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28th May 1993


"Steve!" Steve frantically woke up and searched for his two way mirror which he kept hidden in the top draw of his bedside table. "Harry?"

"No matter what happens do NOT leave your dorm tonight!"

Steve was very confused and felt a tiny bit scared, "Why?...What do you know?"

Harry sighed but knew he would have to explain a bit more if he wanted Steve to listen to what he said, "I know who has been taken into the Chamber and I have also found where it is. I can't talk long as I have a gut feeling that something is going to happen, which could answer several of my questions I have about our Family." Harry paused and looked away from the mirror, "I promise to tell you everything when we get back to the Mansion. But please don't leave the dorm tonight." Steve nodded and knew Harry would not tell him any more.

Steve was also slightly scared of the strict yet worried tone Harry spoke with, but he knew that Harry would not give him a warning if he thought that the situation was not serious enough. Steve tried to get back to sleep but could not due to the new worry he had that his brother was about to do something very dangerous. He knew that Harry could defend himself but still Steve could not lose the worry that Harry would become injured.

29th May 1993

Harry cautiously made his way into the Chamber, he had discovered the entrance when he overheard Patrick and Ron trying to sneak back into the Gryffindor Common Room. They were talking about how the Chamber had been opened 50 years previously and how one female student had been killed. Harry had quickly made the connection between Myrtle who haunted the Girls bathroom on the first-floor and the entrance to the Chamber.

He wearily scanned the room keeping his wand in front of him in case he was attacked.

"lumos," he whispered lighting his wand, he could see a large statue of Salazar Slytherin. He kept scanning the room before seeing a body lying at the base of the statue. He swiftly moved over, "Miss Weasley."

He knelt next to her and waved his wand to scan for her vitals, he breathed a small sigh of relief. She was still alive.

"She won't wake up."

Harry spun round, wand raised. He could see a teen-aged boy standing opposite him, "Who are you?" he demanded while cautiously checking his surroundings to form an escape plan if the teen decided to attack him.

The two teens stared at each other before the teen finally answered, "Tom Riddle. You?"

Harry could hear the disdain in the other boy's voice and wondered why. "Harry." He answered abruptly, not wanting to give too much information about himself away.

Tom placed his head to one side, "I was expecting Patrick Potter." Harry only just managed to keep his face blank. "She always went on about how he was a hero and would save anyone in trouble, perhaps you know of Mr. Potter?"

Harry could not hold back a laugh, "You don't know who Patrick Potter is?" he saw Tom's scowl as he paused to think, "He's the so-called boy-who-lived. The best, lightest son of the Potters."

"You dislike him?" Tom asked quizzically, Harry nodded. "She worshipped him. I have many questions for Patrick Potter. Also several for the younger Potter."

Harry was confused by this comment but just managed to keep his face blank. He knew that Miss Weasley would not have written about Steve and was curious to why Tom would even know about Steve and especially why he wanted to question him.

As Tom continued talking Harry was trying to work out why he recognised the name Tom Riddle. He finally realised it was because in the trophy room there was a shield that he had been presented with for services to the school.

"What are you?" Harry realised that this was not Tom Riddle standing in front of him but something unknown as Tom Riddle should be at least 60 years old and not appear as a teenager.

Tom looked surprised at Harry's question, "Pardon?"

Harry could see in Tom's eye a dangerous glint. He thought carefully before continuing to question Tom. Harry wanted to learn more about what Tom wanted rather than anger him and have to duel him.

"Why are you interested in talking to Patrick Potter, when there are many interviews in the papers on him?" He paused, "Why are you interested in Stephan Potter?" He asked with more force.

"You know the Potters?" At Harry's silence Tom carried on, "Stephan was in the cot next to Patrick. He has the memory I need to understand how a child, a Half-Blood, could defeat the greatest wizard in the world. He has the answers I need."

It dawned on Harry who Tom Riddle was only seven people actually knew who was in the Nursery the night Voldemort attacked the Potters. Tom Riddle was not one of them.

Tom narrowed his eyes at Harry as he saw Harry make the link to who he was. He drew Miss Weasley's wand out from behind him. Instantly Harry was on his guard he silently cast a shield charm to protect himself and Miss Weasley's body. Watching every move Tom made closely to try to guess what he was planning to do to gain the advantage when the Duel began. He managed to keep his face blank when he saw that Tom had written his name in flames.


Making sure that Harry was watching him, Tom waved his wand and the words reformed into


Harry started at this and immediately whispered, "stupefy" The jet of red zoomed towards Tom and he barely managed to dodge it.

Tom stared at him. "You never said your last name Harry. Why a powerful wizard like yourself must be a pure-blood. Yet you are helping this girl. A Blood-Traitor. What House do you belong to you?"

Harry muttered a curse to himself before deciding how to answer his question. "I belong to the House Evans." He quickly realised if he had mentioned his other more powerful houses he would be in a lot bigger trouble. He wanted to keep Tom or Lord Voldemort on the back hand and not allow him to make any connections between him and the Potters.

"What a shame. A powerful wizard like yourself, comes from a muggle family. Join me. I can give you more power than you can imagine and help you unlock your full potential. You will be scorned upon in the Wizarding world which heavily relies upon Blood status to become great." Tom enticed Harry, "Join me. We can become the most powerful wizards in the world and bring the Wizarding world into the future with us leading the way."

