"I want to go outside!"



"You have a fever. We've already been over this." Takano repeated, as he had been doing numerous. Indeed, they had already been over this several times. Ritsu wanted to get up and go out somewhere, claiming that he was too stir crazy.

It wasn't going to happen though. First of all, he was flushed with a fever and shaking from the chills. Secondly, he was at the very contagious stage of chicken pox. Going out would put others at risk. No matter how many times Takano tried to explain it to him, Ritsu just wouldn't have it. Apparently he had gone from meek and cuddly to grouchy and irritable.

"Takano!" He growled, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Ritsu," Takano gave his best scary glare, staring right into Ritsu's green orbs, which were now widened. Eventually the smaller man sighed, leaning back against the pillows.

"I j-just wanted to go outside for a bit…" He sniffled. Oh great, now he was bipolar as well. Takano just watched as the man he loved spilled his feelings. "Takano-san, I hate everything! It's too hot but without the blankets its too cold. My throat hurts and my head keeps throbbing. The worst part is that I'm itchy and the cream hardly does anything!"

Ritsu's rambling was cut off by a big yawn. Takano had to laugh at that. "I think it's time you went back to sleep. I'll join you." He said, climbing into bed before the brown haired man and pulling the blankets over them both. He drew Ritsu into his arms and kissed his neck.

"Just wait till you're better...we can make love as much as we need to to make up for this missed time."


Throughout the rest of the day, Ritsu eagerly awaited having his temperature taken, praying that his fever would be gone. Unfortunately it didn't change, and if anything he was still feeling pretty bad. If perhaps he wasn't covered in a horrible itchy rash, he would have felt guilty for being so grumpy to his boss. But he was covered in a horrible itchy rash, and so now he was taking his frustrations out on Takano.

Somehow, Takano was just putting up with it. For someone who often didn't have much patience, he was sure different while Ritsu was sick. Finally, after the thirteenth time of threatening to escape out of the apartment window, Takano allowed Ritsu to edit one small little storyboard, which he had first looked over himself to make sure it wasn't too difficult.

'I wish Takano wouldn't be so mother menning...' The sickly brunette thought sadly, gazing out the window at the sun shining and birds chirping. 'But why does my heart always beat so fast whenever he does things like rub cream on my spots, or feel my forehead for a fever?'

"That's enough working for now. You look dazed, so go to sleep." Takano's voice brought him from his deep thinking. Instead of arguing, he complied and set the storyboard down, sinking back into the mattress.

Takano raised an eyebrow. "What, you're not going to come up with some excuse on why you should be allowed to stay up longer? Wow, I'm shocked."

"W-Well…" Ritsu stuttered. "I just figured that I should show my gratitude...since you've gone out of your way to care for me and all!"

His eyes were shut tight and he could feel his face heated with blush. Why had he just said that? He was so stupid! He didn't have any more time to freak out though, because suddenly his chin was tilted up and warm lips pressed against his own. He gasped a little, but kept his mouth open and allowed the other man to deepen the kiss.

When Takano finally pulled back, he smiled ruefully. "You're really cute, you know that?"

"H-Huh?!" Ritsu was now blushing madly.

Takano didn't care to elaborate as he pulled the smaller man into his arms and laid them both down, despite it not even being noon yet.

One Week Later:

"Well? Can I go into work tomorrow Takano-san?!" Ritsu asked excitedly, practically bouncing in place on the couch that he was sitting on.

"Well….your spots have been gone for over 42 hours," Takano mused to himself. "Are you sure you don't have a headache?"

"Yes!" Ritsu answered impatiently.

"And are you sure your throat hasn't been hurting?"

"Yes, I'm sure!"

"Well then…" Takano said slowly. "I suppose you can work again tomorrow."

"YES!" Ritsu shouted, standing and jumping in the air out of excitement. Then, without thinking clearly, he wrapped his arms around his boss and kissed him deeply. When he finally realized what he had just done, it was too late. Takano held him tightly and his hands were getting lower and low..oh!

The rest of Ritsu's evening became quite busy.

'Finally, back to work!' Ritsu thought to himself happily as he walked down the halls of Marukawa Publishing. It had taken quite a while to reach the Emerald Division, because everyone was asking how he was, and if he felt better.

As soon as he entered his workspace, he immediately knew something was off. His other co-workers were all snickering at him!

"Ricchan, welcome back!" Kisa greeted him by muffled laughter. "How was the chicken pox?"

"It was...wait a second," Ritsu felt his heart stop. "H-How do you know that it was chicken pox that made me sick?"

"Takano-san told us of course!" Mino stepped in. "Or more like showed us..."

Kisa, who had been sitting at his desk, opened his laptop and clicked onto his email. "Look at what he sent us Ricchan!"

There, on the screen, was a picture of him shirtless. He was covered in spots and shivering, hair damp and wet with clumps of oatmeal in it. The photo was obviously taken after he'd had the oatmeal bath for the first time. There were also two other photos, one of him sleeping and another one of him sitting grumpily with a thermometer in his mouth.

….How had he not noticed Takano taking pictures of him?!

He growled lowly in the back of his throat, trudging over to where his boss sat. Takano had been looking over some papers, but the smirk on his face was evidence that he had been listening.

"Takano-san….why the hell did you take pictures of me and send them to everyone? Don't you know how embarrassing this is? I was covered with those weird spots, and probably looked like an idiot, and-"

"It's normal for loved ones to take pictures of each other. Now get to work, you have a lot to make up."

A pile of papers was shoved into his arms. Ritsu was speechless, and wandered back to his seat in a daze. 'Loved ones?'

He blinked.

'No, this isn't love...it isn't love. This isn't love!'

...Oh who was he kidding? This was love!


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