the warmth of the sun in winter

300 sentence stories. Because I seem to operate on the idea that less is more. No, actually, this was sparked when I showed Tendrils (Supernatural: s/3670520/1/ to Laora who decided that we should try try it too, but we went overboard on prompts so this will end up being a massive mega-collection of 15 chapters of 20 sentences each.

The plan is that Laora and I will be updating at the same time and you can find her heart-stoppingly fantastic collection Anoesis (for the Hobbit) here: s/9611045/1/

Below are a great range of characters, all genres (from the fluffiest things I've ever written to some truly dark stuff), a few Alternate Universe ideas, and a Supernatural crossover or two because I can't really help it that that's where my brain's been taking me these days but you should be able to understand them without knowing anything about that show. Some definitely get up to T for blood and/or character death (incredible how a single sentence can contain so much emotional trauma, right? and how on earth is death one of the easier thing to write in one line?) so MIND THE RATING.

Continuations and those tied to a specific episode or story I've written or plan to write are marked accordingly (#Tied to earlier sentence, "Episode," Planned, and Written) and I'm sure that more than a few of these will get expanded into drabbles in Turning Pages or perhaps even legit oneshots. Feel free to let me know if there's one you especially want expanded and if there's something that you want to work with, come talk to me! ;)

And please forgive excessive commas, semi-colons, and any grammatical mistakes from stretching the structures to make a plot fit. :P

(These prompts are from Laora, originally for Danny Phantom)

1. Emerald

For a minute, Maddie didn't know how to respond, because it made absolutely no sense, but she could have sworn that Sam had fingered the deep green fabric swatch and claimed that it was the one she wanted for the wedding because the color was the same shade as Danny's eyes.

2. Vacuum ("Identity Crisis")

It wasn't until Sam and Tucker watched a shaggy haired version of their friend racing across his room with a vacuum cleaner from the safety of his bed that they realized this was only the beginning of a very, very long day.

3. Lie

"Of course, I'll be fine."

*4. Salt

Tucker took Danny to the Nasty Burger for some hot, salty French fries and a gigantic chocolate milkshake to celebrate his release from the hospital after the accident with his parent's portal, but when Danny's face blanched and he choked until he coughed up flecks of blood, Tucker frantically made the emergency call so he could be rushed back.

5. Telephone

It was a stupid game, they all knew that, but it wasn't like there was anything else to do as they stood in line during the fire drill, so they whispered from one ear to the next, "Fenton and Manson are lovebirds, pass it on," until there was an earsplitting screech.

6. Dummy

It had been their longstanding tradition to watch horror movies as a kind of stress reliever whenever school was too hectic or battles with ghosts got too bad, but after Freakshow, Danny vetoed anything with possessed, manipulated, or animated dolls or puppets.

7. Icicle

The rescue team grimaced when they found the missing teen in the middle of the snow, ice dripping off of his nose and long exhausted breath frosting the bangs of his long black hair, and wondered why his sister had insisted that he could still be alive after two full days of being exposed to this weather.

8. Obsessive

"Dude, you already have seven PDAs… and why do you even need this version when there's an updated one scheduled to come out in three weeks?"

9. Slide

He had always imagined that ectoplasm was the same as blood, just a different color, but found himself revising that opinion as he collapsed bonelessly against the wall and kept falling further and further downward, aided by the slippery oily ooze painting a bright green trail beneath him, until his glazed eyes were blinking up at the ceiling.

10. Storm

Lance Thunder said it was just a freak thunderstorm rolling in, but then lightning cracked green against a suddenly pitch black sky.

11. Coffee

"Mooooooom," Jazz yelled in frustration when she started the coffee maker and the water gurgling into the pot came out a bright, glowing green.

12. Angel

"Are you an angel?" the girl asked breathlessly as soon as she knew the danger had passed and her sincerity took him so off guard that he laughed until he cried.

13. Brotherhood

He'd never had a brother, but he had had Tucker since the second day of preschool, and Danny had decided long ago that that was enough.

14. Reincarnation (Plot Bunny)

Sam finally stumbled into her room, too numb to cry but eyes too watery to see the figure on her bed clearly until it said, "Hi, Sammy!"

15. Leaves

Autumn colored leaves were kind of pretty when the wind swept them up into tornadoes, he decided, but not when mysterious gold ghosts made them burst into flames when you were standing in the middle of them admiring the view.

16. Bulletin

Danny did a double take at the poster next to his locker, but, yep, it still said that the Danny Phantom Phan Club was going to start meeting in room 110 starting on Tuesday nights.

17. Gunshot (TP: Bad Idea)

"Oh please," Danny said, rolling his eyes as he fingered the bullet hole through the red circle of his t-shirt and looked at the man behind the still smoking gun, "that doesn't work."

18. Nails

For a moment, he wonders how it's possible for intangible, transparent claws to hurt so much, and then, he doesn't think about much of anything.

19. Hair ("Phantom Planet," TP: Skunk)

His parents weren't exactly the most perceptive people in the world and so he froze when his mother kept staring at him until it dawned on her to shout, "Danny? What have you done to your hair?!"

20. Stake

"No!" Danny shouted to the footballers Lancer had roped into manhandling him to stay with the rest of the group where it was safe from ghosts, "you don't understand… you have to let me go!"

*#4 Salt: According to folklore, salt (as a pure element of nature) is harmful to ghosts, spirits, and other "perversions." Of course, if salt affected Danny like this in the show, I think we would have heard about it. So, you can consider this one a Supernatural crossover or AU if you like.