"Good morning hermione," Ron said as hermione joined them at breakfast. "Good morning," she replied, "any luck figuring out the clue yet harry?" "Not yet but I'm very close," Harry replied, "but I'm close.

Hermione just nodded. After breakfast they headed off to their first hour, transfiguration with mcgonagall. Today they learned how turn a random object found on their desk into an animal. Nobody could do it with success, except for hermione. "Very good miss granger," mcgonagall said. "Typical granger," Draco scoffed, "always showing off to impress your friends." "Oh, and what's that supposed to mean?" Hermione said coldly and dangerously. "How come you are always so perfect at all your work? You never had anybody to teach you until 4 years ago properly." "Just shove off malfoy," hermione said through clenched teeth. "Make me Draco said and pulled out his wand and pointed it at her and she did the same. "ENOUGH!" Mcgonagall shouted, "I will not have you two fighting in my class, hogwarts is a place for for friends not enemies so for the next few weeks you two will be partnered in my class and I hear one complaint it will mean detention for two months," mcgonagall snapped. Everybody's jaw dropped, they knew mcgonagall was strict but never thought she would go this far. Draco and hermione looked at eachother in pure hatred and disgust. That's when the bell rang. "Okay class you are dismisses," Mcgonagall said and everybody gathered up their things and left, except for Draco and hermione. "Mcgonagall I can't sit next to miss perfect over here, Draco said. "And I can't sit next to mr. Snotty mouth," hermione said. "ENOUGH!" Mcgonagall said, "I do not want to hear another word from you two about this, now run along before your late to class." They both huffed in frustration and stormed out, they gave eachother one last look of pure hatred and disgust before storming off opposite directions.