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There was once a small circular bowl filled with fresh water which held two tiny golden beings. Of course, they weren't mermaids or stuff but they swam gracefully in that small vessel. But then one day, they were ripped-off their ability to do so. Their owner, a child, then became more afraid of water- thinking that something was there to kill people. Not to mention the other incident before that. "Why? Why do they have to die? Even though I take care of them so well..."

While he was uttering those words, the moss green-haired boy suddenly found himself trapped in a dark abyss of water. "Huh? Wh-gah!"He continued to gasp for air as he realized that something was pulling him down. Those two tiny beings- two goldfish that was not so tiny as they used to be, his former pets. He was terrified and struggled to swim upwards, towards the radiant light. And as he did-

"Ahh... that dream again... It would be better if I dreamt of Haru-chan instead."

He then yawned, stretched his broad shoulders and winked his eyes sluggishly. The once small boy, is now a hefty swimmer and not to mention the captain of their swim club, Tachibana Makoto.

As Makoto turned to his right, he found the vice-captain of their swim club, Nanase Haruka, sitting below the bed where he slept. The genius freestyle swimmer which Makoto claims to be like a dolphin, glared at him with his deep blue ocean-like eyes. Those same eyes that he used to look at when they were little didn't seem to change a bit for it's hard to look through him, like you were really looking at an endless ocean. But even though others can't understand him, Makoto always knew what's going on inside Haruka's head and he somehow felt proud of this.

"What are you saying in the middle of the day, Makoto."

Makoto didn't seem to hear his words as he continued to stare at Haruka's eyes. Then maybe after a minute or two, he realized that he just came to visit Haruka at his house since it's a long weekend at their school due to the heavy outpour of rain. He then said in a flustered voice:

"ah! Are? Ha-Haru! It's just you know, e-etou ne... what I mean is-"

"I know. You're still just half-asleep. It's better if you lie down for a bit and hurry back to your senses. Plus, I'm able to play this game at peace when you're sleeping." replied Haruka with his cold monotone voice.

"That's harsh, Haru-chan. You shouldn't say those kind of things to your beloved bestfriend you know." teasingly.

The blue-haired boy flushed a bit red but then hid it with his hair. And continued to reply with his cold voice: "Idiot. Who are you calling beloved bestfriend? And, though I said it many times, don't call me Haru-chan. Drop the –chan for heaven's sake! My name's already girly enough."

Makoto gets off Haruka's bed and sits beside him. "eeeh? But Haru-chan is Haru-chan." or- He then turned off Haruka's game- a game wherein the player must cut off the Titan's nape to rescue humanity.

"Wha-what are you doing, Makoto?! I haven't saved my file ye-" The sturdy arms which had always held his hands after swimming are now the same hands pinning his arm at the side of his bed.

"Do you want to stick with Haru showing how close we are or maybe you prefer Haru-tan like what silly couples do?" smirking like he never did before after he said those words. The flustered Haruka, not knowing what to react after seeing the other side of Makoto for the first time just abruptly called out his name.

"Makoto! you- " slightly amused by Haruka's reaction, he began to stick closer to him and continued teasingly. "Tell me what you prefer already, Nanase-kun."

The still-flustered Haruka looked away from left, right and back to where Makoto is diligently staring at him. He whispered in a soft voice: "Haru-chan is fine, Makoto..." looking intently at Makoto's moss green eyes. Well, Makoto always thought that Haruka's ocean-like eyes were pretty but for Haruka, Makoto's eyes were more so. For him, it was nature-like. An endless depiction of tranquillity that whenever he looks straight at it, he just can't help but keep calm.

"Rather than you out of all people, call me Nanase-kun. I mean, I'll be kinda sad if the person closest to me turns out to be the one to call me so distantly..."

Makoto then returned to his calm self and laughs a bit. "Really, Haru-chan is so cute." Letting go of his grasp and sits down "I can never really provoke you huh? well, it's just a joke ok? Even if you don't actually say it, I'll call you Haru-chan forever."

Haruka suddenly kneels and clenched his fist. "MAKOTO! So, you're just amusing yourself huh?" The raging Haruka attacked Makoto as if he were to punch him while Makoto struggling against him.

