Chapter 1

It was a nice, sunny day on-board the Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hat Pirates were going about their usual antics. Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were sitting along the ships rail, legs crossed and fishing rods out. This was something they did quite often in order to catch fish to eat or to generally fill up the ship's aquarium. Brook was going about the ship's deck playing a soft melody on his violin, it was his favourite pastime. Zoro was in the crow's nest sleeping as usual whilst his swords sat idly next to him, Franky was in his workshop working on more things to improve the ship and Sanji was in the kitchen preparing the next meal for the crew. Little did they know that something was stirring up on the ship, something that involved the only female members of the crew, Nami and Robin.

Nami and Robin were relaxing in the aquarium bar, this was a part of the ship they both spent a lot of their spare time in. It was a beautiful room, the aquarium itself was massive and went almost from the floor to the ceiling, and it was full of all different kinds of fish that the boys caught. Each fish was a different colour, size and type and made the aquarium a magnificent sight to see. Robin was sitting on the long bench that stretched the length of the aquarium reading a book whilst Nami was sitting at the table in the middle of the room attempting to work on her drawing of a map.

Whilst Nami was working on her map she kept glancing over at Robin, she noticed the way she casually tapped the chair beside her as she read, the way she smiled as she turned each page and the way her hair sat as it draped over her shoulders and her chest. Before long, Nami came to the realization that she was staring at Robin and had been for a while, just as she was about to return her attention to her map Robin looked up from her book and for a moment, their eyes met. As they met Nami felt herself blushing and her heart was beating so fast she felt like it was about to burst. Nami gasped and quickly averted her eyes, what is this feeling...?

Nami started intensely at her map, it was hard to control her breathing and her heart was still beating like mad. She fidgeted in her seat, struggling to get comfy whilst she tried to take her mind off Robin by continuing her work, however whenever she tried to draw a straight line, it came out all crooked and her hand was shaking as she held the pen. Nami dropped the pen, pushed her hair out of her face and sighed, "Uhm.. Excuse me Robin, i'm going to check out the weather." There was no point in trying to work in the room any longer, she just couldn't concentrate so she folded up her map and made her way towards the exit. Just before Nami left the room, Robin looked up from her book and nodded, "Okay, Miss Navigator."

As Nami stepped outside and felt the scorching heat from the sun, she immediately began to sweat. It became evident that Nami was wearing too many layers of clothing for a day like this, she was wearing tight jeans, a red t-shirt with the words 'Diamonds are my best friend' imprinted on it and a black hooded jacket. As she wiped the sweat from her forehead she decided it was best to change into a different outfit before she got a heat stroke so she quickly headed towards the girls sleeping quarters. Once inside Nami browsed through her drawers and decided on a blue bikini with matching bottoms. She placed the bikini on the end of her bed and began to undress, as she was changing she caught sight of her naked body in the mirror and stopped to look.

Nami was a very attractive woman, she had a slim stomach, toned legs, long flowing orange hair, deep brown eyes and above average sized breasts. Whilst looking into the mirror, Nami thought back to earlier when she was looking at Robin and without realizing it she spoke, "I wonder what Robin looks like naked." Moments after she spoke, a voice that sounded exactly like Robin's responded, "Oh, is that so?" Nami's hand shot to her mouth as she gasped, crap, did I actually say that out loud?!

Nami innocently turned around slowly, her naked body completely exposed, to see Robin standing in the doorway with a smile on her face that she couldn't quite understand. Nami's cheeks were red with embarrassment as she looked at Robin, desperately trying to find a way out of the situation, "O-oh I mean... compared to me, I wonder what you look like." Robin smiled and entered the room, shutting the door behind her, "Then, shall we compare?" Robin approached the bed next to Nami's and slowly started stripping off her clothes.

Nami's face went even redder than it already was as she watched Robin take off her clothes. Robin slowly took her purple tank top off over her head, exposing her large boobs which made Nami let out a small gasp and proceeded to unfasten and pull down her matching purple mini skirt. Nami watched in awe as Robin slid down her panties and stood in front of her, completely naked. Robin approached Nami and stood next to her in front of the mirror, Nami quickly turned round and looked into the mirror at Robin's body.

Nami's eyes followed the length of Robin's body, taking in every last bit. She had a perfect hourglass figure with a slight tan, perky breasts and long, thin legs. Her long black hair flowed down over her shoulders and her back to her waist and she had bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. A smile formed on Nami's face as she stared into the mirror and without thinking she whispered, "Wow, you really are beautiful." Robin chucked, she was also practically staring into the mirror at Nami's body, admiring all of her features, her eyes lingering on her breasts for a longer period of time than other places, "You too are beautiful, Miss Navigator."

