The next week had flown by quickly and it was already Thursday and the week was going great. Since now that Bella, Cleo, and Rikki knew my secret it made our friendship stronger and made us grow closer. Also, Piper and I had been fighting less, which is always a good thing. We were currently sitting around a table, eating lunch and talking.

"Hey, Tara. That's a pretty necklace," Bella said, pointing at the gold chain and locket around my neck.


"I've seen it on you before, but I never asked you about it. Where did you get it?" She asked me.

"It was my grandma's. I got it for my 11th birthday."

"That's really cool," she commented. There was a sudden ringing and I realized it was coming from my phone. I dug it out of my bag, The caller I.D said Melanie. I smiled and answered the phone.


"Hi!" she said just as excited as I was.

"Why are you calling?" I asked.

"What? You don't want to hear from your best friend?"

"No, haha. That's not what I meant."

"I know. I called to tell you some very exciting news." I was smiling and couldn't wait for her to tell me what her big news was. "I'm coming to Australia to visit!"

"No way!" I yelled causing everyone at the table and even the tables surrounding us to look at me. I quieted my voice and asked, "when?"

"I'll be there tomorrow and I am staying until Sunday. Plus, since I'll miss your birthday next week I figured we should hang out before it. I'll probably stay at a hotel near where you live."

"You're going to stay at a hotel? No, no, no. You're my best friend and you're going to stay at my house."

"Are you sure your parents would be okay with that?"

"Of course they will. My parents love you and if they're not, well too bad because you're staying at my house anyway."

"Okay!' She exclaimed. "I'm so excited!"

"Me too! But I'm school now so I should probably go." We said our goodbyes and Melanie hung up. I was smiling so wide and didn't say anything. I haven't seen Melanie in a while and I couldn't wait to hang out with her for the whole weekend.

"Um, Tara?" I looked at Rikki who was staring at me. "Who was that?"

"Oh, remember I told you about my friend Melanie?" The girls nodded and I continued talking. "Well, she's going to be here this weekend." I smiled and expected them to be a little happy, but instead they looked at each other with worry. "What's wrong?" I asked them, feeling more worried myself.

"She's coming this weekend?" Cleo asked.

"Yeah. Why? What's the problem?" I didn't understand why they didn't want Melanie to come.

"It's a full moon on Saturday," Lewis told me. I looked at them confused.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"You know a full moon. When things happen to us." Bella added like she expected me to understand what she was talking about.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You've never been affected by the full moon before?" Cleo asked.

"No. I don't even know what that means."

"During a full moon we always have to stay indoors because if we look at the full moon we go crazy," Rikki clarified. "We lose control of our powers and we always want to be in the water. It usually causes us to swim into Mako Island and if we are in the water at Mako Island when the moon passes over, it will cause us to lose our powers forever. Also, whatever we do, we don't remember it." I was shocked that happened to them.

"I've never been affected by the full moon before."

"That's really strange," Lewis said.

"Well, we were hoping you would come sleep over my house anyway. Maybe to help and stuff," Cleo said.

"Well, what am I supposed to do?"

"We have to tape paper over the windows so they can't see the moon and make sure they don't touch water," Will explained.

"Melanie can stay over if she wants, too." Cleo said.

"Don't you think Melanie will be a little suspicious of paper being taped over the windows."

"Well, not if she knows about mermaids. Just explain to her that we are affected by the full moon even though you aren't," Rikki told me.

"Yea, about that. I never actually told Melanie about it. You know, being a mermaid."

"You've been friends with her since you were in third grade and you never told her?" Bella asked.

" I always meant to I just could never find the right moment. I always felt bad about not telling my best friend, but I could never get up the courage to."

"Well, we could really use your help," Lewis said.

"Okay, I'll be there,' I told them. "I'll get Melanie there, too."

