Mother Dearest Chapter 7

It has been two months since Iemitsu and I broke up. Needless to say, everybody was shocked. Figures, nobody knows Iemitsu better than I do and it wasn't because of the manga and the anime. Surprisingly, Iemitsu wasn't all that hard to understand, he was simple really. He was a free and fierce spirit that can't be bound. He likes to come and go and leave deep and lasting impressions of himself. He likes to woo everybody with his charm, it's actually surprising that Iemitsu isn't a mist or a cloud user. That stupid man still plagues my mind despite me ridding myself of him. After two weeks of him leaving packing everything but the gun I kept for myself, I finally came to grips that I actually missed the bastard. There I said it, I miss him, but I don't miss his habits.

I have to admit that him coming into my life made my lacking life more interesting, but I still feel as though I'm missing something though I'm not sure what. But I try not to dwell on it, so I throw myself into my job, I teach dance classes to all age groups and I make decent money while doing it. I also work in a small office as a secretary I hated that job because my boss was always trying to flirt with me. If I didn't like money as much as I did, I'd quit. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a greedy person by nature, but when you lived the life I did (before I was reborn), always in need of some money for rent, bills, medical care, school, and food, and you was barely scrapping by on the minimum wages. Knowing that you have a constant flow of cash coming in was a great comfort to me.

I pouted knowing that my goal to going Europe would be put on hold since I have two jobs now and if I didn't dump Iemitsu he would've paid for the whole trip. But I was so furious at him and his antics, I blew up at him, but if I didn't yell at him he wouldn't have understood me. Maybe when he dates another woman, he'll understand where I was coming from, but he'll probably date an airhead who wouldn't mind or notice his frequent disappearance.

I gritted my teeth, the thought of him with another woman made me nauseous, but I push through it and went back to teaching the seniors how to ballroom dance.

I closed the studio a little earlier than usual and went to Tomoko flower shop. She was behind the counter talking with a costumer as usual so I waited until she was done. I looked at some of the flowers in the shop and noticed there were some sunflowers in the back. I smiled I always did like sunflowers though I never actually told anybody, but somehow Iemitsu found out and gave her some that one winter day when he disappeared for about a month. It made it too hard to stay angry at him so I made him sleep on the couch. I chuckled slightly.

"Well you're in a good mood," Tomoko said with bemused expression. I'm not as aloof as people like to make me, but I don't laugh a lot even when something is funny. How weird is that?

"I just remembered something it's nothing," I said walking up to the counter. We gripped each other hands as a greeting. "I see you're wrapping up another gift, somebody's anniversary or birthday?" Tomoko shook her head and handed them to me.

"These are actually for you." I'm embarrassed to admit that my heart started beating a little bit faster in anticipation as I took the flowers, Irises that what the bundle was and read the note:

I've always watched an admired you from a distance, but I never had the courage to confess to you so I hope you accept this small token of my affection for you.

I glanced at Tomoko confused and annoyed. Disappointingly, it wasn't from Iemitsu, but from a…

"Yeah, it's from a secret admirer," Tomoko said confirming my suspicions. She took the flowers from me before I trashed them in front of her. "I told him you weren't going to accept them graciously, but he was determined to have them sent to you. Jeez, if only he used that determination to confess to you in person, these flowers wouldn't go to waste."

I said nothing as I stared at those flowers. I wasn't one to be wooed by stuff like flowers and chocolates, but this was a perfect opportunity to move on, so I snatch the flowers back and sniffed in disdained. "There's no helping the fact that this is how men court women, tell this admirer of mines that I'll accept them this time, but he better confront me next time." I said those words, but I wish I could've taken them back, since it left a sour taste in my mouth. I waved at Tomoko as I left looking at the flowers with utter confusion. I didn't really want them, but I had them now and throwing away flowers felt like I was disrespecting Tomoko.

Gripping the flowers tighter, I walked at a faster pace to get home. It was a moment of stupidity and distractions that led me to being snatched off the streets of my home town and even though I fought literally tooth and nail to get away from my kidnapper, I was eventually knocked out.