Two Faced Passion

A Norman Reedus and Daryl Dixon Love Story

Chapter I :: My own Role! ::

The high pitched ringing, the sound resembling a Bird chirping, sounded throughout her room. Her body displayed with her left leg out from under the thick brown comforter. Her right leg propped up underneath it, while her arms were crossed at the wrist above her head. Her chest rising and falling steadily with each breath as she slowly crept from her dreams. The ringing of her phone successfully waking her up. Jasmine sighed, and hit around on her nightstand next to her bed. The oak wood giving a soft thump with each slap. Till her hand rested on the cold metal of her navy blue flip phone. With a obvious yawn, she opens her sleep crusted eyes. The bright silver gray eyes of hers piercing the dark like a light. She flipped the top of her phone up, and placed it to her ear, using her free hand to rub her palm into her eyes.

"Hello?" she called, her voice thick with sleep.

"Yes, Ms. Star? I'm sorry about the call at such a time. We, the producers of The Walking Dead, have gone over your profile and have seen your Head shot. " within hearing this news, Jasmine shot up, wide awake. Her eyes scanning her digital clock on her night stand, 3:30am in big red letters met her gaze. "We'd like to asses you further, if you were willing. It is a short notice, but we would like to meet you today, with the rest of the auditions, at 7:30 am. Would you be able to make it?" Jasmine nodded her head, her smile unmistakable.

"Yes, of course I can." there was a soft hum, and the sound of dishes hitting together in the back ground.

"Very well, the auditions will be held at AMC Studios. There will be a guard at the front Gate, he will know who you are. Ask him to get someone to escort you to the room. Make sure to study, the role Carol's, I believe, lines again. So that you will be ready for a mock play. Pleasure talking with you, and can't wait till we can see your talent first hand." Jasmine nodded her head, hearing the long monotone ring of the other end, signifying that the line went dead. Jasmine grinned, using her pointer finger to shut her phone, the resounding snap of the metal the only noise in the air. Jasmine fell back onto her bed, letting out a breath that she had not known she had been holding. It wasn't even three months ago that the twenty two year old had graduated from Actors school. She, of course, had graduated at the top of her class. Her director, a world renown actress of high quality, had put in a good recommendation for Jasmine.

She let out an indignant yell of glee, her hand going up in joy. She then jumped out of her bed, throwing her sheets on the floor as she ran to her closet. Her small hotel room, her only option of living, presented itself as her home. Since graduating the hotel room had been the only place that she found suitable for living. She didn't have enough money for a home, and she didn't have enough money for rent. She through on her clothes and headed for the door. Running her hand through her naturally curly hair, her fingers gliding through her hair like silk. Despite it being curly, it was easy to comb, easy to take care of. That's why Jasmine loved her hair, it was the best feature on her, she thought. Her most despicable feature, she thought, was her eyes. They were so silver, so gray, that they looked yellow. They looked menacing. All throughout her child hood, Jasmine dealt with people being afraid of her, despite her being friendly and out going.

She took her heels off, and ran down the three flights of stairs barefoot, to jittery to take the elevator, and way to early for her to wake up her neighbors. Who were all, conveniently, female. She recited all of Carols lines in the practice script that was given to them, her pictographic memory helping her in the sense. That, too, was another reason as to why she got a good recommendation from her Director. Her pictographic memory gave her the ability to see a script once, for a minute or less, and have it perfectly memorized, to where she could re write it, without any problems or wrongs. Though, it was also a curse. She remembered everything that ever happened to her, ever since the age of 1, when she could completely understand her thoughts and what was happening around her.

Jasmine entered the Victorian styled lobby, her bare feet leaving a light tap onto the cement. The three servers at the service desk eyed her curiously. Each and every single one of them had suspected that the young female had an important date. Yes, it seemed nosy, and yes, it was none of their business, but yes it was part of their jobs to know the lives of their residence. Jasmine knew this, and she didn't have a problem with it. She was staying in their hotel, a place where they worked, it was only right. She hurried outside, the rough cement digging into her heels. People in business suits, with phones and blue tooth's attached to their ears hurried by. Talking rapidly while glancing at wrist watches. The sky was still dark, though the hues of pink from the rising sun could be seen. It would take Jasmine a little over four hours, if she would eat, about four and a half hours. She would be cutting it close, but hey, breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

Jasmine leaned forward slightly, her toes lining the cement sidewalk. She brought her pointer finger and thumb in her mouth, and whistled loudly as she watched Taxi's zoom by. One came to a skidding halt in front of her, seemingly undisturbed by the traffic. Jasmine grinned, and opened the door, hoping in, while ducking her head down, so that she wouldn't slam her skull into the metal roof of the Taxi.

