inhaling with loud short sobs in the middle of each one. "Stop! Stop! Please!" She screamed opening her eyes at last to see that whom ever she had been pleading to wasn't before her.

Hermione sat up quickly but when her eyes landed on the younger faces of the ones she knew all to well, she scrambled back up against the wall behind her. It was clear that she realized where she was so that made her appearance all the more questionable, however the expression on her face revealed that she knew what she had happened to stumble into but Voldemort was intrigued. The look on her face, he over all look in general were all different from that of what he and the others wore and saw others wearing. She clearly knew who he was and was a witch, how else would she have gotten into the wizarding world?

The room is quiet, perhaps because everyone is waiting to see how their Lord will take the intrusion before acting upon it themselves. They were his followers after all, not stupid. Voldemort cocks his head to one side and narrowed his light blue eyes at her, before calling to her in his soft airy voice. "Who are you…"

It seems that everyone in the room began to whisper softly to one another as Hermione's eyes look to Voldemort, and then to Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa and back to Voldemort. She couldn't very well say who she really was! That was a one way ticket to her certain death. But she had to come up with something quickly, something that would spare her even for a moment so she could live. She returns her gaze back to Bellatrix. The person who had placed her in this mess… "Lestrange…." She croaked, causing the room to go quiet in the shock of hearing the all to familiar name. "Hermione Lestrange…."

"Liar!" Bellatrix shouts in rage, but is silenced by Voldemort's hand and gaze.

"Do tell…" Voldemort states returning his look to her and waving his hand to her signaling her to come closer to all of them.

Hermione swallows hard, and begins to remember everything Sirius had ever told her about the Malfoy's and the Lestrange's as that was his family tree while she pushes herself up and falls against the wall. She was weaker then she thought. "I don't… I don't wish to disobey you sir, but… I… I can't walk at the moment…" she whispers out of breath.

"Crabbe, help the girl into a seat." Voldemort says not removing his eyes away from her as the man quickly gets up and does as he's told, allowing the young girl to lean against him as she is move across the room to a chair.

"She's lying, my lord! She has to be! I haven't ever seen her in my life! I bet she's a spy! I bet she's one of them filthy half bloods!" Bellatrix snaps only to be silent when Voldemort gives her a quick stern look. He wouldn't warn her again. He understood why she was so outraged but he had a feeling that everyone in the room was about to learn something very, very valuable. This girl… wouldn't have just appeared out of nowhere.

Hermione stares at the woman that was yelling at her, and narrows her eyes feeling her anger rising so without entirely thinking of the consequences Hermione blurted out something outrageous that would bring down the younger witch with her. "Mum! Never seen me in your life?! I just say you not only moment's ago!" If the room had been quiet before it was dead quiet now. "However…" Hermione continued lowering her head and looking around at everyone. "None… none of you were here… except… Aunt Nessa and Uncle Lucius and cousin Draco…" She continues. If she was going to lie for her life, Merlin's be it a good fucking one!

"Mum?" Bellatrix whispers her eyes softening to the word, with confusion building up as she glanced quickly to the Dark Lord. That couldn't be right… just couldn't be right at all.

"Bellatrix is your mother." Voldemort says in a calm voice. "What year where you born?" He asks. Although he was confused, he wasn't going to admit it or show a sign to it in any shape or form.

"You look nothing like us."

This time it's Bella's husband who speaks, Rodolphus Lestrange and Hermione tells herself to play it up, she's obviously not in her own time, so before Voldemort can issue a look, or word she says something so venomous that it surprises him.

"How dare you speak to me! You sick, disgusting coward! Of course I don't bloody look like you! You aren't my father!" She says as angry and upset as she can be which isn't hard. Her voices cracks. Her body shakes. Her eyes narrow and her tongue gets sharper. "That's right, you no good excuse of a man! How could you think I was your daughter…. To even imagine that my blood would be mixed with yours is an insult!" She says reciting the words that Draco Malfoy had once spoken to give it a even more believable kick.

"Deary, if I'm your mum then he has to be your dad." Bella smirks looking completely satisfied with herself, as if she had caught the girl in her lie but oh no… No. Bellatrix might have won in her time but she wasn't winning now.

"But… Mum…. You told me… You told me he couldn't be! You told me I was a special child! You told me I was going to be the gem of the wizarding world!" Hermione shrieked only to look up sharply to Voldemort who placed a hand on her shoulder and was looking down at her.

"What makes you that special?" he asked. His tone could easily compare to that of a father talking to a child, which was excellent especially since she was going to play the trump card of her nicely stacked deck.

