Chapter 1

Pyrrha Nikos was a girl who knew what she wanted.

She had wanted to become a Huntress since she was a child, and thus, she had trained her ass off for years until she had become the strongest girl in all of Mistral, something that culminated in her four consecutive victories in the annual Mistral Tournament. Well, domination was more apt, given that she had outpaced all of her competition easily in each year. If anything, she felt that she could have used a bit more of a challenge than the single Grim that existed as the final task.

Seriously? One lousy Grim? When she had found out that the other competitors had struggled in their respective fights however, she did feel a little bit assuaged. She supposed that, for the normal person, defeating even one Grim was quite a feat, and that she had just trained herself exceptionally well.

Then, she had wanted to become a student at Beacon Academy, and instantly, her wish was granted, and she was bumped to the very top of the priority list for her past actions and the fact that she was a worldwide celebrity. It turns out that being famous did have its perks from time to time.

But right now, she wanted something more than anything else she had ever wanted before. Actually, to be correct, it wasn't something, but someone.

Juane Arc was such a nice and funny boy. Sure, he was a bit on the helpless side, but she found that charming. And the way that he tried to act so tough when he obviously wasn't, well, it never ceased to bring a smile to her face. After years of being approached by men who knew her only as the celebrity on the cover of Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes, which admittedly, was not as good a cereal as it sounded, it was a breath of fresh air to find someone who had no idea who she was.

Plus, he had a laughably adorable pair of pajamas. Not that she had been staring at him at night or anything. It just so happened that he had been walking by to talk to Weiss, and he had been proudly displaying his one piece sleepwear, along with its accompanying bunny slippers. Right then and there, she had decided that he was the one for her.

It took a tremendous amount of courage to wear something so childish with so much brazen disregard for the opinions of his peers. Even she doubted that she could have done something like that with absolutely no shame. Yes, he certainly was a real man, even if his social ineptitude betrayed him at times.

And that fact was the exact reason why she was currently following him like a lovesick puppy through the forest.

"So, Jaune, where exactly is this Grim nest that we were supposed to have found hours ago?" An orange haired girl asked loudly, dragging her exhausted feet with exaggerated difficulty. Her name was Nora Valkyrie, also known as the third member of Team Juniper, of which Pyrrha was proud to say that she was also a member. The normally bubbly girl was now cranky at the lack of progress, and understandably so. As their self-appointed leader, Juane had decided that he was going to lead the way for their group on the mission that Headmaster Ozpin had assigned them for the time being. And right now, Pyrrha was sure that they were passing by the same tree that they had seen three times already this hour.

"Maybe I should take a look at the map?" Lie Ren, the fourth and final member of their team suggested helpfully from his position at the back of their small entourage, where he covered their rear while also occasionally providing words to fill in the blanks that Juane often drew. In all honesty, he was probably the most qualified to be leader, aside from Pyrrha herself, but he wasn't really the type to lead. He was the type who preferred to keep his distance and help from the background, more than anything.

"I'm sure Juane knows exactly what he's doing, right?" Pyrrha said hopefully, eagerly awaiting his reply. She had no lack of faith in whatever non-existent orienteering skills Juane was supposed to possess.

The blonde haired teenager who was the acting leader of this team scratched his head sheepishly as he nodded weakly, "Yeah, of course."

Rolling her eyes in helpless frustration, Nora slowed down her pace so that she could chat with Ren, her childhood friend and appointed partner for life. If Ren had shown any aversion to the idea, he did a darn good job of hiding it, although Pyrrha seriously doubted that Nora would be able to sit still long enough to really notice any nuances in his expressions.

Meanwhile, she gently and discreetly righted the map in Juane's hand, which had been upside down for the past hour. After they had taken a break for lunch, he must have had picked it up incorrectly and hence, had been leading them in the wrong direction, an honest mistake. Not that she minded the excuse to spend more time with Juane.

"Oh, thanks." He whispered, embarrassment in his tone.

"Don't worry, it happens to the best of us." Pyrrha whispered back, making sure that Nora did not hear them. She doubted that Ren really would have cared, as mellow as he was about most affairs, but Nora definitely would have smashed Juane with her hammer, if she didn't annihilate him with her grenade launcher first, that is.