I was really excited about Melanie coming over tonight, but I was also kind of nervous. On one hand I haven't seen Melanie in a while and I was really excited to be able to hangout with her. But, on the other hand, I was nervous about going over to Cleo's. I was afraid she would somehow find out my secret and the girls secret, too. I know I should have told her a long time ago because she is my best friend, but I was always too scared of how she would react. If I tell her now I'm afraid she might get mad that I waited so long to tell her or freak out over it. I was currently in the moon pool at Mako Island thinking about everything. I learned that coming here always helped me stay calm and relax, and that's what I need right now. My eyes were closed and I was trying my best not to worry about what would happen this weekend. I must have dozed off a little because when I woke up the sky looked a little darker. I realized I had fallen asleep and quickly swam back home, hoping Melanie wasn't there yet. When I walked in my house Melanie and my family were sitting in the living room talking.

"Tara!' Melanie exclaimed jumping up from her seat.

"Mel!" I said as I hugged her.

"Where were you?" My mom asked. "I tried calling you a bunch."

"Yea, sorry. I was the cafe doing homework and my phone died. I lost track of time," I lied.

"Well, if you were doing homework then where is your backpack?" My dad asked. I realized then that that lie wasn't very good. I quickly came up with another one.

"I left so quickly I must have left it there. I'll call Rikki later and see if she can give it to me." My family seemed to believe, but Melanie looked a little suspicious and didn't say anything. My mom had made spaghetti for dinner and we sat around the table and started eating. Melanie asked a lot of questions about living here.

"The beaches here are nice," Piper said. "But as always 'Miss I Don't Like Water' won't go in," she said referring to me.

"Yea, I never really understood why you don't like water," Melanie said to me.

"Well, you never know what's in the water. There could be a shark, or jelly fish, or a sea monster, or anything."

"I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be a sea monster in the water," Owen said.

"Yea, well you never know." Melanie told us about how her school year was going.

"I really like all my classes and teachers, but it stinks not having you to hang out with," she said to me.

"I know, I feel the same way."

"She has made some really nice friends though," my mom commented.

"Yeah, they're nice. You should meet them, I'm sure you would get along great," I told her.

"I would love to meet your friends." It's a good thing she said that because she was going to have to meet them anyway. The rest of the dinner was very pleasant and my mom even bought cake for dessert, which was surprising.

"What's up with the cake, Mom?" Owen asked.

"I figured since we would have a guest over we could have a nice dessert."

"Well, thank you, Mel, for being able to get my mom to buy cake." I said and we laughed. Melanie knew all about how my mom didn't like us eating sweets because she didn't want us to get cavities. After dinner I showed Melanie to my room, that's where we will both be sleeping.

"I love your room!" She exclaimed.


"I especially love this picture right here." She was pointing to the picture of her and I on my dresser. "I look really good in that picture."

"No need to flatter yourself," I said laughing.

"You know I love to do that." There was a pause and then Mel started talking again. "So, really where were you before?"

"What do you mean?" I said trying to play it cool and make it look like I wasn't lying."

"Come on, Tara. I've been your friend long enough to know when you're lying and you were defiantly lying before." Melanie is one of the only people that can tell when I'm lying, even though I'm pretty good at it.

"I actually was at the cafe, I just wasn't doing homework. I was kind of just hanging out with my friends and we lost track of time," I lied to her again. Luckily this time she couldn't tell and believed my story.

"Your friends sound pretty fun," she said.

"It's funny you mentioned that because my friend Cleo invited us to stay over her house tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" She asked. "I thought the two of us were just going to hang out like we used since we haven't seen each other in so long."

"I know, it's just I promised Cleo I would help her with something before I knew you were coming. Come on, it'll be really fun. Plus, you will be able to meet them, they're really nice and I'm sure you'll get along great." I felt bad for lying to her again and again, but I felt like I had no other choice.

"Fine," she reluctantly agreed. "But, it better be fun," she said with a smile.

"It'll be something alright."

The next day we were hanging out in my bedroom. It was hour before we had to be at Cleo's house and Melanie was currently looking though my sketchbook.