"AMC Studios please. " the driver nodded. Though Jasmine did not misplace the raised eyebrow and obvious wonder as to why she was going there. Jasmine placed her heels on, tying the laces up tightly, her feet becoming relaxed within the soft embrace of her heels. She sat back in the backseat of the Taxi, watching as they zoomed by traffic and pedestrians. "Oh, and could we stop at McDonalds, through the drive through? I'll pay the mileage or whatever." Now the Taxi driver was very interested as to the female in his back seat. Though he was feeling peckish, so he might as well get himself something while they were there.

"Alright," he finished. Turning on his blinker as they approached the seemingly empty McDonald's. It was something that was very rare, but considering the time, Jasmine did not question it. They pulled into the drive through, and while the car was stopped behind another, Jasmine opened the door, and got in the front, smiling at the startled Taxi driver. He, of course, let it go, and pulled up to the ordering box.

"Hello, and welcome to McDonald's. Do you know what you would like?" the man, whom Jasmine could see by his name tag was Alex, looked at her through the corner of his eyes.

"A Caramel Mocha please, large." he called, then looked at Jasmine.

"I'd like four hash browns, two McGriddles, and a Ice Caramel Mocha please." when she finished saying her order, the man repeated it. Jasmine pulled out her wallet and pulled out a twenty. Alex raised his eyebrow, seeing as it was far too much for her meal, then was further confused when she handed him the twenty. "For your Mocha, and my meal." he shook his head, going to pull out his own wallet.

"No, " as they pulled up to the cashier window, Jasmine stretched over Alex, and used her elbows to rest herself on the window. She smiled at the look on the woman's face, and handed her the twenty. Alex, on the other hand, was staring at her butt. His hands itching to touch it. Hey, he was a man, and an attractive woman practically laid herself out on his lap. Jasmine pulled back into the Taxi once she had her change, and sat back in her seat. Placing the change in her wallet, then placing her wallet in her left back pocket.

"Y-your order will be at window two," the female cashier said, closing the adjoining window. Alex controlled his raging hormones, and drove forward. He was a man of thirty two, for Christ sakes, he shouldn't have to be controlling himself. He took the food, handing Jasmine, who was still in the passenger seat, her food. He let out a sigh, then covered it up by taking a long drink of his mocha.

"Why are you going to AMC Studios anyway?" he asked, pulling back onto the highway. Jasmine finished off her second McGriddle, and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"I'm auditioning for a role there, but that's all, I'll tell you." Alex raised his eyebrow, but nodded any how. It wasn't surprising to hear that she was an Actress. She had an amazing figure, and she was rather pretty. He wouldn't be surprised if she was also a model. My, my, this would be an interesting story to tell to his friends at the Taxi Reserve once he had to bring the Taxi back. Damn, he sounded like a school girl, going to gossip to her friends about just having her first period. He shook his head in dismay at his thoughts, while Jasmine watched in amusement.

The rest of the ride was carried in silence. Jasmine, having just finished her drinks, and food, had put all the trash into the bag. Wadding it all up into a ball, while looking mischievously out the window. Alex cast a worried glance at her out of the corner of his eyes. Though he did not utter a word of protest as she rolled her window down, Alex purposefully (Not that he'd admit it) driving closer to the trash cans outlining a construction site. Jasmine grinned, and rolled the window down, then stuck her body halfway out the window, gaining the attention of all the construction workers, and shot the wad of McDonald's trash in the air. The wad landed in the Trash can, and the men erupted into hollers of cheer, clapping and whistling soon following as they drove past. Alex didn't hide the grin that spread across his lips. He was mature, obviously, but he also knew how to have fun. The opportunity just never made itself known. That is, until he gave this mysterious woman a ride. Alex pulled up the front Gate at AMC Studios, watching as Jasmine pulled out the $100 bill. She handed it to Alex, and grinned as she stepped out.

