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"speech" = normal speech

"speech" = spell

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31st October 1981

A tall man clothed in a black cloak swiftly walked towards the end of the road. He smirked. He could see in the living room sat an elderly woman. He made his way to the gate and blasted the door off the hinges. Before the woman had any time to react dove into her mind and found the information he wanted. She was looking after her grandchildren while the parents were out. The child, whom he was here for was asleep in the nursery. He killed her without a second thought. She was only a muggle. He made his way up to the nursery. He entered, he swept his gaze across the room and saw the boy whom was prophesied to vanquish him. "Patrick Potter," he sneered as he raised his wand, "Avada Kedavra!" A jet of brilliant green light shot from the tip of his wand and raced towards the boy. But before the curse could hit the boy it rebounded against a shimmering gold dome. The man barely had time to recognize that the dome had been produced by the baby in the next cot to Patrick before he was stuck by his own curse. An explosion rocked the house. Patrick started crying in pain as he was hit by debris.

Frantic footsteps could be heard and voices yelling. Three people burst into what was left of the nursery. Two rushed straight over to the cots and fussed over their crying son. The man with messy black hair turned to the man standing in the doorway calmly scanning the room, "Albus?" he was confused and trying to comfort his wife. The man he had spoken to walked forward, waved his wand over the crying child in the woman's arms. Albus slowly turned, "James, Lily. Your son, Patrick has just vanquished Voldemort and survived." At both James and Lily's confusion, Albus carried on, "There are traces of the Killing curse being used in this room and there are traces all over Patrick. He will be known as the Boy-Who-Lived. The only person to have survived a Killing curse." James just gaped at Albus, while Lily just cuddled and checked Patrick over.

A boy small boy, aged around 4 entered the nursery, "Mum? Dad?" He looked confused and worried. However none of the adults acknowledged him. He cautiously entered the room and tiptoed his way over to his parents and Patrick. Just as he was about to ask his parents what was going on he caught sight of his youngest brother lying in his cot. He walked over to his brother. "Steve?" He got no response. "Mum, Dad!" He called out worriedly. Both ignored him again and he wondered what the best thing to do was. "Um...Daffy?"

POP! "Yes, Young Master Harry?" a house-elf had popped into the room. Harry gestured at Steve. Daffy gasped and quickly checked him over with house-elf magic, "Is he okay?" Harry questioned Daffy. She nodded he head. "Scion Steve is just unconscious. He should wake up soon, he is just exhausted." Harry looked relieved.


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