*No one's POV*

" We're here!"

Sixteen year old Tara Wilson looked up from her book and looked at what her mom was talking about. She gazed out of the family minivan to see a white house located in a friendly neighborhood. The Wilson's had taken a twenty one hour plane ride from the state of New York to Austrailia where they will be living now.

"Come on guys," her mom exclaimed. "Let's get our stuff and get the house set up." Her parents and seven year old brother, Owen hopped out of the car. Tara's older sister, Piper, practically did the oppisite. Piper took the earbuds out of her ears and grumbled as she got out of the car.

Piper wasn't as excited as the rest of the family to be moving to a different country. Piper had to leave her boyfriend, Josh and a lot of her close friends. Plus, she was on the field hockey team and was one of the best players. This was also her last year of high school so it is propably hard for her to leave.

Tara got out of the car and looked at the house. It was a pretty decent size and had three floors. The front yard was a pretty green color with freshly cut grass and clipped hedges. There was a garage off the the side that connected to the house, as well.

Tara wasn't that upset about moving to Austrailia. She had always wanted to go to a different country, but never thought of living in one. Tara's parents, brother, and sister were already inside so Tara grabbed her suitcase and dragged it into the house.

When you walked into the house you saw a staircase to your left and to the right there was a livingroom. The livingroom walls were a light purple color. Off the livingroom there was a doorway that held the kitchen where Tara's parents currently were. A part of the wall was cut out and there was a opening so you could see into the kitchen. The kitchen walls were white and the appliances looked to be stainless steel. There was also a door in the kitchen that led down to the basement. In the kitchen was a small table with a few chairs where Tara assumed breakfast would be eaten. Across from Tara was a short hallway with two rooms. The room on the right held the dining room which had a bigger table and would be used for eating dinner and when people were over. The room on the left was the laundry room which had a washer and dryer in it.

*Tara's POV*

"Well, I already chose my room and I think it might be the biggest one," Piper said as she sauntered down the stairs.

"Why did she get to pick her room first?" I asked. I thought it was very unfair that Piper could pick the biggest room first. There could have been a contest or something to decide who got the room.

"Well, I did get upstairs first," Piper said.

"That's true," her dad added as her parents came into the livingroom from the kitchen.

Thanks for the support, Dad, I thought.

"Yeah, she even beat me upstairs," I heard Own say as he trudged down the stairs.

"Plus," Piper continued. "It's your fault we had to come live here so you should get the smaller room.

"Piper!" My mom yelled. "Don't be rude to your sister."

"No, it's okay," I told her and I walked upstairs to find my room. I walked down the hall and found my room all the way at the end of the hall. It was a pretty decent size with light blue walls, but not as big as Piper's.

Piper was right, I was the reason the entire family moved to Austrailia. I got teased a lot at school and sometimes it was so bad I would come home crying. My parents would call the school to complain but nothing was ever done. It got really bad. People would just assume I am an average seventeen year old girl by the way I look. I have naturally blonde hair that goes down to my elbows, green eyes, and light skin. I always had a fascination with mythical creatures, like unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. I would draw pictures of these things and people would tease me about it. A week ago I got in a little fight about it. I don't like fighting so I guess you could technically say I got beat up. I ended up with a bloody nose and black eye. You can kind of still see the black and blue around my eye but I cover it with make-up. When the fight happened my parents figured they had to do something so they suggested moving. When they said moving I thought a different town or even a different state, not a different my parents said we were moving to Austrailia Piper got really mad.

"Mom!" She exclaimed. "Long distance relationships never work and what about all my friends?"

"I'm sorry, sweety," my mom told her. "This is what we are doing."

I remember Piper glaring at me and telling me she wished I was never born and how I always ruin everything. Then, I remember my mom yelling at her like she did a couple of minutes ago.

Owen wasn't too upset about moving. He had friends that he would be leaving behind, but not any really close ones. Plus, seven year olds make friends pretty quickly.

I was the least upset about moving. I never had many friends growing up. I was very shy and quiet and my fascination with mythical creatures caused a lot of people to think I was weird. I had one friend who I have been friends with since I was nine, Melanie. She is pretty weird, too but that's why we are the perfect match. She didn't care about my weird fascinations. We promised we would try to keep in touch by texting, emailing, and calling and we promised to never replace eachother. Melanie even made us each friendship bracelets out of different colored string that I was wearing at this very moment.