"Thanks again!" she yelled, her tone singing, almost. Alex chuckled, and waved, watching as her hair swayed to the left and right as she ran to the front gate. Jasmine approached a rather buff looking man, with a bald head, wearing a Police uniform.

"You're Jasmine Star?" the man asked. Jasmine nodded her head, and showed him her drivers license. Grinning as he shook his head slightly, then brought his Walkies Talkie up to his lips. "I need an escort to take a Ms. Star to the WDCA room." Jasmine's brows furrowed at the abbreviation he used.

"WDCA?" the man didn't answer at first, instead he was listening for an affirmative from one of his men. Once he did, he looked at the small female, her height of 5"6' not comparing to his 6"3'.

"Walking Dead Cast Audion Room." Jasmines eyebrows rose, and her lips parted. A younger, and much shorter Security guard pulled up in a golf cart.

"Ms. Star, if you would hop in. I'll take you to the building." Jasmine nodded her head. Then, with one movement, jumped into the Golf cart, resting in the passenger seat next to the man. Jasmine just could not contain her delight. She clapped her hands together, and pointed forward.

"Onward, trusty steed!" the man grinned, despite his bearings, and sped off as quick as the cart would go. Weaving around the groups of people taking props into the buildings for other shows. They stopped in front of the Walking Dead building,

"It will be the first door on the left, ma'am. Have a good day." Jasmine smiled, pivoting off of the cart.

"You as well!" she called as she ran in to the building. Having a good fifteen minutes to spare. Jasmine entered the door, and ran into a soft yet hard fleshy chest. Jasmine looked up, hearing a deep chuckle, while he absentmindedly rubbed her nose. Her gaze, connected with none other than Michael Rookers.

"You dented my chest," he accused, a playful smirk on his lips. Seemingly un fazed by the coloring of her eyes. Jasmine, who was not used to people being so playful with her, smiled widely. Her hand moving away from her nose.

"I think it's fair to say your chest dented my nose," Michael chuckled once more, finding himself liking the young woman in front of him. Jasmine, finding herself also liking the man in front of her, placed her hand out.

"Jasmine, Jasmine Star." she introduced, smiling widely, her dimples showing with the action. Michael s shoulders shook with amusement as he shook hands with her.

"Micheal Rooker, pleasure meeting you." Micheal raised his eyebrow as a tap on his shoulder brought him out of the woman tantalizingly different eyes. He looked back over his shoulder to see Jon Bernthal. Though, the man in question was stuck with his gaze on the woman in front of him.

"Johnny?!" she asked incredulously. Michael did not ignore the smile that broke out on Jon's face. In fact, Michael stepped back, just in time to see a mass of flaming flesh jumping into Jon's arms. Soft feminine laughter rang through the air, as Jasmine wrapped her legs around Jon's waist, his muscular arms wrapping around her small waist. The action causing the attention of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Sarah Wayne Callies, Melissa McBride, Jeffery DeMunn, Lennie James, Emma Bell, Chandler Riggs, IronE Singleton, and Madison Lintz to be drawn in on the confrontation between the two. Norman Reedus, who was watching the female, only seeing her attire, and her flaming red hair, was already impressed. She was obviously a denim and leather fan, seeing her leather wrist bracelets.

"What are you doing here, li'l red?" Jon asked, clasping his hands on the small of her back, just as she pushed back a little to look at him. Her smile mimicked his, her pleasure and joy in seeing Jon again showing on her vulnerable face.

"I graduated three months ago, told you I'd follow my dream!" Jon chuckled, then felt whole being stared into his back. Jasmine, seeing all the people staring wide eyed at her, and him, let out a faint string of giggles. Jon turned around, and looked at his new made friend, Andrew Lincoln, and Chandler Riggs, smiling and laughing slightly. Jon, who had a plan to make Chandler laugh more, let his arms drop from her waist, intending for her to fall. Jasmine, having seen his plan, wrapped her arms around his neck, making him bend forward as she fell onto her feet. Their heads butting in the process. Knocking both of the adults on their rears. Jasmine grinned, and pretended that she was dead, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, her eyes shut tightly. Jon, having missed his friend, bent beside her, one hand holding his aching forehead.

