Ignorant Bliss

Kagome was content living in her cozy apartment with her high school sweetheart and first love, Inuyasha. She was content ignoring the sometimes shady behavior of her trusted boyfriend. That is, until one day, his rude and arrogant half-brother forcibly enters their lives and their apartment. With this unwanted tenant in her home, Kagome soon learns that one cannot bask in ignorant bliss forever.

AN: Hello, this is an idea that I've had for quite some time now and I am finally attempting to get it out there into the world and see what you all think. I am new to fanfiction, although not so much new to writing. Please leave a review and let me know how you enjoyed this first chapter. The rest of the story is pre-written but may still require some editing. Anyways, I will upload more based on the response this beginning chapter receives. Please enjoy!

Chapter 1: A Rude Awakening

It was late in the night. The apartment which Kagome and Inuyasha shared was tranquil and dark as the couple slept. Only the muffled snores of the hanyou, face down in the pillow could be heard. That is, until a shrill ringing pierced through the silence.


Kagome moaned and rolled over in the bed. She found Inuyasha fast asleep on the other side, obviously unfazed by the loud disruption. "Stupid phone." she grumbled and gently nudged her boyfriend. "Yasha," she said sleepily only earning an annoyed grunt from him. "Inuyasha, the phone..."

He shoved her hand away and Kagome decided at this point to just wait until the caller hung up so she could drift back to sleep. Time ticked away and the phone just kept ringing, echoing through the hallway loudly.

Kagome finally tore herself from the warm embrace of her bedding and stomped from the room with an aggravated groan.

"Just who the hell is calling this late anyway?" she wondered crankily as she made her way down the hallway. When she found the kitchen and turned the light on, she squinted from the sudden brightness and snatched the phone from its receiver. She wanted to shout into the phone and give this person who interrupted her peaceful slumber a piece of her mind but all that passed through her lips was a small, groggy voice. "Hello?"


She could hear the steady breath onthe other line but no response came. She yawned and waited a few moments before repeating, "Hello?"

"I am seeking Inuyasha." a deep, cold voice finally replied. Kagome didn't recognize this masculine voice to belong to any of Inuyasha's friends. The man on the other line sounded slightly older. His words sounded hollow; Void of any emotion whatsoever.

"He's sleeping." Kagome answered quietly wondering who this person could be and why he would call so late in the night. She had met all of Inuyasha's close friends but she had never met any of his family yet. More aware now, her curiosity was piqued. "May I ask who's calling?"

"No you may not." the man on the phone replied rudely. "If I wanted to speak to you, I might have asked for you by name. Did it not occur to you that this call may be of importance considering the late hour in which I'm calling? I will wait while you go wake the worthless half-breed up."

Kagome was glad this conversation was held over the phone. She would have hated to dignify this unpleasant man with her frazzled state upon hearing such nasty words relayed through such an emotionless, almost bored tone. Her face was heated and probably bright red, her lips were parted and her eyes bulged out of her head. How dare he?! She quickly found her voice and before she could stop them, the words came pouring out of her.

"Listen, Pal, you are the one calling my home at-" she glanced at the time, "almost three in the morning! While I do not owe you anything, you owe me an explanation! I won't be waking Inuyasha up until I know what this call is regarding. Considering I could just hang up on you right now, you better show me some respect! Got it, buster?! Seriously, how rude can you be?! Oh, and how dare you call Inuyasha such a thing?! You really think I'm going to put him on the phone after a nasty remark like that? HA!"

By the time she had finished her angry ranting, she was out of breath. She heard a snicker behind her and whirled around to see Inuyasha standing in the door frame, shirtless, a knowing smirk on his handsome face. "Oi, wench." he said, his voice laced with humor. "Who the hell are you chewing out at this time o' night?"

"Woman," the cold man spoke over the phone, pulling Kagome's attention back to him. "I heard that. Put the whelp on the phone this instant or I will personally see to it that you not only removed from your home, but from this city. If you question my ability to do so, then you may ask Inuyasha yourself what I am capable of."

Kagome thought her head was going to explode. She could feel the steam coming out of her ears. She wanted to hang up. She wanted to scream to the phone. She wanted to utter the most horrid curse word she could muster up; One that would put even Inuyasha's fowl mouth to shame. Before she could do any of those things, Inuyasha was at her side, gently prying the phone from her small hand. She relaxed when he placed a kiss against her forehead and put the phone to his furry dog ear.

"Who is this?" he asked gruffly. Kagome could still hear the deep rumble as the late-night caller responded but she could not make out what he was saying; Only Inuyasha's response. "Oi, bastard. What do ya want? It's fucking three in the mor-"

Kagome leaned closer and Inuyasha's arm wrapped around her, pulling her against his firm chest. He must have mistaken her attempt to eavesdrop on the conversation for affection, she realized before relaxing against him. No matter how much she strained, she could not hear the long explanation the man on the phone was giving Inuyasha so she curiously waited for her boyfriend to speak again.

"Hell no!" Inuyasha shouted, startling her away from him. "There ain't no way you're-!"

It seemed Inuyasha had been interrupted once more and Kagome could hear the incoherent words emanating from the phone.

"I don't give a damn what the old man says!" Inuyasha shouted, his eyes flashing with rage. "You ain't coming here, bastard! I'm not making room for you and my girlfriend already hates your arrogant ass!"

Kagome's eyes widened a fraction. Was this person trying to come to their apartment for some reason?

"Then I'll move out!" Inuyasha's furious response brought Kagome back to the conversation. She waited while the other person spoke and Inuyasha let out a frustrated growl before slumping his shoulders in obvious defeat. "Damn you!" he grumbled miserably, "How soon 'til you get here?"

For some reason unknown to Kagome, she was able to hear the next sentence the mysterious man on the phone spoke clear as day.

"I'm outside."