"I'm your daughter…. I'm the child that defeats Albus Dumbledore, and the Potter child to bring back the purity of magic. " She whispers softly.

The noise heard next is Bellatrix's body falling from her chair from the mere thought that if this child was telling the truth… The Dark Lord had chosen her to bare his child.

Hermione looked away from Voldemort's surprised face to Rodolphus trying to awaken his wife, and wonder if they will take her story and run with it. If she plays her cards right… she could possibly get away with this until she could find a reason for her being jumped into the spot that she was in. It didn't make sense… She hadn't used the time turner- Her eyes widen and she reached into her shirt pulling out her necklace only to see the time turn broken, crushed to be exact. Her fight with Bellatrix must have cause the thing to break!

"That explains how you got here…." says a softer voice that Hermione knows all too well. She looks up and sees Severus Snape looking directly at her as if unmoved by her show.

"Professor…" She whispers on accident and Voldemort looks at his loyal servant a little confused.

"Professor?" he repeats after her.

"Yes… Mum wouldn't…Wouldn't allow me to go to school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Instead she called for people closely knitted to our family, and Professor Snape was my Dark Arts, and Potions teacher." She said softly looking up to Voldemort.

She couldn't quiet tell if they were buying her story but when Voldemort looked at her again, and began to read her mind, she worked to only show him what she had been coming up with. It took a bit but, she had been practicing with Harry and she was pretty good at it, the evidence of that being when Voldemort pulled out of her thoughts and looked a bit nervous. "This meeting is over." He stated bitterly. "Severus, Lucius. Stay." He barks angrily as Rodolphus and Narcissa carry Bellatrix to the room near for her to stay in until she came too.

Now in the room, it was Hermione, Severus, Lucius and the Dark Lord himself. She didn't know wither to be concern or if she was alright. She thought she had done a marvelous job, but… maybe that was only her wishful thinking. Maybe doing a marvelous job wasn't enough. "She's telling the truth."

Hermione wants to show a reaction because she is seriously shocked that she had done it, and that she had fooled the Dark Lord herself. However doing so might risk her chance, so she merely bows her head to hear what is to come. "Hello Hermione."

She raises her head and is surprised to see Lucius giving her a small yet charming smile. It was so hard to believe that she had just been in a dreadful situation where all of them were against her, and suddenly were at her hand if she ever need them. "She will stay with you Lucius-"

"No!" Hermione blurts and Voldemort looks at her sternly.

She looks at Severus, and bites her lower lip. If there was anyone she could trust it would be Severus Snape. He was a good man, or he would be sooner or later. God she really needed to find out the year she was in. However just before she could think of an excuse to why she refused his offer, he's in her mind again. So she lets him see what no one else sees. Her fantasies and in this one… Severus is involved. Heavily involved. Intimately involved.

When he leaves her mind, he quickly looks to Severus but then to Hermione. "How old are you?" He demands.

"Eighteen…" Hermione answers quickly.

"What year were you born?" he demands even quicker.


He turns to Snape. Although he has just learn that he is about to father a child in a less then two years, he feels a little… responsible for her now that she is here with him now. So he didn't appreciate seeing Severus Snape being with his daughter in a relationship. Yet, something calmed him down. If he had to choose someone to be with his daughter, it would be Severus. He was already almost like family, so it would only make sense to have him be with his daughter. His daughter… "She will stay with you Severus." He states and doesn't say another word until he turns to her one last time. "Why were you in so much pain before?" he asks.

"Someone I thought I could trust, put mother under a spell to where she didn't even recognize me when I came to see her..." She began and then looked down. "When I arrived at Malfoy Manor to see her and my aunt and uncle... she badgered me with questions and then accused me of being a spy and casted the cruicatus curse upon me. I suppose my time turner broke in the mist of things and sent me here..." The lies were coming out easier now... and Voldemort was buying everyone of them as he turned away from her to continue thinking of his next move.

She couldn't very well stay with him. No. He had to speak to Bellatrix and figure this all out rather quickly and when that was said and done, he would have to… preform the act so that the conception of their daughter would happen. He hadn't been thinking about an heir, but now that he saw her and what she symbolized, he knew he needed to.

Severus narrows his eyes at Hermione Lestrange and isn't pleased that this female will have to reside with him until further notice. He really didn't want to, or at least that was his thoughts before he read hers and saw the inappropriate thoughts that Voldemort had no doubt saw. What kind of man was he in the time that she came from?