Naruto x Bleach Crossover

Hey guys welcome to my first X-over between Naruto and Bleach ^^ This story contains an 5 year older than Rookie 12 Naruto, maybe Uzumakincest( but this will be explained)

This story takes place in the Naruto-Universe but this will be pretty much an AU.

Naruto is smart/strong maybe even godlike^^ since he will be a shinigami in a human form

The first chapter will be fastpaced but after that it will be better.

Naruto x Harem?

"..." Deathgod,Bijuu/Hollow speaking

`...´ Deathgod,Bijuu/Hollow thinking

Naruto looked around. Today was his 5th birthday but today was also the birth of his little sister. His Dad and Mum where already at the so called secure location and prepared everything for the birth and for that what happens after that. Naruto stood up from his bed and began to dress himself. His outfit consisted of a black t-shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on the back, blue shorts and black Ninja-sandals. After he dressed himself he walked out of his bedroom to the main-room of the little mansion his parents owned. It was located behind the Hokage-mountain.

After he left the mansion, he entered the garden of the mansion. Jiraya was also their sitting on the wood-stairs connecting the garden and the mansion. " Ne, Ero-jiji, I have a bad feeling about this." the little boy told him with fear in his voice. Jiraya looked at his nephew. He was a mirror image of his father. Blond spiky hair and sapphire blue eyes. Jiraya laughed : "ma, ma Naruto everything is gonna be alright." reassured Jiray the little boy. Oh how far this statement was away from the truth. Nobody knew how much the following actions would change the future of the Namikaze household.

(AN: The release of the kyuubi and the sealing of it are nearly the same the only difference are that the 3rd Hokage used the Shinigami to seal a part of the Chakra in Kushina so that she would be able to survive, the largest part of the fox into Natsumi and the soul of the Kyuubi into Naruto). I don´t want to write that scene since there are tooooo many stories that have already that so yeah^^

The called Shinigami looked at Naruto as he was sealing the soul of Kurama into the boy and he did something nobody would ever expect and something that would change the world. While he was sealing the soul into Naruto the Shinigami sealed himself also into the boy because he saw how he would be the boy of the prophecy. With a white flash the Death-God vanished without claiming Sarutobis Life which would be his prize since he signed the contract. After Sarutobi managed to get over his surprise, he took the Namikaze to their manor where a feast started.

Natsumi was praised as the hero for holding back the beast while Naruto was seen as the Bijuu itself combined with the rumors that the Shinigami himself touched him and he didn´t even claimed his price was enough to let the rumors start that he was cursed. At the following evening the family celebrated with their friends. Naruto took care of his little sister . Her hair was a deep crimson red just like her mother, her face was the same as her mother´s too. Kakashi and Itachi where the only one that liked to be around Naruto. Itachi saw him as a brother and in the future all three would be names that would be recognized in the Elemental nations.

After the family ended the party, Naruto took his sister in his arms and sleeped with her on the coach. Minato and Kushina smiled and decided to take pictures of the children.. But now the process began which changes Naruto. Naruto was drawn to his mindscape.

Naruto awakened and found himself in some kind of desert. He looked around and realized that he was standing on some kind of an stone plate. "Where am I?" asked Naruto nobody in particular. "You are in your inner world." said an orange -haired teenager. "Who are you?" " Ah sorry little one. My Name is Ichigo Kurosaki. I´m or was the last Shinigami before I decided to seal myself into you and make you my successor. I want you to be the legacy of the Shinigami. I have 3 swords here with me and I believe those are 3 of the mightiest swords ever produced. I´ve already told the spirits that live in the blade my plan and they agreed. Those swords are called Zanpakuto. A Zanpakuto is the embodiment of the soul that creates the blade. Those swords have 3 stages. The first is the sealed state. The second is called shikai and the first released state that you can use after you can hear its name and the strongest release is Bankai. Each of these released state are individual to each sword. Now go at daytime you will learn your Ninja-arts and train your body physically while when you sleep you will come here and I will train you in the Shinigami arts. The Kyuubi that is sealed into you is also ok with that."

As Ichigo was finaly finished with his explanations, Naruto just sat down and tried to understand everything. While he was only 5 years old it had some benefits to have an old Bijuu and an Shinigami in your mind because he could think much clearer and faster than ever. " Fine thank you Ichi-ni see you later" With this the boy vanished from the mindscape leaving a grinning Ichigo and Kyuubi behind him.

After this Confrontation, Naruto started to change he became very fast very powerful he was also serios and seemed to have a permament frown/scowl on his face.( Just like Ichigo)

With 7 years he managed to be Gennin. With 9 he was Chunin and with 11 he gained the rank of Jonin and he joined the ANBU immediately. He gained the rank of ANBU-Captain and was a part of the famous ANBU trio of Konoha. They were known to the outside as "Crow" aka Uchiha Itachi, "Dog" aka Kakashi Hatake, and last but not least the leader of the trio : "Shin" aka Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

Naruto´s relationship with his family was strained. He showed only the typical behavior of an ANBU-Operative. He seemed to wear an emotionless mask since his sister turned 3 and his dad seemed to forget him only focusing on his sister while his mother was a little reluctant at the beginning but also seemed to forget him as the time passed. The only one who he would express some emotion was his little sister since he knew that it wasn´t her fault per say and he just couldn´t be mad at her, his team and his tenants. He also learned how to play a flute so that he could express his feelings through music.

