A/N: This is it. This is the end. Thanks to everyone who insisted this story continue. I'm very glad I listened.

I wasn't sure how I was going to end this one. I couldn't leave you hanging with Alice only four months old, and Oliver and Felicity just getting started, and there were so many moments I wanted to know about myself. So I started writing those moments. Which is how I came to have these vignettes. It was the best way I knew to show you what happened in their lives. They span almost three decades, and, I hope, touch all the big events, and a bunch of little things too. I love them all.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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*Oliver first said 'I love you' over the comm link. He'd been stabbed in the chest from behind. He was losing consciousness and the last thing he wanted was to make sure she knew. Digg had taken over the communications since Felicity was barely able to breathe. Roy got there in time and hauled Oliver out. It ended up being only a partially collapsed lung, and he got an earful from one very scared and pissed off Felicity Smoak when he woke up. He said it again to stop her from crying.

*They officially ended her lease six months after she moved into the mansion. She'd never gone back. Not longer than the time it took to pick up a few things. In the end all that was left was her furniture and the kitchen utensils. Oliver had insisted she keep it if she wanted to. She looked at him funny and asked why, when she already had a home.

*The first time Alice walked it was across the training mats in the lair from Digg's hands to Oliver's outstretched arms. Felicity recorded it on her tablet, grin so wide it made her cheeks hurt.

*She was fourteen months old the first time she was admitted to the hospital and Felicity had never been so scared in her life. It was a virus. She just needed fluids and some medicine and she'd be fine. But seeing her tiny body in that industrial crib tore her heart out. Oliver had been out on patrol when Felicity had decided to go to the ER. She'd sent him texts and kept up with where he was via Digg. When he came racing through the door with a smear of green paint still above his ear she'd fallen into his arms just grateful she no longer had to sit there alone. She wiped the paint away with her thumb and sat in his lap instead of the other chair. They sat vigil for hours while Alice slept, Oliver's hand slipped through the railing to curl around her tiny one the entire time.

*Her first word was 'Digg' which annoyed Oliver to no end and amused Felicity. She tried to explain that the 'D' sound was easy for babies to say but he didn't care. He countered that she should be saying 'Dada' if 'Ds' were so easy. It was the first time he'd referred to himself naturally as her father. He spent the rest of the day laying on the floor with Alice sitting on his stomach trying to get her to say 'Dada'.

*She was eighteen months old when they realized their plan of not letting her know Oliver was Green Arrow was blown to hell. It had been a late night at the lair, with an important mission that had put everyone in danger. When Oliver had come back, bleeding and exhausted she was supposed to have been sound asleep in her crib. As Felicity clung to him fiercely, just glad he was alive and back in her arms, Alice pulled herself to the side of the crib and looked at him once, hood still raised, and said 'Daddy'.

*Roy was the only one allowed to read her a bedtime story. So from the age of two to four and a half he dutifully did what was requested of him. Even if sometimes it meant he had to read the story to her over the comm link in his ear while Thea held the phone.

*It took three years before they got married. They'd talked about it for a long time, and then it had just sort of been assumed it would happen, and then there was always another mission, and rings and flower arrangements didn't seem that important. So when he cleared an afternoon in their schedule and sent her upstairs with Thea she was completely surprised by what met her. There was a simple white dress, and when she made her way to the back garden she saw the smallest, most wonderful wedding waiting for her. Alice walked her down the aisle while Digg stood proudly next to Oliver in his dress uniform. When it was time to do the rings he insisted she look at them first. Hers had two Chinese characters engraved on the inside she didn't recognize, his had a string of ones and zeros that she did. They both said 'salvation'. One in Chinese, one in binary. Everyone laughed when she kissed him right then and didn't wait until the end. They ate Raisa's cooking, and danced under fairy lights Roy and Thea had spent hours hanging. Alice had fallen asleep atop Digg's shoulder's her hair spilling across his cheek. The press didn't know about it for six months.

*There were always rough nights and close calls, but he almost lost her when Alice was five. It was a car accident. Felicity woke up three days later to find Oliver closer to the edge than she had ever seen him. Roy walked in carrying Alice who scrambled to the floor and climbed carefully onto the bed next to Felicity and told her she was glad she was awake and she couldn't wait to meet her little brother or sister. The shocked look Felicity had turned on Oliver was met with a watery smile. Robert Thomas Queen was born seven months later. He hit the ground running and never stopped.

*Robbie was only a few months old when Moira Queen finished serving her prison sentence. She took a cab straight to the mansion and didn't seem surprised to see Felicity answer the door, holding Robbie in her arms. She'd managed to keep up with her family through tabloids and the news. Oliver set her up with a generous condo in Coast City and a very nice allowance. Thea visited her occasionally. She came back to Starling City twice a year, but Oliver knew he'd never trust her again.