Nami's eyes met with Robin's in the mirror and she became overcome with embarrassment as she was hit with the sudden realization that she was standing naked in front of Robin and Robin had been looking at her body. She blushed and quickly turned away, "U-uhm i'm gonna get dressed now." Nami walked over to her bed and quickly put her bikini on, she glanced at Robin one last time before she left the room, leaving Robin still standing in front of the mirror.

Robin let out a sigh and smiled before she went over to her own bed and slowly started getting dressed. She couldn't stop thinking about what she just saw, in her eyes Nami's body was perfect and it was obvious that she went through a lot of effort to keep it in shape. Robin found herself wishing she could see Nami's body again just to admire it and maybe even... touch it. Wait, what? Robin shook her head in confusion as she slid her mini skirt back on, once she was completely dressed she stood in front of the mirror to fix her hair and once again pictured Nami standing there just as she was mere minutes before.

Robin's thoughts were interrupted as she heard Sanji shout, "Dinner is ready!" She sighed as she took one last look in the mirror and turned to walk out the door. As she opened the door she saw Luffy charging past with his arms in the air and his tongue hanging out his mouth shouting, "FOOOOOOOD!" He was closely followed by Chopper and Usopp who raced in an attempt to beat him to the kitchen. Robin shook her head as she walked further out onto the deck and saw Nami laying with her eyes closed on a deck chair, she couldn't help but notice how great her skin looked when the sun shined on it. She quietly approached Nami and gave her a tap on the shoulder, "Miss Navigator, are you not eating?"

Nami jumped and quickly turned her head around as she heard Robin's voice and felt a tap on her shoulder, "Y-yes of course, I just wanted to sunbathe for longer." Robin nodded and smiled at Nami, her eyes completely fixated on her body as it glistened in the sun. Nami blushed and felt embarrassed when she realized that Robin was staring at her so she shied away as she got up from her chair and grabbed the jacket that was hanging over the back. She swiftly threw the jacket on and walked over to Robin, "Shall we go?" Robin let out a little nod and together they walked into the kitchen.

The kitchen was as noisy as ever, Luffy was taking advantage of his Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit power by stretching his arms to each end of the table, grabbing as much food as he could from every plate. Chopper and Usopp were eating whilst hovering their hands above their own plates in an attempt to stop Luffy from taking food off it, Zoro didn't seem that bothered about food being taken off his plate so he simply ate what was left over and spent more time drinking sake. Franky and Brook were happily sitting on the seats along the wall of the dining area with Franky drinking cola and Brook simply sipping tea, even though he was a skeleton. Sanji was dancing around the end of the table, defending Nami and Robin's plates from being eaten by Luffy, he would simply whack Luffy's hand away whenever it came near their plates.

Nami and Robin walked past all the other members of the crew down to the end of the table and sat down in their seats which Sanji kindly pulled out for them. They ended up sitting next to each other as they were the last two to enter the kitchen and Nami found it hard to avoid making eye contact with Robin as she was filling her plate up with the delicious food that Sanji made. Without realizing it, Nami's face went bright red whenever she made eye contact and Robin couldn't help but find it unbelievably cute. Robin kept her gaze on Nami whilst she was eating to make sure that she never missed making eye contact and seeing Nami blush, whenever they did Robin would just smile at Nami which seemed to make her blush even more.

By the time Nami and Robin had finished eating, all of the other crew members except for Sanji had left the room. Sanji was in the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up and a pile of plates next to him, he was cleaning up the dishes from the meal whilst giving both Nami and Robin loving glances. They both ignored him as they sat together in silence, Robin had pulled out the book she was reading earlier and was sitting back in her chair reading it whilst Nami sat with her head on the table. Nami placed her arms on the table, wrapped them around her head and sighed, "Ugh, i'm just so tired." Robin chuckled and looked over her book at Nami, "Why don't you have a nap then?" Nami sat in silence for a few minutes whilst she thought over what Robin said before finally lifting her head and grinning at Robin, "That's a great idea!" She shot up from her chair, walked behind Robin and leaned down to give her a quick hug before charging out of the kitchen. Robin gasped as she hugged her, it was completely unexpected but she welcomed the gesture and smiled as Nami left the room.

Whilst Nami was on her way back to the girl's bedroom she passed by Luffy who was doing weird things with Usopp and Chopper, this was a common occurrence. He had chopsticks going from his nose to his mouth giving him a funny but weird expression on his face, Usopp and Chopper both found it absolutely hilarious whilst Nami just shook her head in frustration, what an idiot!

Once Nami entered the girl's room, she quickly shut the door behind her to block out the sound of laughter from outside and went over to her drawers. She picked out her usual sleeping attire which consisted of shorts and a t-shirt, stripped off her jacket and bikini and slipped into her pyjamas. Nami stood in front of the mirror as she brushed her hair before pulling up the covers and climbing into her bed, she was so tired that it didn't take her long to fall asleep.