Now we can find Naruto mediating in the garden of his so called "home" sitting upon the surface of the pond that the Namikaze-Mansion had. He listened to the wind and the leafs which were rustling. He could feel how the grass bended in synchronization with the wind and he felt how a person tried to sneak up to him. " Nana Imouto. You should know that it isn´t polite to disrupt people during their meditation." A true sincere smile found its way onto his dace, which was only shown to some choosen one. "Thats not fair Nii-san" grumbled Natsumi as she pouted cutely and crossed her arms in front of her. " You know every time that I´m there when I want to surprise you."she scolded him and pouted again which amused her brother only more. " I wouldn´t be a part of the famous ANBU tio if a academy student could surprise me or?" asked he Natsumi and his grin was slightly growing and he opened his eyes.

As she saw that he finally opened his eyes, she knew that he had his full attention. It was something that she noticed over the time. It was often that he had his eyes closed when he was around in town and used his chakra to "feel" what was going on around him and if he opened his eyes, it was granted that this someone or something had all of his attention. She smiled at her brother and looked into his eyes. His eyes were a lighter blue than she seemed to remembered. The meaning of his name Naruto was maelstrom and there was something that just seemed to pull her to him. " What´s up Imouto? How was your school day?" As she heard his question she dismissed her train of thought , ran to the pond and sprung her brother into his arms, who catch her and hugged her.

What both didn´t know was, that their mother looked at the siblings with a sad smile from the balcony of the house. She sighed . She failed in the past. 6 long years did she neglect her son and dismissed all of his achievements as nothing because of Minato. In the last year she tried to make it up to him only to realize that she pushed him already to far away from the family. His family was his ANBU-team and his sister. And the last one is the reason why he didn´t left the house already.

The siblings laughed and their little tussle ended as Natsumi sat down on her brothers lap and she leaned at his torso and he hugged her from behind. Natsumi liked the vicinity of her brother and he liked the vicinity to her." SO Natsumi care to tell you brother how your first school day went?"

"Why didn´t you tell me that school would be sooooooo boring? Through Kaa-san and Tou-sans training I know everything they try us to teach and the other kids are just bad." Naruto poked her sister on her forehead. " You never asked me " he answered calm. They both just sat there till Naruto closed his eyes again,still hugging his sister, and tried to meditate again. It wasn´t a problem to his sister no it was the opposite, as long as she could be together with her brother she didn´t care about anything. She was happy to just sit there with him and even if she didn´t tell anyone, each time her brother went on mission she secretly hoped everything would be ok and nothing would happen to her brother.

A rustle and whirlwind of leafs appeared in front of the pond. A man stood where once was the whirlwind. He had sunkissed-blond-spikey hair and blue eyes. A coat with the label: Yondaime was on his back. Minato Namikaze looked at his children. As he looked at his daughter, naruto squeezed his sister a little bit harder at his torso which didn´t escape her and she looked into the eyes of her brother and then in the eyes of her father. What she saw was something that she couldn´t understand. Her brother had put on his emotionless mask again. Her dad looked at her with the facial expression of a hunter, that eyed his prey but when he looked at his son, she saw the hate and raw fury as well as disgust but there was also a spark of she looked at her brothers eyes, she couldn´t see a single emotion. The only thing she saw was a not spoken threat combined with him squeezing her harder, you couldn´t interpret that one false.

`Dont you even dare to touch her and if you do I will make your life a living hell´that was the threat that Naruto seemed to send at their father and Natsumi was happy with all of her heart that her own brother seemed to care for her so deeply. What kinda confused her was, that everytime when she thought about her brother she a really confusing feeling in her stomach and her heart seemed to pound faster `Hmm maybe I should aks mum what this feeling is?´she thought to herself.

Minato coughed slightly " Naruto you have to appear at my room in the Hokagetower at night with Itachi. I have a mission for you both with the highest security level and priority. Itachi knows this already too. At 9.30 pm is missionbreefing and I want to see you in your full gear." Naruto just nodded and Minato disappeared. "good."thought Minato loud as he appeared in his bedroom. "I´m cleaning up 2 problems with 1 solution. 1) the Uchiha-clan won´t be alive anymore tomorrow and so there will be no civil war inside Konoha and 2) Naruto will flee the village with Itachi as S-Rank missing nin and so he won´t be able to guard those 2 bitches anymore. His sister and his mother will be made into breeding-stocks so that we will have the Bloodline-limit of the Uzumaki-clan. The civil council will be happy with those results. As soon as Natsumi will be 16 I can start this plan." after his monologue,he crackled evilly like a madmen.

What he didn´t knew was, that Kushina listened to him from the balcony and couldn´t believe what she heard. `It was all planned from the beginning´she thought hysteric she knew that she wouldn´t be able to change a lot but she would have to have a few talks with some old friends and Jiraya about that but now she still had to play her part of the housewife who didn´t suspect anything. She would never let something like this happen neither to her nor to her daughter. With that her decision was made up...

So How do you like the beginning of my new story?^^