*When Alice was eight and Robbie was two, Malcolm Merlyn suddenly reappeared. Oliver and Felicity had the biggest fight of their lives then when he called in half the Justice League to get her and the kids out of Starling City. She ended up scream crying at him, terrified he was going to go on another suicide mission to protect them. They came to a compromise where Alice and Robbie went to spend the weekend at the Fortress of Solitude with Conner Kent. Robbie was bouncing with excitement because Conner was his idol and he always loved getting to fly with Uncle Clark. The Dark Archer was finally defeated for good, and he died never knowing he had a granddaughter.

*Alice was ten when Oliver was taken. He'd been missing for almost two months when Felicity found intel that he was still alive and where he was being held. Robbie was still asleep when she and Diggle went to slip from the mansion on a mission to get Oliver back. They were met at the door by Alice, Thea, and Roy. Alice had clung to her hard, and told her to go bring dad home. As they walked out the door Felicity turned and exchanged a look with Thea who nodded once. If anything happened to them she knew her children would be taken care of.

*At twelve Alice felt she was too old to dress up for Halloween but Robbie was excited and Felicity insisted she attend the party they were holding at Queen Consolidated for employees and their families. With a roll of her eyes worthy of any tween she'd stomped up the stairs under protest. When Oliver asked what she was going as she just gave him a sweet smile and said she was going as her favorite superhero. He looked proud and gave her a hug, but Felicity eyed her daughter with suspicion. The night arrived and when she came out of her room dressed as Superman Oliver pouted, and Felicity had a good laugh. The picture she sent to Lois was then forwarded on to the rest of the JLA. Bruce bought Alice a pony to show his thanks.

*At fourteen Alice was almost as tall as Felicity. She had long dark hair, an easy smile, and had a way of moving her hands sometimes that was scarily reminiscent of Tommy. They were having a rare family meal when Alice gestured a certain way while talking and Thea froze, fork in midair. All the color drained from her face. Oliver saw her first. He'd noticed the similarities between Alice and Tommy before, but had hoped no one else would. Thea shot from the room and Felicity followed. They hashed it out in the kitchen pantry. Thea began putting together everything quicker than Felicity could have guessed. She said that it now explained why Felicity had seemed so awkward and uncomfortable with the baby when they'd moved in. Felicity told her why they'd done what they had and Thea nodded, agreeing it had been for the best. She just wished Alice could have known Tommy.

*They visited his grave every year on his birthday. Oliver never wanted to be reminded of the day he'd died. Alice and Robbie knew him as 'Uncle Tommy' and she saw the way Oliver's eyes pulled every time it was said. It haunted them both, but they could never tell Alice she was a Merlyn, it was too much of a risk.

*Conner Kent broke her heart three weeks before her sixteenth birthday. He'd told her he couldn't be with a human. He didn't want to hurt her. Felicity had found her crying and fuming in her room. A short conference call with Lois had both women rolling their eyes and Lois muttering about him following in his father's footsteps. Lois had offered to talk to Conner but Felicity insisted Alice take care of it herself. She'd raised her to speak her mind and not give up. They never knew exactly what she said to him, but it had worked. Unfortunately it was Oliver that walked in on them 'making up' in a back room at the next JLA meeting. It took both Bruce and Bart to keep him from ripping Conner apart.

*She had a rebellious streak at eighteen. Two months into her first semester of college Conner called, frantic that he couldn't find her. They'd all gone into a tailspin until Oliver got a text from Bruce saying he had an eye on the 'package' and they could all stand down. Oliver had wanted to fly to Gotham immediately but Felicity held him back. Alice hit every dive bar and underground club she could find, oblivious to her cowled shadow. She almost got jumped leaving the last one at four in the morning. Although she had more hand to hand training than any other girl her age, the alcohol in her system made her clumsy. She'd grumbled all the way back to Wayne Manor, and Bruce told her if she puked in the Batmobile she'd be cleaning it with a toothbrush. He put her to bed and called Oliver to tell him he could pick his daughter up in the afternoon.

*Oliver called Alice 'baby girl' well into adulthood. She never seemed to mind. Roy called her 'Al' from the day he'd met her. She pretended to be bothered by it but she wasn't. When Conner Kent slipped a wedding band on her finger he said she'd always be his Queen. Oliver sent glares across the aisle to Clark until Felicity elbowed him in the ribs and made him stop.

*Alice and Conner had been married for only six months when he finally proved to Oliver he was worthy of his baby girl. He'd saved her life by risking his own, leaving him close to death from kryptonite poisoning. With Clark unable to fly his son back to Metropolis, Felicity arranged for the Queen jet to do it for him. Alice, Lois, and Felicity went with Conner, getting him back to the city in time for Emil to flush the green rock from his system. When he was recovered Oliver shook his hand and called him son.

*Alice was twenty eight when she took over as CEO of Queen Consolidated, the same age Oliver had been. He was ready to retire from the public eye. He'd retired from being Green Arrow five years before, handing the hood over to another young upstart who had something to prove. Robbie.