"I miss looking at your drawings. They are so good."


"What is this a picture of?" She said holding up my drawing of Mako Island.

"Oh, that's just this place called Mako Island. It's an island with an inactive volcano that is out in the ocean."

"We should totally go there!' She exclaimed.

"No, we can't it's dangerous. It's surrounded by sharks and it's hard to get to." I sounded just like the girls when they told me not to go to Mako Island.

"Come on, I'm sure it'll be fun. Who doesn't love adventure?"

"I just don't feel like dying," I told her. "We should probably get ready to go to Cleo's house." We finished packing in about twenty minutes. We would have been done quicker but we kept getting distracted every two minutes. We walked over to Cleo's house and knocked on the door. Instead of Cleo answering, Will did.

"Hey, Tara," he said.

"Hi. This is is my friend, Melanie. Melanie, this is Will," I introduced them. They both said "hi" and shook hands. Will gestured for us to go in and he closed the door behind us. We put our bags down on the living room floor and once Will was out of earshot Melanie pulled me towards her.

"That guy, Will, is cute," she whispered.

"Yeah and he also has a girlfriend."

"Figures," she grumbled and I smiled. Just then Lewis walked into the living room carrying tape and black paper.

"What about him?" Melanie asked pointing at Lewis.

"Has a girlfriend."

"Who isn't dating in this town?"

"I don't know," I laughed. "Why do you even care? It's not like you can date any of them, you don't even live here."

"I know. But it's still fun look." I laughed and rolled my eyes. That was a typical thing for Melanie to say. Lewis put the tape and paper down and walk over to us.

"Hi, I'm Lewis," he said and out his hand out for Melanie to shake. "And you must be the famous Melanie we have heard so much about." Melanie laughed and shook his hand.

"Yup, that's me. Just a question. What's the tape and paper for?"

"Oh, it's for a school project the girls are doing. That's what they want Tara here for," Lewis said, looking at me.

"Right, a school project. Where are the girls exactly?" I asked, realizing I haven't seen them yet.

"They're upstairs in Cleo's room. You can head up there if you want. It's the third room on the right," Lewis said. I thanked him and we walked upstairs. I had never been in Cleo's room before and was excited to see what it looked like. We approached her door and I knocked and then walked in. Her room was very bright and the walls were covered in palm trees. Off to the side was a door that had a bathroom in it. There was also a fish tank in a table by her bed. The girls were all sitting on Cleo's bed talking. I'm guessing they were talking about tonight because when they saw Melanie they abruptly stopped.

"Hi," Cleo said getting off the bed. "You must be Melanie. We've heard a lot about you."

"Yeah, it sounds like it. Everyone already knows my name."

"I might have talked about you once in a while," I said with a smile. I introduced the girls to Melanie and everything seemed to go great.

"I see you have a fish," I commented skeptically as I looked at it.

"Yeah, his name is Hector. Isn't he pretty?" I nodded in agreement, but was confused on how she took care of him since he was in water. Melanie then had to go to the bathroom and exited through the other door in Cleo's room.

"So, seriously what's up with the fish? I mean how do you take care of it?" I asked.

"Very carefully," Cleo joked with a smile.

"What did you tell Melanie about what was going on downstairs?" Bella asked, her voice dropping to a whisper.

"Lewis told her it was for a school project."

"And she believed him?" Rikki asked.

"Well, if she didn't, she did a good job hiding it."

"Okay, good," said Cleo. "Lewis is going to text us when they moon comes out so we can go downstairs."

"Is Zane coming to help, too?" I asked. The girls looked at Rikki and waited for her to answer.

"Uh, no he has to work late at the cafe so he couldn't come." She looked a little sad about it, but did covered it well. I didn't want to ask her about it and luckily Melanie came out of the bathroom just then so we stopped talking.

"Your bathroom smells really good."

"Thanks," Cleo laughed. "I use vanilla scented candles."

