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It's a normal Friday afternoon for most of the students at Iwatobi High but for Haruka, it was one of his worst. Because instead of being together with his beloved water, his time was unintentionally devoted to his bed. Not that Makoto has ravaged him or anything. He was just so dense the other day that he barely even noticed that he spent almost twelve hours in the bath. Well, not that Makoto was entirely guilt-free.

And so, partly immobilized and cold in his covers, Haruka silently stared at the bottled water placed on top of his table. Imagining that he was surging through the water, he diligently fixed his gaze at the confined amount to gratify himself. But not long after, his gaze slowly turned to the medicine beside the bottled water. He remembered that before Makoto left for school that day, he told him to get some rest and drink the medicine when he wakes up. Unfortunately, Haruka also remembered how much he disliked that acrid liquid. Not having any other option, the raven-haired boy decided to sleep so that he wouldn't be able to drink the medicine and he wouldn't disappoint his treasured mate either.

An hour after Haruka thought of his brilliant escape, Makoto came to check up on him since classes have ended as well. He sat on Haruka's bed and firmly placed his arms on both sides of the other's body. He leaned closer as if he were to kiss him, making the sick boy nervously twitch. The hefty swimmer chuckled lightly at this scene.

"Haru... I know you're awake." Haruka continued his "devious" plan of pretending to be asleep so that he wouldn't taint his pride. At first, he really planned to sleep but for some guilty reason, he can't seem to do it.

"Haru!" Makoto slightly raised his voice because he wanted to know why Haruka kept on acting that way. But before he could once again call out Haruka's name, the olive-eyed boy spotted the untouched container of medicine. Seeing that and his childhood friend, he quickly found the reason behind the act.

"ah... so that's how it is. Haru, that's so cute." As he lightly planted a kiss on Haruka's forehead. Now that his plan has been spoiled, he involuntarily opened his eyes as it matched with those intense but calming green eyes. As Haruka took a peek at his face, he looked away and pouted like a child defeated in a game.

"Just so you know... I'm really planning to drink it but I remembered its taste so I hesitated..." Haruka stated in defense like he was scared to make Makoto angry, even though he never really saw that side of the composed boy. After all those years to add.

And as he uttered that weak statement, he was ready to be mocked or to be reprimanded since even children can drink their own medicine alone. But there he is, all grown-up and still afraid to ingest that small amount. Though to his surprise, Makoto's actions was none of what he foresaw. He held Haruka's chin and slowly aligned the blue-eyed swimmer's face to his. "Haru, I'm not angry so calm down, ok?" he said that in his usual low voice and bright smile, making Haruka assured. "But, you still have to drink your medicine."

"No. I don't want to. Just take me to the pool. I'll feel better after I swim." He continued to defy Makoto's request and acted all cocksure that the other was uncapable of expressing the emotion anger, given his earlier reaction.

"Fine then." The moss green-haired boy's face turned from bright to dim as he reached for the small bottle and twisted the cap. "You leave me with no other choice." Haruka had this dumbfounded look while his eyes are on the verge of tears. Thinking that a serious Makoto might let him drink the whole thing or that he might leave him alone like that.

But before he could worry himself further, Haruka realized that the gap between them was closed. Both bitter and sweet liquids flowed at the side of his mouth from that connection. Makoto put a right amount of medicine in his mouth and kissed Haruka, cunningly making him swallow the drug. Haruka hated that part of Makoto which is that he knew him so well. That even if he refused that sworn horrifying taste, he wouldn't be able to resist Makoto's advances.

When Makoto noticed that his strategy was successful, he quickly let go of Haruka so as to not deepen the kiss any further.

"You're still mean..." Haruka said, still catching his breath and when he finally did he added weakly "It's bitter..." and looked straight into Makoto's eyes.

"well, I partly tasted it too so I'm forgiven right?" Makoto replied with then again his usual smile as he brushed one of his hands to Haruka's silky hair.

Haruka wasn't really angry or is it more proper to say that he can't bring himself to be angry at his most important person. Though he still can't believe the fact that someone would be able to penetrate his ultimate defense. His defense of having a straight face, cold attitude and emotionless expressions. He thought of those simple silly things as he felt Makoto's gentle caress.

And as he indulged himself in a quick flashback of the time they have spent together, he thought somewhere along the lines of "Makoto is really the only one for me... "

After that, he tried as hard as he could to adjust to the medicine's taste but he just can't. He then reverted to his spoiled side and said "Makoto... kiss me a little bit more...because, you're really sweet..."

Makoto flushed a bit red because he didn't expect Haruka to request such a thing. And he can't be too worked up since he can't allow himself to take advantage of a sick person.

"Just... a little bit?" he reluctantly asked.

"yeah... but if you don't want to, that's fine." And Haruka sounded like the most unbelievable person in the world.

"No! I absolutely have no objection but... it's not my fault if I can't control myself. Datte Haru, I'm completely in love with you."