Harry kept a blank face. He could see that Tom was getting impatient. "Well...By your silence I will take your answer as no." Tom turned his back on Harry and started speaking to the statue in hisses. Harry immediately recognised the parseltongue and moved towards the exit levitating Miss Weasley's body in front of him. He just managed to manoeuvre Miss Weasley in to the corridor outside the chamber, before hearing the creaking of a heavy stone slab moving. He quickly turned and verbally placed a shield in front of him.

He could see that the statue of Slytherin now had an opening from which he presumed the Basilisk would appear from. He quickly shot off three stunners at Tom, to try to stop the Basilisk from emerging. But the spells went straight through him.

Harry closed his eyes as he was aware that the Basilisk could kill him if he looked into its eyes. He was surprised when he felt a hat land on his head.

"Master Evans-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Peverell, it is nice to be on your head again. You always offer me stimulating conversation." Harry sighed, "Please Ric. I am a little busy. How did you get here?" Harry had had previous conversations with the sorting hat through out the year and had learnt that the Hat was named was Ric.

"Well now Harry...As heir to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Dukedoms. Hogwarts wants to keep you safe. So has sent you help." Harry was about to ask the hat to stop talking in riddles but he could not as something heavy landed on his head.

"What..." He cursed as he quickly took the hat of his head and seeing that a sword was lying in the hat. He quickly drew it but had little time to study it before hearing the movement of the Basilisk. He quickly ran to the other end of the chamber the furthest away from the statue of Slytherin. "I need to blind it. I need to blind it." Harry kept muttering. He suddenly remembered that the crow of a cockerel was fatal to a Basilisk. He quickly tried to transfigure a loose stone into a cockerel. His first attempt failed. His second attempt was interrupted when he heard Tom's voice hissing to the Basilisk. He moved once again into another tunnel trying to keep himself as far away from the chamber as he could without getting lost.

"Yes," He finally managed to transfigure a cockerel and levitated it while casting sonorous on it to make its crow through the tunnels and the chamber. He prayed that the Basilisk would die when he heard the crow's echo throughout the network of tunnels. He assumed it had worked when he heard Tom's angry hissing. Harry cautiously made his way back to the main chamber.

"Well done Evans." Harry heard Tom yell out. "Come out, it is just you and I." Harry cast yet another shield charm on himself as he slowly entered the chamber. He saw the body of the Basilisk and Tom standing in front of it. Harry barely had any time to react when he had to dodge a Basilisk Fang which Tom had thrown at him.

"You have two choices join me or die." Harry did not respond to Tom's offer and saw an old diary sitting on the floor in front of him. His thoughts were all jumbled but he managed to make a clear connection between the diary and Tom. He sent several hexes and multiple transfigured animals at Tom to keep him distracted, while he tried to destroy the diary. He used the sword the hat had given to him earlier and stabbed the diary. He was not sure what he was expecting to happen but the screaming from Tom was unexpected and made him wary of any more attacks. The diary was spurting ink everywhere, which made Harry think of blood spurting from a sword wound. He could still here Tom's screams, yet when he looked up he saw that Tom was in no shape to attack him any more. Harry could not believe his eyes, Tom had been a solid form but now he looked more like a ghost yet he was still fading.

Harry breathed a giant sigh of relief. He turned to leave the chamber after casting a preservation charm on the Basilisk. He swiftly walked away from the chamber, while levitating an immobilised Miss Weasley in front of him.

30th May 1993

"Harry what happened in the Chamber? All McGonagall said was that Ginny was safe, the Chamber was closed and the Creature had been dealt with." Steve asked Harry when they met in the owlery later that evening.

Harry sighed. "There was a fight between me and the Basilisk."

"I knew it. I worked out it was a Basilisk." Steve interrupted happily. Harry smiled at Steve's happiness and logic.

"I got given this sword of Gryffindor." He drew it out. "Ric, the Sorting Hat," Harry added when he saw Steve's confused face when he said the name Ric, "said that as I was the heir to both the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Dukedoms, Hogwarts would always try to protect me. I think this extends to any heir." Steve was staring in awe at the sword.

"Anyway how was your first year?" Harry asked. He had had enough of talking about the Chamber, he needed time alone to think through all that Tom had mentioned in the Chamber especially the part about Steve and Patrick.

Steve stopped talking and called out, "Hey Luke. Steph." He waved them over when he saw them approaching. Luke greeted Harry.

"I'm Harry Evans." Harry introduced himself to the girl standing next to Luke.

"Stephanie Hayes, but call me Steph. Are you Steve's older brother?" Harry nodded. "Why do you have the name Evans then?" Steph asked.

Harry kept his face blank, "Inheritance. Anyway how did you three manage to pull off that last prank?" The three of them launched into their tale while Harry listened. He was glad that the year was almost over. He felt quietly confident about his upcoming O. and was looking forward to the summer to make sense of the information he had learnt from Tom in the Chamber. The summer would be a welcomed break to allow him a chance to sort out his political situation, and what the future would hold for Steve and himself.

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