"I can tell. It smells nice." There was an awkward science until there was a buzzing noise that came from Cleo's nightstand. She grabbed her phone and looked at it, then looked at us. We knew is was the text from Lewis without her having to say it.

"We should go downstairs and help Lewis and Will. You know with the school project," Cleo said. We all got off her bed and followed her downstairs to her living room. When we got there I saw that pretty much all the windows were covered with black paper.

"Tara, do you think you could help me with this?" Lewis asked as he was struggling trying to tape paper to the window.

"Sure." I hurried over to the window and stepped on the couch. I held the paper as he put the tape on and secured it.

"So what exactly is this school project?" Melanie asked. I hadn't thought of what I would say if she asked that, but Lewis jumped in with an answer.

"It's a science project. You cover up the windows and see how not being able to look outside will affect you. Then, you write data down and write a lab about it."

"I never did anything like that in science class," Melanie said.

"Yeah, Australia is weird," I told her. Lucky for us she didn't say anything after that. Will, Lewis, and the girls started to walk towards the door and they motioned for me to follow. I told Melanie that I would be right back and walked over.

"Okay," Lewis started saying. "Will and I are going to be staying about five minutes away so if something goes wrong call or text one of us." We all nodded with understanding. I walked back to Melanie so the couples could do what they do to say goodbye.

"Of course Bella and Will are dating, she's pretty and he's cute," Melanie said as I turned and saw Will and Bella kissing each other goodbye.

"Exactly what I thought." After a couple of minutes Lewis and Will had left.

"Finally," Rikki said. "I thought you guys would never stop sticking your tongues down your boyfriend's throats."

"Hey, it's not our fault Zane couldn't come," Bella said.

"I'm going to ignore that comment," Rikki said with a smile and walked into the living room. even though she was smiling I had a feeling that that comment hurt her more than she let on.

"So, what are we going to do first on this sleepover?" Melanie asked.

"We should watch a movie. A horror movie," Rikki suggested. It was dark out and was probably the perfect time to watch a horror movie. Bella and Melanie agreed, but Cleo and I weren't as reluctant. We finally gave in because we realized we were out voted. I'm not really much of a horror movie fan, but watching it with a group of friends isn't as bad. Cleo went into the kitchen to make popcorn while Rikki was looking for the perfect DVD to watch.

"We're going to keep the lights on, right?" I asked.

"I guess so," Rikki said.

"It's just a movie," Melanie said.

"You know I don't like horror movies, Mel, give me a break. You're lucky I even agreed to watch it." She smiled and Cleo came back in the a bowl filled to the top with buttery popcorn that smelled amazing. Rikki started playing the movie and we all got settled in.

"Oh, good we're keeping the lights on," Cleo said.

"You can thank me for that," I told her.

"Well, thank you," she said just as the movie started. The movie was about a serial killer who used online dating sites to meet different women. Once he met them he went on a date with them and then murdered them. The police had caught him, but by the end of the movie he escaped and has never been found again.

"That wasn't based on a true story, right?" I asked once the end credits started rolling on the screen.

"You never know, it could be," Melanie said. I glared at her which caused her to laugh.

"I'm going to get more soda. I'll be right back," Rikki said as she got up and walked to the kitchen.

"Make sure there are no murderers in there," Bella told her with a smile.

"I'm sure there won't be," Rikki said with a laugh.

"So you guys really didn't like the movie?" Melanie asked Cleo and I.

"Not really," I said. "It was scary and gory and gross. And you know I hate movies like that."

"Yeah, I'm with Tara on this one," said Cleo.

"Well I loved it," Mel said.

"Me too," Bella commented. She then turned to Cleo and said, "Where is your family?"

"Oh, they went to go visit my great aunt Stacy."

"And you didn't have to go?" Bella asked.

"Nope. I told my parents that I already had plans so they said I didn't have to go, but they made my sister go."

"Wait, you have a sister?" I asked her, wondering how that never came up in conversation.

"Yeah, she's younger than me and her name is Kim. She's so annoying."