I started unpacking my clothes and putting them in my dresser when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in," I exclaimed.

My mom came in carrying two big boxes that had my name on them.

"Here are some things for your room," she said as she placed them on the floor.


"You know," my mom started saying as she sat on my bed, "your sister didn't mean what she said."

"I know," I said very blandly. I'm used to mean things like that to be said to me. From people at school and my sister. I was so used to it it didn't really bother me that much anymore.

"Well, I'm going have pizza delivered. Is cheese okay?" my mom asked me.

"Yeah, that's fine," I answered and with that she left.

I went to the first box and opened it. The first few things in the box were just more clothes. Underneath all that there some pictures. The first picture was of Melanie and me. I remember we were hanging out one day and we decided to take pictures of eachother and frame them so we'll never forget eachother. Melainie was smiling with her black, curly hair that went a little past her sholders with random colors in it, like pink, blue, and green. She also wore glasses and had a piercing in her nose. Next to Melanie I looked paler than usual. She has sort of dark skin because her parents are originally from Brazil and they moved to the United States a year after they were married. Melanie still has family in Brazil and goes there every summer for a month. We looked so happy in the picture and I miss Melanie even if she was my only friend. I placed the picture on my dreeser.

The next picture was of Owen, Piper, and me. It was taken about five years ago when Owen was two, I was eleven, and Piper was twelve. We were all smiling and looked really happy and we propably were. At that time my siblings and I got along pretty well. We used hang out and play together, but now that we're older things are different and we really don't get along, especially Piper and I. I definatly miss those days. I put that picture on my dresser, too.

The next thing I took out was my sketchbook. My sketchbook was filled with different drawings of mine. Some was of scenery, others were people, like the one I drew of Melanie, but most of them were the fasinations that I loved. There were unicorns, fairies, but most of the pictures were of mermaids. I've always loved mermaids and drew them the most.

There a lot more clothes in the box so I took those and the one from my suitcase and started putting them in my dresser. As I opened to the first drawer to put some shirts in my golden heart shaped locket I alway wear hung down onto the clothes. I got that locket from my grandma when I was eleven for my birthday. It was hers and has two pictures of her in it from when she was younger. She died before I was born but my parents gave it to me on my birthday. I could never figure out why they waited that long to give it me or why the gave it to me and not Piper, but I put it on that day and have never taken it off since. I used my hand to smooth it down agaisnt my shirt so it wouldn't get in the way.

For the next hour I was taking things out of boxes and placing them around my room. I stopped when I heard the doorbell ring which I could only guess was the pizza being delivered. My mom called me downstairs for dinner which proved my guess to be correct. I put things down and walked downstairs.

When I got down I saw my family already seated around the table making it look like we have been living here for years and not just arrived. On the short ends of the table was one chair and on the long ends were two chairs. My parents sat at the two short ends of the table and Piper and Owen sat on one of the long sides. That left me to sit alone on the other side of the table. I sat down and grabbed a slice of pizza and started eating. My family was talking and gave me a chance to just look at them.

I looked to the right of me at my mom. She has blonde hair that goes down to her shoulder. She has blue eyes and freckles on her face. She works as a dental hygenist and already got a job at a local dentists office. Sometimes it can be annoying to live with someone who works at a dentist's office because she always tells us not to eat to much sugar and she used to always check out teeth after we brushed them. The only good thing about it is I have never had a cavity, which I like.

I looked across the table to my left at my dad. He has brown hair that is starting to turn gray and fall out. His eyes are green and he has stubble growing on his face. His job is he is an author. Whenever I tell people that the say things like, "You must be really rich," and they think we have a lot of money. My dad isn't a well known author and doesn't write books most people read. He writes and illustrates books for little kids and pretty much works from home. That's probably where I got my talent for drawing from. Some of his books have gotten sold, but not a lot.

I looked across from me to my right at Owen. For a seven year old brother he's not that bad. Sure, he can be annoying, but what brother isn't? He can be really nice, too. He has blonde hair that falls over his light blue eyes and freckles trailing over his nose and on his cheeks. My mom keeps trying to make him cut his hair so it's not in his eyes but he doesn't want to. My brother is nine years younger than me and ten years younger than Piper. When my parents announced they were having another child Piper and I weren't too thrilled. One of my worries was she would end up having twins. After he was born though, things weren't too bad. Out of my two siblings, Owen is my favorite.

