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Hi, Maeve here. It's been a while since I've told any stories. It's been- what? Six years now? I -uh-I kinda lost track. Oh, well. If you haven't met me before let me introduce myself:

I'm Maeve Bennett, Daughter of the humans Jamie and Victoria Bennett as well as Nature (it's a long story). My more formal and well known name is Daughter Nature similar to my mom Mother Nature (very creative names I know). Six years ago I became a Guardian of children. What I'm the Guardian of? ...well I'm not to sure about that yet. But I'm working on it!

So -uh-, anyway, lets get onto the story, shall we?

XXXXX third person POV XXXXXX

Temperatures dropped and leaves started to change color as Summer slowly turned into Fall. Only the crunching of a certain 18 year olds sandals on the ever falling leaves could be heard through out the forest.

She had on khaki shorts rolled up so they just went past her knees to go with a moss green t-shirt with a hood attached to that had small leaf details around the brim of the hood and sleeves. Under that she had a simple yellow shirt which sleeves reached below her elbows. Rapped around her legs all the way to her brown-sandaled feet where dark green vines. Out of the sleeves of her shirt you could see vines growing to a green leaf for each hand and a leaf detailing her cheeks right below her ears. She had long chocolate brown hair that was pulled back into a messy pony tail that oddly enough had three random strands dyed blue, Green, and yellow. Her brown, blue, and green multi-shaded-swirling eyes darted back and forth as she read the book she had borrowed from the Pole.

She finally got back to the Earth's surface only to immediately get back to work changing the seasons. It wasn't a hard job for her, but it sure was boring. She held the book in one hand while lazily swinging the other at her side. As her moving hand passed, the summer plants slowly wilted to fall. She snapped from her daze as the book was torn out of her hands by someone above her. "Hey!-" she exclaimed while looking up at the 'thief'.

A teenage boy (She used the term 'boy' due to his lack of maturity) no older than her was floating mid air carrying her book in one hand and a staff that had a 'G' curve at the end in the other.

He had slivery white hair that stuck up randomly to go with his ice blue eyes and pale skin. We was wearing a blue hoodie with ice details on the hoods brim, sleeves, and the main pockets corners. To go with this he had on brown pants that where torn up at the end of the pant legs and where tied up with rope to keep in place. Most people would find it odd but he also wore no shoes or socks even during the coldest of weathers.

The boy only grinned at her scowl. "Hey, there snowflake." He greeted her. "Long time no see!" Normally, Daughter Nature would've tackled him into a hug, kissed him and instantly start asking how he's been and agreed it had been a long time. Of course, that would've been if he hadn't stolen her novel. "Jackson Overland Frost, give me my book back right now." She demanded putting her hands on her hips.

Jack pretended to look hurt while he flew around the Nature Spirit keeping the book just out of her reach. "What? No 'hello, love of my life I've missed you so much in the oh-so-long month we've been apart'? Just 'give me my book back'?" She made a grab for the book but Jack flew out of her reach. "That hurts Maeve, that hurts."

Daughter Nature rolled her eyes. Did she forget to mention she was dating Jack Frost? Well, she is.

"I'm not joking, Jack. Give it back." Maeve demanded. "Neither am I!" He replied flying backwards while lounging on his back. Daughter Nature smirked a little. Feeling the slight surge in her blood stream, Maeve took control over the wind. Not noticing the change in direction, The winter spirit continued to tease his girlfriend.

"It's painful to think my loving girlfriend prefers a book over-" Jack cut off as he rammed back-first into a tree. The wind let go of its hold on him and he dropped onto a branch. Even though he had maintained a grip on Maeve's book, his prized staff dropped on to the leaf-covered ground causing a large section to freeze over.

Smirking, Daughter Nature walked over and picked up his staff. After making it clear she had it, Maeve turned heel and began walking away. "Ha-ha. Very funny." Jack said hopping off the tree branch and back onto the ground. "Give it back." "Well, gosh, I don't know." She replied playing with the staff in her hands. "It's a pretty powerful, one-of-a-kind weapon you don't just find laying around everyday. Hate to give something like this up." Jack walked over and tried to take his staff back but Maeve hid it behind her back just out of his reach.

"Give it." He said in the serious tone he rarely ever used with her. "Give me my book." She replied. "Staff first." Jack demanded stepping closer. "My book first." Maeve said in the same serious tone. "If I give you your staff you'll just fly off with my book."

They stared at each other for a second before Jack broke into a grin. "Smart girl." He said handing her the book back which Maeve gladly took. He reached for his staff but Maeve pulled in out of his reach again. "Promise?" She asked with a serious look on her face. Jack smirked a little. "Fine. I promise I won't fly off with your book." He said.

Maeve smiled and handed his staff back. "But..." He said as he retrieved his weapon/flying device. "I never said anything about flying off with you." Maeve blinked at him as she tried to process what he had said. "What-?" Before she could finish Jack grabbed her by the waist and shot up into the sky. "J-Jack!" She yelled instinctively clinging to him.

He laughed at her shock and continued flying up. Once she recovered, Maeve shoved Jack away and shot down towards the forest. He quickly followed. The two teenagers flew through the forest hopping off of or flying around trees as Jack tried to catch Maeve.