"Oh no, sleeping beauty. I will awake thee with a kiss!" he called dramatically, though the moment he finished, she sat up quickly, holding her hands outward, her tongue going in her mouth once more.

"Look at that, I'm alive. It's a miracle, no kiss needed!" Jeffery DeMunn was laughing so hard he was crying slightly. His hands holding his stomach as he laughed.

"Jasmine Star!" a security guard called, opening the door to the audition rooms. The room grew quiet, though Jasmine remained smiling, and got up, not missing the chance to ruffle Jon's hair up like a carpet, and run to the room. She got her lower half in the door, then grinned ,and stuck her tongue out at Jon, shutting the door upon hearing more laughter. Jon shook his head, a smile still on his lips. That was one crazy girl that he had missed.

"So, " Norman started, "What's going on with you and, Jasmine?" Norman paused slightly, recalling the name that the Security personnel called out. Jon stood up, grinning.

"When I was in Moscow Russia, Studying art, I met her. She was learning Russian then, though she already knew German, Dutch, Spanish and Greek, she said Latin, but I didn't believe her. " Jon grinned, the left corner of his lip tugging up into a smirk. "Why?" Michael grinned, shaking his head slightly.

"Oi, if she was last to go in, what part do you think she's going for?" Jon shrugged, thinking over his friends personality.

"Probably Lori," Michael shrugged, and put his back on the wall once more, crossing his arms, while looking at Norman. Whose eyebrows were furrowed, his lips in a thin line, while he was staring at the door.

"Ooh, someone's got it bad." Michael taunted playfully. Norman blinked hard, then looked up, a smug grin on his face.

"Who's got what hard?" Michael smirked, winking at Norman, while he jutted his chin in the direction of the door. Norman chuckled.

"So true man, I love this door." Norman got on his knees, and presented the ring pop he was eating to the door, as if he was asking someone to marry him. "Since the first time I saw you, I loved you. Will you marry me?!" Just then, Jasmine stepped out, biting her bottom lip to keep herself from laughing. Her body shook with laughter.

"We just met, but yes~" she blew him a kiss, and that's when the whole room erupted into fits of laughter. Norman blushed, his cheeks turning ruddy as he stood up. He pretended to fix a tie that wasn't there. Then cleared his voice, and put on a scowl.

"We're getting a divorce," he then turned around, as if he couldn't stand the sight of her. Jasmine put on a crest fallen look on, falling to her knees, while grabbing onto his shirt.

"No baby, please do go~" she started to sing. Surprisingly, her voice was very good, but they way she dramatized it, caused everyone to erupt in more giggles of laughter. She then stood up, crossed her arms, and stuck her nose high in the air.

"Fine, you farted in bed anyway." with that she walked over to Jon, who had his arms crossed in amusement, and rested on the wall in between him and Michael. Norman, who was stuck with laughter at her last proclamation, shook his head, holding his abdomen.

"Man, I like you." Jasmine smiled, then flipped her hair, giving a bitter sweet smile.

"Everyone, likes me." she drew out 'everyone', and placed her hands on her hips. Just then, the security guard came out, and posted the paper on the board, but called Norman and Jasmine over.

"They said that your talents were un expected, but that they would make roles for you. " he handed Norman a packet with the name Daryl Dixon on it, then Jasmine a packet that said Katherine "Cat" Horvath.

"You'll have a week to study these, then we'll show start recording episodes." with that, he walked away, leaving a smiling Jasmine and Norman to themselves. Jasmine looked up, her eyes, for the first time, connecting with Normans.

"Do you know how to do the gay hip bump?" he nodded his head, then, without warning. The two started jumping at each others sides, their hands up, the packets of paper in each hand, while they bumped their hips together. Swinging them back and forth, smiling like no tomorrow.

"My own role!" they shouted out, their voices echoing down the hallways.

Two Faced Passion

A Norman Reedus and Daryl Dixon Love Story