"Believe me, I know what that's like." I thought about all the times Piper has annoyed me in my life and it was a lot. About five minutes had gone by and Rikki still wasn't so long in the kitchen?" Cleo voiced what I'm sure we were all wondering.

"Maybe there actually was a murderer in there," I said with a smile. Cleo smiled back.

"I doubt that. I'll go check." Cleo went into her kitchen and after a few seconds we could hear Cleo's voice.

"Bella. Tara. Can you come in here for a sec?" Bella and I looked at each other with confused looks and got up. Bella went in to kitchen and I was about to follow.

"Is something wrong?" Melanie asked.

"Probably not. She probably just needs help with something. I'll be right back." I walked into the living room. "What do you need?" I asked before I stopped. I could see Cleo and Bella looking at Rikki, who was looking out the window.

"What's wrong?" I asked when I saw their worried faces.

"The moon," Cleo said.


"Rikki saw the full moon." That's when I noticed that a little bit of tape peeled off the window and she got a clear view to outside.

"Well, what does that mean?"

"It means she's in a trance. Now all she's going to want to do is be in the water," Bella explained.

"I'm going to go call Lewis," Cleo said as she walked out of the kitchen.

"Rikki?" Bella asked while we walked closer to her. "Rikki, are you ok?'

"I'm perfectly fine," she said, but her voice sounded different and lighter. "Isn't the moon beautiful?"

"Yeah, it's really pretty," I said, not knowing what to say.

"We should go for a swim," she said.

"That's probably not a good idea," Bella said. I touched Rikki's arm to try to pull her away from the window, but pulled back immediately.

"Ow! Her skin is burning hot!" Just then Cleo came back into the kitchen.

"Okay, Lewis said that Will and him will be here as soon as they can. We have to keep a watch on Rikki and make sure she doesn't leave our sight."

"What about Melanie?" I asked. "She won't know what's going on."

"We'll figure it out," Bella reassured me. Cleo was about to take Rikki's arm and lead her away from the window like I did, but I quickly stopped her.

"Don't touch her. She's literally burning hot." Cleo moved her hand away quickly and avoided getting burned.

"I have an idea, " she exclaimed. "Tara use your freezing power to cool her off so it won't burn us to touch her." That was a really good idea and I wondered why I didn't think of that first. I put my hand palm out and cooled her off. Then I went to go touch her arm again and her skin noticeably cooler. It wasn't cold, but it was warm and it didn't hurt to touch her.

"Good," Cleo said as she pulled Rikki's arm and started walking out of the kitchen. We walked past Melanie in the living room and her head snapped up when she heard us.

"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, everything's fine," Cleo told her as she dragged Rikki up the stairs. "Rikki isn't feeling well so I'm going to take her up to my room. We'll be right back."

"What are you talking about? I feel perfectly fine, I just really want to go for a swim." Rikki said in the light, airy voice she now had.

"See, she's clearly losing it," Cleo said and she disappeared upstairs.

"I'm sorry, this will only take a minute. I'll be right back, I swear," I said to Mel as I walked upstairs, too. I walked into Cleo's room and saw her and Bella sitting on Cleo's bed with Rikki.

"Ok, we need to stay up here until Lewis and Will get here and make sure Rikki doesn't go anywhere or do anything," Cleo said.

"I have to go back downstairs with Melanie. She's probably really confused and wondering what's going on."

'You're right, you should go down there with her," Cleo said.

"Just try not to tell her anything," Bella told me. I nodded and walked back downstairs.

"Is Rikki ok?" Melanie asked once I got back down.

"Yeah, I think she just has the flu or something. She'll be fine." I sat down on the couch and right when I heard the doorbell ring. I groaned and got back up to answer. I could already guess who it was and saw I was right when I answered the door and saw Lewis and Will standing outside.

"Where's Rikki?" Lewis asked.

"She's upstairs with Cleo and Bella." I told them. I then saw them come running down when they heard Lewis' voice.

