It had been a stressful day for Ritsu Onodera. First of all, he had accidentally overslept. Much to his embarrassment, Takano had to pound on his door to wake him. His alarm clock was working fine, so he must have just ignored it in his deep sleep. Secondly, he felt like crap. Actually, he had been feeling rather crappy since yesterday. Mostly just tired and a little achy. Thankfully it was a Thursday, so he just had to make it through today and Friday and then he'd have all weekend to catch up on some rest.

It didn't make sense for him to be so tired though. They were in the early stages of the cycle at the office, so most everybody was in good spirits as they worked. Ritsu had felt his mood slowly deteriorate throughout the past few days, and now he felt at his worst.

Still, he tried his best not to lie his head down on his desk and take a nap as he worked, typing away quickly on his laptop. The reason he tried not to look tired was partly because others were noticing his demeanor. Kisa had asked if he was coming down with something a few minutes ago, which Ritsu denied vehemently. The shorter man didn't look like he believed him, but at least left the matter alone.

Ritsu was worried about Takano the most. Right now for instance, Ritsu mused as he absentmindedly scratched his side, his boss was staring at him from his desk. Earlier Takano had cornered his subordinate while they were getting coffee and tried to feel his forehead. Of course that only caused Ritsu to quickly escape and make a mad dash back to his working space.

Once he'd finished the thing he was editing, he closed his laptop and stretched...which was when something caught his eye. There was a red dot on his arm…and another one not far from the first one. Actually, he had several dots on his arm. What on earth was going on? Was it a rash of some sort?

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom," He muttered, quickly rising from his chair and running from the room before anybody else could notice the weird spots on his arm. The young man all but ran to the men's restroom. Thankfully nobody else was inside, and so he walked over to the sinks and mirrors.

Wow, his stomach was awfully itchy. In fact, so were his legs. The brown haired editor slowly pulled up his shirt and gasped upon looking down. His stomach was covered with red spots! He let his shirt drop back down and lifted his pant legs, only to be met with the same situation. Finally he gathered up the courage to look at his face.

Thank god his face wasn't covered...yet. He did have a spot under his ear, and at least three on his neck. If his calculations were correct, then one was also forming on his left cheekbone. Obviously this wasn't good. If they were forming on his face and neck, then people would soon see.

But what on earth was wrong with him? As far as he knew, he wasn't allergic to anything that would make him break out into a rash. Not only was it highly embarrassing, but there was also the fact that these were his co-workers he had to see everyday. They would never let him live it down! Maybe he could visit a doctor later this evening and find out what it was.

For now he needed to hide it. He needed to somehow cover the…

The door suddenly opened quite quickly. Acting upon instinct, Ritsu leaped into the closest stall and slammed the door shut.

"Oi, Onodera, what the hell is taking you so long?"

Oh crap, it was Takano! What was he supposed to do now? The last person he wanted to see right now was his boss. Takano would surely notice the spots on his neck and face up closely, since he was always observing him in that weird manner.

"U-Uh…" Ritsu stammered. "Sorry, I'm busy right now."

"I just saw you run into the stall when I came in idiot. What are you hiding?" The taller man asked.

"Nothing!" Ritsu claimed, voice high pitched and panicky. He was feeling even more awful if possible. He was itchy, his head was pounding, and now he was about to be interrogated. This day was just going fabulous.

"Get out here." Was all Takano demanded.

"I'll be back in a minute! Just leave so I can finish my business...then I'll come back t-to w-work," He stuttered at the end, mostly due to the lump forming in the back of his throat. Oh man, why the hell was he starting to cry?!

"What's wrong?" Footsteps sounded closer to the door. "Come out here Ritsu."

"No!" Ritsu was now in a panic. "It's nothing!"

"Right now!" The older man snapped.

That did it. After a moment of silence, the door slowly creaked opened. Ritsu stepped out with his head held down, sniffling and pathetically scratching at his arm. Takano instantly took hold of his face, tilting it up so that he could get a look at him.

"Oh….oh Ritsu…" Takano muttered.

Then he chuckled. Yes, his boss and ex-lover actually had the nerve to laugh! That resulted in Ritsu whimpering quietly and jerking his head back down. That's it, he was quitting right now. Quitting and never coming back to this stupid place!

"Calm down and come here." Takano ordered gently. He took hold of the younger man's sleeve and pulled it upward, revealing many little dots. Then he took hold of the front of his shirt and lifted it before Ritsu could stop him. "Yup, it's just what it looks like. You have chicken pox Onodera."

Oh, okay….wait what?!

"C-Chicken pox? That's impossible, I got the vaccine for it!"

Takano shook his head. "The vaccine doesn't always work. You definitely have them, I can tell. I had them when I was younger."

Ritsu was in shock. "But I can't have them. That's a kids illness!"

"Adults can get it too you moron," Takano rolled his eyes. "Come on, I'm taking you home. It's about that time anyway. And you're not coming back until all the spots are gone. It's very contagious, and we don't want anyone else getting sick. I'll look after you until you're better."

"That', I have to work!" The sick man protested, reaching to scratch behind his ear, only to have his hand snatched.

"Stop that, you can't itch." Takano ordered. "Now come on."

Still holding his hand, Takano led Ritsu down the hall. He had him wait by the door while he went in and collected their things, also explaining the situation to the rest of the Emerald department.

While that went on, Ritsu eagerly scratched his tummy and chest while contemplating his situation. This was terrible! He was going to get so behind on his work, and worst of all now everybody would tease him. No, the worst part was that Takano would be looking after him. Well, he could just keep his apartment door locked or something. Honestly, with Takano around he wouldn't be able to get away from anything.


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