"I know what I'm saying! Just hurry up and do it already." Haruka hastily answered because he doesn't want Makoto to see how flustered he is when he hears those words coming from him.

"O-ho~ what do you mean by [do it ] Haru-chan?" as Haruka reverted to his spoiled side, Makoto's teasing side was turned on. He just can't help himself but be amused to see the side of Haruka that he has never seen before.

It took a couple of seconds for Haruka to infer what the joking boy meant so while he was trying his best to understand, Makoto changed his position that was more comfortable for him. He placed one leg in between Haruka's and the other one on the side. He then supported his weight by one of his arms and held his prey's cheek-getting ready to devour him.

Just when he was about to move closer, Haruka shouted "Stupid Makoto!" signalling that he finally understood the earlier sentence.

Still, Makoto leaned forward as he licked Haruka's lip, creating an opening for his tongue. The passionate kiss grew deeper together with some pecks on the neck and collarbone which made Haruka's organ jolt upwards.

Makoto stopped and smirked because that day's Haruka was really out of what he can imagine. Embarrassed by how he was easily turned on by a mere French kiss, Haruka grabbed a side pillow and covered his face.

"Sorry that I'm sensitive today... I can handle this so you can go..." Haruka said in a weak voice. Makoto grabbed the pillow and pushed it upwards. He glanced at Haruka's burning red face and teary eyes.

"Haru... do you give me permission to touch you?" as he himself was about to give in to the pleasure he seeks and now denying the fact that his partner was under the weather.

Makoto gently undressed the other's lower half as soon as he nodded. He then stroked the erect organ upwards and downwards in an endearing manner, placing marks on Haruka's upper half in the process. Haruka let out moans and repeatedly called out his name, making him more excited. The muscular boy tilted his head downwards at Haruka's bare part and seriously stated "Haru... spread your legs for me."

The boy did exactly what he said in response. At first, hesitantly but gave in afterwards which granted Makoto full control over him. Haruka twitched whenever he felt the pleasurable sensation of Makoto's touch up his spine. And when he finally reached his climax, Makoto gobbled it down whole. After the release, Makoto pushed himself upwards in kneeling position as he licked the remains of Haruka's body fluid in his hands. He paused his assault as he slightly remembered that he's dealing with someone sick.

"Haru... I'm going to stop here for now..."Haruka can't tolerate what he had just heard since he felt Makoto upright by his legs, considering their current position.

He just can't let him leave like that like last time. He also doesn't want himself to be the reason why the moment was always spoiled. And so, with the wrong determination, he wobbled as he tried to sit down. When finally found his balance, he wrapped his arms around Makoto's neck and kissed him.

Seeing the powerless boy try his best, Makoto hugged him and returned the kiss. Haruka moved his arms downward to unbutton Makoto's shirt making the chrysoberyl-eyed boy fidget and slightly push him away. The sapphire-eyed swimmer noticed the slight backwards motion so he cut the link between them.

He cast his head to Makoto's broad chest and whispered "Don't hold yourself back. Who gives a damn about being sick? I can handle myself just fine. You worry too much. I'm not letting you touch me because I need you. I want you to touch me because I love you..."

Those words robbed Makoto of the little sanity he has left for that moment. He aggressively shoved Haruka onto the bed and made him solely his.

Morning the next day:

Makoto woke up early in an expected good mood. He did the laundry, cleaned Haruka's stuff and cooked some food for him. When he finished cooking, he went upstairs to call him. He enjoyed himself looking at Haruka's sleeping face and poked his cheeks.

Haruka sluggishly opened his eyes to see Makoto's beaming smile. "Haru, get up... breakfast is ready."

Haruka rolled sidewards the other way and raised his voice "urusai naa! Who can get up after that! It really damn hurts!"

Makoto scratched the back of his head since his actions yesterday wasn't really gentle at all. He seized Haruka's head and gave him a good morning kiss.

"gomen nee... because Haru was really cute yesterday..." Once again, Haruka yielded in defeat as he uttered "I hate you..."

As usual, Makoto unknowingly took advantage of those cute weak defense mechanism gestures. "But Haru, I really really love you." and delivered another kiss of victory.

Though it didn't last long since Haruka's cellphone rang- and to Makoto's surprise, it has the same ring tone as his. Makoto's eyes signalled that Haruka should pick it up because it might be important.

Haruka reached for the blue device and and pressed a button to hear the other person on the line.

"Haru-chan!" Nagisa shouted in the most high-pitched voice he ever heard out of him and he didn't answer so the spirited boy continued "Haru-chan! I heard from Gou-chan... etou, I don't know if this is good news or bad news but Rin-chan would transfer to Iwatobi High this Monday!"

Haruka's eyes bulged as he heard the news while Makoto mutely stared at him since he partly heard what Nagisa said. They were together but still, the room was overpowered by silence. They both hated that thought but neither of them could find the words to say next. Haruka concealed his face to Makoto's chest and clenched his hands to his partner's shirt, hoping that even a single drop of rain would pass by his window.

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