"Oh, guys you're here. Come upstairs," Cleo commanded and everyone followed.

"What are Lewis and Will doing here?" Melanie asked me.

"They are just worried about Rikki's health, you know, just being good friends."

"Rikki's in my bedroom." Cleo said and Lewis opened her door.


"What do you mean where? She's on my bed."

"I don't see her," Will said. We all went into Cleo's room and saw that Rikki was no where to be found. Cleo went to go check in her bathroom and came out without finding her.

"She's not here," Cleo said. "Where could she be?"

"Guys, the window." I said pointing to the window in Cleo's room. The black paper was ripped off, the window was open, and the curtains were blowing in the night breeze.

"Oh no, she escaped!" Bella exclaimed and everyone rushed out of the room.

"What do you mean she escaped?" Melanie asked and I knew she was confused, but there was no time to explain to her. Lewis and Will quickly opened the front door and I ran over to look out, too. Cleo and Bella stayed far away so they wouldn't see the moon. We saw a person jump into the ocean and swim off and we knew it was Rikki.

"She jumped into the water and swam off," Will told the girls.

"Ok, here's what we're gonna do," Lewis started explaining. "Will and I are going to take my boat and sail out to Mako Island. Tara, you can swim there faster then we can take a boat, so you can swim to Mako Island and make sure Rikki doesn't do anything.

"Me?" I asked and they all nodded. "What about Melanie?"

"We'll keep her company here," Bella told me.

"What if she asks questions?"

"We'll make something up. Please do it. You're the only one of us that doesn't get affected by the full moon," Cleo practically begged and I started to feel bad.

"Ok, ok, I'll do it." Lewis and Will walked out the front door and I started following them.

"What's going on?" Melanie asked before I could leave.

"I'll be right back. I have to help Will and Lewis with something. I'll be back soon, I promise," I told her and rushed out. I know she was confused, I could tell by the look on her face. I felt so bad for lying to her, but I had to.

"You know, you probably won't be back soon," Will said.

"I know. Just add something else to the long list of lies I've told Melanie." Will and Lewis ran over to Lewis' boat that was by the dock near Cleo's house. I ran over to the ocean and jumped into the water. I instantly grew a tail and sped off. Usually while in the water I look around and take in the beauty and it makes me relaxed, but I saw the full moon shimmering through the water and knew this wasn't the case. I arrived to Mako as quick as I could and swam through the opening where I expected to to see Rikki. When I go in there though, she was no where to be found.

"Rikki?" I called, listening for a response or any sound that would make me think someone was here. I stayed quiet for a few seconds, but heard no response. I pulled myself out of the water and dried off. I walked through the opening in the wall and still didn't see her. If there was cell service here then I could call Lewis and tell him she wasn't here, but instead I waited. I didn't have to wait long because after a few minutes I heard someone sliding through the hole into the volcano. I looked up and saw Will walking.

"Rikki's not here," I told him, my voice filled with worry.

"We know."

"What do you mean you know?"

"Just follow me." He gestured for me to follow and I did. He climbed back up through the hole and helped me hoist myself through it, too. It was quite dark out now the the full moon was big and bright. Since the sun went down it was a lot cooler out. What I noticed first, though, was a smell.

"What is that smell? It smells like burning wood."

"That's how we know where Rikki is." Will pointed and I saw red and orange flames dancing around the trees.

"You're not saying Rikki did that?" I was shocked and didn't think she could do anything like that.

"We think she did. Lewis is down there now."

"You let Lewis go down there by himself?!" That was probably one of the worst ideas ever. Lewis could get hurt or Rikki could do something terrible to him and I have no idea what Will was thinking letting him go alone. Will must have realized what a terrible mistake it was, too, because we both starting toward the flames. The rest of the island was a blur and all I could see was green of plants as I rushed by. We made it to the trees and could instantly feel the heat radiating from the fire. The flames were biting at our clothes and skin, but we kept running until we heard a faint coughing, We then saw Rikki sitting in a circle of fire with Lewis laying on the ground on the ground next to her.