"You can't run forever, Snowflake!" He called after her. "Then it's a good thing I'm flying, huh?" Maeve called back as she took a sharp right turn. Daughter Nature flew behind a large tree and disappeared from sight. "That tree won't protect you!" He yelled flying around the trunk. Even though Maeve wasn't around the other side, he had a good idea of where she would be. "Got ya!" He chanted while flying into the leaves. Jack looked around confused. Where was she?

"Maeve?" He asked. Her turned around at the sound of her laughter. Daughter Nature was in the next tree over waving at him. "Great view, huh?" She asked looking at the forest below them. She looked back up just as Jack tackled her. She yelped in shock but it quickly melted away into laughter as the two nature spirits flew back to the ground. They rolled over several times before rolling to a stop with Maeve on top of Jack, propped up on her elbows.

They where both still laughing as they calmed down from the chase. Maeve pushed her long ponytail over her shoulder while Jack sighed. "God, I missed you." She said smiling. "I missed you too." Jack said before pulling Maeve down into a kiss. The kiss was sweet, especially after spending a month apart, but short lived.

"JACKSON FROST!" A woman's voice screamed. The teenagers pulled apart, both had looks of pure horror etched on their faces. They both knew who that voice belonged too and she did not sound happy. The teenagers scrambled up from the ground while picking up their belongings and tried to hide the obvious blush on their faces.

A tall woman appeared out of the trees. She had pale skin and flowing black hair that reached the ground. She was wearing a long sleeved dark green dress that grew into the ground. Her black eyes looked beyond annoyed to match the scowl on her face. At her feet was a small loin cub with golden brown fur and gold eyes with black pupils. He caught a glimpse of Maeve and ran over to the nature spirit, purring slightly as he rubbed against her legs.

"H-hi, mom! W-what are you doing here? A-and you brought Decebal!" Maeve stuttered nervously while pushing her bangs behind her ear. She squatted down to scratch the cub's back. Mother Nature's expression softened as she looked at her only daughter. "Yes, he has missed you since you left the center and wanted to see you again. As for why I am here, I have come to talk to your boyfriend."

With that she turned to Jack, her expression hardening again. "I have told you hundreds -if not thousands- of times Jackson: do not make it snow during fall!" The winter spirit took a step closer to Maeve causing Decebal to growl. He knew she wouldn't attack him when her daughter was near. "I haven't made it snow anywhere I'm not supposed to." He replied defensively. Mother Nature raised one of her furrowed eyebrows and pointed behind the two teenagers.

Jack and Maeve turned around to find they had left a large, obvious trail behind them. All the trees branches where frozen and the leaves where blown off. The ground they had flew through where now covered in ice and large piles of snow from their chase. They had even left a trail in the snow where they had rolled to a stop.

Maeve hid her hands and her book behind her back while Jack scratched the back of his head, both of their faces burning bright red. "Um... I... can explain?" He said or more like asked. Maeve mentally face palmed as she watched her mother begin to chew out her boyfriend. Why did she always need to save his skin?

Daughter Nature felt the sharp spikes on the tips of her fingers as small rays of colors gently floated to the sky. After taking a second to recover from the use of her powers, Maeve piped up. "Do you know how many complaints about your childish behavior I have received from-" "Oh, would you look at that?! North needs us!" She yelled over her mother's raging voice while pointing at the northern lights in the sky.

The winter spirit looked up then at Maeve. She gave him a small wink and looked back at the sky. "Would you look at that?" Jack said grabbing Maeve's free hand and leading her up into the air. "Hate to run but duty calls." "Bye, mom! See you, Decebal!" Daughter Natured called while waving. With that, they shot up into the sky and bolted off as fast as the wind could take them.

Mother Nature shook her head at the teenagers while crossing her arms. "What am I going to do with those two?" She asked aloud. Decebal, who had jumped back in shock due to Maeve's decent, snorted in agreement. Mother Earth sighed. "Come along, Decebal. We have work to attend too." With that, both Mother Earth and the protector of Daughter Nature sunk back into the ground, heading to the Earth's core.

XXXX Jack and Maeve's PoV XXXX

After escaping Mother Nature's grasp, the two teenage spirits flew through the sky, disbursing the northern lights as they went.

"You are amazing." Jack said as he flew up next to her and hugged Maeve from the side. "If I ever annoy you again-" "Then I'll know you've gone back to normal." She smirked while he nuzzled her neck. "You're just lucky I'm so forgiving." "You know you did that because I'm just so adorable." Jack replied propping his chin on her shoulder. Daughter Nature rolled her eyes at his 'modesty'. "That's a matter of opinion." She sniggered while gently pushing him away.

"So where to now?" Jack asked flying on his back again. Maeve pondered this before replying: "Probably North's place saying that's where my mom is expecting us to go." Jack nodded. "That reminds me... I promised him I'd help with designing toys." He said. The winter spirit grinned at her. "Race you there?" He asked. Daughter Nature raised an eyebrow at him. "Do you not remember just getting screamed at by my mother because of us screwing around?" She asked while crossing her arms. "Yeah yeah..." Jack replied in a bored tone.

"Don't push your luck, Jack. I'm not going to save- hey! Give me my book back!" She yelled as her boyfriend shot off with her book. She picked up speed flying after the laughing Winter Spirit. "Jack! Give that back! That's North's book! He'll kill me if something happens to it! Jack!"

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