Danny had been sitting cross-legged on a smooth grey rock in the middle of the lake in a meditative position for five hours. Revan was simply observing from the side as Danny tried to do as Revan had told him, he slowed down his breathing as he spread out his newfound awareness of the life around him.

Steady my breathing and heartbeat, don't let anything distract me but at the same time remain aware of my surroundings. Stretch out with my awareness and try to sense the force flowing in and around all living things. Danny chanted in his head as the rocks and pebbles in the stream suddenly started to levitate due to an unknown force. Revan looked on amazed since it usually took normal Padawans a month of training to do this, but Danny had done it in five hours.

"Danny, you may open our eyes now," Revan stated simply and as soon as Danny opened his eyes, the levitating objects fell back into the stream with soft plops. He sensed Revan's good mood so he assumed that he had done it correctly.

"So what do I have to accomplish next?" Danny asked calmly which Revan noted as a side effect of the meditation since he seemed to be more composed.

"Next is for you to consciously levitate this rock with your Force powers only, just remember that the Force flow through and around everything, including yourself. Learn to harmonize with it and you will be able to bend it to your will, imagine the rock floating and it will do so."

Revan demonstrated as he motioned with just one finger and a tree trunk the size of Danny shot off into the far wall of the room.

"You will need to use your whole hand at first, with training comes experience and then you will be able to perform it like I can." Revan said as he too levitated a rock the size of an average human with two fingers before opening his other palm to show a rock the size of a snail.

"You will be using this for now." Danny took the offered rock and sat down in his usual cross-legged position with the rock in his palm, he stared at the rock intently as he tried to imagine the force around it.

Half an hour later, he was still in the same position with the rock in his palm. "This is impossible. I've concentrated like you said, but the rock won't budge!" Danny exclaimed in frustration causing Revan to smirk under his mask. So much like me when I was learning to harness the force as well. He thought before speaking.

"Nothing is impossible before the force young Phantom, be patient and you will have the result you desire. Do not think that this is something that can be done in a snap of your fingers, it takes hard work to get it done."

"Alright, I'll try again…"

"Do or do not, there is no try, young Phantom," Revan said as Danny nodded as he went back to the task at hand.

Ok, imagine the force flowing in and around you like a strong river flow, get the feel of it and learn to move with it. The force is my ally so I must flow along with it instead of pushing against the current. Two hours later of repeating the mantra in his head, the rock in his palm seemed to wobble a bit to the left and then to the right before slowly lifting off his palm and into the air.

Danny smiled as teacher clapped at his accomplishment. "Very good young Phantom, this is the first step for you to become a master of the force. Now I want you to do the same thing you did with the rock to this." Revan gestured to significantly larger rock the size of Danny himself.

"Remember how you felt and that size does not matter in the presence of the force." Danny inwardly sighed as he once again submerged his entire self into the flow of the force as he felt it move around his body, he then directed it around the rock as he lifted his arm up slowly. The large rock shifted to the side slowly before hovering at least half a meter of the ground, Danny panted as he let it drift back down slowly before slumping over from exhaustion. And with that, his training began.

Using a very powerful and secret Force technique, Revan trained and taught him for three whole years everything he knew: Force Techniques, Light-saber stances, even negotiating tactics, planetary assault tactics, military strategies, and every last thing Danny would need in order to rule an Empire.

Revan was not the only one training him, as Lord Frostbite, Lord Clockwork and many other ghosts had also taught him in the numerous Arts they knew. However, it wasn't long until Lord Revan finished Danny's training, at least to the level that they needed to leave the Ghost Zone and return to his galaxy for the final tests.

"We must hurry, the portal that will open will only be open for a few minutes, if that," Lord Revan said as he and the now stronger and wiser robed clad current King of the Ghost Zone, Danny Phantom walked towards the Dynamic-class freighter, the Ebon Hawk.

"Once we leave the Ghost Zone, the coordinates are already in the nav-computer of the Hawk. Once we get back into my galaxy, we'll head for the Foundry." He said as Danny nodded to understand. "Right Master," He said, having finally gotten used to calling Lord Revan that. Danny spared one last look over Echo Base, the base he had gotten to know over his training with Lord Revan, but then he turned around and boarded the freighter.

The interior of the ship is designed to accommodate a small crew, a good amount of cargo, and a small vehicle such as a swoop bike. There are two sets of crew quarters, starboard and port, each with three standard beds. The starboard dormitory had a secret compartment underneath one of the bunks. The cockpit has seats for a pilot, copilot and navigator, with two additional seats behind them. Also in the cockpit area is the galaxy map, where the next destination can be selected.

The galaxy map offers a summary of the destination's terrain, native species, and docking facilities. This room is connected to the main hold by a long hallway, which also lead to the communications room. In the communications room are a number of controls, including a console for accessing the ship's security cameras. In the center of the main hold is a large round console that includes the ship's navigation computer, which can be voice-locked.

The console further serves as a holo-projector, both for communication and for tactical planning. The ship's security cameras are also accessible from here, as well as the security doors. There is plenty of seating in the main hold, and it is large enough for the entire crew to comfortably gather together.

Off to one side is a small storage room. From the main hold, another hallway lead to the engine room at the back of the vessel, where the engines and the hyper drive are accessible. Off the hallway between the main hold and the engine room is the medical bay.

There is no kolto tank and only one bed, but it is sufficient for treating all but the most serious conditions. Across the hall from the medical bay is the utility lift, which provided access to the controls for the three turrets and to the Ebon Hawk's outer hull. The cargo hold is spacious and includes a code-locked smuggling compartment, within are several interesting objects and cloth that Revan had gathered over the years.

On the other side of the ship is the garage, which is similar in size and shape to the cargo hold, but more easily accessible as it is connected to the exit ramp. It was designed to fit a small vehicle, of which there are two small speeders for Lord Revan and his apprentice in the Jedi and Sith Arts. There is also a workbench in the garage. Soon after Danny looked around and Lord Revan walked to the cockpit with the two droids behind him, the starship rose from the ground and out of the hanger doors, heading right into the Ghost Zone above.

Danny soon found himself in the co-pilot's chair as Lord Revan piloted the craft pass many of the denizens of the Ghost Zone lairs heading towards the outer edge of the Ghost Zone where the portal would be opening. At the moment, he was looking at the galaxy map where the coordinates of the Foundry were shown as silence was filling the cockpit since either of the New sith had anything to say to the other.

As the Ebon Hawk roared out of the out edge of the Ghost Zone towards the now forming ghost portal that the Infi-map had informed them would lead back to Revan's galaxy, Danny looked around the view screen out into the Ghost Zone, promising that he would return, far stronger and wiser than before and would lead his people and his Empire to highest never before seen or at the very least learn how to rule than just reign.

Just as the Ebon Hawk finally entered the ghost portal and headed out into the Known Space of the Galaxy, Danny thought I'll be back