"Lewis?" I called, hoping he would answer, but he didn't. He was laying unmoving on the ground, but I could tell her was alive because I could see him breathing.

"Rikki, are you ok?" Will asked her, but she didn't say anything. She had a blank stare and it didn't look like she was staring at anything. It looked like she was in a trance.

"What do we do?" I asked will, totally at lost for ideas. At first he shrugged, but then his face lit up and he had an idea.

"Cool her off like you did at Cleo's house." I put my palm up and cooled her off. Once I did she seemed to break out of her trance. She looked around and didn't say anything.

"Rikki, are you ok?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I'm kind of tired." She said and she looked very drowsy. We couldn't go near her because she was still surrounded by fire. There wasn't a lot of moisture in the air, but there was enough for me to use it to put out the fire surrounding Rikki and Lewis. Once the fire was out Will grabbed Rikki's arm and I sprayed Lewis with some water to wake him up. He woke up and looked confused, but his eyes widened as he remembered everything that happened. He got up and we started running away from the fire, following Rikki and Will. When we got far away we all dropped into the sand, exhausted. Once we fell to the ground Rikki eyes closed.

"Rikki?" I asked shaking her, worried that something was wrong.

"I think she's just sleeping," Lewis assured me, which calmed me down.

"What the hell happened?" I asked Lewis, still confused about how the fire started and everything that happened.

"When we got to the island I saw there was a fire and I figured that was where Rikki was. I told Will to go find you and I went to find Rikki. I saw her walking through the trees and everything that she was touching was getting caught on fire. I tried to get her attention and I touched her arm and she burned me. Then, she turned around, kissed me and that's all I remember. What happened when you got there?"

"Rikki was sitting in a circle of fire and you were unconscious," Will explained. We explained how I cooled Rikki off and how we got away. Everyone agreed that it was very weird. I lied down on the sand and looked up at the stars and was wondering what Melanie was doing right now. I knew she was really confused and she was going to hate me for being gone for so long. The coldness from the sand cooled me down after being in the fire. Before I knew it my eyes were drooping and I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of rustling and felt the feeling of sand under me. I was confused why I didn't feel my comfy bed sheets and opened my eyes to the bright sun. All the events came flooding back to me when I saw Rikki standing up from the sandy ground. I looked and saw the Will and Lewis were still asleep.

"Rikki, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I just have a killer headache," she said while putting a hand to her head and looking around. "Why are we at Mako Island?"

"You don't remember coming here?" I asked her, confused.

"No. And why does it smell like something's burning?" I looked and saw the overnight the fire pretty much went out and you could see the burnt trees, but you could still smell it.

"So you don't remember anything about last night?"

"I remember being at the sleepover and that's it until I woke up here. Why? What happened?"

"The full moon happened."

"Did I do anything crazy?"

"That's an understatement," I told her and I was about to explain what exactly happened last night, but Will and Lewis woke.

"Rikki, you're awake," Lewis said, you could hear the relief in his voice.

"Yea, and I'm totally confused."

"She doesn't remember anything about last night," I told him, but he didn't seem too surprised.

"Yeah, the full moon does that. Let's talk about it on the way back to Cleo's, we'll all take the boat." We trudged through the island on our way back to Lewis' boat. Once we started on our way back to Cleo's we told Rikki everything that happened. By the time we got to Cleo's house Rikki was shocked.

"I'm sorry you guys. If I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't have done it." We knew she was under effect of the full moon and we couldn't really hold it against her. "You think Cleo's gonna mad that I kissed you."

"Let's hope not," Lewis shrugged as we walked through the door. Right when we did we were attacked with hugs.

"We were so worried about you guys!" Cleo exclaimed.

"Yeah, what happened?" Bella asked. It was the first time I really looked at myself and it was not a pretty sight. My hair was a mess, I was covered in dirt, and part of my clothes were charred.

