Apprenticeship under Lord Revan:

For everyone that has asked about 'The one man band', the reason for the delay on that story is due to both a lost of direction and an entire another series of stories that I have been working on for the last months. This is an small preview of 'Creation of the Ghost King-Lord Phantasm, the lord of life and death'. I want everyone who reads this to review, please, I want insight to see if I should continue this.

Warning: This story is very, very strange and many things will be unanswered, but all will be in 'Creation of the Ghost King'. Please enjoy!

The Ghost Zone, the conduct of hundreds of different planets, times and dimensions, such an interesting pocket dimension which size far exceeds that of the others, it is. It leads everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time, truly a paradox in all sense of that word. Portals open constantly in both the Human Zone and the Ghost Zone and ghosts and humans alike find themselves in hundreds of different places and times after passing through the Ghost Zone itself for mere seconds if that. Most leave quickly, but often they don't find themselves back at when they first arrived.

Many attempts, from both the Ghost Zone and the Human Zone, have been made to enter this pocket dimension or the other. Most have failed with disastrous results. However, the only successful attempts have been on accident, purely accidental, when the person who activated it had no clue what they were doing or it was only by happenstance.

This has resulted in the creation of another race of beings, known as Halvas, but going back to the portals that naturally open and close many times over. There have been times when the human or ghost sucked into them have to remain wherever they found themselves and this is where our story begins.

Thousands of years ago in another galaxy, there exists a balance of power, sith and Jedi fighting between each other for years nearly destroying their galaxy in their want of power or peace, respectfully. However, one Gray Force-user found himself somewhere else…

When Darth Revan attempted to find out about the other threat from the Unknown Regions, a ghost portal had opened when he was about to jump into hyperspace. That was about 4000 years ago, but since he had discovered the secret to eternal life, it didn't matter to him at all. He still looked the same from when he first came to the Zone. All he knew is that he was somewhere else, somewhere no Jedi or sith has ever been before.

Over that long time, he had learned all he could about the Ghost Zone and its inhabitants. He was the one that threatened Pariah Dark's rule and stood against him, but it was only with the help of the Ancients that he and they were victorious, however either wanted to rule.

Thus Lord Revan had been waiting, training and medicating for a way out of the Ghost Zone and back to his galaxy and for an opportunity to appear until he heard about halfas. Half human, half ghost. He could not train any ghost to use the Force because they were dead, no midi-chlorians in them. They had pathways of energy, ecto-plasma, which manifested into hundreds of different powers. Powers that Revan had catalogued and studied, but couldn't use.

When Lord Clockwork informed him about Vlad Plasmius, Revan believed that he was a 'Sith' and would not be training someone like that, but the second Halva, the second one was pure and much stronger, both in the Force and while his ghosts abilities weren't on the same level as Plasmius's, Revan knew potential like Phantom's.

He could be the perfect apprentice for the gray Force-user. If there weren't many issues and challenges stopping Lord Revan from making the boy his apprentice. Danny Fenton/Phantom had ghost hunting parents and Revan couldn't find a way to teach the boy. He knew that the boy lived on a planet called Earth, outside of the Republic and known space, but how far away?

Also now could he teach him if no portal that he had found so far led back to his galaxy and time? His parents also gave a challenge due to the fact that they had fitted everything in their home with anti-ghost scanners and detectors. While Revan, himself, was not a ghost, he had lived in the Ghost Zone for so long that he was sure that he had his own ecto-signature now, thus making it difficult to enter his apprentice's home. Besides Lord Clockwork, the lord of Time, though in Clockwork's opinion, he was simply Time's humble guide, Revan knew that because Clockwork could see all, know all, everywhere and every when, he called the ghost the Lord of Time because anyone who could do that and not go completely insane had Revan's respect, had talked to him when he found the Sith Lord attempting to get back home.

Clockwork had told Revan to be patience and that everything happens for a reason. Revan was interested in why he had been sent to another dimension, especially when the 'True Sith' and hundreds of other of threats were still present in his home galaxy, but he chalked it up as the Will of the Force, so he had to be patience.

Revan sighed as he dropped the Force cloak that he had held up when he sensed his wanted apprentice arriving at where he was visiting. However, when he felt Phantom leaving the Far Frozen, he was completely safe to lower it. There was no telling what the boy would do if he revealed himself. He smiled as he watched Frostbite and his people wave good-bye to the quickly vanishing ghost boy in the sky. "He has become strong," Revan said after he walked up to the ice monster. Frostbite turned to him and smiled

"Ah, Lord Revan, it is wonderful to see you again. Yes, the Great One has grown in power and skill." He said.

"You still believe the prophecy, Lord Frostbite?" Revan asked as he crossed his arms in front of his armored and red and black cloaked body.

"Ah, but Lord Revan, it is you that had the vision that feed the prophecy that my people still believe in to this day." Revan frowned at that,

"I didn't see that the boy would be a half ghost, but…" He frowned.

"But, what, Lord Revan?" Frostbite asked worried.

"I have had another vision. I fear that Pariah Dark will be freed by one that hunts for power very soon." Revan said sadly.

"Then we must prepare the army. Our technology might not be as advanced as where you come from…" Revan immediately stopped him by raising his hand.

"No, no, he must be the one to defeat Pariah by himself," Revan said as Frostbite frowned at that.

"Only then will he be the one in the prophecy." Revan said as the two went back to watching the vanishing Phantom.

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