"All right guys, let's take a right!" Juane declared loudly, following through on his own order while Pyrrha obediently heeded his command and Nora dragged a visibly distressed Ren along eagerly as he was forced to listen to more of her ramblings. He made a show of puffing his chest out and taking longer strides, and effort that only made him look foolish, although Pyrrha simply smiled and enjoyed the sight while it lasted.

"How was that? My dad always told me that raising my voice would add some authority to what I'm saying." He asked as he gave up on the strut and returned to his normal style of meekly walking.

She shrugged her shoulders, "I thought it was pretty good."

"Yeah, it was, wasn't it?" He muttered to himself, holding his head up a little higher as he did so.

Pyrrha clandestinely smiled from her position at his side. It was nice to see Juane have a little more confidence. Heaven knew that he could use it.

"All right, this is it!" Juane announced, again in a loud voice as they approached the opening of a cave.

"Good job." Pyrrha said, patting his shoulder, "I knew you could do it."

"Okay, so are we going to come up with a plan before we head inside?" Ren suggested as he and Nora brought up the rear, cutting off the girl in mid babble.

"Um, okay, I'll take the front then, I guess." Juane mumbled.

"Well, why don't I take the lead on this one? I'll go first to get an idea of the enemy's strength, and then we can move from there." Pyrrha intervened, seeing the skeptical expressions that Nora and Ren had in response to Juane's proposal. It was clear that they still had a while before they were going have complete faith in their leader like she already did, and so this was probably going to be the best solution that they were going to come up with for the time being.

And with that, she pulled out her Xiflelin and shield, opting to transform her weapon into its rifle form. Finding no complaints with the arrangement, Ren slipped out his Jade Dragons from underneath his sleeves, holding them in a manner similar to a pair of Tonfas, while Nora pulled out Mjolnir, choosing to leave it in its grenade launcher form. For his part, Juane awkwardly pulled out his sword and shield, the most decidedly ordinary weapons of the bunch.

Pyrrha lost no time in advancing, eye aiming down the scope of her hunting rifle as she stepped into the dimly lit interior of the Grim nest. Strafing forwards, she was relieved to find that the cave was relatively small, with the entrance leading into a main chamber that was lit by a large hole in the ceiling, shining light on the mass gathering of Beowolves within.

She heard Juane whimper slightly and immediately silenced him with a wag of her finger. They could not reveal their location now, not when they still had the element of surprise on their side. Her gaze panned over the entirety of the nest and she grimaced at what she saw. There were easily fifty Beowolves inside, and that was before even considering the den mother that was comfortably twice the size of any of the normal variety.

"So, how do you propose we handle this?" Ren asked softly, and to her surprise, it was Jaune who spoke first. Well, she shouldn't say that. If anything, it was something that she had come to somewhat expect from him. Although he wasn't confident about it, he had proven to be a surprisingly competent strategist in the initiation, and in the last few assignments, creating plans that even Ren had no problem following behind.

"We can't afford to be put into a defensive position right now. They'll overrun us if we do. We need to strike quickly with our ranged weapons and use any sort of confusion to our advantage." Jaune outlined with his finger, "Or at least, that's what I would guess."

Acknowledging his words, Pyrrha aimed down her sights once more, finding the head of an unassuming Beowolf. Exhaling deeply, she calmly steadied her rifle with the assured movements of a trained veteran of firearms and pulled the trigger. The crack of her rifle reverberated throughout the nest and the recoil, heavy enough to break the arm of someone unprepared for it, pushed her back a few inches as the bullet sang through the air in a perfect line towards the forehead of the Grim, blasting its head wide open and sending its now decapitated form to the floor in a crumpled heap.

Wasting no time, Nora rapidly fired off a successive series of shots, a flurry of grenades flying through the air before they landed at the feet of several confused Beowolves.

"Three, two, one." She counted with increasing anticipation. On cue, each of the grenades exploded, sending shrapnel flying in all directions, instantly killing all of the Grim in the immediate vicinity, the loose metal tearing through the flesh of the lycanthropes like they were tissue paper.

