I woke up early in the morning, thinking about you

You sweet Great Dane, yes you Scooby doo

I check my clock it a twenty minutes to three

I just wish you were laying right here, with me

I think of you Scooby, as I lay in my sheets

They're coated in sweat, they smell like defeat

I feel we would make such wonderful lovers

As I dream at night, laying under the covers

I wonder to myself where are you?

You kind hungry coward, sweet Scooby Doo

I wish you were here, sleeping next to me in bed

I'm not talking puppies, nor asking to wed

I wish you were here to love me

I wish you were to touch me

I wish you were here to take me

I wish you were here to break me

I get out of bed and walk on the floor

Scratching my fur, I Can't take much more

I open the window the full moon I see

I howl and pray, Scooby doo, please love me

I know you're dimwitted, and your heart is to eat

But please know Scooby, you put this ghoul in heat

I pull your old picture out my desk

Curl up in bed with it, pressed to my chest

I want to write these words of love down

Please write back, Or in my tears I will drown

I'd wait for you Scooby every day every night

Know this werewolf means you no fright