"Don't take it too seriously, Haru-chan!"

"Hah?! Don't mess around Makoto! You let me call myself Haru-chan then you'd suddenly say that it's a joke?! I'll not let this pass."

The supposed- to- be –fist- fight ended up with a tickle fight in a somewhat wrestling form. They rolled, bumped into something and made the room cleaner because of that. After five minutes or so, Makoto bumped his head on the corner of the bed, giving Haruka a chance to tickle him.

"Haha! Take that, Mako!"

"I'll get that back, Haru!"

Then again, the supposed-to-be fight turned out to be a child's game. Until Makoto finally used his strength and got a hold of Haruka's hand. The next position wasn't meant to be that way if Haruka hadn't struggled so hard, making them roll more.

"Hey! Don't move so carelessly, Haru-chan!"

"I don't want to!"

"uwaah!?" And as they continued to fight, the stuffed toy size Iwatobi statue that Haruka made rolled from his shelf. Hitting Makoto on the head, losing his balance, and turning out to be him lying on top of Haruka.

"ouch..." as Makoto scratches the back of his head. When Haruka realizes how awkward their position was, he was in utter silence and turned out completely flushed red.

"Makoto... you're heavy..."

"Am I?" Makoto purposely defying how hurt he was and getting closer to Haruka with their nose almost touching already. Silence continued as neither would say a word next. They could just hear the heavy rain outside, the sound of each other's breath and the thumping of who-knows-who's heart it is.

"naa, Haru... what would you do if I kissed you right now?"

"I'm gonna punch you real hard."

" Oho~ And you know more than anyone else, except me of course, that you're not good in fights." His teasingly look then became serious in a jiffy "I'm serious, Haru."

"I'm not going to believe your silly jokes, Mako. Who'd fall for almost the same joke on the same day?"

Silence continued to dominate Haruka's room as Makoto stared at him seriously.

"Makoto... argh! I know! I know! I'll answer okay? So, don't stare at me like that." Haruka flushed red really hard "If you want to Mako, th-then I have no objections."

"Does that mean that you're mine, Haru-chan?"

"Why did it come to that?! I'm just talking about the k-k-ki-kissing part."

"Well, you wouldn't let anyone you don't like kiss you right? Like for example, Matsuoka Rin."

"O-of course! Wha-what are you saying, dragging him all of a sudden! Makoto is different. You're always there for me, reaching out your hand. And, we know each other so well. For me, Makoto is irreplaceable and even if everyone turns out to hate me... I don't want you to."

Let's just imagine that a sweet melodic sound plays at the background.

"Haru... you know that there will never come a time that I'd turn out to hate you. What I'm scared about is that I'll do something that would make you hate me."

"Try me." Haruka reaches his hand into the back of Makoto's head. Slowly putting an end to the small gap between them. His hands were quite shaking and his eyes were quite forcefully shut while Makoto remains with his eyes wide open. Haruka then let's go after ten seconds.

"So, are you still going to say that I hate you?"

"Haru... you're really so cute especially when you're trying. It's not my fault if you don't like what I'm going to do next."

Makoto puts his arms firmly beside both sides of Haruka's shoulders, once again closing the gap between them. Makoto gave a smooch to Haruka's lips, teasingly licks his lower lip afterwards. Haruka shuddered, making Makoto continue to kiss him deeply.

"hm-m-hah... M-Mako, I-I can't breathe" said Haruka in a panting voice. After a minute, Makoto lets go, sits down and pulls Haruka towards him gently.

"Sorry, Haru... just let me hug you for another minute."

"Makoto... what's wrong? You're acting weird today..." letting Makoto hug him

"haha... I really am weird right? Sorry for that... I can't believe myself for letting you experience that."

"Makoto, I- "

Makoto rashly stood up and walked towards the door of Haruka's room. "Haru-chan, I think I'll go home for now, jaa." he said softly.

"Makoto! wait!" reaching his hand to the door. Haruka being left alone in his room is once again overpowered by silence. Only hearing the far-away raindrops, his own panting breath and as he clenched his hands to his shirt, he finally heard how wild his heart went as he whispered softly, "Makoto... you're not the weird one. I am."

CHAPTER 1 - END - ( to be continued )

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