Pandemonium erupted, and the Beowolves immediately honed in on the source of the attacks, wasting no time in charging forward to meet the small team, their powerful legs propelling them forward at incredible speed and gangly arms swinging wildly at their opponents.

Pyrrha grinned as she felt the familiar sensation of blood rushing through her veins and her heart hammering in her chest from the adrenaline coursing through her body. Her ears could only hear the thud of her heartbeat, and her eyes experienced an amplification in the intensity of the colors in front of her. Her hands trembled with excitement, even as she willed them to stop so that she could steady her rifle, quickly firing off two more shots and sending two more Beowolves to the ground.

However, it would not be enough to simply try to pick off a few creatures from the horde crashing upon them like a wave, and Pyrrha knew it. She managed one final shot that found its target and flipped her rifle into the air, affording it a few seconds to transform into a Xiphos before it returned to her hand to accompany her shield. Spinning the blade once in her hand, she allowed a Beowolf to approach her, its rancid breath causing her to crinkle her nose in disgust. The monster reached forward in an effort to wrap her up in an inescapable grip, but she utilized its wild movements to her advantage by ducking underneath its gargantuan arms and stabbing forward, her blade sinking into the soft flesh of the Beowolf's underbelly.

The Grim howled in pain as she continued on her path, cutting through the rest of its torso without much difficulty, given her equal amount of strength. Immediately, she focused her efforts on the next one to approach her, deciding to take the initiative this time around. She led with her shield, smashing it into its skulls, momentarily stunning the creature long enough for her to slash its throat with her Xiphos.

She glanced off to the side to watch her teammates in action as she found a moment of respite in the heat of the battlefield.

Nora was having no problem crashing her way through the crowd of Beowolves, sending all sort of enemies flying in all directions with her hammer, which was crackling with electricity provided by a Dust Crystal embedded in its handle. Ren was similarly having an easy go of things, with most Beowolves proving no match for his superior speed, which allowed him to easily maneuver around them and pepper them with shots from his submachine guns, or similarly cut them down with his bladed Tonfas.

In fact, the only person who seemed to be having any sort of struggle was Jaune, who desperately fending off three Grim at the same time, trying to juggle his attention from opponent to opponent. Instinctively, Pyrrha abandoned her original course and sprinted towards him, leaping into the air and using her momentum to land atop of one of the Beowolves pestering Jaune. With a ferocious roar, she pointed her Xiphos downwards and driving the sword into the monster's back.

Taking advantage of the new distraction, Jaune swung his sword into the shoulder of the closest Grim, straining to cut through the sinewy muscles that the creature possessed. Realizing that he wasn't going be able to pull out before he was assaulted by another, he strained for a solution. In a moment of clarity, he took his shield and thrust it into the Beowolf, the force of the impact sending it reeling while Jaune's sword was freed from its shoulder, affording him enough room to ram the blade into its chest and finally killing the monster.

His head swiveled to see Pyrrha easily dispatching of another Beowolf, just as one snuck up behind her while she was occupied, unaware of the looming threat inches away from her.

"Pyrrha!" He screamed out, launching himself at the creature in an attempt to disrupt its attack.

Jaune gritted his teeth in pain as his body collided with the Beowolf, sending them both tumbling to the ground, just as Pyrrha turned at the sound of his voice. Noticing that the Beowolf was already in the motion of getting to its feet, she wasted no time in stomping on its throat and rapidly switching her weapon to its rifle form, allowing her a point blank shot. The creature struggled for a moment before all movement ceased, a result of its head being blown off.

"Thanks." He breathed, taking Pyrrha's hand and allowing her to pull him up to her feet. He didn't know how, but somehow, she still seemed immaculate, even in the heat of battle. From the looks of it, she had been completely unscathed so far, and any blood on her armor was clearly from the amount of Beowolves she had killed. Frankly, it made Jaune feel a bit inadequate to know that he had only just scored his first kill while Pyrrha had been tearing through the crowd with ease.

"Good job." Pyrrha replied, nodding to the dead monster, "I would have been caught off guard by it."

