Ignorant Bliss

AN: Hello again. Thanks for tuning into the third chapter! This actually took me a lot longer than expected. I hope you enjoy this tedious chapter. Heh

Chapter 3: Awkward Morning

Kagome awoke alone the next morning. That was nothing new to her but she pouted anyway as she pulled herself from the comfort of her warm bed. She wished Inuyasha would at least wake her to say goodbye before leaving in the morning. Waking up next to an empty space felt so... well.. empty.

She sleepily stepped into her slippers, threw a robe on over her colorful pajamas and followed the hallway from her room.

She almost screamed when she saw the massive lump beneath the sheets on the futon until her brain processed exactly who that lump was. She took a few deep breathes as she stood in the doorway of the living room, trying to calm her anxiety after the mini-heart attack she just experienced. 'It's just Sesshomaru.' she told herself, 'It's no big deal. It's just Inuyasha's rude, human-hating, older half-brother. Nothing to worry about.'

Unconvinced, she quietly crept past the sleeping demon towards the kitchen to start breakfast.

Sesshomaru hadn't been sleeping for very long before the scent of a terrified female reached his nose and stirred his senses. He didn't move or make a sound as he drifted back into consciousness. He soon realized there was someone in the room with him. It only took him a few moments to recall her familiar scent as the anxiety cleared from the air. His half-brother's little twit of a girlfriend was standing in the room, staring at him as he slept. He might have been creeped out if she had lingered much longer. He nearly let out a sigh of relief when he heard her trudge past him and exit the room.

He did allow a small sigh to escape as he relaxed and rolled over on his back, staring up at the ceiling above him.

In all honesty, this was the last place Sesshomaru wanted to be but his brother had been onto something when he guessed that Sesshomaru had alterior motives for taking up their residence.

Sure, owning a large chain of hotels paid off greatly and Sesshomaru was well off. It's not that he really needed this apartment but the place held some small sentimental value to him and he wanted it. Sesshomaru always got what he wanted. He had lived in this very place for some time during his teenage years. Inuyasha hadn't been around, even back then. He lived with his human mother somewhere else. When Sesshomaru learned that his father was financing Inuyasha's stay here now, he could not allow that. There was no way he would stand by and allow his despicable half-breed brother to live in the place that he grew up in.

Of course, being at a position where he didn't have to do much work rather than just sit back and collect checks, Sesshomaru had been pretty bored these days as well and thought it might be nice to come piss his dear little brother off for awhile. It might do something for his entertainment and it might even drive the pathetic whelp out of his childhood home.

Unfortunately Sesshomaru had been unaware that his brother was living with some woman. A human woman at that.

As he sat up on the futon, he could hear the girl's bell-like voice echo around the kitchen as she moved around. She was humming softly to herself as she worked on something. He inwardly scoffed at her annoying behavior so early in the morning. Soon, the undeniable aroma of pancakes wafted in the air and Sesshomaru felt his stomach immediately respond with a low growl. He hadn't eaten much on the plane to Tokyo and had only just realized how hungry he actually was.

He rose from his seat on the futon and decided it was time to get ready and possibly grab some breakfast. He walked stiffly to the bathroom, a handsome grimace on his face. He was not really a morning person. Still, he held a certain elegance to him as he walked.

Now, Kagome on the other hand was very upbeat iin the morning. She hummed a tune as she put the finishing touches on the pancakes she had been making. Happy with her work, she distributed the stacks of pancakes evenly to two separate plates and carried them in each hand like a waitress. Without hesitation, she walked towards the living room.

She gaped dumbly at the empty space where Sesshomaru had been laying. It dawned on her when she heard the water running that he was in the bathroom and decided to just leave the breakfast she prepared for him on the coffee table for when he returned. She was a little disappointed though. She had wanted to confront him about Inuyasha but on the other hand, she felt a little intimidated by him so decided she would wait until they were both a little more awake.

She bent down and placed the plate of food down on the coffee table and when she spun around she found herself face to face with a rather grumpy looking youkail. His eyes narrowed at her but he didn't speak so she just awkwardly stood there, staring at him before coming to her senses and flashing him a nervous smile.

"Oh, good morning." she said politely.

"What are you doing?" came his cold response.

She blushed a little and stepped to the side so he could see the pancakes she had set down for him. "Oh, I was making breakfast," she said, "and I thought you might like some too."

Sesshomaru glared at the dish on the coffee table and then turned to look at her again. "I did not ask for this."

She simply shrugged. "Well you got it anyway." she said with a grin before brushing past him and walking back to her room with her own plate in hand. "Enjoy."

Sesshomaru stared at the breakfast Kagome had made for him, not sure what to make of it. Should he stay here and eat this or go out as he had planned and get something more to his liking? Of course, throwing this meal away would be a terrible waste and not only that, but it would be terribly rude too. Of course, the whole point of this little visit was to drive the residents from this home but it did not mean he had to be cruel to a naive human girl who was only trying to be courteous to him. He had respect and honor. He wasn't the biggest fan of sweet foods like this in the morning but with a sigh, he went and sat on the futon and began to eat.

It turned out to be a very satisfactory breakfast and he vaguely wondered to himself why he didn't have a woman living with him back at his home in America. Sure, he could hire chefs to cook for him or eat out at the nicest restaurants but there was something about a woman's home cooking that was unmatched.