"It's a long story," Lewis said. I looked and saw Melanie glaring at me.

"You said you'd be gone for an hour. This was way longer than an hour."

"Mel, I'm sorry."

"Don't be," she said with her hand up. "I get it, you moved here and made a bunch of new friends. You don't need me anymore."

"Mel, that's not true."

"Stop talking! I know you've been lying to me this whole weekend. And it's not just now, ever since we've been friends you've been lying to me. We've been friends forever and I feel like I don't even know you sometimes. You've been friends with them for what, a month, and I feel like they know you better than I do. I mean if you didn't want me to come this weekend you could've just said so. It would saved me a lot of time."

"Of course I wanted you to come."

"Well you're not acting like it. We've barely spent any time together since I got here. I think I'm gonna pack now and leave because this trip was obviously a waste." She started walking away towards the door.

"Mel, come back! Mel! Melanie!" My calls were answered and she slammed the door and didn't look back. I heard someone say my name, I think it was Bella, but I couldn't be sure. I could feel the tears that were threatening to spill as I thought about how I practically ruined my friendship.

"Tara, are you ok?" Bella asked as she touched my arm. I turned around and looked at them.

"I have to tell her."

"What?" Cleo asked looking confused.

"I have to tell Melanie. About mermaids, Mako Island, the full moon, everything. If I want to save our friendship I have to tell her.

"Do you want us to come with you?" Bella asked.

"No, I have to do this on my own." I turned on my heel and walked out the door that Melanie had recently stormed out of. I know they were just trying to be helpful, but if I wanted to save this friendship I had to do this on my own. When I got to my house and went to my room Melanie was already packing things into her suitcase.

"Why aren't you with your friends?" Melanie asked, the anger evident in her voice.

Mel, stop. You are my friend and I can explain everything."

"What? Explain the lying and secret keeping? Ok, go ahead. Explain."

"I've been keeping a secret from you for a long time and I don't expect you to believe me, but I have to tell you." Melanie stared at me with no sign of interest in her face so I kept going. "I'm a mermaid." After a few seconds Melanie burst out laughing.

"Yeah, right. Look if you don't want to tell me you don't have to."

"No it's true. I can prove it to you." I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the bathroom and when I got in there locked the door. I then turned on the sink and put my hand under it.

"What are you doing?" Melanie asked, but I ignored her. After a few seconds of having my hand in the water I fell to the ground with a thud, my turquoise tail had replaced my legs. Melanie looked to be in a state of shock.

"You're a mermaid," she said with the shock written all over face. "How long have you been like this?" This was going to be hard to tell her. It was going to be hard to tell her that I had been lying to her for years, but I had to do it.

"Since I was eleven." She looked a little surprised, but before she said anything I continued talking. "I know I should have told you a long time ago, but I never knew how and I didn't want you to freak out. I wish I did tell you, though, because it would have been a lot easier to keep the secret if someone was helping me."

"So your family doesn't even know?"

"Nope. Just you, the girls, Will, and Lewis."

"You told them before you told me?" She seemed a little annoyed again.

"I didn't tell them. They found out. Cleo, Rikki, and Bella are mermaids, too." She looked really confused and she was silent for a few seconds.

"Sorry, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around all of this."

"I can explain everything to you, I promise." For the next hour Melanie and I talked about mermaids. I showed her all my powers and explained about Mako Island and the full moon. By the end Melanie seemed to have a better understanding about everything.

"This is so cool," she exclaimed with a smile.

"So I take it you're not as mad at me now?"

"No. I get that it was a really big secret and it was hard to tell me, but I'm glad you did."

"Good," I said. "But, you can't tell anyone about this."

"I would never," she said and I smiled. For the rest of her visit we hung out, just the two of us like we were supposed to. When she left our friendship felt even closer than it was when she arrived. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest from finally telling my best fried about my secret. I was happy I wouldn't have to lie to Melanie anymore, it made my life a lot easier.

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