"It's no problem." Jaune said sheepishly.

Pyrrha couldn't stop the grin that came to her face. This was another reason why she thought that Jaune was so special. He would just recklessly throw himself at the enemy for the sake of others, even if it meant certain destruction for him. Of course, he would never take credit for it, but there was still the fact that he possessed the qualities of a great leader. He just needed someone to help bring it out. Maybe it would be a certain someone who had won the Mistral Tournament four years in a row?

"That's the last of them." Nora said as she pounded a Grim in the head with Mjolnir, crushing the poor creature's head without any difficulty or strain on her part. Ren, wincing slightly at the way that his friend had so easily dispatched of it, made a mental note to never let her bring her hammer out when she was excited around him.

"All right then, let's handle the den mother." Pyrrha suggested, managing to tear her eyes away from Jaune, who was predictably unaware of the fact that she had been staring at him.

The four of them strode up together to the massive creature, which was currently eyeing them with extreme disdain. It was a hulking thing, with massive bony structures protruding from all angles of her body, making it almost a demonic vision with its long arms, black fur, and piercing red eyes.

"Samael will kill you for this, you know." The creature hissed, surprising the team with its use of English.

"Wait, it can talk?" Nora asked with a gaping mouth, shocked at the revelation.

"Who is this Samael?" Pyrrha demanded, stepping forward with her weapon in javelin form.

The den mother offered no explanation and instead, punched forward, nearly catching a surprised Nora, if not for Ren, who quickly flung her to the ground and dove on top of her in an effort to shield her from the attack. Jaune found that, in that instant, his limbs refused to move even an inch as the monster roared in anger. It was almost as if he were frozen in place, helpless to do anything but watch as his friends struggled to fight without him.

Pyrrha reared back, tossing forward the javelin, just as the rifle went off, only helping to propel the projectile forward. The javelin sailed into the den mother's leg, causing the creature to flinch slightly in pain and clutch its now bleeding leg in agony. Wasting no time, Pyrrha leapt forward, climbing up the monster's leg until she reached her javelin, which she pulled out to use once more, quickly taking aim at the exposed neck of the den mother. With a grunt of effort, she contorted her body so that it would be in a position to throw and using all of her strength, fired the javelin forward so that it perfectly caught in the crook between the Grim's neck and head.

With one final screech of defeat, the den mother collapsed backward, slain by Pyrrha's Xiflelin. The red haired girl hopped off of the carcass and strolled over to pull out her weapon from the dead creature's neck. As he watched the Grim's demise, Jaune's senses returned to him and he immediately shook his head before rushing up to Ren and Nora, who were still on top of each other on the ground.

"Nora, Ren, are you two okay?" Jaune asked, helping his teammates to their feet.

"Oh, yeah, of course!" Nora replied quickly, a small blush on her face from her close contact with Ren.

Meanwhile, Ren merely shrugged and proceeded to sheath his Jade Dragons into his sleeves, "I'm fine too."

"Still, what was it that the den mother said? Something about a Samael?" Pyrrha muttered as she rejoined the group, her weapon also safely tucked away.

"Maybe we should worry about this back at Beacon. First, we should report back to Headmaster Ozpin about the status of the mission." Ren offered helpfully.

He and Nora walked off ahead, both just about ready to finish the mission and forget about their awkward encounter.

Just as Pyrrha was about to follow them, she noticed Jaune still standing in place, a forlorn expression on his face. She approached him carefully, noticing that he was looking down at his hands.

"I can't believe that I just stood there while you guys did the fighting." He sighed, shaking his head self deprecatingly.

"Well, you did kill one Beowolf back there, right? And I thought that you did a good job of being loud with the directions." Pyrrha offered, doing her best to console him.

"Yeah, I guess." He spoke softly, not at all convinced by her words.

"Come on. You're improving, even if it's just little by little. Pretty soon, you'll be the one with the statue." She insisted, grabbing his wrist.

She smiled sweetly, "Let's go. Ren and Nora are waiting for us."

Jaune nodded, finding that he couldn't stay negative, not with Pyrrha trying so hard to cheer him up.

"Yeah, let's go."

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