Set during 3.10 - Dream A Little Dream Of Me. Wincest and smut ahead. Multichapter fic.

African dream root. African fucking dream root.

Dean didn't like a lot of things, he didn't like people messing with his baby (that could either be his car or his Sammy) and he didn't like people trying to get in his head. Dean didn't even venture that far into his own head. But because of one little stoner dude, Sam wanted to get inside his head. Dean's head was not a place for Sam, not his Sam. No, Sammy was too pure and good to ever peek into the disgusting darkness that was Dean's mind.

Dean knew that he deserved his fate, he knew that he should burn in Hell because after all Hell is the place for sick bastards like Dean Winchester. The place where men who wanted to bend their baby brothers over and fuck them senseless were punished. And Dean knew that he deserved that punishment.

And Dean knew that if Sam got a look into his brother's head then Sam would know too. Know what a sick fuck Dean really was. He would know that all Dean could ever think about was Sam, Sam naked, Sam bent over the impala, Sam moaning, Sam, Sam, Sam. Dean couldn't lose his brother, no, he'd die before he'd allow Sam to hate him.

But that meant that Dean would have to say no to Sam. And Dean could never resist Sam, if Sam wanted it then by God, Dean would get it for him. Because Dean would do anything to see his brother smile. Dean lived for his little brother's dimpled grin and if he could be the one to put it there then let's just say it made Dean one happy son of a bitch.

Dean turned his head to look at his brother, biggest mistake he ever could have made, because there was Sammy with his wide puppy dog eyes and his mouth turned down at the corners.

"I'm not letting you do this alone, Dean. I'm coming with you"

Sam had his no nonsense tone on, the one that usually accompanied his classic bitch face. And goddammit, Dean gave up. He was tired and angry and if Sam wanted to see what a mess his brother was then fine.

"Just don't hate me when it's over, Sam"

Dean's words were mumbled, barely coherent and didn't make any sense to Sam. The elder WInchester simply lay back and closed his eyes. He welcomed his sleep with open arms.

Sam watched his brother for a split second before joining Dean in his dreams.

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