I looked to the left of Owen to the last member of my family, Piper. I have to admit, Piper is really pretty. She has brown, wavy hair that she inherited from my dad and strikingly beautiful green eyes. When I was younger I always looked up to her as my big sister and wanted to be like her and hang out with her. When she started middle school she didn't want to hang out with me and thought I was an embarresment. As years went on I started becoming a little jealous of her. She was really pretty, had a ton of friends, was popular, and had a great boyfriend. I'm just an average looking girl with one friend, everyone at school thinks I'm weird, I've never had a boyfriend, and I've only been kissed once by a boy in fifth grade. It was Billy Henson during a truth or dare game at a party and he was dared to kiss me. That's the only way a boy will ever kiss me. It was the sloppiest, grossest kiss ever and his breath smelled really bad. I love Piper, I mean she is my sister, but sometimes she's hard to live with.

"Tara!" I looked up, startled, to see everyone in my family looking at me. They must have been talking to me and I wasn't paying attention.


"I said your name twice and you never answered," my mom said.

"Oh, sorry. I must have zoned out."

"Well," my mom continued, "I was just reminding all of you that we will be going school shopping tomorrow morning."

We had arrived here in Austrailia on a Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. That means we will be starting school on Monday, which I'm not excited about. As if my dad could read my mind he asked, "Is everyone excited for school?"

"I am," Owen piped up. "I can't wait to hang out with a bunch of people with cool accents. Having friends with accents will be cool, plus girls with accents are cute."

I smiled. Even though Owen's only seven he is already into girls. Back in New York he already had a "girlfriend". He told us it was a girl named Julie Chen and that he met her on the playground and they started to date. Their first date was them eating lunch together in the school cafeteria the next day. Sadly, their relationship didn't last because the next day at lunch they broke-up. It's kind of sad that Owen is seven and has already had a girlfriend and been on a date and I've done none of that. Even though it doesn't really count, I did none of that when I was seven.

Next, my dad looked at Piper who looked at him with a scowl, so my dad looked at me instead. We all know how Piper felt anyway. "So, how do you feel, Tara?" He asked.

"I don't know," I said. "Kind of nervous," I answered honestly.

"You will do fine. It's common for someone to feel nervous at their first day at school where you don't know anyone. Especially in a new country," my mom assured me. "Just be yourself and you will make plenty of friends."

"What are you talking about?" Piper chimed in. "She should act nothing like herself. Maybe then people will actually like her and want to be her friend. They won't think she's such a freak."

My mom gave her a dissaproving look but didn't say anything. Sometimes it's easier just to ignore Piper because yelling at her doesn't do anything.

"Yeah, maybe." I mumbled.

Once dinner was over I went upstairs and finished putting things up around my room. Now that everything was in place I felt a little better. Like I belonged here.

I spent the next hour listening to music and drawing in my sketch book. I was almost done working on a drawing of a mermaid. The mermaid had flaming red hair that was spread out everywhere. She had green eyes and a smiling face. I was working on her tail which I was going to make a cream color. As I was working Piper came barging in, without knocking of course.

"Will you turn that music down? It's annoying!" She demanded.

"Oh, sorry." I didn't realize it was so loud and went to turn it down.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Nothing, why?"

"Look, you really need to stop making those weird drawings in that stupid sketch book. If people find out they will probably think you're a freak and won't want to be your friend. It will be just like living in New York. Do you really want that?" She said and walked out.

I looked down at my opened sketch book with my half finished picture of a mermaid. Maybe Piper was right. Maybe I should stop drawing all these pictures. Having all this on my mind I put my book away and decided to take a bath to clear my head. I got undressed, put my robe on, and padded down the hall to the bathroom. I turned the water on to a nice warm tempurature and plugged my iPod into my speakers and turned it down low so Piper wouldn't hear it. Before getting in the tub I even put a little bubble bath in the water. I stepped in the tub and leaned my head against the wall, closing my eyes, and listening to the music. When I opened my eyes I saw my light turquoise mermaid tail hanging off the side of the tub.

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