5 Years Later

"Right there!" The little boy laughed pushing his long black hair out of his small face before laying on his mother's legs.

"Where?" The old man asked sitting down on the bed next to the woman as well.

"THERE!" screamed an excited four year old placing his small hands on to his mother's taunt belly and then looked to Severus whom didn't look convinced but the boy was determined to show his father where he was pointing to in the first place.

"What's there?" Severus asked the small boy pushing his hair back as well when Hermione reached up and touched his face. The boy's short temper was beginning to show as he become quiet frustrated with him and his dull play. He was smart, and he knew when his father was just messing with him and not being serious. The little boy was quiet a spite fire for someone so young, which worried Seveus, but he knew that he would have Micah any other way.

"My sister, dumbie!" He snapped angrily waving a hand at Severus as if to hit him.

"Hey! Dumbie is not allow nor is play fighting." Hermione stated lowering her book to look at her husband and then her young child. "You have to show that your ready to be a big brother, Micah… Eden is going to need you to protect her and love her just as much as daddy and I do. Fighting isn't the right thing to show her." She told him softly hugging the little boy that curled up next to her and placed his hand on her swelling belly. He sighed as his mother kissed his forehead, but smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair. He liked it when mommy did that.

"I sorry Eddie…. I'll be a good big brother!" He promised moving to kiss where his mother had earlier pointed to where Eden was positioned. "But daddy is a meanie... I'll protect you..." he whispered right at the moment before he scurried off hearing the door bell ring. Severus knew full well who it was but he really didn't want to know acknowledge it.

So he quickly wrapped his arms around his beautiful wife and place kisses all along her face as she protested attempting to get up herself so that she could get the door.

"Severus! Severus we have guests!" Hermione laughed but was more then willing to keep up with him.

"It's just Potter and the Weasley's." He told her unimpressed until he heard voices fill his home.

A crack came from the corner of the room, and a house elf fearfully looked at Severus. "Louie tried to stop the young master, master. Louie did try! But young master broke the spell on the door, young master did." The house elf explained quickly only to have Hermione shove Severus away from her.

"I thought I told you to let her be free!" Hermione stated angrily sitting up and pushing Severus away from her.

Severus groaned standing up as he came up with an excuse when he heard a gasp and then saw Hermione handing Louie a shirt. His eyes widen at the sight, but it was too late. What was done was done, and he couldn't undo it.

"Mistress…. Mistress has given Louie a shirt! She did, Master! She did! Louie has clothes! Louie is free, Master, Louie is!" Louie said happily while Hermione looked at him and stuck her tongue out at him.

"I told you to do it months ago!" She stated before quickly leaving the room. Severus was going to murder her for what she had… She just knew it.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Micah called impatiently. "Guests! Guests!" He said heading up stairs quickly to retrieve his parents. "There's presents! There's presents!" He added running away just as quickly when Hermione untied the back of her dress and did her best so that no one saw her slight swelling belly.

"Happy Christmas, 'Mione!" Ron said waving as his wave held his new son in his arms.

"Happy Christmas Ron!" She beamed as Severus came to stand by her side.

"Presents! Presents!" Said the impatient children. Two being Harry and Ginny's children, and Ron's son Amuste and Micah. Hermione looked to Severus whom gave her the nod.

"Alright but me first. It's not really a present. Just news…." She admitted blushing.

"I'm gunna have a baby!" Micha said happily running up to his mom and hugged her legs before placing his hand on her belly. "Right there! Right there is my baby!" He said happily. "Say hello, Eden!" He whispered to the belly bump as everyone laughed.

"She's pregnant." Severus said bluntly knowing she would take twenty minuets to get the story out. "You're having a baby sister, Micha... Not a baby." He corrected Micha as Hermione pouted turning to him, as the females gushed over her in excitement. But leave it to Ron to be the wet rag in a dry towel rack.

"Oy why don't you stick to wanking huh?!"

Severus smirked. "Jealous, Weasley?"

If it was a happily ever after for Severus and Hermione, it wouldn't last. There was always something. Always something to keep that fire burning wildly inside and when baby number two arrived, that fire would only get bigger.

A/N: Thank you for reading my story. I know it wasn't long, nor too short. I personally believe it was just right. Now... I can get some more sleep and not worry about this story. It tis finished unless a sequel is want or I get requests suggesting a new story idea. Thank you my reviewers, followers, and favoriter people! I love you all so much!